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Sailing the Sea of Vitr
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Miranda Branson
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Adult Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Of course there were risks, but that came with most anything one chose to try their hand at. Lightly she nudged the world so to speak as she had done upon entering, and metal rose to the surface of her skin; it was the best she could think to do for protection, and one she could pass quickly to share if needed. Then again metal could be eaten and that was the example he gave her, was the best of her abilities. Liquid metal rolled over the curves of her flesh basking in the light of the sun waiting for his answer. What could be the harm in trying if it helped? Atticus could not have said it better, ‘Being together no matter the circumstances’ felt natural. The endearing and longing smile on her face revealed a deeper, more concealed side of her that only those she held close were privileged to see.

Miranda’s offer brought about his immediate regard, and his hesitation was obvious, "In order to work the materials here, you need tools that are of this realm..." his train of thought was side tracked a moment as he watched the liquid metal creep over her flesh, causing a schism within himself that was mixed sadness and elation - and it was obvious from the look in his eyes as he watched what she was doing. Cautiously, he placed a hand upon her arm - fingertips only, tracing the area before and after it was covered with its protective coating. The logical part of his mind - and Arcfire too - told him that the metal should be an improvement. But the newly awakened part of him saw it as... somehow, less perfect. "To make something here," he continued, "is a serious endeavor... it's not a place to modify... trinkets."

Atticus frowned. He wasn't trying to imply that's what she sought to do, he was merely... stuck, trying to explain the nature of chaos. "Whatever is crafted here is imbued with an essence that..." the hand which had lingered on her grasped a portion of the fabric of her clothes between thumb and forefinger - innocently for now - as his voice trailed off, and he looked at her thoughtfully for a moment.

His voice rose again, apparently unrelated to what he'd been about to say, "What are the three most important things for one of your profession to work? Which tools?" Adding more quietly, "Close your eyes, and see them. Tell me."
While I have breath, I hope.
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