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Missing Halfling
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Hope Jubal
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 2:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hope had no difficulty keeping up with Lucis as she lead the merry menagerie search part of one amused human watch officer, a man in magical armor, and the addled master Owen. Still it was better than going on a beat with a Minotaur at your back. Alphons just lacked stealth and head clearance some days. Thoughts pushed aside, Hope steered the group down the path they'd taken, the tugging on her wrist starting to intensify with bruising quickness.

"Call me crazy, but this tracker is pulling on my wrist like a rare earth magnet pulling wire through Play-Dough. We must be getting close to where Miss Longbow has vacated too. When we find the girl, Master Lucis, do you have a way to do some tracing on her to find out where she'd gone? Like that scrying spell you did back in the office?" She'd ask Lucis.

"Would love to know where cells are being set up for experimentation. Everyone should have the right to feel safe and not tested on like a guinea pig." Hope broke off anything else she was about to say when she heard something running up the path towards them.

Her hand dropped by reflex to feel for the comfort of her gun as she watched the bend in the trail ahead of them. The quartz now pulled hard enough to force her to brace against the magical effect. It could be the girl they were looking for, but the few years working the streets in Rhy'Din as a Watch Member taught her that as soon as you assume anything, you're dead.

"Hold up guys. I hear someone coming up that bend. Let's see who pop's around while we still have an open advantage." She cautioned, her side arm was not drawn, but the strap on the holster was released to allow a quick draw if needed.
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Alexia Longbow

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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 9:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Alexia didn't know how much longer she could go on. Her bare feet stung with every painful step and every muscle, every bone, every inch of her was screaming. Her clothes were viciously ripped and stretched thin and she was doing her very best to hold them to her broken body. Wherever she stepped, she left a trail of blood and even scraps of cloth now and again. She just wanted to go home and it seemed like it was worlds away. It seemed like a faded memory that she'd never live to see again.

As she soldiered on, she thought of her uncle. Would he care enough to look for her? Had he even noticed she was gone? He so often drunk himself into such a stupor, it was a wonder he was still alive. In fact, even before his drinking had spiraled out of control over the years, he had reached an unnaturally old age by human standards. She tried to remember exactly how old he was and the effort made her dizzy. The more she thought on it, she couldn't remember her own age either and the more she tried, the dizzier she got. Just like when she spoke. As the years went on her stutter grew worse, but it was especially intense when she tried to speak of her past. It was almost as if someone had intentionally done something to her to prevent her from remembering.

With labored breath, she turned a corner and saw some very blurred figures. She couldn't make them out. They could be friendly, or they could very well be the same people that abducted and abused her. It was entirely possible it wasn't even people she saw but inanimate objects in the distance. Either way, she would roll the dice and hope for the best. It was all she had left at this point.

She tried to call out, but her voice was raw and painful and her lip was split and bleeding badly. Everything was spinning. It was difficult to keep upright or even tell which way was up. Panic bubbled up anew as she felt the world slipping out from under her. She couldn't take another hit, certainly not one for the hard, unforgiving ground. Too weak to even throw her arms in front of her, the little halfling lurched forward.
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Owen the Marred

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 12:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In his frantic state, Owen almost didn’t see Alexia shuffling painfully toward the search party trio. It was only when she was about to fall over that he spotted her and sprang into action. With surprising speed agility, he leapt forward, his arms out, and simple let her collapse against him. It was a miracle he even recognized the miserable creature that whimpered piteously in his arms. He wept openly as he saw the full extent of what she had physically been through. Careful not to harm her further, he gently held her close.

“My little Alexia…” He whispered. “M’so… sorry. I should ‘ave taken better care o’ye. Ne’er should ‘ave let this ‘appen.” With a deep, shuddering breath, he lifted one hand and brought it gently to her forehead. He closed his eyes in deep concentration and, at first, nothing seemed to happen. Then, slowly, a deep cut appeared on his forehead, followed by a painful split on his lip, and a gash across his cheek. More and more quickly, wounds mirroring Alexia’s appeared on his body, causing her own wounds to fade.

After a while, his breath became labored and ragged as hers had been. With each passing moment, he deteriorated while she improved. Had he the strength, he would have taken everything until she was completely healed, but alas, he could do no more. Not for lack of ability or capacity to withstand injury, but from the sheer exhaustion. It had been decades since he had performed magic so strong and his energy was quickly dwindling. It wasn’t what he had hoped for, but it was enough. Enough to keep her from dying in his arms.

When he was certain no more progress was being made, he let his hand fall to her shoulder and peered down into her face. It was still broken and bleeding, but she was alert. In fact, she was wide-eyed and staring, shocked to learn she was not the only one who healed by absorbing injuries and afflictions. He smiled sadly down at her and tried to explain, but words failed him. He was a mess of emotions that ranged from guilt and regret to relief and joy. Once he felt he could stand, he pulled her up with him into an upright position and cast his gaze down. He could not bring himself to look at her.

Alexia, for her part, stood in complete shock. She was not entirely convinced she wasn’t hallucinating. It had been a very long time since Master Owen had shown her even a shred of compassion, and here he was, healing her in the same fashion she healed others. Through empathy. The only difference being his half of the wounds were already beginning to fade. A skill she had yet to learn, much less master. Still, she no longer felt like she was dying, and that, she supposed, was a plus.

She opened her mouth to speak, but she too was at a loss. To be fair, she was still very much in shock over the myriad of things that had happened to her. Desperate for something, anything to attach what was left of her sanity.
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