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Worlds Collide ((18+))

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:28 pm    Post subject: Worlds Collide ((18+)) Reply with quote

((Many thanks to Regina and her lovely mun for collaboration on this SL.))

January 23rd - Tuesday - Mid-Morning

Roni, for the most part had fallen into a routine of drowning herself in work during the day, and filling the rest of her time busy with the people she cared about that were still in Rhy'din. Freddy, Mist. It helped. On nights where her loneliness and the empty feel of her apartment swallowed her up, or the nightmares got too bad, she drowned herself in Liquor. It wasn't healthy coping, but hey, temporary fixes. Today was one of those days that she got lost in work, because the night before had been one filled with little sleep. To cheat, the coffee pot was plugged in, and on her desk, as was the creamer and sugar.

Spread out on the desk before her was a myriad of papers, printed, hand scrawled notes, photographs. Somewhere was a few sheets of shredded paper, and the computer was up and running, several different searches on different tabs. Most of the rest of the office reflected the mess on her desk. Papers everywhere, notes scrawled and stuck to the wall, reminders for a rather busy and chaotic mind. At the exact moment, Harry was off somewhere else.

In through the front door of the agency steps a woman of medium height with rainbow dyed hair. Dressed in business casual, she looks around a bit. "Think I've found the right place. .." she mumbled to herself. Under her arm is a manilla portfolio.

It took a moment before she actually looked up from her spread of papers, to the rainbow haired woman that just walked through the door. "Right place? If you're lookin' for the Fallen Cross Detective Agency, Yeah. You got the right place." There was a glance around. "Pardon the mess. Uh. Hi. I'm Roni." As she spoke, she shuffled her papers into a pile, and tossed a manilla folder on top of it to cover everything up. A couple quick taps had the computer screen darkened. Client confidentiality. Then she was on her feet.

I'm Regina Appleton. " she returned with a friendly smile. "And I was hoping you could help me."

"Regina." This is murmured thoughtfully. The name was familiar, like she had heard it somewhere. "Sure. I prolly can help ya. What are we needin' help with?"

Her nimble fingers hold out the folder. "Missing persons case. A child was abducted from her home, the parents slain. This sort of work falls out of my realm of expertise. "

She blinks a couple of times at that. "Missing persons I've done. Not with murder tied in. Most of the time it's runaways." As she spoke she reached out to gingerly collect the offered folder. Then she opened it, and started scanning over what was inside.

It's a report right out of a precinct. Statements from neighbors, family, and employers. "The attack looks random from all evidence, but the girl being taken seems the actual goal. "

"There hasn't been any ransom note or nothin'?" This is asked as she continued looking over and nosing through the report. If there were crime scene photos, that's where she'd linger longer.

"None, the family want terribly well off. Middle income. Father worked the docks, the mother street corners." Not to savory a picture. "Father's body was found in the kitchen, we're guessing that was the point of entry. Mother upstairs in the girls bedroom."

"Mmh. Alright." She paused, and started digging through the desk drawer, until she produced a notepad, and grabbed a pen off the desk. She started scribbling. "Girl's how old?" A pause. "You know if there was debt owed by the family, or uh.. stuff like that? Dirty secrets, even rumors you've heard?"

"Little girl with 6 years old, as for the rest it's hard to say either one of the parents could have seen something they weren't supposed to given their professions." Regina smooths down her skirt with her fingers before taking a seat across from her Roni at the desk.

Her cheeks puffed out. "She could have been taken for anything. But... there wasn't any of her blood at the scene or any sign she was harmed?" More scribbling was done she moved back on over to her chair and dropped back into it, so she didn't pace around like a mad creature. "Know who her mother worked the streets for?" If not, she was gonna have a lot of work starting out. There's a grim frown pulling at her features.

"That lead is still being followed by the Watch, but this smells of underworld done and they won't talk to Watch." That much felt clear. "Well detective, well you take the case? "

"Underworld done." She paused and worried her lower lip a moment. "M'certian I'll be able to get someone to talk." A moment's hesitation comes, before she's nodding. "Yeah. This is somethin's big. There's a child a risk. And if I can find 'er, M'not gonna let anyone stop me."

"How shall you receive payment? " Because in her world money is free.

There's a tilt of her head. "It's however you wish, and whatever you put as a value for such a job. I never set prices, because sometimes the things people have as payment aren't monetary, but I will never turn away someone because of how much or how little they have. It is how much they are willing to give up, and how dear it may be."
She gave Regina a curious look after a moment. "This girl. Once we find her, does she have any family to take her in? And I mean good family."

She arches a brow at that payment policy. "An aunt on another city. I don't know anything beyond that. You and I both know that the longer she is missing, the less a chance the is to find her. " Alive anyway.

She's fae. It's probably the only truly fae-like thing she does when it comes to running business. But where most people without fall short, the wealthy well make up for, well over. And word was always quick to spread with happy clients, so it worked. "And Yeah. I know. Which means I need to get crackin' on some things. Like followin' leads and stuff like that. " She sucked in a deep breath. "How long has it been?"

"A day. The attack was last night, the crime reported this morning by a neighbor who noticed the change in family routine. " She's grim sounding.

"A day. Alright. I suppose I need to start digging into things and searching for leads and bustin'... uh... yeah. Leads. Any suggestions from you on where to start?" She coughed, and took a moment to grab her now cold coffee and sling back a few mouthfuls of it.

"At the scene of the crime naturally. There were things I couldn't look for with armed guards breathing down my neck. You might find something I could not.

"Alright." Pause. "Am I gonna need any special clearances to get access to the crime scene, or no? Can I bring my camera and take my own pictures for future reference?"

Unprofessional as it may appear, Regina takes a leather bill fold from between her bosom, opens it and have Roni a business card. "Give the uni this, he'll let you through. "

Hey. Roni won't knock her. She'll appreciate in fact. She wished hers were a fraction of big enough to make good pockets. She took the business card offered, and eyed it, before she was stretching across her desk to grab her purse and fish out her wallet. "And if you hear any updates, let me know, yeah?" She fished out one of her own cards and offered it in return.

She accepts the card in return with a smile, "Of course. You and I both know that in a day, the Watch will write this missing child of as a lost cause. That's why I'm seeking outside help. "

"And I will not." There's a pause, and a moment she she swallowed a lump in her throat. "No child deserves to live a life in fear, like I'm certain she will if kept alive. " There's a pause, and a defiant tilt of her head. "M'not gonna give up on her."

She stands up at that, her smile broadening. "I had a good feeling about you. Glad To see it wasn't just the shwarma I had for lunch."

"I really try." She beamed a touch of a smile. "I have a promise I am keeping." This is mused warmly, before she gestured. "There's too much negative in the world to have me putting out more." She shrugged. "Ypu want coffee or anything?" Never mind what time it actually was. She often lived in a world where she forgot what the hell time it was.

She tilts her head as if considering a specific thought but smiles instead. "Is it strong and thick?" Her question serious in delivery. "And we all need our driving forces."

"And yeah. I need it strong to survive." There's a half grin flashed her way, before she pulled open a drawer and produced a clean mug. Without hesitation she got busy pouring and setting out the creamer and sugar.

Ragina took her coffee much like she enjoyed her men; hot, dark, and free of additives. "Me too. Strong for hours and undiluted. "

"I like sweet. so normally mine has a ***-ton of sugar in it." There's a snicker that follows, and an amused smile. "I think I exist on the sugar partially."

"Too much sugar and I get jittery, that doesn't help the knife have stay steady." She comments with a laugh. " But we all have our coping mechanisms. In our line of work, just like cooks, everyone is on something. "

Finishing her coffee, Regina rose to her feet and offered Roni a grin. "I'll leave you to your work. Let's save the girl and **** up some bad guys. Yes? " The rainbow haired woman turns. Heading back the way she came.

“Oh **** yes, lets do so. They always look so dejected when you do!” There’s a smile that follows, before she waves. “I’ll get in contact with you if anything comes to mind!” This was called, before the woman was gone. It wasn’t long before she was digging through her desk until she had produced her camera bag, and a few other things. She scribbled a note for Harry, then she was on her feet and out the door. She had a Crime scene that she needed to poke around in.

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

February 5th - Monday - Late Evening

"Pimpin’ ain't easy..." Big hands steer a pepto bismol shade of pink El Camino down an alley, blasting Cop Killer at full volume from the Bose system. Coming to a stop, the largest Mexican most had ever seen gets out from behind the wheel. A towering figure dressed in a pink mink coat, black jeans, boots, and a white A-Shirt, Pimpy McPimperson could be both frightening and comical to behold.

He looks up and down the alley to see if anyone is watching before pounding a big fist on the back door of a building, waits for the little window slot to open up and then parlays with someone on the other side before being slid a paper sandwich baggie. "Thanky, thanky. Now remembers our accords. I's be back in a week fo' tha' next batch."

Freddy had taken complete and thorough notes on Pimpy and his various travels and places that he seemed to visit on a more normal basis. Tonight was the night that she had decided to approach him, and get some answers to the questions that she had, even if she had to bust a head or two. Given just who she was dealing with, and how she knew minds like that though, she had dug through her closet until she had found something black, slinky and body hugging. It came to a stop just above her knees, and was paired with a pair of low heeled leather boots, and a leather jacket that matched. That seemingly black hair of hers was pulled up into a ponytail that showed the rainbow colors hidden underneath. Somewhere not visible on her person is that pretty little sigma of hers.

She had arrived about thirty minutes before the meeting was supposed to happen, and took the time she waited to check up on her make-up, and scout the area beforehand, should she need to make a run for it, it was good to have a touch of an idea as to which way led to dead alleyways. Though the sound of a vehicle rumbling it's approach had her peering over the edge of the dumpster she wed currently taking cover behind. Quiet, she watched as the target she sought got out of the car and moved to knock on a back door. She watched the exchange, frowned a touch, and waited until it was over, and he was headed back to his car. It was that moment that she figured it was good to move an intercept him.

Careful steps carried her from behind the dumpster, before then, she started heading in his direction. The clack of her bootheels against the cobbles was what probably gave her approach away.

Something starts to chirp at his belt and Pimpy actually takes out a beeper of all things to look at the number. "Dayum....dat Trap House again. ****in' watsch stealin mah money..." He grumbles and shakes his head then hears the approaching steps. Pimpy turns to regard who's coming. His entire frame tensing defensively. This is Rhydin after all, even the Girl Scouts can be shady. "Whash you on about lil' mama?" He calls out.

