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The Sacrifice Club
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Millicent Grim
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aleister & Eskil: "you call me a traitor, but you are a snake"
4/15/01 4:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"He'll see you," murmured Severin. The hulk of a man nodded his chin at the two who waited at the steel and oak door.

Eskil: A navy suit, vest and vinyl tie.
Aleister: A mesh shirt, Prada belt buckle and pants that zippered up the backs of calves.

To be allowed entry...
The remote opened the door on silent, mechanical hinges.
The red stairwell of the Sacrifice Club hummed with a baseline from some distant song.

"you try to sneak behind my back
but trust can not be stolen
friendship must be earned and affection's not for sale
I know you want respect
but contempt is all you get from me
we are
forever unforgiven

an eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth


For a long while now Alec had been separating the artfully meshed styles of the oak overlay. The door was truly wonderful. To fuse such delicate, hand carved images to the utterly functional steel door was a gesture of taste and efficiency. There was irony, decadence and threat. He was sure he would, at the least, respect this...Neil.

Neil. Just Neil.

Eskil had named and dissected this gorgeous mimic of Rodin's Gate of Hell from the high Gothic architecture motif. He appreciated it as well, but he appreciated the symbolism of it. The beautiful, gaping maw of threat and precision. When he passed it, his pale finger stroked one of the thrice etched churchlines. He smiled into the blood red hall. Similarly fingering a Louis XIV.


"Aleister Crowley. Eskil Simonsson." Neil nodded, shaking each of their hands over his deep stained desk. He waved his hand, offering them their respected seats.

The men sat.

"Aleister, not the one and only?" Neil tilted his features.

"It depends which one." Aleister smiled. "And please, call me Alec, as we are to work together with some familiarity." The British accent was crisp and purring. But Neil caught something else, whatever had bled colour from his body in such a manner that matched his hair with his skin.

"The occultist."

"Perhaps." Alec smiled. Neil was bemused to see that the man couldn't smile as easily as he could smirk. Something to remember for times it was more important.

"I've no doubt that you know our visiting Maile, though. Do you not?"

"Indeed I do."

"And Eskil, I have heard of much of your work. I bid upon that job in Prague, actually," Neil lifted a carafe to each of them. To which each of them declined. "And after I'd heard what you had done, I had to admit I could have done no better myself."

"I was pleased with all that we completed. It surpassed my own requirements for success." The Norwegian accent was pleasant, adding a sharpness to his features and a peculiar keenness to his eyes. "However, you seem to have won yourself my best man."

"Laurent speaks quite highly of you, Eskil." Neil nodded and folded his hands into a steeple above his lap. "And so I hear it is matters of Laurent that has brought you all this way?"

"In a manner of speaking," answered Eskil.

"The matter is much farther reaching than simply one man." Alec smiled his slanted smile.

"In fact," added Eskil. "I'm quite sure that the matter has caught your attention as well. It seems that Chance is dabbling in Fate."

"Or, that 300 years is the limit of our imposed division," Alec commented.

"And the hands of fate are greedy, greedy bitches." Eskil's square shoulders and smoothed suit were sturdy foundations for the grin that reflected in his vinyl tie. Neil smiled.

"Ah, and that is my largest concern." Admitted Neil. "Please, continue."

The men remained in the office for many hours. During which Alec shed his threatening smile and laughed an amiable laugh many times. Neil finally persuaded the men to drink, and share of his hospitality. Eskil shed his jacket, revealing the sleek fashion of a vest that fit perfectly over his narrow hips and sculpted shoulders.

They learned much of each other. They learned much of Laurent. They learned much of Maile. All for the sake of those whom they kept.

Neil wondered how such people could keep so closely to old traditions. But he was not ignorant. And he marked the high-brow ego of the Norwegian, the poise that some would consider sexy, and others lethal. And Neil marked the jaded quality of the self-proclaimed Brit. But also his greed.

The three divided as business associates. Eskil traded a letter for a set of architectural designs. And Alec left to find Maile.

**Title by Covenant. I also, for the astute, borrowed their singer. And similarly, A.C. is a famous figure, though he's a cross with Andy of IoC.

Laurent & Aleister: "soothing my narcissism"
5/22/01 1:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time

It didn't really matter where exactly Laurent 'lived'. Not many people knew, and he rather preferred it that way. He wouldn't have called it being paranoid, he just didn't like the company of ... well, anyone. The fact that Maile could drop in on him whenever she damn well pleased, ...well, didn't make him the most content of the undead.
It was relatively early in the night and Laurent was sitting snugly on his divan reconstructing the bones of his hand into something like blades breaking through his knuckles. A neat little trick he'd picked up in Prague from some rogue Assamite who'd sucked a little too hard on one of Laurent's comrades. It had struck up a kinship between the two, and they had enjoyed using the trick on beggers and children who got too close or too loud when they went out at night.
Laurent was a pedigree of perfection, some would say it was to a fault, and this was why he was trying to undergo the transformation without making that damn cracking noise it did. It had always given the deceased a split second prior warning. Which to anyone would seem like an actual risk, but to Laurent it just ruined the expression upon their face when the bone-blades came up through the jaw and pierced the brain-meat of the optic chiasm. They always looked surprised in that "shyt I'm going to die" way, rather than the "shyt I'm already dead" way he much more preferred. It was a testimony to his skill and his speed. The last time he had gotten a true death-look of the latter was...
"Merde! Niche ta--!!"
>knock knock knock<
One of Laurent's silver brows rose with such an arrogant species of skepticism it would have corroded the very soul of any brother of the cloth who had happened by to witness it. That thought also made Laurent's crouching smirk tilt towards one of the Welsh tapestries he kept on his wall above his fireplace.
"Bah, coushez avec vo--" He was fond of speaking to it. Afterall, it had once been a Carthusian monk.
>Knock Knock<
Laurent hissed. Who dared?

