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The Feathered Lily

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 11:19 am    Post subject: The Feathered Lily Reply with quote

Feathered Lily Floral and Gifts

The road leading out of the Marketplace' heart toward the Inn sweeps past the Teas & Tomes. Two doors down on the northern side, a brick facade looms somewhat flat and unremarkable, though planters with a thin runner of vine have been put in place to start sheathing the building in a living curtain. Above the door, a simple, engraved wooden sign anounces the name of the shop. The Feathered Lily, the name bracketed by stylized fleur de lis. Large windows frame a central, recessed door, each offering only minimal glimpses into the shop - though they serve as displays themselves, bearing live plants, a small water feature, and nestled among the greenery, a few elegantly designed masks crafted from leather, dried flowers and feathers. The door frequently stands open to spill a pool of warm light and music into the street. Classical, violin and piano weaving through the air lightly from inside, is the usual choice.

Within, on ceramic floor tiles alternating stark black and white, lies a scattering of long tables covered and arranged in tiers. More live plants, dried displays, water features and garden ornaments decorate each table to form mounds of life. The faint sound of trickling water mingles with the music. Against the right wall, chilled cases of cut flowers are neatly lined up, broken by two more windows looking out on the side street. Opposite, there's a counter with further displays of masks, feathers, dried flowers, bouquet decorations, and, at one end, a neat stack made up of bundles of assorted saltwater taffy sealed in plastic and wrapped in a gauze overlay. Opposite the front entrance are two more doors - one marked Private, and locked, the other marked Restrooms.

Shelves line the walls, with an assortment of vases and pottery that primarily show the mark of the same craftsman's work... and in the center of the floor, a pond has been sunk into the tiles. The flicker of small koi darting beneath a surface gilded by lily pads, with blue 'lotus' scattered through it, and a single white lily rising above the center. That one alone isn't real. It's a good simulation, but close examination would reveal it to be made of feathers, rather than petals. An ironwork bench is positioned to afford a good view of the pond. Potted plants, air plants and bonsai, many of them in pottery bearing the same signature as the work on the shelves. Hothouse flowers cut and preserved in the chilled cases, fountains, reflection bowls, spheres of colored glass. White walls rise to a white ceiling, globes suspended from it in a deliberately random scatter of location and height to shed warm light over the interior.
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