She glanced up when he called out to her. There was a touch of feigned surprise on her features at his words, before her head tilted a little to the side. "Uh Hi." There's a pause, and her steps came up short as she approached him. "M'lookin' for uh." There's a pause, a moment where she made a point to look at a scrap of paper in hand. "Mister Pimpy McPimperson." It was incredibly hard for her to actually utter his name with a straight face, but she managed to do so. She figured it was easier to feign innocent and confirm it was indeed him, before she started busting some balls.

"Now whash you want wit a scoundrel like dat?" All grins now as he put hands on his hips with a little forward lean to look at her. Over the rim of his glasses, golden eyes look at her form in an appraising way. Like he's measuring her up for a new suit.

"I was lookin to ask 'em a question or two. Ya know where I can find him?" This was asked curiously, as she kept up with the innocent act.... Even if the look that those golden eyes of his were giving hr made every inch of her skin crawl. Appraising, like he was admiring a fine cut of steak. It was a look she was familiar with. Seemed like all the men in the sex industry had a habit of eyeing every lady like that. Or at least the attractive ones.

"Well yous gots a fine shimmy to your shake. What be the question or two fah him? I can pass it along as he and I are very well acquainted." The look remains for another moment and then is gone, masked by a lens of amusement at how many directions this could go.

He could pass it along. He wasn't outright confirming or denying that it was him, and in a split second there was an idea that came to mind. A very stupid and probably dangerous one, but it would end at a better chance of finding the girl than bouncing his head off his car would a couple of times. Plus, it would not alert him to the fact that someone was on to him. So she pushed that little feigned innocence. "I'm lookin' fer work." A pause. "Not on the streets. My Fiance made that clear, but certainly, he's got other jobs, yeah? M'good at keepin' the books, and a tidy records or... somethin' else."

Ker. Blink! Certainly threw him that's for sure. Pimpy blinks a time or two more and then scratches the back of his head. "You do know what he does for a livin, yeah? You just asked for a job that entails a lot of trust, as a stranger. Especially when all his girls start on the streets and then work they way up. Earn the rewards is his way. Start at the bottom and climb up the ladder."

"Yeah. I know what he does fer a livin'. " There was a quiet and determined look that flipped up to him after she spoke. "Fine. No bookkeepin'. Is there a ladder rung that I can start out at that doesn't involve such a leap of faith and avoids me suckin' some dude's knob for money? Dancer somewhere or somethin'? Cuz if not m’certain there's plenty of others that do, and would love ta have my pretty face."

He scratches his chin a bit and purses lips in thought. She is a cute little thing and could certainly bring in a good flow. "I'll see about gettin’ you an interview, but I'll tell you up front. He'll insist on an interview to see what you can do. And if I was you? Don't push. Just do what's asked and ya might keep that pretty head on your shoulders. The man's a real beast when his hackle gets up there." A hint maybe at what Pimpy really is? Hard to say. "That fair enough fo' yah?"

She listened as he spoke, worrying at her lower lip a moment, before she nodded. "An interview is understandable. Hirin' someone without knowin' their skills is bad business, yeah?" Then there's a pause and a wistful purse of her lips at the comment of doing what was asked and not pushing. "Duly noted. I do appreciate my head where it is." There's a pause. "How will he get into contact with me to set up an interview time?"

"Ya know the tavern on Dubois and Crushes, The Wankin' Trogladyte? Pimpy owns the place. Just show up, he'll be expecting you. He's got some dancers in there all the time." He hopes that's good enough for her.

"Tavern on Dubois and Crushes. The Wankin' Trogladyte. Alright. I dunno where it's at, but I'll find it." The name and street names were committed to memory. She hesitated for a moment, before she offered him a dazzling smile. "Thank you, Mister fer all yer help. I look forward to meeting him at the interview."

"And I don't doubt he's looking forward to it as well. Word to the wise, wear something flattering and maybe a little make up. Visit Sukie's Salon on Galviston and tell them ya got a meeting with Pimpy, they'll give you the royal treatment for free. All his girls get to make use of the salon for their womanly needs." He smiles brightly, even pleasantly and gets in the El Camino. "Lovely making your acquaintance, too bad ya not wanting to work the corners, I'd throw ya something generously."

"Alright. I'll try. I'll employ the Fiance's opinion for the outfit I wear. He has a good eye for what looks good on me. And Sukie's Salon will get me primped and pretty. For free. Free's always a good thing. I'll take full advantage of it.” He moved to get into his car, and she took a couple steps back, pausing at his last statement. "Alas, as wonderful as a startin' bonus would be, my relationship means more to me than money. Suppose it's a shame I didn't come lookin' fer a job a year ago." There's a dazzling smile that followed.

"Real shame, Missy. You look like a Top Dollar lady of the night." A friendly wave and he's driving off.

"Shame indeed." She agreed with a smile, "Thanks again!" And then lifted a hand to wave after him as he took off. The moment he turned out of the alleyway, the jovial look on her face dropped in a few seconds flat. Then she groaned, and turned, heading off to go and hunt down where she had parked. The whole time it took to get there, she asked herself over and over what the hell she had just managed to get herself into.
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Young Wyrm
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Febuary 6th - Tueseday - Late Evening

She felt out of sorts. Wholly. It was freezing cold, she was wearing a skimpy outfit that felt like absolutely nothing, and was never a combination of items in her wardrobe she would have worn together... But she wanted to play the part of aspiring pole dancer, so it was a lace crop top that was more of a swath of lace and a triangle bikini, a pleated skirt, that barely brushed the upper half of her mid-thigh, a pair of clunky punk heels and a leather jacket that barely touched the top of her skirt, all in jet black. Her hair was pulled up into a lovely updo with a few rainbow curls pulled free, and her eyes were done up in a smokey purple, and heavily mascaraed lashes. She never in a million years would have actually walked out of her house like this.

Plus, she was stuffed in the back of a taxi, with a driver who smelled like he had eaten a whole bag of onions. He had picked her up at the beauty salon that had been suggested to her the night before, and almost immediately she had wanted to get out. At least the ladies at the salon were friendly chatty things, and had wished her luck. So there was that. But by the time he pulled up to the Wankin' Trogladyte , she already had a bill ready to cover the fair, and be generous in a tip. There was a quip of investing it in his hygiene, before she was out and on the cobbles in heels. She took a moment to square her shoulders and relax the tight hold she normally had over that seemingly natural charm all fae seemed to have. Then, with a dazzling smile stretched across her features, quick shuffling steps carried her for the door.

The Wankin' Trog was a blaze of techno and EDM on the inside despite the quiet exterior. Flashing lights felt like someone had set the light switch to RAVE as patrons lined the busy bar hassling the bartenders for their cocktails. A large dancefloor dominated the room where the masses gathered in sweaty, crushing, cloisters imbibing the latest street drug. Several of them downing red capsules of the Ascend pills.

There were eight raised platforms in the room where girls well out of reach of the crowd shook their asses and flashed their tits without care to who looked on, feeding off of the energy of the crowd. A woman in a giant martini glass towards the back was entertaining a group around her at a circular table using the oversized toothpick in creative ways with herself as the Olive.

A hulking bugbear at the door stops the new girl with a large paw. "You got ID?"

The inside flavor of the place was definitely not something that she was expecting, and each thing she saw seemed to raise her brow a little higher... At least until she realized that the bouncer at the door was a bugbear, and talking to her. A touch wide eyed. "Mhm! I've got ID. And Uh. Mister Pimpy McPimperson should be expectin' me. I have an interview with him."

As she spoke, she teetered in place, and dug through her purse, until she produced a wallet. Everything that could have possibly led to her being anyone but the Lilly Clarke the Id she produced claimed she was, had been left, locked in her desk back at the agency. Harry had a note about her going under cover. The ID itself is offered up to the bugbear to inspect. Meanwhile there's some grumbling about the cold, as she's definitely shivering

A furry hand snatches up the ID and gives it a sniff, beady black eyes squint at the print and look for anything out of date. He hands it back to her and steps aside. "Up the stairs at the back, he's got a private viewing room where he samples the new meat. Hope you left your pride in your closet with the rest of your clothes." A hand gives her a firm, but gentle push towards the stairs.

It was a fake.... but it was practically undetectable. It pays to have friends in high places sometimes. She stared at him a moment, wide eyed at his comment, before she snorted. "I think it might be in the same box I left my *** to give. Hope you have a fight or somethin' to break up tonight." Ever so sweetly as she plucked her ID back from him, and took a couple tottering steps with his gentle pushing. Then, cursing everything, she's taking more confident strides since there's no cold make her shiver, for the stairs and up, not... quite sure what she was getting into, but the greeter's words didn't help.

The door mentioned was marked 'Viewing Room' and inside was incredibly quiet. The sound of the raging club beyond muffled to a quiet murmur. There, lounging on a sofa sat Pimpy himself decked out in head to toe pink like he'd been assaulted by ballerina's with paint rollers. A thick gold chain with the letters PM in brilliant jade hung around his mulatto skinned neck.

The man looks to her with a broad smile, his one Rose' studded tooth glittering where it broke the brilliant white of his teeth. "How's ya gurl? Bet you wadn't expectin' dis wash you?"

Two other men were in the room with him at opposite end close to other doors. Possibly exits were one to guess. Dressed like what they were, hired protection, neither made a move before looking to Pimpy. "Go on, search da girl for anything untoward. Can't have a repeat of that last bitch pullin’ the switchblade out her snatch. To think my fingers had been up in there, coulda lost my bowling hand."

She was surprised by the quiet that pervaded the room, when the rest of the place was so loud and noisy. Feigned surprise colored her features when she saw that the man from the night before was indeed, Pimpy. Roni knew that, Lilly on the other hand did not. There's a smile that flickers across her features. "I'm g-good. Surprised, because I was not expecting you at all. You deceived me mister." She waggled a finger his way, playfully.

"A switch blade where?" This time the surprise is genuine. "Actually nuh. I don't wanna ask." The hell was she getting herself into? She keeps asking that. She honestly had no answer. Then her eyes swung towards the two men in their approach, before she thrusted her purse out at them. "There's a sigma in here. Unloaded. Clip's in the side pocket. Fiance insists I carry it for protection. but I thought it'd be respectful ta unload it 'fore I came in."

