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Character Profile: Jack Scot
Portrait Avatar
Jack "Scottie" Scot
Old Crow
Scribe, Performer

Art/Photo Credit:
Drawn for me by the player of MdGuise back in the day.

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Jack Scot
Character Name:  Jack "Scottie" Scot
Race:  A Summer's Crow
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  In Summer
Can Be Found:  The West End
Profession:  Jack of all trades
Appearance:  Black as pitch eyes filled with youthful stars, white hot and endless. Hair so black it might be blue growing out in tangles and knots.

He wears a pendant of crow, moon and twin stars (Sid) dangles at his neck and shines. Oh how it shines.

Always wearing a dark felt coat. Affixed to the wool countless ribbons of satin and silk, of every hue and shade. Worn beneath, often a linen shirt, or one of cotton. Denim trousers and pair of good walking boots.

His worldly possessions are his loves - Obsidian (forever and a day) and twins, a daughter, Joy and a son, Brian. Teens with moxie.

He is anchored by a silver binding ring (Sid) on his left hand, one grass green (Sid) and two pink ribbons (Taneth) around his left wrist and most precious of all, a delicately braided circlet of three fine hairs (two hues of silver and one jet black -- Sid, Joy, Brian) around the right and silver ribbon ring (Lirenel) on his right hand. Protected by a violet, silver-streaked tear (Sid). Wears an silver ear cuff adorned the black feathers of his murder (Gem). Worn on his left pinky a circlet of woven black hair that shines iridescent purple (Chryrie).

Sometimes wears on his right hand a steel half gauntlet that covers his knuckles and middle finger (Gem).

Lately has been carrying a number of items in his pockets including: a tennis ball (Tina), an obsidian cigarette case inlaid with silver coyote howling at the moon (Gem), a gold coin (Skid), a wooden coin (Skid), 5 lengths of glowing gold string (Skid), a simple silver mirror (Gem), a set of Japanese lacquered chopsticks (Gem), a vial, a strand of dark hair (Aoife), a cigarette holder of onyx and abalone (Gem), a pretty blue ribbon (not one of his -- Aylin), a little burnt ledger (Sinjin), a business card (Pharlen), the remains of a vintage 1920s cigarette (Pharlen), a harmonica (Benjamin), a thin wand that shoots fireballs or lightning or maybe acid balls (Thorn), a boulder opal in the shape of a bright blue lightning bolt (Benjamin), two sheets of folded paper (Dair), a thin strip of plaid tied around a crow's feather (Dair), an opalescent marble (Pharlen), a hand-carved Elder wood pipe (Lucy), a little box (Thorn), and a homemade cookie wrapped in a napkin (Amber).
Skills:  Scottie is touched by winged angels of a wicked bent. He is a jester and saint, sinner and confidante. A tatterdemalion, a ragamuffin. A scribe and musician. The dreamer of the Moon. Archetype and Idea.

Silver Crowns: 16648.60
Auctions: 1 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  13 May 2006
Total posts:  65
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