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Trouble as the ArchQui

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John Cole
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Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:43 pm    Post subject: Trouble as the ArchQui Reply with quote

Blackouts and hangovers seemed to go hand in hand for the current Archmage.

Drink too much. Smoke too much. And repeat it for the next several weeks.

It was a good plan. It had worked last time. Even better was the fact that this time John felt like he had nothing to lose. It could be another blur of a reign like his first one. Just drink and smoke the cycle away.

All was normal until that Sunday he woke up in inky blackness. Checking twice that his eyes were open, his fists raised to rub at them and cause dark colors to flash briefly until only the blackness returned. The pounding of his head and the taste of whiskey on his tongue were both normal though, as was apparently coming to on the floor randomly somewhere, so John just attempted to push himself up with one hand while the other blindly reached out for anything.

His hand met a solid door and soon an ornate doorknob which was given a twist. There was a flash of white blue light and an unseen force pushed him out tumbling into one of the hallways in the Celestial Tower. A wince and a groan from the sylph soon led to John losing his lunch and struggling to push himself upwards off the floor.

“What the hell was that?”

A pair of goblins came up shortly afterwards, apparently on their way to their daily chores, one armed with a bucket of water, the other with a mop. Both stopped short of John, their eyes stretching too large for their heads. “Uh…..Arch Qui Qui?”

He groaned again, this time out of minor annoyance that the name was used again, [i]what even did Qui Qui mean?![i] “Just….get the sawdust. And some old towels. I’m not feeling too good.”

“But….” One goblin stammered while the other just kept staring.

“What is it?” A sigh this time as he lifted his head and long white hair swayed in his line of sight.

Confusion reeled along with his stomach as he looked down at himself.

“Oh **** me.”

Maybe instead of drinking his cycle away, John would be trying to figure out how to transform himself back into a man so he wouldn’t be stuck as a woman.

((Artist is Exellero. Artwork found here.))
((Crossposted from RoH.))
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