"We had a girl up in here a few nights ago, askin’ bout some kid that done got snitched. Bitch went in the bathroom naked, came out with a switchblade. Was crazy. My other guard, Earl got shanked right in his neck before these boys could subdue her. Now enough of that unpleasantness. Rourke, you take the lady's purse and check for the sigma and other stuff. Mickey, you give her a nice and gentle pat down. She's a nice girl, not like that other'n we had to give flyin’ lesson to." The men follow their assigned tasks with little emotion.

"Geeze. People truly are crazy sometimes." Slow blink, before she handed over her purse. The mentioned gun and clip were exactly as she told them they were, apart from that, there was all sorts of typical purse stuff. Tin of mints, keys, makeup, and lady products even. She shifted on her feet after a moment, before she held out her arms, and complied with being pat down, and searched for other things she may have been trying to hide. The search would have turned up nothing though.

Mickey was thorough in his search and gentlemanly. Combing fingers through her hair to see if anything was hidden in them, didn't just pat down her sides and legs but ran his hands up and down her spine to look for hidden sheaths. These were professionals, not street thugs. Each inner thigh was given a feel before he gave a gesture to Pimpy. "Short of a cavity search, she's clean McPimperson." Mickey's voice was far too high to be natural. There's probably a story to how a 6'5 black man sounds like an animated mouse.

He was indeed through, and gentlemanly about the search, and that was something that she could appreciate. Once he was finished, she shifted, and resumed a more relaxed position. Then Mickey spoke, and her attention swung his way. Her eyes had so many questions, but her lips pressed tight as she refrained from voicing any one of them. Quiet, and given that she hadn't been spoken too, she didn't try to change it. Because... well. Quiet little dolls were always appreciated, yes? At least from what she had learned in experience.

"Now, bring your sweet little self over here and lemme get a good lookin’ at ya" He motions her over, actually sitting up now to be all business. A rolled up blunt rests on the table at his knee, lazily smoking itself.

"Mmh. Yessir." She rushed the words together in what could possibly be perceived as a touch of interview nerves, before she made her way on over to him, heels clipping against the floor as she went. Steps slowed as she made her approach, and a familiar smell had her attention dancing towards the blunt that was smoldering away. Then her attention rolled back to him.

He adjusts his seating and makes come hither gestures for her to get closer. When she does he doesn't touch her, just looks her over in that same appraising way. "Now give us a slow spin, right in a centrawl circle. Lemme see ya shake dat ass for me a little."

Lilly, had spent her way dancing her way through college. So she knew how this worked. Roni knew because she had been groomed for all kinds of various entertainment. There's a moment where she shifted on her feet, and did just as instructed, she twirled in a slow circle, and wiggled her backside in what could be considered a distracting thing.

"Mmm, mm, mmm." The sound not unlike someone looking at a succulent piece of ham about to be carved. He runs a hand along the small of her back towards her ass for a firm fondle. "You're gonna break hearts gurl."

Yeah. She definitely believes that being looked at like a piece of meat was only a turn on if you actually had feelings for said person. When his had found the small of her back, and started traveling lower, she took it as a good opportunity to turn back around to face him. "Oh I don't doubt that at all. I can already hear the heart broken cries already." Playfully.

He's looked her over thoughtfully. The man just lets his hands wander across her skin in that sleazy way of most like him. "Now...for the real interview. Most'a mah gurls that work here, see...I've got a bit of dirt on them. Since I din' get the chance to do the same to you...had a thought to just get something here on the fly. Yah'mean?" He nods to her while sitting back in a very familiar slouch on the sofa, widening his legs to be on either side of her knees. "Said ya gots a fiance, right? What's his name?"

"Yeah, I think so." There's a pause, before she canted her head to the side. Dirt meant that no one did him dirty, and listened, or at least that was what she was figuring. As for that wandering hand of his, so long as it didn't try to delve under clothing, she stayed still. The question of a fiance has her nodding vigorously. "I do." There's a moment, before her thoughts ticked back to the morning before, and how Freddy had come in like a storm and chased her sadness away. There was a touch of that stupid happy smile, and a blush that found her cheeks and made those lovely freckles of hers a little more prominent. "His name's Eddie Campbell."

"Eddie Campbell, I'll remember that name. You love this Eddie? Want nothin’ to happen to him or you, right, cher?" He asks in a silky smooth way.

There a brief curious look that finds him, before she nodded. Lilly loved her Eddie. Dearly. "I do love 'em. With all my heart." A pause, before she was shaking her head. "Yeah. Don't want no trouble. Just wanna help 'em make ends meet. I danced a few years ago in college. Paid the bills. Hopin' to do that again."

"There's a teensy bit of initiatin' to go through, ya see? " Pimpy's hands keep themselves to the topical contours of her legs as he speaks. Rourke removes a cigarette case from the inner breast pocket of his jacket and opens it. Eight blunts sit neatly arranged, rolled in gold leaf on purple velvet. The case is set down on the table near Pimpy.

"A teensy bit of initiation?" The curiosity on her face is genuine as she shifts and turns a little to peer at the case and the pretty blunts within as Rourke produced and settled them on the table. They looked like gold sticks, or something akin to that. Teeth caught her lower lip a moment, before her attention swung its way back towards Pimpy.
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"In this town there's no way to know wash watt. Elfs, fae, vamp, all dem tings." He continues. "Den da Man comes out with that drug Ascend. Now errybody can find out who's playin' wolf in sheep's clothing."

"There are all kinds of people here." There a slight nod, before she continues to listen as he explained it. "And you give this ta all the girls, just so none of 'em surprise ya, don't ya?" There's a curious cant of her head. This should be fun. Wolves in sheep's clothing…. Considering everything she was quite certain that she could be considered as such to him and his ilk.

"Something of that nature. See, me and the boys take that drug, crush it up with some herb for a mighty high..." He's grinning now as he takes one out and lights it. The ensuing smoke is the prettiest shade of green.

"I suppose then..." She trailed off a moment and watched as he lit it. The color of the smoke was definitely the prettiest shade of green, and very unlike normal smoke that came from soley the herb. "I am in for an interestin' night." This is mused softly.

The gold in his irises shines brighter as they turn to a reptilian dilation. "But...The mo' you imbibe, the better ya control."

Which was absolutely lovely. Because she enjoyed taking mystery drugs, especially when talk of control was involved. "This'll be the first time." Not for herb, but for the drug it was laced with. And probably for the first time since she had arrived at the salon, she told the truth.

A jagged toothed smile splits his features while offering the blunt to her. "If ya hiding sumtin’, besht let it out. Da herb well do it fo' ya."

"M'not human, if that's whatcha mean. Or the girl I swore was my best friend in college was actually my girlfriend." There's a pause, before she reached out to take the blunt as he offered it out to her. Soon enough, she tucks it between her lips, and draws, cheeks dimpling a touch with the inhale. The smoke was held a moment, before she let it out, and simply decided that instead of fighting with it, she'd drop her glamour now.

It wasn’t much of a change, but those abyssal hues expanded to include the sclera. Feathers, fluttered at her eyes like fancy fake eyelashes, and fluttered a fringe behind each of her ears. They were all black as midnight with the exception being the second feather down in each cluster, which was the stark opposite, in a snowy white. Ears came to a rather tapered slim points. Her skin seemed a touch paler, and the incisor teeth within her mouth were elongated, sharp needle points. There was almost an animalistic grace that seemed to linger in her movements.

Pimpy watches her closely as the drug enters her system. Like a flower blooming, the man nods carefully to himself. "Take a few more hits..." his voice turning hypnotic.

A few more was three, or somewhere close. Already she could feel the pleasant hum of herb in her bloodstream, along with something else she couldn't quite place. "Alright." Once again the question of what the hell she was getting herself into came to mind. Soon enough, the blunt came to find her lips a couple more times. Draw and exhale such pretty little clouds of green smoke.

"Now tell me take a seat on my lap and tell me all about this...Eddie.." Pimpy's voice turns to absolute audible silk as he watches Lilly indulge herself. "Make yourself at home, we're all friends here..."

She finally figured she had fallen somewhere along the line of a few hits by now. He asked for her to sit on his lap. There's a moment where she weighs listening, or not, then decides it's good to listen. Something he said last night encouraged the thought. There's a shift and shuffling of her feet, before she moves to perch on his lap. "What about 'em? He works a lot of odd jobs down dockside, and up till recent was takin' care of his Mama. She was sick. That's why money's so tight." There was one last drag taken for good measure, before she offered the blunt back to him. She figured for the most part, she might as well ride whatever high was coming, because there was no avoiding it now.

His fingers drag along the exposed skin of her navel as she talks. A predatory smile tugs at his lips in the briefest flash. "He very protective of you?"

The blend of drugs in her system made it easier to stand his touch... Light along her navel, and in combination with the drugs, more than enough to stir a warmth that has her lower lip being chewed on. "Mmhm. He's very protective. I'm certain he'll be here to watch me often as well."

"Just watch? I don't think I could stand back and watch something of mine in that way.'"
That lone nail travels the length of her abdomen to gently touch her lower lip.

"Well I'd be workin' so it's not really like he can do more than watch, right?" That trailing finger of his earned a shiver and a soft rumbly sound. His finger found her lower lip just as it was curling with a grin. "I'm certain after my shift I won't be able to get home before he's takin' all that watchin' and and not doin' out on me." Not that it sounded like she minded that.

"Some of the...guests can get rather hands-on with the girls. They choose their own acts..." Pimpy keeps the conversation casual as his hands keeps up the light raking of nails over her skin.

That earns Pimpy a wide eyed and curious look. "Hands on. How hands on is hands on?"

"Depends on how well you like getting tipped," he answers with a lewd chortle against her back. His nostrils inhales her scent as he breathes against her neck. The hot breath cascades over her skin gradually.

"I see." Awesome. The thought was bitter, and quickly shuffled off to be worried about a different time. Feathery lashes fluttered, before her eyes closed at the warmth of breath at her neck. She smelled of smoke, damp caves, underneath the scent of what was surprisingly expensive perfume.

The man's voice continues its hypnotic drone while he leans into her more. "I'm glad. See, we're all one big family here. No secrets, no drama...just parts to play and customers to satisfy..." Pimpy trails off as if uttering a command word, knowing Ascend is working its magic.

He pressed against her more, and briefly, the urge to flee surfaced, only to be dragged back down to the back of her mind by the drugs in her system, and the breath still across the back of her neck with every word he uttered. "That's a good way to run a business. Secrets and drama cause stress, stress is bad and leads to high tensions. Which can be bad fer the customers." She pauses, and twists so she can peer up at him. "What is my part?"

