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The Nudger Nudged
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 9:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

She blinked, concern flickering across her face. "Was it supposed to hurt?" she asked him in turn, nuzzling to him as he kissed her. "Does it make me awfully wicked that it didn't?"

He arched his brows, a little surprised for a moment, but also relieved. He had heard that sometimes a woman would not have pain or even bleeding the first time, even if she was a virgin, especially if she was accustomed to riding a horse. While some might find it suspicious, he felt only relieved. "No, dearest. It does not make you wicked," he assured her, pressing a kiss to her brow.

"Truly?" Perhaps it was strange that the mischievous princess should worry about being wicked, but Rolanda was deeply devout in spite of her mischief. It worried her that perhaps there was something wrong with her.

"Rolly," he started, propping himself up by an elbow. "You have been riding a horse almost since you could walk, have you not?" he asked, though she might not have been told enough about her own anatomy to understand what he was getting at.

"Of course," she answered, bemused by the question. "I'm an excellent rider. I even beat Prince Felipe in a straight race once - he was terribly put out to lose to a girl."

"There you have it," he said, though he still wasn't sure she'd understand why this should make a difference. He didn't really want to give her an anatomy lesson, when he didn't understand it all that well himself. A thought came to mind. "Perhaps you should ask the queen ... or Esme," he said, thinking this was a conversation between had between women.

That did not make one jot of sense to her, but Rolanda tried to make it stretch. "Hugo ..." she said slowly, rolling onto her back, the sheet tucked over her chest. "Are you saying I've been deflowered by my own horse?"

"Er ..." Hugo stammered. He would not put it quite like that, but that was essentially what he meant. "Yes?" he asked, trying hard not to laugh. "But don't worry, love. I'm not jealous," he said, lunging forward to leave a trail of kisses against the side of her neck.

"But I - oh!" His lunge knocked the thought from her tongue as she dissolved into giggles at the sudden onslaught of affection, a moment of concern forgotten as she arched to him, fingers gripping at his hair. "I think you are teasing me, sir knight."

"Try not to think so hard, princess," he told her, before his lips grazed her neck again, slowly inching lower. He drew the sheet down, so that his kisses could follow, teasing her flesh with lips and tongue and teeth. He was gentle but persistent, following the cues she gave him with every moan and sigh of breath, learning how to love her, equally willing to be teacher and student.

Certain it was that no one would ever see her quite so vulnerable, nor so pliant, as she was with him, here where time meant very little and intimacy was in everything. She gave him those moans, those sighs, half-afraid to give more but unable to stop herself as she writhed under his touch. Learning and learned, and loved.

Love her he did, to the best of his ability. As inexperienced as he was, he did not lack for effort, learning and teaching each other the ways of love. It was a good thing they were having dinner brought to their rooms, as neither seemed willing to leave the bed for long.

"You know," Rolanda volunteered a few hours later, dripping chocolate from the last of their dinner over his chest to chase it with her tongue, "I'm fairly sure that some of what we are doing here is probably illegal in parts of Pomerania."

He grinned up at her as she licked the chocolate clean from his chest, hoping she didn't get any chest hairs in her mouth, but she seemed unconcerned. "But we are not in Pomerania," he pointed out. "And even if we were, who is going to tell?" he asked, tracing the curve of a breast with a fingertip.

She giggled, no longer covering herself from his eyes as she grew used to this ease with him. Crawling up, she set the spoon back in the dish on the side table, leaning over him to press a slow kiss to his lips. "I'm told that a gentleman never kisses and tells."

He licked the last of the chocolate from her lips, growing easier in each other's company, even after only a few hours. Then again, they had known each other since they were children, and there were very few secrets between them. "Who said I was a gentleman?" he countered, eyes dancing with mirth and mischief.

She let out a gasp of laughter, prodding at his side even as she traded kisses back and forth with him. "Are you saying that you will discuss our marital acrobatics with the king at the very first opportunity you get?" she giggled teasingly.

"Don't worry, Your secrets are safe with me, love," he assured her, touching a kiss to the tip of her nose. He drew her down to lie beside him, wrapping her in his embrace and sighing contentedly. "Are you happy, Ro? Truly happy?"

She thumped down into his arms, wrapping her own arms with robust affection about him as they sighed together. "I am," she told him with absolute confidence. "Very happy. I never thought to wish for this, but I am so glad it's real."

"Really?" he asked, tilting his head toward her, brows arched upwards in curiosity. "You never thought what it might be like to be with me?" he asked, a little surprised by that, since he had often wondered that about her. Thankfully, she had not disappointed him.

"I never thought that you would want me," she admitted softly. "Why waste dreams and break my own heart on wishing for something that I never thought could be mine? You know me, Hu. I am no good at wearing a smile when I'm sad. If I'd let myself hope, and come home to find you married? I'd have been the saddest princess in the thirteen kingdoms."

He frowned a little to know he might have caused her sadness. "You should know, I never loved Salome," he confessed, though he had admitted as much earlier. "Nor did she, me. And she had loftier ambitions than of marrying a mere knight." There was some irony in that now that he had won a princess for a wife, but that was not what he loved about her. Rolanda could have been a commoner and he would have still loved her. "I was never going to be good enough for her or her parents. It was my mother who made me see it, but it was Salome who broke it off. She married a count."

"She may end up on Freddie's list of courtiers," Rolanda warned him. "Do you think she will cause trouble for us? Some people forget that certain titles only come through marriage."

"She is a countess now. She would not have had such a title had she married me," he said, with a slight shrug. He didn't much care what his former fiancee thought or did, but he didn't much like the idea of running into her at court either. "I think she is happy with her count, and if she is not, she has no one to blame but herself."

A rather wicked little grin flickered over Rolanda's face. She was about to demonstrate that not all her education in Pomerania had been exactly appropriate to her station. "Tell me," she mused, trying not to laugh, "is he a massive count?"

He couldn't help but smirk at her insinuation. "That depends on what part of his ... anatomy we are talking about," he said, as wicked as she was where gossip was concerned, especially where a possible adversary was concerned.

She cackled impishly, brushing a kiss to his lips as her fingers travelled over his skin. "I'd much rather talk about your anatomy, husband."

"Which part? My pomegranates?" he teased, grinning broadly. She had yet to complain about his anatomy, whatever the size.

Rolanda giggled, nose to nose with him as her hand found the prize she had been seeking. "Let us ... see what crops up first, shall we?"

He drew in a breath as she found that prize. "Hmm, I think it's already up," he replied, smothering any more giggles or chatter to claim her with a kiss, not in the least bit chaste.

As would they both be for some hours yet, celebrating a marriage neither one had looked for but neither one regretted. The next day's journey might be a long one, and wearisome, too, after a long night before, but as far as Rolanda was concerned, safe and warm and loved by a man she loved in turn ... it was all worth it.
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