"I didn't think you were this stupid, Aleister."
"Evening to you too, Laurent Tordu'destin." Alec pushed a royal purple satchel towards the silver snake of a man. Laurent had hissed. "My ever sibilant friend, I may come in, may I not?"
Laurent stepped back, and even proffered a clipped, cordial bow. The door closed behind Alec's form, and the bolt did the last bit of hissing for the evening.
"Atlantis must have resurfaced, my friend. For I can not think of a single other adequate reason for you to ever come within half a United States of me." Laurent's words were distinctly formed, and a parade of emphasis. His spindly fingers wrapped the neck of the bottle in the bag. He pulled it out. "At least you didn't bring trash to appease me with."
Though Laurent was quite a character, and had quite a sharp side, he was well aware of quality, and did understand the nature of business. However, it was, and it was Only, an old tryst that kept him from flinging his form against the white haired visitor and tearing out his larynx to make a lovely ward potion for those hot summer days when one may need to keep out a Blake family goon. Or at least to use it for some quite useful base for a preserving agent that would keep the man's eyes fresh for another use he'd mull over for a few hundred years. Because skewering Aleister Crowley wasn't something to be wasted on lesser experiments.
"You're little family," the word curdled on Alec's lips, "has fvcked up beyond belief, Laurent."
"Why come to me with this?" Laurent let Alec understand just what he thought of him by turning his back to the intruder while he picked out a pair of crystal snifters. "You know I have removed myself from their course of actions. What is it you want, to rub my nose in their ultimate destruction?" There was a delicate laugh. "To tell me pretty little secrets of the Black Hand? Or are you just looking for a very tired, very raw Maile in my apartments?"
Laurent amused himself with imagining he heard Alec's teeth grinding. Because he knew they were.
"I'm suggesting, to you, my old, old, respected, friend--"
"Ehm-- Enemy" corrected. "... that you pull whatever silver strings you have upon your little line. Or things shall get very, very ugly."
Laurent pursed his lips, but was quite content in the scratch his body put in the side of the crystal glass. He nonchalantly licked a drop of blood from his skin, and then turned to walk the glass and amber Scotch to Alec.
"If Eskil speaks with me, I shall."
"Eskil agrees with what I'm telling you, Laurent."
"Mes amis, mon petit, ma chere," Laurent's tones were dripping. "do not pretend that he even knows you are here. You think I do not know you?" Alec took the glass and Laurent fanned his synth-playing fingers over his flat, silver ribbed chest. "Eskil does not leave chess games like this to his inferiors." Laurent smiled, and it carved its way through the distance between him and the 'Norwegian' in such a manner that made Alec roll back upon his heals. His nostrils flared.
Laurent loved Alec's inability to control the signs of his temper. He had respect for the man, true enough. But of course he thought himself the better. And not only for this one, rather large, difference. But several others.
Alec, on the other hand, despised the french'man' with a passion he could not even name. Aristotle's definition of 'hate', his theory of wanting to 'obliterate' the other wasn't even enough. Nor was the pitiless thought that 'anger' caused one to cause pain. No no, Aleister couldn't even explain what he wished upon those grey, grinning eyes.
"Then, very simply," oh he was mastering his breathing, Laurent could have twittered. "...I shall bring Eskil with me." Alec licked his lips. "But Laurent, I was doing this because you know, as well as I do, that this is not something to be done purely by the book. They will have all our heads for this."
"Oh no, no. They will have your head," a slender finger pointed towards the older looking man. "for this, to be sure." Laurent sipped his drink, and dipped his chin in testimony of Alec's good taste. "I, on the other hand, have immeasurable worth and information that they wouldn't dream of making an example of. Unlike yourself, dear Alec. They might even consider skewering Eskil for it, too. Imagine that."
Aleister laughed. "You're naivety is alarming. You undermine my status."

"Oh no, I don't, at all. But it was great fun to say that to your face."

**Title by TooL. "Reflection" is pure Laurent
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Millicent Grim
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 31 Aug 2016
Posts: 120
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Can Be Found: The Sacrifice Club
4964.48 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jonathan & Sick Boys: "I used to be immortal, I was innocent"
4/15/01 4:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"You know what?! Fvck him!" Jonathan pointed. "And fvck the two of you!"

Ian lurched towards Jonathan, as Vic grabbed his shoulders. "Don't be stupid, mate. He's pissed."

"Pissed? You have no fvcking idea what I am! I don't even know if that's what this is! I've spent a week just feeling like I was fvcking Crazy. Do you know what that is?! Do you know?!" He panted. "I can't control what I'm feeling, it's like I'm some bleeding chick!"

Logan, the aforementioned, or rather, yelled, 'him', took a step towards the snapping tails of Jonathan's trench. "Jon, look. It's what you asked for." Jonathan turned like a cyclone.

"Somebody can't ask for something like this!! You have no idea what...*I* have no idea what... Christ Logan." Ian shook off his bonds and turned away from the group. He wandered several feet away to find himself a streetlight under which he could properly light his cheroot. Vic pushed his long, guitarist's fingers through his messy black hair.

"Look," Vic began. "I know you don't want to hear it, but what happened happened. And you can't fight them for it, and you can't be in opposition of it. You have to learn to be it, Jon."

"Who the fvck made you the guru of this shyt, Vic?!"

"I'm just calling it how it is, Jon."

"Jon," Logan had a soothing quality to his voice when he wanted something. Millicent also imagined him to salivate like a dog when he wanted something. "Look what they've done for us, and now they've let you in. Look what has opened up to you. Look who fvcking did it. This whole city is in the palm of your hand."

"I don't want this fvcking city. I want my stupid job, and my stupid girlfriend!"

"So go to your girlfriend, Jon." Was Sick's reply. Unnaturally (or rather, naturally?) lucid.

Jordan was about to comment as Jonathan snapped at Sick. "Shut the fvck up!"

Jordan took it wrong. "I didn't fvckin' say anything, Jon!"

"Then I wasn't Fvcking TALKING To you WAS I!?!"

The group was left to panting. Sick looked the most studious of them all.

"I'd kill 'em if they killed my girlfriend."

"I don't know if they killed her, Sick!"

"Bullocks," Chimed in Ian. "You bloody well do." Jonathan nearly lurched at him before Vic stood in his way. Jonathan couldn't control his momentum, and threw himself to his knees before the Brit.

His shoulders began to shake. And Logan turned away.

Sick spoke softly. "Who did it, Jon?"

"Christopher." A very, long pause. "But I thought I asked for it."

"Did you?" Jordan.


Jonathan wondered if he would ever know the answer to a question again.

**Title by Covenant

Jonathan: "the story he told me there, out in the smoky air"
4/30/01 7:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Jonathan was no longer sure if he was more here than there. He remembered a meeting had been arranged, and though he was sure that he was at least one of the parties to be brought together, with exactly whom he shall meet was up for guesses and calculations.

He walked down the slowly wetting street, dragging his boots and the hem of his long leather coat. He must have been a curious sight, for he looked like he was mourning. And if his mother called to tell him that someone in his family had passed away, he would have promptly told her that he'd at least have something to wear. (He even had the countenance down quite well.) But that was all the insight he had. It made him exhale a halfhearted laugh perhaps once every other square of sidewalk. It felt like an airy baseline for the walk he'd been taking for at least two hours now.

There was serenity to it-- that he was thankful for. But everyone needs someone to be there when songs like this were the music of their life.

Even rain felt different through these eyes. He wasn't much opposed to the difference, but he did understand that this was one of the few times in his life he would have begged for familiarity. Whether it was his girlfriend's attention, or a friend whom he could actually share his feelings with. Yet, at the same time he felt like he understood the city. The way it sprayed from the underbellies of tires as they slowly rolled by. The way it collected in the gutter-corners of the street. The way it loomed with glass and steel arms. The way it was lonely without anyone to share in it.

He sighed, and remembered who he was supposed to meet. It seemed as though his body had known long before him, he rounded the corner and saw the grey face of their loft looming above him. 27th street, he must have walked in a circle. Or maybe his new homing signals told him to stay around the Club, whether he liked it or not.

He didn't want to go in just yet. It wasn't quite that time-- in the settling sense of things. His body told him that it needed to endure the slow ache of the outside cold a little longer.

Creep in, creep in. Familiarity.

And he could hear and smell all he needed to see.

"Eva, I thought…Eva!!"

He had been sure they'd crushed bones in the processes. Or at least torn the cartilage right out of his neck. His body had gone stiff, clutching to the body that bled for him because it was the only thing he could think about. That and…

"Pick him up, Laurent."

**Title by de/vision

Jonathan: "I'm scared of mirrors in case it's me"
5/10/01 4:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"You smell like ***, who knocked you around?"
Jonathan had sat himself down, wrapping himself in wet leather arms. His knees were kissing his chin, like buttercups meant for sweet, tender children. Not finally-not-gawky boys who knew what bruises felt like when they reached the bone.
Eventually he shrugged, a testimony in delayed reaction. Sorry. Late. Yeah, well, so was he. Though, more profoundly, he was early.

"Chris, no, not in here! Chris I can't!"
Eva laughed, and he felt it rattling around in his ears. Hollow.
He clawed at the wood, clawed at the satin, clawed at his skin.
"Just kill me, I don't want it! Chris, Man! Brother!"