"Your part is easy..." he murmurs in response and laces fingers into her hair so that his fingernails scrape along her scalp, to set the nerves alight. "Enjoy yourself and go with the flow...." His breath drifts along her neck once more with a hand coming to rest on her thigh.

"It is?" Questioned softly, before his fingers found her hair, and nails her scalp. There's a shiver, a low rumble of a purr in the back of her throat, while she eased back and relaxed against him. "That seems like an easy enough job."

As she leans back against him, Pimpy shifts for her to settle more centrally into his lap and whispers, "Dance for me...." His legs rested on either side of her thighs.

Dance for me....

Such soft words, a little encouragement, it was all she needed before she lost nearly all her inhibitions. They were carried off quickly by the mixture of pot and ascend humming through her bloodstream. She lost herself to the hammering beat of her heart, Pimpy’s groping wandering hands, which only encouraged the rocking sway of hips that danced in time with the tempo of the faint music she heard from outside of the room. She lost herself in the flood of sensations that washed over her from breath, hot on her neck, wandering hands and insistent mouths.

She was falling. Spiraling out of control down into the rabbit hole of a world that made her everything she was today, and everything unpleasant in life that she wanted to run from…. She could only hope that she would manage to claw her way back out again.
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February 7th - Wednesday - Sometime After Midnight

Coming down from anything always sucked…. But coming down after one had been a willing participant in being used like a tissue, and discarded afterwards only made coming down that much worse. The fae had been turned loose to her own devices on the tail end of her high brought on by her own reluctant imbibement. She had toddled her way along the cobbles in those precarious highheels, before she rounded a corner, then despite the cold pried her feet out of those stupid heels. Barefoot, her walking continued. She didn’t call for a cab to come and rescue her away home, she didn’t have the effort, or the will to deal with another sweaty onion smelling cab driver.

For the longest part of her walk, her mind drifted, floating along on the rest of the high, and not dwelling on exactly just what had transpired earlier in the evening. And then, she reached the fringe of the marketplace, and suddenly, everything just crashed. All the exhaustion she had felt in the past day came up to swallow her whole. She wanted to act like the past few hours had been nothing much more than a dream. Sadly, the crash and burn had absolutely no intentions of letting her do that. The memories of the past few hours came back with the force of hurricane winds. It had been relatively at first, but them Pimpy had demanded that she imbibed…. And then it all snowballed out of control. Everything always seemed to be out of her control.

Once again she had been nothing but a plaything for the whimsy of a man in a perceived position of power. Used. Abused. Drugged and manipulated. Her bare feet had well gone numb by now, dragging her along in a path she wasn’t quite paying attention to. Mindless, lost. Her brain was everywhere at once, but nowhere in the same. The streets were surrealy abandoned. Somewhere an unfeeling foot met a uneven cobble, and the combination sent her ankle rolling out on her. Her form went sprawling, and her attempt to catch herself failed miserable, considering the fact that her hands were full of stupid stripper heels.

She couldn’t even walk herself home without screwing it up in some way. Defeated, she laid still where she had fallen.



Nothing better than a pretty little doll, used when others deemed fit.



Anxiety, guilt and Post Traumatic Stress, were absolutely nasty monsters. Ones that weaved their ways into her body. Guilt settled in her stomach, heavy like a rock in a churning sea, anxiety tightened a fist around her heart, making it beat harder like it was desperately trying to escape, and smothered her lungs, making it difficult to breathe, and post traumatic stress…. Well that crawled that way into her brain and wreaked havoc on her emotions. It’s funny how something as simple as ending up on the ground when vulnerable enough, is just what’s needed in mind to tip the scales. There, in the middle of an abandoned street, just into the early morning hours, a sob broke free. Then another, and another. They became relentless, breathless, broken.

She lost track of the tears that came and went, lost count of the hurried forms that rushed past, ignoring her, lost track of how much time was swallowed up as she came unglued. She sobbed until her eyes were dry and devoid of any tears left to shed, until her voice was hoarse and crackly, barely there. Silent, empty, she sat there for the longest time feeling nothing. Then slowly, it was replaced by a low boiling anger.

Tired, tired. Exhausted. And angry. She was so tired of men walking all over her, thinking that they owned her, or were entitled to a touch because she had a pretty face and they had some kind of right in their mind. If it hadn’t been for a certain curly haired man, she probably would have waved a white flag by now, and assume that they were all the same. Maybe it would be easier that way. Thought of Freddy had the memories of the past few hours burning her guilt even brighter. They had no label for whatever it was between the two of them, but it still didn’t chase that fact away. With a frustrated growl, low in the back of her throat, she flung one of the two heels. The sound of shattering glass of a shop window drew her abyssal gaze.

Satisfying. There was something incredibly satisfying about it. The alarm that wailed on the other hand, was not. Something about it seemed to snap her back to the present reality, and after a considering glance, the second shoe was sent sailing for another shop window. More shattering glass, followed by a shriller, wailing alarm. Somewhere… off in the distance came the wail of sirens, and for a moment, she looked torn, then spun into motion. Onto her feet. Run. Running was a good thing, as ending up in a jail cell would not bode well. Cold numb feet, thankfully did not fight her in this, and she was gone, well far enough away by the time anyone showed up on the scene.

The rest of her night would not be spent sleeping like she wished, but showering in water so hot it left her skin red, and scrubbing so vigorous that it was left raw. An attempt at sleep after was met with nightmares, which led to lots of pacing and the lovely habit of trying to drown her brain out in booze, lest it get so loud that she couldn’t function.

It’s often that the question of what the everloving hell she was doing came to mind more times than she could count as the morning made itself known.
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February 12th - Monday - Late Morning

Roni had up and disappeared on Sunday. Not a word to anyone on where she was going, but after the week she had so far, who could blame her? A short respite, away from everything in the comfort of her best friend's home. And she arrived back in Rhy'din early this morning. She took her time to fall apart, and put herself back together. Then she took a little more time and a cold washcloth to chase away the puffy redness from her face. Once she was more put together, she gathered herself, and set out to find something for breakfast.... Which ended with her sprawled in her desk chair at the Agency, box of donuts on her desk, along with notes she was chewing over and over in her head. Finally, she huffed a sigh, dug out her phone and shot out a text or three to a certain curly haired person.

Text to Freddy: hey we gotta compare notes eventually
Text to Freddy: meet me at the agency? i have donuts
Text to Freddy: i vote you grab the coffee on the way

It was a surprisingly short time from when Roni sent the text, to when there was a knock on the agency's door. Probably a goofy thing to do since it was a place of business, but he did it anyway. Immediately opening the door, strolling in with a small paper sack and a little tray with two insulated paper cups balanced in one hand. "You know, Slim. When great minds go at it, they really go at it. Sorry for the stalking...well, not really...but I noticed when you got back into town this morning and figured you could do with the right kind of harassment to brighten your day." Eyeing the fae sprawled in her chair and coming to the conclusion that he was most certainly right in his assumption.

That was indeed a surprisingly short time before there was a knock on the door, and her attention ticked that way... Then Freddy made his way in. Almost immediately, there was a tug of a smile stretching across her features that was only fueled by the words that came with his arrival. "See. I think yer like the only person that I don't mind stalkin' me. Ya do it for good reasons." This is mused as she shifted and pulled herself out of her sprawl and to her feet. Siobhan had stalked her for good reasons too. Maybe it was just a theme that fell among the important people in her life. "And I'm okay with the right kinda harassment." This is mused as she made Grabby hands his way. Hard to tell exactly what they're for.

"Someone has to keep your best interests in mind. You do such a piss poor job of it yourself." Grinning as he held the arm with the food and coffee away from her. "Nuh uh. For sneaking away without a heads up and causing me no end of worry, as well as for the yummies I bring...you need to show your gratitude in an appropriate manner. Hugs and smooches, then coffee and breakfast sandwiches."

"Hey. I try to, for the most part. It's not my fault they get ignored sometimes." This is mused in response. There was a squint that followed him holding the delicious goodies away from her, along with a brief pout. "I didn't mean to worry you, if that helps." Softly spoken, as she is scooting in close so that she could wrap him up in a hug. "And I missed you." Her head tilted back a touch, before she leaned up to give him kisses as well. Was such a small price to pay. And it was Freddy. Like she'd even be bothered by it.

Smiling into the kisses, a sure sign that all was forgiven. A light pat on her backside as he lowered his arm with the goodies. "Good. If you missed me, that means you weren't replaced by a pod person. Come on. Let's get something more substantial than cigarette smoke and your homemade brown sludge into you. I got you a mocha. Figured it would make your sweet tooth happy." One arm wrapped about her waist, he lead her back towards the desk so he could set everything down. "There are four sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches in the bag. Eat as many as you like. I had one before coming over." He knew she could pack it away like an empty landfill, so he came prepared.

Smiling was a good sign. She took that as all was forgiven. "No, no. I was not replaced by the pod people. I just needed to see my best friend. Past week's been rough, plus Nick needed somethin’ he wanted to give Siobhan for Valentine's day. And it's not brown sludge. I know how to brew an okay pot of coffee. But Mocha should be a good change." She... really did not know how to make coffee. But she made it, which meant by all means, she was going to drink it, and half heartedly defend it. "Are they from that little place on the corner, not too far from here?" This is asked as her attention dropped down to the bag of food he set down once they reached her desk. Without trying to break away from the arm wrapped around her, she reached for the bag first, and pulled out one of the sandwiches.

There was a non-committal sound at her claim of being able to brew coffee. It was a mostly harmless delusion, so let her have it. "Glad to see you back in one piece. Makes me nervous when you head out that way without me." He didn't clarify why, though he was sure she already knew. "The food's from a little place on a corner not far from here. Whether it's the same one you're talking about, I have no clue. It passed my quality test, though, so you're good." It seemed she wanted to stay joined at the hip for a while longer. He happily obliged her.

She seemed to accept it as agreement, because she didn't press it or give him a strange look in turn. He didn't have to clarify why, as she knew exactly why. She kept the insistence that she'd be fine with Siobhan quiet, because he didn't need it. Sometimes the people who care worry even with reassurances. "It probably is the same place. It smells like it." She finished unwrapping the first sandwich and took a healthy bite, and chewed. "Tastes like it." This comes after she swallowed. Another moment of standing tucked up beside him lingered, before reluctantly she pulled away, and dropped back down in her chair. "So. Did ya hear anythin’ that may have been useful Friday?" This is asked with a quiet little light in her eyes. If he hadn't, she most definitely had.

