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Character Profile: Mallory
Portrait Avatar
Mallory St. Martin
Apothecary, Alchemist

Art/Photo Credit:
Kris Gottschalk

Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Art/Photo Credit:
Kris Gottschalk

All about Mallory
Character Name:  Mallory St. Martin
Race:  Witch
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  St. Martin's Sanctuary Home, Old Temple, RhyDin
Can Be Found:  Wayside, Panacea, or Kabuki Street, most of the time
Profession:  Hexing, warding, fortune-telling
Appearance:  Mallory is only a shade under average height and a little more underweight, a slim tomboy but not starving anymore. Her face is soft-featured, making her age easy to guess as late teens or early twenties. She dresses in old, often comfortable clothing: jeans worn threadbare, surplus combat boots or dirty high-tops, tees or tanks or camis, hoodies or a leather jacket.

Her hair is currently very short, a buzz cut that she is allowing to grow back out over time.

She has a growing collection of tattoos:
* A rooster-headed creature with snakes for legs on her upper chest
* Brambles winding through a broken mirror on her left forearm
* Medieval-style linework of a knight decapitating a serpent on her left upper arm
* A black imp mid-shriek on her right forearm
* A horned masquerade-style mask on her right upper arm
* A forked tongue curled behind her right ear
* A skull on her left shoulderblade with flowers blooming from its eye sockets and a carpet of ivy flowing from its mouth
* "NIHIL OBSTAT" encircling a small diamond on her right shoulderblade
* A spectral face howling in agony zigzagging around the scars on her right side
* A blood-red imprint of a skeleton key on her left calf
* A Japanese ice castle on her left hip
* Thin belladonna vines winding down her right leg

While she has grown more skilled at memorizing the steps to the spells at her disposal, she is rarely without the means to cast them: either a bag of spell components, or a thorny silver ring, pressed into the flesh of her palm whenever she needs to call upon her blood magic.
Skills:  The power that fuels Mallory's magic comes from her blood, strengthened by two decades unwittingly spent in an infernal pact, recently broken. She has mastered dozens of spells, and while she learned to cast most of them through the careful memorization of words and components, she can use her own blood for casting and to empower her spells. Relying on this power has changed her in subtle ways, mitigating the risk and effects of disease.

She has taught herself Latin and Koine Greek, and is well versed in a number of myths that hold answers about the nature of magic...
Silver Crowns: 18314.98
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  03 Sep 2016
Total posts:  266
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Last Visited: Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:07 pm
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