He sighed, and the city felt more comfortable in crying her dirty tears on his pallid skin. She smiled her iron and yellow-light teeth. They were gentle in the ways of cut-throats and thievery. He squinted at Gabriel's feet, trying to stop himself from leaping up. Unsure as to whether it would be away, or towards. Neither was a preferable option, so he left himself locked up tight on the ground.
He was quite sure that would be the rest of his story. Knotted up in such a way that nothing that came in or out was in any other form besides a red, viscous liquid that he refused to believe in. Hey, hey, hey, I've got nothin' to lose.
"You were right, man. You were right to be mad. I was going to" He waved his hand, the nails were longer. There was a dull hum of electricity in his eyes, the song of synapses re-wired in the muddy, puppy-brown of his irises. He wanted to laugh, it almost curled his lip. Irony was one of his closest friends, lately.
Logan could appreciate that.

"Please, please don't make me. G-d, please!"
The wood splintered, and it was his bloody fingers that were first reborn.
The dirt felt warm, like decay would have felt if it had been his natural end.
Chemical reactions kissed his fingers, like they could taste everything that had died here. all at once it felt like meat, and water, and roses, and iron. It felt like light licking his hand, and it made him sigh and cry even as he screamed with rage. The boards broke their sturdy backs, hemorrhaging the body of a boy gone mad. Mad.

if god has a heart he will find you

Jonathan pressed his lips together, even the taste of his wet hair at the corners of his lips tasted funny. Foreign. What hadn't they done? Was it funny, were they laughing? Was this what happened to all of them? Maybe he'd never known hate before. Maybe none of them had.
Maybe that wasn't even what he was feeling.
He felt the gumming bite of his fingers as they pressed their weight into his cheek and brow. The touch was disembodied, but no more comforting than any other touch he touched to himself. It made the storm inside him angry. And he wanted to be alone again, as much as he wanted to ask Gabriel to try and help him not be alone.
Maybe he needed to remove himself.

"Just don't touch me, ok? I don't know what I'm thinking anymore."

"I think they really killed me, Gabe. I think they really killed me."

and one, one perfect life
turned to stone.
cold mercy.

i kneel down by your grave
i kneel down torn and guilty

...i kneel down by your side
i kneel down scared and helpless

I'm torn and guilty
torn and guilty
torn and guilty
gary numan

**Title by gary numan. Perfect song for this scene is 'one perfect lie'.
Jonathan's got a new pair of shoes.

Jonathan: "confess what you crave, a life without pain"
5/10/01 11:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time

you'd kill for the taste,
but the hurt still remains

still they don't know who you are

ashamed by the threats
you pierce the embrace
afraid and alone
in a dark lonely place

did you always want to be
did they try to steal your soul
did they hurt you with deceit
can't you come in from the cold
--The Tea Party

"No, see. That's the thing..." His laugh, at himself, was just an exhale through tight teeth. "*I* don't even know me. So don't say pretty *** like that. I don't believe it anymore. Gave it up like a bad habit."
"Just like you getting your ass kicked by street-rodents."

you took my wife, my unborn son

"I envy you, you know that? I've finally thought about it for a little while, and I think I do." He fanned his fingers over his leg. "Don't worry, it's not really in a bad way, I just think you did a damn good job. You're a lucky bastard. And that's not me saying it was luck and not you, or you not deserving it, it's not that."
Jonathan shrugged.
"I'm not bitter about it, but I think psychology, and philosophy all have to say the same thing, that there's something in me that wants it too. Or at least will want to take it."
"So yeah, really. I almost did. Just 'cause I couldn't control myself." He tilted his head, he felt like a snake. Felt his scales stilling, his forward pointing eyes tilting. "You know what it's like not to control yourself?"
"***, who am I kidding. You're a raging psycho sometimes." He laughed at himself, again. They say that's a talent everyone should have. Jonathan disagreed.
He liked playing two bodies on the sidewalk. He liked Gabriel, he liked company. He really did. Even when he denied it adamantly.
"How the fvck can I tell somebody about this?" His voice was starting to raise. The rain on him glittered differently, like he was crystal and the sky was magnetized.

The first thing he did was cry.
In front of Laurent's grinning teeth and Neil's stoic gaze. Christopher
was there, but Jonathan knew it was only because he had to be.
The soil spilled down his wrists and knuckles as he kneaded his fingers, his bones, into the ground. He couldn't fold himself in half enough times to disappear.

He did look up at him when he was asked. A pitiable thing, with his hair caked to his pretty cheeks and his eyes downcast like misbegotten clouds after a storm. There were things racing away faster than the wind could push them.
"I'm not going to go anywhere, but I need a little time off, Gabe. I don't want to hurt you two."

"I almost did. I really almost did."

"Well done," said Neil.
And the patriarch nodded and turned on his heal. A wave of his hand and the evidence was destroyed. Jonathan stayed their for hours, watching the acid-trip of a sky turn liquid till he could breathe it in like food, like light. The first person he killed was a child who'd asked him what was wrong.

"e v e r y t h i n g," he whispered.

"Why do you do this *** to yourself, Gabe?"

**Title by The Tea Party first lines of quoted song

Jonathan: "draining patience, drain vitality / this paranoid, paralyzed vampire"
5/22/01 12:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time

silence has a tendency to atrophy any
sense of compassion
between supposed lovers/brothers.

"Still where? Jesus, you're being idealistic and just.. ***' naive." Jonathan shook his head like he was trying to shake sleep from it. He was shedding skin and it was sloughing in record time. He was almost held in curiosity rather than fear, in the realization that what could come out of the ashes would be a phoenix with armor that ate him and those around him like negative space.
He heard it cackling, forming, turning three faces upon the axis of its one neck, one body, one blood. He saw Neil's face and he was on his feet, startled and stumbling.
"Skrew luck, I'm... I'm just going to deal with my ***... That's what I need to do, and I'm going to do it."
He pushed sheets of rainwater off his leather shoulder and arm. "Don't give me anything. I have to earn it, or I'll take it." He had a laugh for himself, at his disposition, at his reflection in the watered down city.
"I know what you can't give me, that's great, lets illustrate shyt some more while we're at it." Sarcasm bared its teeth, Envy smiled.
Jonathan squinted down at the bloody boy. His irises thundered like zoom-lenses, the shutters snapping at the red on the white skin. Jonathan slammed his hands (no, fists) into his pockets.
"I'm not going anywhere," he lifted his chin and looked up into the raining sky. He wanted to see something, he thought he deserved a glimpse at something bigger than just a horizon line, now that he'd sacrificed himself like this. His nails bit into the new, black crescent mark on his palm. Neil... "Even if I wanted to, I couldn't, ok?"
The lowering of his eyes was as soft as a shroud. And as final as that descent as well. He looked at the guitarist a different way now. Something a little mad, in both senses of the word. His body seemed to bleed its dark dimensions into the road, and they wanted to slither up the guitarist's legs, and hide him away in a sheath of leather and dead skin.
you hate it don't you...

And then Jonathan turned to walk away.

"Bite her, I was going to bite her."
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Millicent Grim
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 31 Aug 2016
Posts: 120
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

|>etra & Vic Vaile: "pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion"
5/23/01 4:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"Your sister is a total bitch," said Ian. "I think I'm in love with her."

Vic cocked a black brow at the Scottish boy. The one he was doomed to be paired with due to accents, as well as his proclivity for decking him when need be. Ian didn't necessarily 'take it' from Vic, but he didn't tickle his revenge streak when things happened.

"Just leave 'er alone, mate. I don't care 'ow smart y'are. She wont like you."


"Yeah, as in who you are, your personality. Forget it, if there's one thing I know about Petra, it's that."

"This is just bleeding' irony, you realize?" Ian was grinning, but glancing back at the two figures sitting on the fire-escape steps.