"You mean did Eddie pick up any tidbits while skeeving around with the drunken pervs and small-talking the scantily clad waitresses?" His distaste mingled with a touch of amusement at the whole situation. "Surprisingly enough, most guys aren't eager to get into a conversation when they're busy fantasizing about a woman on stage grinding a pole. While the waitresses like to steer the conversation back to empty flattery to pad their tips." Shaking his head, pulling another chair over to sit next to Roni. "There wasn't anything that would help us track down our missing girl. I didn't spot anything obvious that would point the finger at Mr. McPimperson." Aside from a few impressive performances, his end of things had been a bust.

"Yeah, Eddie." This is mused simply, before she snorts. "Mmmh. Sounds like most places like that. Servers and the like at Zagan's den were trained the same way. Keep conversation light, fun, and unless expressly voiced, the drinks still comin'. There's psychology behind it all." She paused to shove a couple more bites of her first sandwich into her mouth, and washed it down with a swig of mocha. "Alright. Ya didn't spot anythin'. I suppose bein' just a 'nother girl who's been raked into the trap of dancin' has benefits...." She paused for dramatic effect and grinned. " 'pparently, Pimpy's found himself somethin' of a new favorite. From what I hear, she's a pretty little young thing. So... I have a very good feeling that, yes, we are barking up the right tree, and yes, once we have 'er to safety someone's gonna be receivin' the brunt of lots and lots of misdirected anger." Because.. well why else would the child be his favorite?

Sipping at his own coffee as he listened to Roni's information. "Raked into the trap of dancing. The guy gives reputable strip joints a bad name." A wry smirk curling his lips. "Did you happen to pick up any details about his pretty little young thing? Would be nice if we could move on to the extraction phase, followed by the sound pummeling of a creepy pedophile. And to get you out from under his questionable gaze. He's too off to be safe company for any length of time."

"That... That he does. As much as I dislike saying it, Zagan was a sleaze, but he was a respectable sleaze. Pimpy, the only respectable thing about him is that he'll help his girls out if they need it. But there's always a price." Scoffed. She had learned lots on the Friday, Saturday night combo she had been slated to dance for. And for the most part, the girls were all for letting her know what she was getting into. "I got a couple. He absolutely dotes on her. And his bodyguards, Ya met 'em when we met with Pimy 'fore I danced. Mickey and Rourke. They get sent on a lot of errands. I guarantee a lot of theses errands involve direct helping with the girl. So..." She gave him a pointed look. He was really good at the following and not being seen or noticed thing. So he made a good candidate for that job.

Tapping the side of his nose. "Message received. I'll get on Hunky and Dory tonight. See if they lead me anyplace interesting. If it turns out the girl is at one of their stops, I'll get a lay of the land. See what kind of dangers we're dealing with. Then call you with the details. We'll come up with a plan of attack for getting her out safely, rather than me charging in and gutting whoever seems like they'd rather have the girl stay where she is." If he'd been handling this one solo, that's probably exactly what he would have done. But seeing as he wasn't headlining this show, he'd let Roni call the shots.

"Good, good. Make sure ya take detailed notes. And that is probably the better of the ideas, yeah? Easy as it would be to charge in and be reckless, getting the girl out safe is first priority. So plannin’ helps with that." She nodded. And truth be told, maybe it was a good thing they both were working on the whole thing together, because it made thinking happen before action did. She figured it would help them both survive it in mostly one piece.

"Ins and outs. Head counts. Defenses. The whole nine yards. Don't worry. This kind of thing is old hat." It didn't seem to bother him too much that he was falling back into former work habits. Though that could very well be because it was in the service of a good cause. "Though if he has any little magical surprises waiting for us, I hope you have a good way to take care of them. My way can end up a little messy, if not downright painful. Quite often for me." Though his magical warping talent could also have violent consequences for innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders alike.

Sometimes she forgets that Freddy probably had more experience with stuff like that than she did. His list of things that he would keep a look out and make notes of, reminded her that such was the case. "Good deal." There's a pause, before she crammed the last couple bites of her first sandwich into her mouth, chewed and swallowed. "I uh... I'll figure out the magical part. Somehow. Maybe I can talk to Mist." She puffed out her cheeks briefly. "We'll keep the need for messy and painful on the down-low." A faint smile curled her lips, before she stretched and leaned so that she could catch his face with her hands, and pull him closer for a kiss. "Yer the best."

He lingered on the kiss, then drew back slightly, grinning. "Mmmm. You taste like breakfast." Dropping a quick wink at her. "And, yes, let's try to avoid messy and painful as much as possible. For us, anyway. My last desperate attempt at trying to circumvent magic left me broken more than I would have cared for." And in the hands of the last person he would have wanted as his savior. "Hence the emphasis on actual planning."

"Breakfast is always a good thing to taste like. Specially if it's good food." This is mused as she released his face and pulled back . "Though it'd be a terrible thing if ya decided that ya wanted to eat me." There's heavy sarcasm and mischief in those words. "And yeah. I can definitely understand that. Last time we didn't really have a plan, Siobhan and I both got our asses shot, soooo, completely understand."

"A terrible thing? Really?" There was a look of confusion on his face. "You seemed pretty thrilled about the prospect last time." His expression shifting into another grin. "Guess I'll have to figure out some other ways to keep you smiling." Draining more of his coffee. "The last thing we want is for anything to happen to your ass. I like it just the way it is."

"Mmmh. Absolutely terrible. Especially if you do a good job." She smirked at him, and wiggled just a touch. "And yes. Yer ass too. I like it just the way it is as well. So I suppose smart thinkin’ and plannin’ is mostly definitely a must." Mused. Though, by the look on her face, her thoughts were rather quickly straying from the prospect of work at thiiiis exact moment.

He knew that look and it was quite impossible for him to resist taking full advantage of what it implied. "So, now that we have our next course of action set and you've revitalized on some food and actual good coffee...what else can I do to keep you from being a sour puss?" A little quirk of an eyebrow.

"Oh. Well. Hmmm." Like she actually had to think of such a response, before she was shifting a little more in her chair. "There's lotsa things you could do. Though I do believe the first of 'em starts with lockin' the door, and puttin' up the Will return sign."

Abyssal hues watched as he moved to do just that. There’s nothing she can do to help the smirk that finds the curve of her lips.
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February 14th - Wednesday - Late Afternoon

He found himself spending an unusual amount of time at Fallen Cross. It was starting to feel like a 9 to 5 gig, which was not something he was used to. Not that he was really punching the clock when he dropped by the office. More like he was filling the role of Roni's comfort animal. He wasn't complaining about that. But Landrey seemed like she might actually be getting jealous of the amount of time he spent with the fae. It wasn't a romantic sort of jealousy. That would have been too weird to contemplate. They'd just relied solely on each other for so long, Landrey was starting to feel left alone. And she'd asked him not to tell Roni about her. Yet. That realm of paranoia Landrey lived in was tough to escape. He'd have to sort all that out later. Right now he was on his way up the stairs and through the door to see how plans were going for their undercover jaunt. "You here, Slim? I hope so, because the door was unlocked."

"Eh?" The fae glanced up from the spread of papers across her desk, and abyssal hues shifted towards Freddy as he came in through the door. For the most part it looks like she did go home last night, so there's that. "Yeah, M'here. Almost always am." She flashed a grin, before she plucked up a half eaten donut and took a bite of that. As she chewed, she dropped it back down on it's napkin. "What's up?" Even as she spoke, she moved to her feet, and was scooting his direction so that she could give him a proper greeting.

There was clothing bag hanging behind his shoulder, the fingers of one hand hooked through the hanger. His other arm wrapped around her when she came over to say hello. "Just wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row before we embarked on this little adventure. Go over any last minute preparations. See if your nerves are in needed of an unjangling."

There was a brief flicker of confusion that found her features, before her brain actually made the connections."That's right. The party thing tonight." There's a pause, and a huff of breath. She didn't exactly want to go, but they could not pass up a chance to actually be at one of his residencies. "I still gotta find a dress that says classy but stripper at the same time. I'm certain I have one. And there might be nerves. Just a little." She paused as she came to stand in front of him. She stretched out to wrap him up in a hug, and follow with a kiss. "I want this whole stupid thing done and over with."

Meeting her eyes after the kiss. "You and me both. All I hear is a ticking clock the longer this goes on. Poor kid. Can't imagine the stuff she must be going through. Hell, I can't imagine the stuff you must be going through. Particularly because you've been pretty tight lipped about what's happened with Mr. Pimpy. You do realize that makes me think the worst, right?"

"Ticking clock. Yeah. Definitely." This is murmured as she met his gaze. Soon enough though, his words have a frown tugging at her features. "It's not the worst." This came quickly, before her teeth caught her lower lip, and her thoughts ticked back to the night she interviewed for the stupid job. "He's a sleaze. Can't keep his hands to himself..." Well, it wasn't exactly a lie, but not the full truth either.

Holding her gaze, studying it as she spoke. "Hm. If grabby hands are as far as he goes, then that would come as a major shock. Considering I watched how he treated his other employees. Things where I could have lived a long, happy life if I hadn't seen them." Leaning in to place a soft kiss on her forehead. "You can tell me, you know. It wouldn't make me think less of you. And my opinion of our sleazeball is already at a severe low. Keeping it bottled up won't help your inner peace."

She wanted to look anywhere but at him at the moment, but he was rather good at keeping her gaze. His words have her worrying at her lower lip more, and she didn't release it from abuse until he pressed a kiss against her forehead. Following, she drew in a deep breath, and whined at him. For making her cope in somewhat normal of a way. "I had no clue what I was gettin' into. I mean, I had a general idea of it. But then he threw drugs into the mix, and it all snowballed from there. Not the whole shebang, but enough to make my skin crawl thinking about it." She snorted. "It was for dirt against Lilly. He's got some kind on everyone else. Lovely Lily participatin' in sexual acts with someone other than her Eddie is good enough to keep 'er quiet, yeah?"

"Yeah. That sounds more like the McPimperson I came to know and loathe." He gave her a squeeze in his free arm. "Listen, Slim. It was only sex. And roofied sex, at that. Don't let it eat you up. You didn't do anything wrong. In fact, you put yourself through a wringer in order to help someone else. I'm proud of you. That took giant cajones."

