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Character Profile: Zynn
Portrait Avatar
Zynnara Badaloni-Bell
Little Miss Zynnful
Apprentice Apothecary, Gardener

Art/Photo Credit:
Model is the lovely Rachel Dashae!

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Zynn
Character Name:  Zynnara Badaloni-Bell
Race:  Warlock. Half human, half demon.
Gender:  She appears to be Female.
Place of Origin:  Born and raised in New York City
Can Be Found:  In her greenhouse.
Profession:  ......
Appearance:  Back from the beyond, there is something almost eerily haunting about her. Perhaps it’s the look in her eyes, filled with lessons and realizations , or perhaps it is something else entirely.

At only five feet and three inches tall, she is not a very imposing woman at all. Her body for the most part is slim, with hips that flare out a little wider than normal, and a chest that is on the leaner side of average. Her hair falls in waves, midnight black and comes to a stop at her lower back. Often times it can be found tangled, or pulled back into a ponytail, with loose bangs that frame a round face. Her nose is small and faintly upturned. There are faint smile lines around the corners of not only bow-shaped lips, that are often left nude, but a set of eyes that are slitted like a cat’s and colored like the green of a beer bottle in the night, perhaps not as bright, a touch darker. Haunted.

They say that scars are all stories, and if that is so, then her body is a story book. When wearing something like a tank top, the scars that are visible, are a a line of scars, running up the inside of her forearms, scar from a bullet wound lies on her right shoulder, while a scar from a stab wound resides on her left shoulder. There is what looks to be a glyph, faint, and more silver than pink, carved on the swell of her chest. And often times hidden beneath a shirt, is another thick scar from a surgical incision that stretches down along the midline of her torso.

Tattoos, they say are choices, and her body is far less evident of those then stories. She has four. There is one on the inside each wrist, both of words. The one on the right reads ‘Meow’, while the one of the left reads ‘Celebrate the little things.’ The other two, reside on her back in the form of the phases of the moon, all in a line along her spine, while the rest of her back is covered in a savagely tribal tattoo, that is all sharp angles and lines, the energy that once hummed within it, gone. Behind each, is a decision, a reason, a choice.

Most days she can be found, face and clothes both, smudged in earth, and fingers stained green and brown by both earth and plants, as most of her days, she spends in her greenhouse, tending her plants and herbs. Even moreso now as she works to sort through the flood of memories and faces and words that seemed to be filtering through her mind at a near constant. Perhaps this is why the scent of earth and herbs can often be smelled in her vicinity.

Her clothes are wide and varied, as there are days that she dresses for comfort and sticks with sweats, t-shirts too big for her, and hoodies, while other days she goes for jeans and shirts, and more in the warmer months, skirts and shorts. On the very rare occasion, she may even wear a dress and ring her eyes in kohl. No matter the outfit, there are three things that stay a constant. A gold slave bracelet, imbued with magic to help keep her temper in check, and her emotions calm, gifted to her by Luc. An amethyst crystal point, capped in silver and set with several glittering garnets, which once belonged to her adoptive mother. And finally, a dagger that looks to be made of horn, with the handle wrapped in a soft leather the color of darkened blood, that is always sheathed at her hip.

If one watches her close enough, they may be able to see the tremble of her hands, and the way those cat's eyes chase after things unseen in the corners of her vision.
Skills:  It's... shocking.

((WWW Is her Tumblr. 18+))
Silver Crowns: 1351.88
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  17 Sep 2013
Total posts:  130
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Website:  Visit poster's website
Occupation:  Artist, Freelance Photographer.
Interests: Drawing, Rp, ((Anyone interested in character portraits? Shoot me a PM or message on AIM! I take commissions!))
Last Visited: Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:54 pm

"Zynnara, I have come to the conclusion you are made of trouble."
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