Vic wasn't being totally honest, but it served his inclinations for the moment. "C'mon Ian, Lars is waiting."

"Yeah yeah."

The two figures on the metal escape weren't even cognizant of the discourse the two boys were having. They had a different relationship all together.

Petra was a test-tube child of leather and buckles. Where her short corset left off, electrical tape bound her body, and black body paint made into whorls crept up to her collar bones and licked down her arms. Years of deterioration had brought this about. Her skin had seen so little sunlight she was white and nearly olivine. The only acceptable portion of her was her beautiful auburn hair. Totally untouched save two feathers of white spiraling from above and behind her ears.

"I don't care how 'underground' it sounds, nor the fact that ...'club's" She shivered. "play ignorant remixes of it. The Carmina Burana is incredible by itself, and no piece of shyt synthesizer will ever add to it." Petra was taking out money from her pocket and handing it to the 'boy' she sat next to.

His ribs crackled in response, the half corset he wore pinched breath out of him as much as the tooled, carved and metaliced leather of the rest of him screached and screamed. HIs hair was dreaded, but you could barely tell under the extensions of plastic fiber optic tubes that shocked his mass of black and white and pink and blue with synthetic degrees. "I'm not questioning the quality, I'm saying that they didn't do half bad of a job, considering what they were using to enhance their own work. Believe me, the original Latin was a crutch, I understand that. But at least it can move you."

Petra inhaled to retort.

"Body wise, not intellect."

She exhaled no worse, and swept up her breathing pattern with a curt nod. "Fair enough."

Agreement. "Is that enough?" she asked him.

"Yeah, it'll do. Lets go."

**Title by TooL
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Millicent Grim
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 31 Aug 2016
Posts: 120
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Neil, Marion & Laurent: "what's holding up is a mirror/but what's singing songs is a snake"
5/30/01 2:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Neil had been at ease in the silence for some time now. He'd switched from smirking to smiling and then from twirling his pen to using it. The numbers in the documents did not seem to add up. Not after Ewan swore they did, nor after Evan bet his drum-set on them.
"It's my drum-set anyway," was Neil's reply. "But Still!" had been Evan's.
He wasn't sure how the mistake had hidden itself so wonderfully in the meat of the document, but he knew there was something off. It was not a decimal point, nor was it a zero or a place holder. Something was simply wrong when he held it up to his estimations.
He had more faith in his estimations than he held in mathematics in general.
He took a moment to glance up at the slight girl who'd been softly padding about his office. Her hair was the most charcoal black, and it fell in waves like they used to hang from the crowns of women when he was alive. Softly rolling curls of smoke, pitch black like they'd come off the skin of men or the dirty ramparts of a neighboring stronghold.
She seemed unaware of his watching her. And this made him curious. He rolled the pen from the tips of his fingers to his palm.
"Severin seemed to be familiar with you, but I must admit I've not heard of a 'Marion De'Leda' before. Are you from Rome?"
The girl rose her china-smooth skin, and curled the corners of her lips with a tiny smile. She nodded, her black hair bouncing gracefully around her pretty face and her enchanting green eyes.
'Straight from Miranda,' Neil thought. And her response was nearly as good as an explicit answer. Who could argue with another's version of 'succinct'?
"He shouldn't be much longer."
And her smile distinctly stated that she knew this.
Neil watched her as she continued to look at his office, never glancing at the cameras or the security, just the little pieces of history he had lying about. She seemed most charmed by a simple fan he had, lying upon it's dark stand on his book shelf.

His voice was almost warm on the curve of her shoulder. She wore silks, wrapped like diaphanous milks and water. Straight from the 1700s, thought Neil. Straight from Rome, at night, the shadows of the seven hills.
"They're swan's feathers," his arm brushed her as he picked up the delicate fan. "Something purely decadent, but truly beautiful. The white is remarkable, is it not?" He lay the feathers upon her arm. The hue (or hue-less) gripped her skin and melted with it. Symbiosis of likenesses and likes.
"My my my," from the door way.
Laurent had had enough time to cross his arms over his silver chest.
Neil replaced the fan to the shelf and its cherry wood holder as the girl took three subtle steps towards the synth-player.
"Whyever would you need to visit me, Marion?"
"Perhaps because you like to think yourself Robin Hood?" Neil's smirk was gracious as he turned to return to his desk. The girl crossed her arms over her stomach, her dress twinkled like the early evening stars.
"So many visitors lately, Laurent. But apparently this one's for keeps."
"Really?" Laurent fell out of his lean in the door way.
"Well then perhaps I should do proper introductions."
Neil's brow rose.
"Neil, this is Echo. Echo, Neil. The man who runs this faction of our lovely...establishment."
And between palms, they paired a set of three black crescent moons.


Nick & Echo: "Mention something, mention anything"
5/30/01 5:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The club was dark.
Dark in the way open spaces with black walls are during the day-- without lights.
A dark that was synthetic, but wholesome.
The sunlight was filtered with fiber optics spread through the windows like prisms.
But there were no rainbows, just a low frequency hum of metal.
The windows looked like sunglasses.
And that's how Ewan liked to describe their function.
Severin didn't like to talk about it. If you didn't understand, did it matter?
Why tell people things they don't need to know?
He would, however, remind people that they were bullet proof. Like the doors.
Like himself.

Pan in a little more. Grasp the mica and the glass of the bar. The black lights and the blue lights. And the lone man rubbing it down.
There was a silence around Nick the bartender. The music didn't touch him, and he didn't need the music to. He was solitary, but not in the way of men who lock themselves away. Not like Neil could be. He was the product of his age as much as he was the product of men. Men in general.
His face was pale and his hair was red. And he wore neither a smile nor a frown. Just there, quiet. Enjoying his work.
He knew she was there. At the least he knew someone was there, and they required him to not lift his chin. So he only looked at her when her tiny hand rested on his lion's paw.
He smiled, "Maid Marion."
They sat to talk. He made her a Chartreuse and Tonic water.

"Aye, I still keep it. How could I not?" Nick fished into the button down shirt he wore. He'd traded in his workman's blues for something Neil had bought him. Black, expensive, it had taken him years to not look awkward in something sleek. He still seemed too big.
People always said he looked like a cop.
The locket pitter-pattered on his wide chest. His big fingers clicked the delicate latch with the skill of years and years. Reverent.
Echo touched it, and smiled at him.
"The likeness I always found to be extraordinary. You caught her sensitivity as well as her spark, you did."
"I did," replied Echo. She nodded with her bobbing black waves.
"The both of them actually, they were my little flames."
Echo's eyes softened, her black lashes curling around the aqua irises. Searching.
"I'm glad you're here."
"I'm glad I'm here."
"They'll be more work ahead, I assume?"
"Yes, more work."
"Good, lass. I needed something to do. It was getting too easy," Nick smiled and pat her little knee. The chiffon and taffeta and linen and fleur-de-lis whispered to his skin.
"Will you paint me something else, dear?"
"I will."
"Good, good. I already have an idea what. Has Laurent found you yet?"
She nodded. " 'Echo is an old friend.' "
"Yes," Nick smiled. "She is. Is that what he said?"
" 'Echo knows, Nick.' " Then her voice changed, " 'She gets along with him better than', " change. " 'Laurent' " She smiled, as though she waited for a reward.
Nick ruffled her hair. "Neil knows I'm all right with Laurent. It's Severin who has problems with the boy."
"Problems with the boy?"
"I think it has something to do with his Welsh Tapestries."
Echo laughed. " 'Pray not for me, father.' " In Laurent's voice.
Nick perked, and shivered. "That was eerie, don't do that." And then intrigue gripped him. His volume lowered, "You were there?"
"I was there."
A pause, and then Nick shook his head as he was tucking the locket back into his shirt. He felt it sear his skin with memory. The pain was throbbing, but comforting. "I never understood why you liked that boy."
"I like that boy."
"Oh, Echo. I know."
A moment.
" 'See Lamia.' "
"What?" inquired Nick. "You?"
"What for?"
" 'and I have taught men fishing, the sowing of seed, the scripture, and the history of the Gods' " The Temptation of St. Anthony, Flaubert.
"You give them too much credit, Marion. They are hardly Oannes, if anything they're maybe a lesser Oracle."
Marion snorted.
"Just make sure they don't convince you to not paint for me, or I'll throttle their dusty little bodies myself."
Echo smiled at him, and nuzzled her cheek to his shoulder.