"I know I didn't... It still...nnnh." She caught her tongue with her teeth, "I like it better when it's my choice. So it'll just fuel the rage, and give me all the more reason to not leave him breathing after the girl is safe. Everything that happens is worth it when she's safe." There's a touch of surprise that found her features when Freddy announced that he was proud of her. In the very least, it was not the reaction she had been expecting to any of that. "You...." There's a pause, and a twist of a smile on her lips, before she leaned for another kiss. "Are really good at reminding me why I like you so much."

There was a snort at her last comment. "As if you need reminding. I know between your duties of saving the downtrodden and drinking away the world, you spend your free time fantasizing about me." A quick wink her way. "In all seriousness. Use it to fuel your rage. It was a *** thing for him to do. Don't let it make you feel less, though. He's the puss seeping anal wart of society that feels the need to dope or intimidate girls into doing what he wants. And you weren't some witless victim to his crime. It's the dirty deeds that need doing in order to play the long game. If I shared stories of some of the things I've done, a little stoned out kinkiness would seem like a day at the zoo." He finally released her then so he could find a place to hang up his clothing bag.

"I do not." She looked playfully offended. "At least not all the time." She stuck her tongue out at him, and took a step back as he untangled from her. There was a coat Rack over by the door that would work fine to hang it from. There's a moment, where she can't help the short bark of laughter that escapes. It was such a colorful description for Pimpy. One that was completely valid, and painted a vivid picture. "No, I wasn't. And in the end it's gonna be satisfying to bring him down." But that also brought up the problem of all the girls. All they would do is run off to the same types of jobs, because it was all most of them knew.

"Darn tootin' it's going to be satisfying." Setting the hanger on the coat rack, then heading back over to Roni. "We'll be like a couple of underpaid avenging angels. Inspiring lust and gratitude among all those whose heads we're not there to crack." He had no illusions that the girls he employed wouldn't scatter to different, yet similar, jobs. The upside was, whoever they ended up working for would mostly likely be an improvement.

"Super satisfying. Almost as much as Zagan will be, I imagine." Yes... There was definitely a long fluttery sigh at the thought. His death was one she'd savor like no other. "Couple of underpaid Avenging angels. I kinda like that image. Too bad I do not have anything in the wing department." There's a snicker. "M'no tinkerbell."

He pulled Roni into a more inviting embrace, grinning at her. "I'm saving the really gruesome stuff for old Zagnut." Capturing her mouth with a passionate kiss, though only briefly. "And who wants Tinkerbell? I much prefer a naughty little fairy who could make a sailor blush. Though you'd look pretty good in that tiny little dress of hers."

"Good, good. All honestly, I think he's the only person who's blood I'll take great pleasure in being covered in." Well. That was dark, wasn't it. And said with a super cheery smile, that was soon chased away by that brief, but passionate kiss. "Mmh. I could always dress up as a naughty Tinkerbell. You can be my Peter Pan."

If he was disturbed by her apparent blood lust, it didn't register on his face. Instead, his eyes were giving her once over as he pictured her in a version of the skimpy green dress. With Roni, it'd probably be black. "We'd have to tie ourselves down to avoid floating away with all the happy thoughts we'd be making."

It would most definitely be black. He knew her well. "You are most definitely right. But that's not a bad thing, is it? What's a little rope burn." Teased with a touch of a smirk on her face. Then she reached up to tap his nose. "By the way... I uh..I got somethin' for ya. Nothin' really much, but." She paused, and leaned to snag a small box from a desk drawer, before she held it out for him.

Giving her and the box a look of curiosity. "A present? And it's not even my birthday." Grinning again as he opened the box to find the bracelet inside. "Cool." Slipping it onto his wrist, checking out the little bangles, one of them a camera, another with the initial F. "Thanks, Slim. And here all I've given you was frequent orgasms." A little chuckle as he looked up at her again.

"Yeah, well I found it and it made me think of you and yeah." There's a flustered blush that finds her cheeks briefly. "Happy Valentines Day or whatever." That's how you did stuff like this, right? She sure hopes so, because she has absolutely no idea. "And Frequent orgasms are a good thing. It truly doesn't take much to make me happy."

Another kiss, this one more tender than the last, before he pulls away to smile at Roni. "I always thought it was a pretty cheesy holiday. But happy Valentine's Day."

There’s a brilliant smile that flickers across her face at his response. "It is a bit cheesy, but I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else right now." She looked like she planned on saying something, then stopped herself and shook her head. Whatever it was in her head was stupid. Or at least she thought so.

“I’m gonna go shower, and get dressed. I’d invite you, but I’d like to be quick.” This was mused with a smirk, and a kiss to his cheek. The agency had been Nick’s apartment as well. So there was definitely a place to shower. Before he could say anything else, she was on her feet, and grabbing her bag of stuff. Then she was gone and in the bathroom. She had a party to get ready for.
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February 14th - Wednesday - Early Evening

The thing about a McPimperson party is ...there's no party like a McPimperson party. Thugs can be seen hanging out at both ends of the block where the party has spilled out into the street at the front of the house. Girls, krunk, and music flow in excess. Everyone wanting a piece of the pie. A DJ works her turntable on the porch to keep the lawn party raving while a different party rages inside.

The house isn't anything particularly amazing to behold. A three story Victorian that's seen better days. The interior has been redecorated to accommodate the party. All of the furniture removed to make the entry hall one large dance floor where lights flash and dance along the walls. The second DJ stands at the top of the double stairs to look over the raving crowd where drugs flow as freely as the booze.

Roni herself could feel the pulse and thrum of the energy of the party way before the taxi even rolled around the corner, and then came to a stop where the crowds of people diminished. She shifted and leaned to peer at throngs of people even on the streets. This party was huge Not unlike some of the ones Zagan had thrown. There's a touch of a whine in the back of her throat, as her hands smoothed the mid-thigh ruffles of the black hi-lo dress she wore. Couple seconds later, those abyssal hues shifted towards Freddy, who took up the back seat with her. "You ready, Eddie?" Because she wasn't. Good thing her will power was stronger. Meanwhile, she's digging in her wallet to pull out enough cash to pay for the taxi and a tip.

There was a wide smirk on his lips as they drove through the scene. "Someone definitely wants to make sure people know his name, huh?" Eyeing the crowd, most of whom seemed to be in one chemical haze or another. "Of course, I doubt many of these guests are going to remember much of what happens tonight." He was passing over the fare and tip to their driver before looking over to Roni. "Ready to rock 'n' roll, Lil. A shame we're here on business. This looks exactly like the type of event I'd enjoy on my own time." Getting out of the cab, he walked around to Roni's door, opening it and holding out a hand to help her up.

"Men like Pimpy enjoy that." There's a roll of her shoulders. Her words were nice, because you could never know what someone might hear. She squinted his way when he handed over the tip, and simply shoved her wallet back in her purse. "And I agree. They probably won't. It is a shame it's business. Cuz I could use a night of fun like this. Just someplace.... with less sleaze balls." She made sure she wasn't leaving anything, before her attention turned back to Freddy. She caught his hand, and slid out to stand on black heels that resembled vertebrae. She teetered a moment, then steadied herself, before grumbling something about stupid high heels.

"They're working their magic on your butt, though. So don't be too mad at them." Dropping her a quick wink, then tucking her arm to start leading her through the throng towards to house. "My dear, it was quite an honor for your boss to invite us to this...extravagant gala. I do hope we get the chance for you to introduce him to me." His voice taking on the air of one who has a trust fund and never needed to fend for himself a day in his life.

A white-haired woman staggers by them. She's lost her top somewhere but doesn't appear to care as she tosses a necklace of beads around Roni and her arm-candy's necks. "Happy Singles Awareness day!"

"Are they? I guess you are right. Can't be too mad then, ri-" She was cut off mid-word by the sudden appearance of a topless lady... And beads around her neck. At least the view was something to enjoy. She blinked twice, while her eyes followed the woman. "Uh. Yeah! Happy singles awareness day!" A smile stretched across her face, before her attention turned down to the necklace. Looked like the candy ones. She's not sure if she should trust it. Her attention shifted back to Freddy. "Oh, I do hope so as well. He really is a good boss." She can't help the eyeroll that doesn't match the cheerful tone of her voice.

His eyes matched the course Roni's took, watching the woman stagger along her way to spread good cheer. "It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves." There was no way he was going to trust the candy necklace now looped around his neck. Too much risk of losing the necessary clear head for tonight's objective. "Was that one of your co-workers?" Turning back towards Roni. He was in character from this point on, until being in character was no longer useful.

"I am not exactly certain. She might be! All of us girls were invited to come." There's a slight bounce in her step. And Roni left the necklace alone as well. Freddy wasn't the only one that didn't trust the necklace or what it was made of. "I vote we go find drinks." Something bottled, definitely. Plus it was a good excuse to get further into the throngs and be nosy.

All my friends are dead, push me to the edge is looped into the chorus track of the pulsing techno beat sending the crowd to a frenzy. A few quick enquiries lead to a haphazardly built bar made out of tiered tables and wells of ice. The collection of beverages is wide from domestic brands and imports of all flavors to get you high today.

Glancing at the somewhat ramshackle-looking set-up. Taking in the variety of drinks being offered. "Mr. McPimperson does not spare any expense, does he?" Smiling brightly as he lifted two of the pre-filled glasses of champagne, handing one to Roni. Leaning in close as if to nibble at her ear, getting into the spirit of things. Instead whispering to her. "Don't drink it. Or anything else. It's just for show. We need our wits about us, while trying not to look like we have any." Even as he spoke, his eyes were scanning the grounds. Doubting they'd spot anything worthwhile until they were inside, but it always paid to know the lay of the land in case a hasty retreat was called for.

"He truly does not. A man of good tastes as well." Mused, as she reached up to take the offered champagne. He leaned and whispered, and there was a faint shiver that ran through her. Once he finished whispering, she shifted and giggled, then bumped his shoulder with a hand. "Behave now, Eddie. I'm certain there's plenty of time to go sneak off and act like teenagers later." This is mused playfully, but the look on her face says that she heard him loud and clear.

Most were imbibing of the recreational party favors being offered. All except the security staff that is staying close to the perimeters to keep an eye on things. A thug stands by the steps leading into the house with two more by the door. There's one at each end of the block and one by each corner of the front of the house.

