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Character Profile: Cyrus Merrick
Portrait Avatar
Spartan Cyrus Merrick
Subtle as a Sledgehammer
City Guard, Bullet Catcher

Art/Photo Credit:
Hugh Plummer

Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

All about Cyrus Merrick
Character Name:  Spartan Cyrus Merrick
Gender:  All man, baby
Place of Origin:  New Harmony, UNSC space
Can Be Found:  Around
Profession:  Rhy'din Watch, 27th Special Operations Division
Appearance:  He stood as the Admiral walked into the room, an older woman who nonetheless exuded an aura of severity and strength of character. Immediately he snapped to attention, a sharp and crisp salute as he spoke in a strong, clear voice that held no fear, no nervousness, just solid determination. "Admiral on deck, ten-HUT!"

She eyed him for a long moment, letting him stand that way, before she walked over to the other chair at a steel table across from him. The room looked like an interrogation chamber rather than an interview room, but it served its purpose. "At ease, Corporal. Sit. I'm Admiral Paragonsky."

He snapped the salute down and sat, just as she ordered. "Yes, ma'am. I know who you are, ma'am."

She noted his immediate, crisp responses. Strong discipline, unquestioning obedience. A good start, but there was more to what she was looking for than that. She produced a file folder from under her arm and laid it on the table, flipping it open and perusing the contents. "So, Corporal. It says here you wish to volunteer for the SPARTAN program." She looked from the contents of the folder - which were impressive in their own right - and gave him that same, level, icy stare. "Why?"

He looked at her, confused. "Ma'am?"

She looked right back at him. "It's a simple enough question, Corporal. Why do you want to be a SPARTAN?"

She could see the wheels turning behind his eyes as he thought that over, realizing this was a test. But of what? "Ma'am, it's all I've ever wanted to be. Since I was a child, I wanted to be one of the elite...not just the best of the best, but the very best of the very best." He paused, and she saw him weighing his words before he spoke again.

"SPARTANs aren't soldiers, ma'am. We're warriors."

The last sentence got her attention, every bit as much for the meaning of them as for the fact that he had said 'we' and not 'they'.

She nodded, a smirk pulling at her lips as she stood. Oh, yes. This was what she was looking for.

"Congratulations, Spartan Cyrus Merrick. Welcome to the SPARTAN-IV Program."
Skills:  Superhuman strength, speed, senses, toughness, and healing abilities. He has it all, everything a warrior could wish for.

And more.

(WWW link is a picture of Cyrus in his full armor.)
Silver Crowns: 2397.30
Auctions: 0 won
Out-of-Character Information
Joined:  16 Feb 2010
Total posts:  26
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Last Visited: Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:38 pm
Signature:  Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die
I am the shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all
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