**Title by TooL

Echo & the Sisters: "the Moon tells me a secret"
5/30/01 8:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The space between spaces was warm. Not as warm as the flesh, but it felt that way. It was enfolding, beautiful. Like the way it was before the light and the noise. Like the way it was before people. An environment that you still had no control over, but because it was perfect, you did not contemplate this fact at all.
It was warm darkness, because you could see through your eyelids and you were suspended.
Suspended in liquid sound.
She froze, listening.

"echo" Her senses woke. "echo" She felt her body. "echo" a woman.
"echo" calling her, waiting for her "echo" coming closer. "echo" Lamia!!

The face ripped through the womb, with fire for eyes and a tongue that rolled out of its head, black, hissing, a snake that grabbed for her with grinning metal teeth and a thousand eyes.

Echo jumped in the chair, her arms grabbed for the armrests and her body shook. She was panting softly and she looked around her to find that horrible face. Horrible face.
The ill-lit makeshift waiting room was clouded with cigar smoke. She tried not to look at the people she sat next to. They smelt of blood, and sex, and candle wax.
She smelled fur, and hyacinth, and was that....
"Echo, come in. Come in, Echo." A voice behind the curtain she'd fallen asleep next to.
She got up, pulling her layers together. She didn't have the chills or any such afterthoughts. No afterbirth from this dream. She parted the curtain with her hand.
...and......stepped ins i d e.

She felt like she was choking. Like the liquids had come in or that something through their boarders had reached through them, webbing their figures with membranes to.. to choke her.
She gasped.
Lamia cackled.
" 'What was that?' She's going to ask. Poor, dear Echo. foxglove, what would you say that was? How would you explain our little secrets like that one there?" The woman leaned forward to the slouching form of Echo.
Echo, couldn't remember falling asleep.
fox never spoke, Lamia was wretched.
"I don't know, Echo. You tell me?" Lamia leaned back, her dust bitten dress tumbling over her 10 cent chair. She shifted in all the lace and leather. "You don't have words for that, do you?"
foxglove put her fingers upon Lamia's arm, trying to still her forked tongue from instilling anything else into the pretty aqua eyes of Echo. (Though, fox did think about how they would have made a pretty addition to her collection. Or how they would be perfect for doing some oceanography scrying. With just a pinch of myrrh and frankincense...)
Lamia ignored fox's hand, and sent the pair of her own into the water of the wood bowl in front of her.
"What you know is yours to know, and what you've seen is but one-third of the story. There are personalities afoot, Echo. Laurent shares blood with them."
Echo swallowed, and tried to hold the blue eyes of the Oracle, but she let the vigil slide to the black roots of her bleached hair. She parted her lips to speak, and Lamia hissed at her for silence.
Lamia leaned into the waters, into which she dropped oil, and blood, and leaves. She exhaled smoke she hadn't breathed in, and she inhaled it again as her eyes rolled back.
Echo knew few things more hideous than Lamia in the throes.
"Steal this blood of his, like you've offered your voice. The cathedral pillars will fall if he loses the boy. The boy. Neil will battle his arrogance, and Leda will sleep with her swan. In seething screams of passion and pain. Oh, Echo, Echo... the mirror tastes like memory. Leave him to his magic, Echo."
And her eyes snapped back to ice chips in webs of black lashes of lace.
"They come from Rome, they come from home, and wherever you've gone they shall come again. Suckle them at your breast, Echo. Suckle them with your sweet sweat and your bitter words. You know, you know... like Nick's family in the flames."
Lamia slid, and pushed her cold fingers into the hem of Echo's dresses. The younger vampire could not move, not even when the chill invaded every part of her.
Every part. Lamia panted upon her rose petal lips.
Several strokes, and her fingers were hooks, nearly lifting her from her chair by catching her by the bone.
"Organs and bone will give birth to metal, to metal Oh Echo, Echo..." the woman whimpered and touched her face.
And the black serpent slid down her throat.
The fox's tongue took the place of fingers.

When Echo walked out from the curtain, she saw a man with the snout of a wolf, and a boy with two beautiful, auburn haired heads. And four honey eyes.
She dropped one of her chiffon sashes when she began to run.
The sleigh-bell on the door snickered merrily.

Nick pursed his lips and bobbed his head. Who could argue with that?

"Pourquoi? Why do you do these things? Don't you care?"
"About you, yes."
"Non, Lars, not about me. About people."
"No, Satine, Ich nicht."

He prowled.
This had become habit now, not passion.
He nodded to Ewen, he only glimpsed Mickey, he stopped to speak with Lorne.

"Hot Damn, Lars. Where did all these Europeans come from? We leave there, and they follow us here."
Lars looked at Lorne skeptically. Or so Lorne thought. He rolled his eyes.
"I can smell them, you know? There was this naughty little red head I just finished. She reminded me of Paris, and then she opened her mouth, and I heard France. Southern France," he waved his hand. "But France nonetheless. I think she tasted like truffles." He laughed and licked his fingers as though he'd eaten chocolates.

"Why will you not come home avec moi?"
"I can't leave here, not for a few more weeks."
"Is work more important than us? Is it?"
"No, no, it's not."
"Then come back to Paris, meet ma famile"
"I'll meet you there, ok? I'll come when I can."
"C'est vrai?"

"...Berlin, but not Berlin. I don't know, something funny about her. Other than that noxious hair."
"You weren't listening to me."
"No..I just missed what you said."
Lorne stared at him. Lars could only smirk. A neat little 'fvck you, you're right, but what did you say?'.
"She just came in, go, go have a snack. Appetizer from home, no?"
"I think so. I'm not sure. I'm so horribly Americanized." Lorne sneered.
"I only worked in Northern Germany, they aren't my type."
"I don't know if she's from Berlin, that's just the only city I know from there, ok?" Lorne shoved Lars.
Lars started towards the people near the door.

"The hospital?"
"Yes, she told us to call you."
"How much time do I have?"
"...maybe the plane trip here. Not much more."
"... I'll...Ich komme. Tell her I'm coming."

He circled her a few times.
Raising his chin like Wintermute would have. Letting her scent sear his fibers. Let them grip his cells and chain them down to memory. It was like the aftertaste of a thousand dollar meal. It permeated.
His movements were impossibly fast, but at the same time improbably slow.
He almost pulled off his glasses when he approached her.
His cigarette was gone, his head had tilted.
He almost pulled off the glasses, just to tack her down like the industry-butterfly she was.
He'd have been happy to tack her through, his sharp edges coming out her other side.
"I always wondered what sort of studio you had," to her side, over her shoulder, near her ear. "to catch the sound of warehouse geräusche like you do." Egotistical, and poured out in front of her.
A pillar of Germany.

"Are you coming?"
"Kein, I'm going back home."