Taking mental snapshots of the guard positions that he could identify. Ugh. If things went sideways, that would be a lot of killing. Necessary killing, if he were going to get Roni and the girl out of here. Part of him wished this was just a nice, easy assassination job. His arm looped Roni's and he started towards the front door, grinning and chuckling at her as they weaved through the crowd. "Let's see how the shenanigans inside measure up to the outdoor party, hmm? Maybe we could even find ourselves a private little corner to do that teenager thing."

She left Freddy to taking note of guards and things that could cause snags later. He had better experience in that, than she did anyways. She on the other hand, kept an eye on those nearby and around them, Arms looped together once more, a nod followed his words. "Mmh, yes. I like this idea. I'm certain we can find somewhere to be teenagers." This is mused as they started meandering through the crowd and towards the door inside.
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The beat inside the house picks up its tempo to a dizzying trance. Helps that the person in charge of the music is the same one throwing psychedelic drugs out like a perpetual pez dispenser. At first there isn't a sign of Pimpy or his inner circle until his right and left hands come out of a room near the second floor landing and make their descent. Each one stuffing something into an inner coat pocket.

The intense noise, dazed crowd, and disorienting lights make it difficult to focus as they make their way into Pimpy's McMansion. His arm tightens around Roni's as they find themselves trying to elbow further into the room, while doing their best not to spill the prop drinks. There may have been one or two people who received small splashes, but it didn't seem like they noticed. Finally he spotted the two muscle-men coming down the stairs. Giving Roni a little nudge to make sure she was aware of them, too. Leaning in close so she could hear him over the music, though he still wound up needing to yell. "Should we follow them, or check out the room they were just in?"

Loud music felt comforting, at least just a touch. Reminded her of the time her and Siobhan had spent just running and exploring before they ended up in Rhy'din. There had been lots of clubs. Roni had spotted them, and the room they came ambling out of. She was watching them when Freddy nudged her. There was a curious look his way, before she was nodding. "Come on. I bet there's rooms up stairs we can hideaway in to act like teenagers." Her response was shouted over the noise, before she's trying to lead the navigating in heading for the stairs.

It took some time to navigate through the crowd. Partly because the room was so tightly packed, but also because practically everyone wanted to be friendly and share with them just how happy they were to be there. In order to avoid drawing any unwanted attention, they had to be just as boisterous in return. So while discovering dozens of new buddies, they were able to make their way to the stairs, shouldering bodies out of their way in the most cordial way possible.

It was tiring, pretending to be thrilled with everyone around her. It's been a long while since she's had to act so hard. So there was just a touch of relief when they made it to the steps. Even still, she made sure to keep a tight grip on Freddy, mainly because she was less than inclined to get separated from him. She only saw that not ending well. So for now, tight grasp, and steps that start up the stairs. She's certain the room will give them just a touch of a breather from the press of bodies. It's a comforting thought.

Even Freddy's good humor was being taxed to its limit, since he was more concerned with getting this infiltration over with. So when they were finally able to get into the room, offering lascivious hints to the curious as to what they were going to be doing in there, he leaned back against the door with a sigh. "I know we're irresistible to the masses, but that was bordering on ridiculous." He offered Roni a little smirk as he pushed off the door after making sure the lock was engaged. It would at least provide them a few seconds of warning that someone was about to walk in on them. Hopefully.

There was definitely a sigh of utter relief as they finally escaped the throngs, and into the room. "I guess on the way out I should charm down the glamour or something." Because that might have something to do with it. "Downright Ridiculous." She nodded, before her attention shifted over the room. It looked like a lounge type gameroom. Lots of plush places to sit, a coffee table with a collection of random stuff on it. Game systems, and a large flat screen seemed to be the main focus. Currently, there was a Dance Dance Revolution mat rolled out on the floor, and the game was paused right in the middle of 'Barbie Girl' By Aqua. She can't help but snort.

His gaze swept the room, pausing on the TV screen. "Huh. And here I wouldn't have guessed Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber had rhythm. They may be more formidable than I gave them credit for." The fact that the place looked like a rec room didn't fill him with hope that they were going to find much. But maybe they'd get lucky. He headed for the coffee table to sort through the hodgepodge that was there.

"I feel like I really shouldn't be surprised by this development. I can't hate them too much. They're like the only men that don't sleaze all over me at work." There's a snicker of a sound, before she stepped along to inspect one of the few bookshelves while Freddy invaded the coffee table. There was an assortment of half eaten snacks, and half-finished drinks, papers, things that looked like notes that could possibly be useful... and there's a leather bound book as well. It looks like it might be promising.... or it might be someone's diary.

Taking the papers, notes, and the book. Carrying them over to a sofa so he can give them a closer going-over. Maybe they were the type who needed to write reminders to themselves. The secret lair of kidnapped girls is in a basement of an innocuous barber shop. Key is under the ceramic frog. Man, what he wouldn't give for an easy break once in a while.

Her attention shifted over towards Freddy when he moved from the table with the rustle of papers. "You find something?" This was asked as she shifted, and started taking a couple steps towards him.

He sat carefully, shuffling through the materials. "Not sure yet. Maybe. Take a look through this." He held the book out to her. "I'll see if the loose stuff has anything useful." Referring to the papers and notes.

"Maybe we;ll be lucky and it'll have like everything we need to know." This is mused simply, before she took the book, and dropped down onto the couch besides him "I mean. I can always dream, right?" This is mused, before she flicked the book open and started looking.

"At this point, dreams are the only thing we have to go on." A touch of a frown as he keeps flipping through the sheets. One seems to be keeping a tally of game scores. These guys are pretty serious about their Dance Dance Revolution.

"I suppose it's a good thing that I am one hell of a dream dancer. I navigate them well." This is mused simply, before she paused on a page. Then read some more stuff. "This has the possibility of being useful. I think."

A huff of a chuckle. "You've certainly danced through mine well enough. Even if they do usually happen while I'm still awake." He sets the papers aside, having found nothing of value in them. Scraps of meaningless information. Leaning to peer over Roni's shoulder at the book. "What ya got?"

Oh, there was a touch of a smirk that pulled at her features when he voiced the first bit. "I certainly try. Good to know that I'm doing a good job." This is mused. "It looks like records and things that could be useful." She shifted the book so that he could peer at it easier.

The book looks like a basic ledger of account balances paid and pending. Most are from legitimate businesses but many of the larger sums are listed as charitable donations., disaster relief, and asset protection.

"I think at the very least, the book could be used for leverage or blackmail of sorts. Maybe. I can be creative. Plus there still might be a paper trail in here. 'least I should do is drag it home with me." This was spoke after a moment of flipping through the book, before her attention came to find Freddy again.

He made a non-committal noise at her suggestion. Leaving the ledger in her possession gladly. "It's worth a shot. Doesn't look like we're going to have much more luck in here, at any rate. Should we try to make our way to another part of the house?" He stood up, offering a hand to help her off the couch.

The door rattles a second or two before opening. "Don't even think about trying to up your score asshole." Rourke's voice follows Mickey's entrance. The hired make stops in his tracks and stares...

"We most definitely could look other places. There's gotta be something worthwhile here." She gave a heavy sigh, and shut the ledger quick and firm, with a light snap of a sound. Her free hand reached out to take his offered hand. "That just means we gotta go and do that thing that involves pretending to actually be have a good time, when all I'd rather do-" She stopped mid-sentence and froze at the sound of the door rattling then swinging open. She froze. Looked like a deer caught in the headlights. This wasn't good. Not one bit.

Instantly, a sheepish grin leapt onto his face. "Hello, gents. You, um...caught us in a rather delicate situation. Luckily I haven't had a chance to get my fiance's dress in a more scandalous state." Giving the two meat mountains a wink. "We didn't realize the rumpus room was going to get any visitors."

Even before Freddy finished talking, Mickey is reaching into the inner breast of his jacket. A pistol glints ominously as it's removed.

There's a touch of her own sheepish look. "This was the first empty room we found, yeah?" This is mused, before she followed Freddy's lead, and giggled, before her step swayed a little and she stumbled and leaned up against him. In that same motion the ledger she had been holding was casually dropped down into her purse. "Is this the wrong room? We can leave, guys." Her eyes widened a touch at the glint of gunmetal, and almost immediately her fingers itch to go for her own gun.

"Whoa there!" One arm goes protectively around Roni's waist, the other raising into the air in a gesture of surrender. "No need for that. We'll find a different room. Didn't mean to intrude." Of course they'd be the type to just whip out guns at the drop of a hat. While his face showed the appropriate expression of fear, he was judging the distance between him and the thugs, and the quickest way to disarm them without Roni taking any hits.

"Who the *** in there?" Rourke asks, his head appears behind Mickey. "Is that Lillie?"

"Shut up.." Mickey looks at both of them carefully and puts his gun away. Get the *** out."

Lilly does a good job at hiding the relief that Roni hears at hearing Mickey's words. There's another giggle, and a smacking of wet kisses to Freddy's jaw. "Come on babe. lets go an' find a better room." And then yes. She's nudging at Freddy to get him started for the door. Go. Before they notice anything missing, or things askew.

He starts for the door, ducking his head in a parody of shame. "Right, right. Sorry. We'll get out of your way." Grinning again at the kisses from Roni. He starts leading her to the door. Nudging her with his hip. "You are such a bad influence on me."

Mickey stares them down suspiciously as Rourke tries to see what's going on. The bigger of the two steps aside, allowing reluctant passage.

"Oh I definitely try to be, love." This is mused happily, before more giggles bubbled up out of her. She kept her head down and her attention not on the other two men. So close to freedom! "Enjoy the night guys!" With all the cheerfulness that comes from being drunk.

Chuckling, giving her neck a nuzzle as they pass the two guards on their way out the door. Just keep those guns away and your hands to yourselves, boys. Everyone can keep enjoying the party.

Rourke stays by the door as Mickey steps into the room and closes the door behind him. The thug puts his back to the door and crosses his arms. At least tries to. A shopping bag in his hand prevents that posture. He puts the bag on the floor instead, and focused on his companion.

Roni and Freddy on the other hand? They weaved and schmoozed their way to the front door and out, They were gone in only a matter of minutes, disappearing just as they arrived. In the back of some non-descript taxi cab, making out like teenagers to pass the trip. It hadn’t been the snooping trip they had hoped for, but Roni still had that ledger tucked away in her purse…. And that was something more than nothing. She just hoped there was another lead in there.