**Title by Wolfsheim
[The sisters are, quite directly, Sandman inspired.]
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The Triumvirate of Fashion and Violins: "Saturn ascends, choose one or ten"
5/30/01 7:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Stephen snorted. "I hardly believe that, you brute."
And the brute swung to slap him, but Stephen caught his slender wrist and returned the gesture without delay.
"You, are so very unlikeable! Leave."
And the youth did just that, he left, slamming the door and shaking the Venetian glass. Stephen stormed out of the parlor to where the Twins lay in wait. Like spiders in the temples of the dead.
And this place was a Temple.

"Stephen," Adrienne crooned.
"What is it that he's done now," Gabriel.
"To you?" In unison.

"Nothing, Nothing!" Stephen huffed and flipped his golden curls. He was about to stalk off when Adrienne leaned close.
"Stephen," he hissed. The warm gaslight purring in his amber eyes. Gabriel was silent. "You are nervous, it is not like you..."
"We know what is on your mind, dearling," said Gabriel, more to his rich red varnished Stradivarius than the blonde vampire or his brother.
"Well now, isn't that just oh-so-fun for the two of you!"
They smiled.
"Why don't you people do something then? I can't put this together by myself."

"You are hardly alone," Adrienne
"In the preparations." Gabriel
"Stephen." Together.

"I mean our portion, you creepy little rugrat, tom-toms!" Stephen slapped his knuckles into the niches of his upper hips.

"You know what we have to do,"
"First. Of course, there is always,'"
"Protocol," they hissed.

"Well that's just flamingly grande. Just grand. Shall I just go now? Make an appointment with the hags?" Stephen gesticulated wildly. "Shall I just knock on their door with a live chicken?"
The Twins laughed, delighted. Gabriel stroked his violin as it was tilted to the left, and Adrienne pet his, tilted to the right. The old wood breathed. The air cooed through their 'f' holes. The four amber pupils dilated and then sharpened to pins. '
Like animals' Stephen thought.

"You know Lamia,"
"does not accept chickens,"
"Stephen. Silly."

"I don't want to deal with either of them. You get along with them fine, you go."

"Have we decided,"
"upon the appropriate"

Stephen's fingers fanned and they were sliced through the air, head level. "That's part of the oracle! You know that as well as I do! Just find out when and we'll do it, ok?! I've already found enough damask and chandeliers to fill wherever they tell us to put it."
And then Stephen sighed.
"And him," he gestured towards the door. "He was...he's going to 'play'."

"Ohhh?" They both sat up, sliding the violins between their knees.
"Him? realllllly?" They tilted their heads in opposite directions.
"He plays?" They grinned.

"Of course he plays, why would I ever deal with him if he didn't?"

The Twins blinked their honey coloured eyes.

"Will the muse come to this,"
"one? Like, last time? With,"
"her lovely little friend?"

"I don't know, I don't know. I have to speak with Neil. I should think it would be fine. There shall be more breathers, I am sure of this."

"Reallllly? What shall,"
"we do with all of them?"
"We're not that hungry."

"Speak for yourself. You know how big these end up." Stephen pursed his lips.
"Look," Stephen smoothed his forefinger and his thumb over his golden brows. "It's the three-hundredth Omoroca Coniunctio, can you just do this for me? Spare me dealing with them?"

"Awww, darling" They began to rise.
"We know. We will."
"Come play with us." They touched his neck and shoulders.

"On the verandah?"


"All right."
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Sacrifice Security: "lies, conspiracy, f*** off democracy"

"'ome wit us, mate. Danno 'oo y'ar but 've got tha'tention of da boss, y'see?" Said a leering voice over the man's ear. Irish eyes are shining... or whatever have you. Well, Mickey wasn't quite Irish, but it was good enough.
Either way, he laid his hand on the new comer's shoulder.

"What he said, is... We have to take you somewhere now. But you were expecting that, weren't you?" Tommy smiled from the other side.
The tender was having nothing to do with the situation, he was soothing the desires of customers. Shaking up a martini while he poured out a tequila shot.

Tommy pat the new comer on the back.

"C'mon boy. Time to see if the fat lady sings."

"'Fat lady', 'ey Tommy, 'at was funny."

10 minutes earlier:
"Dah!" squeaked Sick.

"What?" Asked Ewen, swiveling in his char and rolling himself over to where Sick was at the monitors. "Is that damn cable tweaking out again, I told Severin that the door-cam was on the fritz when.... is that what I think it is?"

"Isn't...isn't...that red light...?"


"Who do we tell first? Severin's--"

Behind them the door opened. "How's it going boys? Severin wanted me to come down 'ere and... you guys look like you've seen a breather in your lair."

"Well, I..." begain Ewan.

"It's sorta worse than that, Lars."

"Oh?" Lars had the disconcerting tendency of sliding into a cool, charming quality whenever he was more likely to reach for his gun.

"You see," Ewen began to gloss the situation over.

"There's some crazy vamp in the club!" Sick panted.

"I see."

The door closed silently as Lars left.

The phone rang a moment later, with orders.

Lars was leaning against the red wall of the main stairwell. From behind his sunglasses he was watching the collective group of Tommy, Mickey and Severin.

"It's ballsy, but just stupid," Tommy was saying.

"Are you sure there's only one?" Inquired Severin.

"Oh yes, yes indeed. I told Ewen to call me immediately if that changed."
The three men were nodding, all near silent and in thought.
Severin shrugged. "Bring him to the back, then. Only one thing to do with guys with balls as big as that."

"Beat 'em to a pulp n tack 'im on Laundon Bridge!" trilled Mickey.

"After," Severin rose a warning finger, "we find out what miracle grow he's been using, and why he's been using it around here."

Mickey nodded and turned to swagger out of the area. Tommy went after him.

Severin snorted under his breath, "Stupid kids now our days, too stupid to stay out of the kitchen."

**Title by suicide commando

Sacrifice Security: "Heaven forbid you have to face the ones you slight"
6/6/01 3:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The first thing that happened when they reached the cool air of the back alley (the one in which Demitri Romanov had so nicely deceased himself in) was the swift flight of a big Italian fist into the intruder's gut.

"That, mio fratello, is for insulting us by walking in without invitation."

The gesture was repeated again.

"That, is because you're just stupid. Capice?"

Severin put his back to the boy vampire that was held in the arms of the other two vampires. Did it matter what affiliation the boy had? Or how old he was? No, not at all. This was their turf, and their time. The place was crawling with dead things and for anything less than a militia, it was highly improbable that anything going in would come out without their permission. (Neil had even prepared the place for a kamikaze action, not even a psycho with a bomb strapped to his chest could take this place out.)

This was why Severin had such a problem with one stupid vampire walking in and making everyone pull a practice run.

They practiced enough as it was.

Ah, and Severin liked hitting people. A lot.

Tommy and Mickey, after wincing in unison to both contacts, dumped the boy on the ally floor Simply for the demoralizing quality of crumpling to the ground. It meant the boy had to get up again and look them in the eye.
Severin crossed his arms, watching his two affiliates for a moment and then narrowing his dark eyes on the newcomer.


In the background, Mickey and Tommy made bets as to what sort of chow Lars was snacking on tonight.

Tommy said 'Lorne' and Mickey almost hit him.

Sacrifice Security: "Don't misconstrue silence as safety"
6/8/01 10:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time

"If you want to pay back a debt to someone, don't fvck up his dealings with his current business associates. Make sense?" Severin's eyes narrowed, and it was quite obvious that he would have adored simply getting rid of this man-boy. Body, mind and soul.

And every throbbing muscle and vein in his body was singing songs of wanting to do just that. There was an animalistic eagerness for it, too.
There was rarely any reprimand for killing someone, but there were punishments similar to all nine levels of hell for letting someone go. Severin may not have had the snout nor the jackal laugh of the wretched (but efficient) Demitri Romanov, but his bloodlust was alarmingly similar. If not more skillfully contained.

Severin had seen massacres.
Severin killed children.
Severin diablerzied on order.
Severin ordered massacres.
Severin had been a prize pet to the Prince of Rome.
Severin was a gift.
And Severin was a security down payment.

"Recently? Recently might become 'never', boy." Severin lifted his chin to Mickey and Tommy. "Take him downstairs."

Tommy and Mickey barely reacted. Though the twitch in Mickey's eye said basically what Tommy was thinking too. 'Downstairs? Downstairs? Downstairs means business, upstairs meant talking.' Mickey just had his shoes cleaned, damnit.

They nodded and led the kid away. Carried, pulled, unconscious, or not even touched. Whichever the kid preferred.

Severin pulled out his cell phone. It was custom made with the extra mechanism in the slidedown mouth piece that cost a neat clean extra four hundred dollars (extravagance and sleek looks, that's all money paid for).

"Yes." "Yes." "Of course." "No, he's downstairs." "Excellent, five minutes is perfect."

He paused, listening to orders.

"Ci, Ci. Capito." "Sono andato." "Ci, Io." "Perche no?" "Ahhh." "Oggi? Va bene. …I'll call Lars."

The song she'd left him to dance to was furious. It was angry in the manner that beautiful things were angry. He felt foreign in its midst.
He was shaking off the shackles of conversation. He was slipping on the smirk he customarily wore. The one that tagged him as dangerous, contemplative and sarcastic at the same time.

"Lars," He said into the impossibly slender phone.

"We're taking him downstairs, Lars. Care to watch?"

"Hmm," Lars was grinning. "Why not."

Severin chuckled.

"Neil coming?"

"Oh yes."

**Titley by assemblage 23
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Jonathan & Neil: "Did I stand on the shore and watch you as you drowned?"
6/6/01 11:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

just one more time
for the sake of sanity
tell me why
explain the gravity
that drove you to this
that brought you to this place
that pushed you down
into the soil's embrace

give me the chance
i was denied
to sit and talk with you

i can't forget
having to see
the words that knocked the wind
right out of me
it's not enough
i've come undone
trying to find sense
where there is none

just give me peace you owe me that
to help ward off the fears
i must combat.

"Look, Jon. I don't think you should go in there right now."
"Hell if I'm not getting in to talk to him!" Jonathan jerked his arm to remove Chris's hand from his shoulder. "That bastard hasn't said one thing to me since he ..since you…" Jonathan snarled.
"Jon, he's in a meeting, I'm not going to interrupt him for this. You need time to cool down."
"Cool down? Cool down? That *** killed my girlfriend and you want me to cool down?
I've been cooling for weeks now, he's lucky I haven't--"
Chris, who was notorious for being able to be calm and collected during any sort of goings on, gave Jonathan a look that sliced his soliloquy in two.
"Do not say something that will make them make an example of you, Jon."
"*** examples, Chris, I am an example!" And with all his strength, he threw Christopher into the wall and slammed open the door to Neil's office.
Four eyes were staring at him. Two green, and two a cerulean blue. Eskil pivoted in his seat upon the leather couch, the better to see the intruder.
Jonathan stuttered, but stared down Neil's crisp, clean gaze.
Neil got the better of him. The first words were his. "Why, Jonathan, my boy, what seems to be so urgent?" And though there was an anger at interruption, Neil was never one to pass up an opportunity to share how good he was at handling the unexpected. His smile for the boy, who would technically be his grandson in blood, was mocking and sarcastic as much as it was expecting, sympathetic and already knowing of the response he was going to receive.
"Neil, I have to talk to you, this is just too much, way too much." Jonathan was shaking his head, his chocolate hair shaking against his features. It was weighed down, dirty, not unpresentable but unkempt in the subtle crazy-scary ways of the insane or alarmingly (lethally) disgruntled.
"If it is as urgent and unavoidably pressing as to require interrupting myself and Eskil here, then I suppose I shall have to devote my immediate attention to it, won't I Jonathan?" Neil's eyes narrowed.
Jonathan blinked, he had not expected this response. He tripped over his tongue and looked between the two men seated in the room. The other, this Eskil, was unnervingly still, his features devoid of both expression and decision. (One waits to make decisions about such scenes as this, as long as one is not expected to participate in them. This was something he had learned.)
"I…I…yes….Neil, it is. You should."
"Ah, forgive me, Jonathan, Eskil Simonsson. Eskil, Jonathan Davis." Neil grinned. "My body, my blood as they say." Cordial introductions? Jonathan nearly had a system error.
Eskil stood, and offered Jonathan his manicured nails and his firm, white handshake. "I'm honored to meet you, Jonathan." Eskil's other hand smoothed down his tie, he nodded very simplistically, just a tilt of his chin.
"I…I…" Jonathan looked at Neil. "I'm sorry…I shouldn't…" Neil glittered in his line of sight. Jonathan almost felt tired, like his weeks of fighting had left him simply wanting to sleep (perchance to dream).
"Ahhh, but you did, Jonathan. That's all that matters." Neil smiled, and Jonathan felt in every hair upon his body that that smile was only skin deep.
"I shall leave the two of you then. Neil," Eskil looked to the seated, reclining Neil-- who's eyes never lifted from the frazzled, wild boy.
"I have enough to keep me busy for some time," continued Eskil. "I shall make another appointment with you soon." Eskil took several steps to shake Neil's hand. And turning to Jon he added, "You couldn't have had more perfect timing." (For had you not had perfect timing, I imagine I would have seen very little of you after.) Eskil offered a warm, uncharacteristic smile for the chiseled, cold, Norwegian features, and then Eskil Simonsson left the room. The expensive lock clicking into place silently.
Jonathan remained frozen where he stood. His body language locked in the form of reception (of two of his…superiors). This intrigued Neil, he wondered absently as to whether the boy's wits had truly been effected permanently. For, Neil understood how anger could effect those same faculties for ephemeral periods of incongruancy. He could say the same effect held true for any crime of passion, perhaps that was Neil's own folly, understanding passion's habits of driving one mad.
"If you ever do that again Jonathan, I will simply have to make an example of you. Do you understand?"
"*** you, Neil." Jonathan murmured, barely audible, but Neil heard it like a clarion call.
Jonathan's chin was wrenched from its voluntary positioning by five cold, dead, stone fingers. A mortal man would have been bruised. Jonathan became aware of existing upon and within Neil's sweet breath. Literally, and in proverb.
"You will know exceptions because you are mine. But there are limits, Jonathan. You will never interrupt me when I am with someone, whether it be with the president, the pope, or your slut of a mother. Do you understand?" Neil sneered as he hissed.
"She wasn't…" Jonathan whispered. His body had flinched, and instead of fighting, he collapsed, Neil's hold was what primarily held him upon his feet.
"She was. Don't you ever forget your origins, boy. Don't you ever. They are what made you, like I made you. And if you out live me, I will have you remember me too. Don't you ever forget what your blood brought you through. It is respect to yourself, and to origins-- the trials you have overcome. Do you understand me, Jonathan Davis?" Neil's thin brow rose, "Keep your secrets, but keep the ones for yourself true."
There was a pause if digestion, and then Neil added flatly. "Or you are nothing. Nothing, boy."
Neil's nostrils flared with the weight of his murmurings. He pulled his hand from Jonathan's chin, and similarly threw away the boy's desire to fight.
"Mya, you killed Mya." He couldn't stop the tears, but he would not wipe them away.
"She was mortal, she was what you were, you are beyond her."
"You didn't have to..."
"Oh yes, yes I did. Jonathan," Neil leaned away, crossing his arms over his loose, silk shirt. "Would you have forgotten her?"
"No," nearly inaudible.
"She can not know, she will not know. She endangered us. And later, she would have died anyway. And I would not have given you permission to make her." Neil's voice was flat, like he was going over a list of prices. "I saved us all the trouble, do you deny this?"
"We must all lose something, you are reborn, Jonathan."
"I died, you killed me, wasn't that enough?"
It was Neil's turn, "No." And there was an odd softness in the clefts and grooves of Neil's remarkable eyes. Jonathan felt as though they admitted something to him in the silence between them.
It was almost as though they apologized. But not for the deed, but through empathy.
"…you sired Chris…"
"I did."
"Then I am more yours than the rest of them…"
"You are." Neil turned his back and returned himself to his seat behind his desk.
"…then… give me one more week… And then I'll come back to you."
"One week, Jonathan. Seven Christian days."
"Yes. Thank you, Father."

and so I ask
for one more chance
to understand
this senseless circumstance
help me to see
this through your eyes
the reasons I've been trying
to surmise

though you are gone
i am still your son
and while your pain is over
mine has just begun.