All she really wanted to do at this point was find the damned girl, and bust some scumbag heads.
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February 23rd - Friday - Late Evening

The Wankin’ Troglodyte was busy, packed full of people and thumping with the heavy bass of music meant to make one lose themselves…. Including the dancers up on the stage, one of which was the new and ever lovely Lily Clarke. Who was just Roni trying to hunt down a child she wasn’t quite sure she was ever going to locate. At the exact moment, she was up on the stage in a skimpy black lace outfit that was probably not even fit to go swimming in, twirling and dancing in a way that was almost hypnotic. There was a rather decent amount of people crowded around her stage, which was also littered with bills, just like every other dancer working tonight.

She danced with a grace that one would not normally imagine her having, and in a way that was hard to pull the eyes away from…. And at some point while she was up there dancing, there was the ever familiar feeling of wrongness that crept over her form. The one that came when someone spoke her true name. There were only two people that knew it, and one of them she had not seen in a very long time. Her steps faltered, she stumbled, and the people around her were quick to shout complaints. There was a mumbled apology, before she resumed…. Only this time her attention wasn’t on her customers, but further out, searching, looking for the familiar face of the man that fueled most of her nightmares.

Try as she might, she couldn’t locate him, and that had a heart pounding panic fluttering in her chest, and making the rest of her flutter full of nerves. Nerves that only grew in might as her song came to an end, and one of the men meant to escort ladies off for personal dances, among other things came up to her stage, and murmured about how there was someone who wished to see her for a private dance. With a press of lips, and a lingering dread in the pit of her stomach, she nodded, and left her stage to be cleared of tips to be saved for her later. She followed the gentleman quietly as he lead his way back off to the private rooms. It took a moment before he finally stopped at somewhere mid-way down the hallway and gestured to the partially closed door. “In here, Lily.” Simple.

She rolled her eyes as she brushed past him, and pushed the door open to slip inside. She honestly wasn’t surprised to find Zagan seated on the lounge, a pleased smirk sprawled across his features. There was that ever quiet urge for her to turn and run, run, run, but instead, she forced herself to step further into the room, and towards him.

“Ahh. The lovely Lily Clarke. I saw you up there on stage doll, and just had to have a closer look. Come. Come here.”

Her steps slowed when she reached the lounge that he was sprawled out on. She stayed silent, even as she heard the click of the door latching shut.

Zagan shifted, before he patted his lap. “Come doll, and dance for me. It’s been so long since you have. I promise I’ll keep to whatever little game you are playing here, and tip you well.”

“What the **** are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same of you, Ronixi. Or should I call you Lily now?”

There’s a soft irritated growl that rolls out of her, as she shifts and slides her way into the man’s lap, against everything within her that told her to run, and run far. Slow and sensual, she slid her hands up along his chest, and to his neck, which they circled, before she leaned in close. “I swear to god if you blow this cover I’ll just make your death more painful when the time comes, Zagan.” Then, almost belligerent, she rolled her hips and pressed her body close to his. She did have a job she was getting paid for, and she knew if she refused, he would only make her.

Her words, the grasp on his neck, and the way she moved her body against his had his brows arching, before a smirk played along his features with her words. God, the forceful and defiant little creature she had become just made him want to break her all over again. He planned to. He just had a different way of going about it this time. “Oh, Doll. Cover? Are you playing stripper then, as an undercover for one of your snooping jobs?” There’s something dangerous in those bright blue eyes of his, that only sparked brighter at the determined silence that came from her, and the aggressive way she danced against him.

“I suppose that does put me in a position of getting something from you, doesn’t it? Whatever this cover is for, is important to you, isn’t it lovely?” His gravelly voice practically purred the words as his hands came up to catch her hips and rest on them. His touch made her skin crawl, and his words had anxiety clawing at her throat, making it hard to breathe.

“Yes. It’s important.” That was all he needed to know, to know that he could use it to get under her skin. She grit her teeth, and slowly removed her fingers one by one from around his throat. Slow, they traveled along his collar bones and came to rest on his shoulders, while his nails bit into her hips.

“Then we have an understanding, yes, that you will be doing what I tell you what to do, when to do it. I say jump, and you ask me how goddamned high. Or Pimpy and his men will be receiving an anonymous tip, alerting them that their lovely little Lily, is instead a treacherous weed laden with thorns.” As he spoke, a hand left her hip, and came up to grasp at her chin. “Tell me Ronixi, do we have a complete understanding on this?”

His grip hurt, she wanted to grab his hand and smash every bone within it. But she didn’t have the strength to put behind bringing the thought into reality. She drew in a deep breath, and did a piss poor job at keeping the disgust and annoyance from her face, of the way her body rolled and danced against him. “Yes.” She practically growled the word. “Yes, Zagan, we have an understanding. You say, and I obey, and my cover stays in place. Now. What is is that you want from me this time? Me in your bed, begging for you to beat me, with my legs spread wide?”

Her words earned a brief but sharp slap to her cheek. “Enough of that vulgarity, Doll. You never had to beg. I take what I want…. But right now…” There’s a pause, where he leaned forward, nuzzled along her neck, and inhaled deeply. “I simply miss seeing that beautiful face of yours, Lovely. A picture of you, by ten o’clock every morning. You can get dolled up or not. I’ll inform you of the next thing I want from you at a later date, but for now, picture every day. Your cover stays safe, and I stay happy.”

“I’m not doing it to make you happy, just so you know.” There was snark that bled into her words, before she rocked back, to ever so evasively pull herself out of his grasp. Then to keep him from complaining she rolled her hips against him, and pressed her body back up against his.

“Oh, I know Doll. It still doesn’t take away from my own happiness.” Amused was the smile that curled the man’s lips. “Now. Tell me, who is this curly haired Freddy that I see around you so often, always sniffing.” She couldn’t help the brief look of terror that flickered in her eyes when he mentioned the man, which only fueled that dastardly smirk on his features. “I’ve seen the both of you sucking face quite a few times, yes.”

Roni kept silent, and glanced towards the door. “I paid for thirty minutes with you, doll, and I’ll pay for another thirty, if need be. Answer the question. Who is Freddy? I could always have a chat of my own with him as well if you will not tell me. You two are not the only ones skilled in following people and not being noticed.”

“He’s a work associate.” There’s a pause, and a narrowed look that found Zagan and the protest at it solely being such on his face. This time it’s her that smirks, and leans forward. A hand comes up to cup the side of his face and she just barely touches her lips against his. “And he ****s me way better than you ever could, Zagan. And he does it all without deciding his fists need to be involved to the party. And I’ll tell you this much, it’s goddamned wonderful to be treated like something precious, and dear than some kind of piece of trash to be kicked around.”

Almost lightning quick, he leans back and his hand comes up to catch her in a backhand strike. It snapped her head to the side, and earned him a surprised and pained sound. Just as quick and to keep her from toppling off his lap that hand goes to catch her slender throat and squeeze tight.

Before he has a chance to say anything, she was snarling at him. “Go ahead, Keep on abusing me. Prove my point, Zagan. Keep on hitting me to make yourself feel bigger, because someone hit you when you were poor itty bitty unloved Zagan. You’re pa-” Her word choked when he squeezed tighter around her neck.

“I suggest, Ronixi, you cease the stream of words you are spewing, as you are walking a very fine and very dangerous line there, Doll. Do you forget that we have a rather peculiar arrangement. You were given to me as payment for your father’s debt. Therefore, you are my property. I was rough with you because there was a need. You were willful, and defiant, and still are. And as I have always told you… There are repercussions for everything you do. Lovely you just keep building them up one by one. I can only let it go for so much longer before I start taking actions against them.” Very slowly, he released her throat. “Ronixi, please, on your feet.” He commanded, and all too happily she was obliging him. “I would certainly hope that you will watch your step, as I would hate to see anything happen to your friends. Like the tall blonde elf. His name is Mist, Right? And there’s the lovely Miss Cromwell, as well. The ever bitchy Siobhan is achingly absent, but I do believe we all know the reason why.” There’s a knowing smirk that follows his threats.

She growled, then looked like she was ready to Lunge for him. Then the realization that he would only count it as another strike against her sank in, and she stilled herself. “Go **** yourself, Zagan. You and all your threats. I can’t wait till the day you have no hold over me, and I can make your death painful. I’ll remember everything you’ve ever done, and take all that out on you. That’s a promise of my own, you ****er.”

Bright near neon blue hues watched her solemnly as she spoke. “Oh Ronixi.” He crooned the words softly, and stood. Then without warning, he moved to backhand her again, only this time it was enough pull a pained yelp from her, and to have purple rising in its wake, quicky. It also sent her scrawny form sprawling with a thud. “You would make things so much easier on yourself if you knew when to just shut the hell up.” As he spoke, he angrily plucked his wallet out of his pocket, and fished five hundred dollar bills out. He simply dropped them on her crumpled form. “There’s your ****ing tip, Lily. Watch your step next time.” Viciously the words were snarled, before he turned on his heel, and stalked towards the door, which was just in the process of opening, thanks to the sound of the commotion.

The attendants attention bounced between Roni and Zagan, but before he had a chance to say anything, the male was shoving another five bills in his face. “For the damages. My apologies for being rough. Tell her to glamour it over, she was always well skilled at that.” Then he was pushing past him, and gone. Bewildered, the man collected the bills, and stared after him for a moment. Then slowly, his attention turned to Roni, “Lily, are you alright?”

The terror, pain, and threatening tears on her face when her attention snapped onto him were all genuine. “I… I-I need a moment. I’m gonna take my break. Just.. leave.” Her voice was soft and pleasing. Don’t ask. “D-Don’t tell anyone. We just had a d-disagreeable conversation. He got passionate. I need this job.” She sounded weak. And she knew it was genuine and it made her so… angry. Did not help that there was absolutely nothing that she could do to change anything at the exact moment. The attendant simply nodded. “Alright Lily.” And with that he left her be.

He was also the one that came back about thirty minutes later to find her rocking back and forth in the corner, and struggling to not hyperventilate. He got the manager on Duty who gave her a xanax, and told her to go home for the night and pull herself together. She even had enough decency to call a cab to drop the woman off at the sparsely furnished apartment she had rented and paid for under Lily’s name. Not that it was good for her to be left to herself when her brain was in such a panicked frantic state, but at least she would be safe.

That’s what mattered for the most part…. Right?
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