Neil: "at peace with all my limits"
6/8/01 2:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Neil had been sitting, fingers steepled, since Jonathan left his office. Twice he cast an askance glance at the blue prints and documents upon his desk.
Oh, what the Prince of this city would pay for these pieces of paper. Oh what would one of his competitors do for just the information hidden in the angles and schematics of these diagrams and notarized affidavits. But Neil didn't smile, he didn't sneer or smirk. This was the spoils of months of work-- all dropped into his lap, prettier than any monetary payoff.
When the phone rang he let it ring one more time before he sat up and spoke into the piece. He glanced at the caller ID specifically set up for his account of untrackable, scrambled cell-phones.
"You've apprehended our little problem?"
"It was successful and he's alive, I presume."
"Should I be expecting him? "
"Ahh. Well then, I can't leave any loose strings, now can I? I shall be down in five minutes."
"And Severin, I'd like to explain my priorities to you. There are many important people here. I am assuming this is in regards to either Aleister or Eskil's business. However, Eskil just left my office.
"Nonetheless, this is fine, no matter what he says I have a hundred reasons to assume he is lying. I believe it's safe to say that that's more our job than anything, or at least our first course of action. However, I'd like to get enough out of him to at least plan ahead when I find out what he is truly after. (AKA, what he will not be getting.) While I am down there I do not expect to make a martyr out of him, nor do I expect to do much talking. In. Out.
"I am unattainable. We are unattainable. I would like to keep it that way, capice?"
Neil nodded. Good, good, Severin worked out better than even Neil dreamed. However, he was still new. Neil had yet to grow the informal respect and assistance that he found necessary in any business relationship. Formally, however, Neil trusted the Italian. (Even if he seemed like a too pretty bribe from Rome. Neil had his doubts, but if Severin was a well placed and well recommended (Neil's own inquiries had only made him more impressed) attempt at espionage, well, Neil would have to deal with it when the time came. He tried to keep the situation with as low of a potential for damage as possible. But he needed someone . And that someone was supposed to be Severin.)
"Was someone sent to deal with that lovely… institution piccolina?"
"I didn't want you to go, Severin. Ci sono per il duo fratelli. Non est per tu."
Neil's one dark brow slid up slowly. An icon for reserved disdain.
"Perche… I said so." Then Neil grinned. "Because it's too easy, Severin. I'm saving us time and letting you finish with the system. Which, I'd like to have finished and tested for the last time today. Il tempo finalamente. Mas prima, tell Lars to join us."
Neil picked himself out of his char and went to his closet. He peeled back the door and looked amongst the attire he kept at the office. He had a wonderful assortment of suits, shirts and pants just in case there was a meeting, or if he forgot to prepare for formal plans after a work day that runs late.
He pulled out a nice jacket and pulled it over his shoulders. He buttoned it.
But he did not leave before slipping a mean, black glock into his shoulder holster.

**Title by assemblage 23
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Lars & Lorne: "held to ransom -- hell to pay"
6/21/01 2:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The sun bowed its head just below the horizon line, streaking the sky in an orange chemical stain that paints could produce, but noone would believe in-more beautiful than nature. Soon the moon would smear the same sparkling, unbelievable shadow on the ocean off to the side of RhyDin proper. It was the first evening of summer, and she was fighting to be as memorable as the day.

Lars had surfaced, looking out of the front windows of Club Sacrifice as they reflected the sunset to all passersby. Some of the city's inhabitants stopped to see their own reflections, fixing exposed roots or premature grayness in the steeled, mirror-like surface of the glass club-front. Lars was nearly nose to nose with life as she preened a bad bleach job and made it more acceptable to herself and the toy poodle she held in one arm, as careless as the world was with her children.

Lars watched, unseen yet right there with them, like looking at the world from another plane of existence. The metaphor was quite fitting in a gentle, tender way.

Life fixed her stockings and adjusted eyeglasses when sunglasses became extravagant. Lars noted a few brand names, a few pleasing curves and angles, but not much more. He saw a young girl dash across the street, much to the chagrin of a taxi driver who raised a closed fist and muttered something in a foreign tongue.

They were all thinking of home, of beds, of people to talk to and lay with. While Lars just watched them-- cooly removed and doing the calculations necessary for a life. A life that worked equations that these people only played a (very) minor variable in. (They couldn't, and wouldn't want to anyway.) His life playing out in a series of vectors and pictograms, schematics and detailed instructions. Sometimes the live scenes held captions beneath crisp images, some he remembered in silence (incessant screams blacked out for monotony's sake), some others had bleachy fade-ins with crude directors.

But outside, the hurrying figures were spared of his vigil -- not simply by the sunglasses, though these were worn in a genuine act of concern and understanding of the world. (And how it ran on relationships between people, which weren't necessarily the most healthy of partnerships when one half of the speculative partners was afraid of or in awe of the other.) But, aside from the unnatural eyes, the people outside were relieved of the icy, spectral and unknowable gaze. A gaze that wakes the world from its beatific expression of someone on lithium, and shakes it to a state more wakeful and wary. A little like reality. Who needed something like that in the early evening hours of their life?

Soon the night things were creeping in, and they filled the streets with their fantastic poise and postures. Grotesque shadows prowled on silvery feet, chilling the hot tar of the streets.

Lars turned away from the window to greet Lorne who had snuck up, almost as skillful as the night time.
"Why are we here so early again?"
"Work," said Lars flatly as he turned to move back into the belly of the great gaping club.
"Ahh." Obviously unsatisfied, however Lorne dismissed his frivolous curiosity as easily as shaking his fingers through his mane of pitch hair.
"Neil gave me a sheet of music today, as well as a new piece. I thought it was almost poetic." Lorne was still adjusting himself, his hands in his belt now, slinging the silver at the perfect, rag-tag 50 degree angle it deserved. Emblazoning his hips like a badge of merit.
"Apparently we're getting rid of a little trouble tonight. Just you and me."
"Just us?" Lorne nearly stopped. It was not complaint, just surprise.
"Ja, it shouldn't be too bad. Ewen ran up some plans that Tom and Mick approved. Should be an in and out deal." Lars turned to his co-worker. Between the two, but above them, a hollow bluish light glared, draining their skin of life (their pallor already being intensified by their cool black hair to begin with). They were sharp specters, phantoms one could lift fingerprints from.

Lorne nodded and picked up his stride again. Accepting of fate, a free-rider on her twisting, tepid paths.

"Ah, well. Your car or mine?"

**Title by U2

Lorne, Lars & Echo: "takes a second to say goodbye. Say goodbye"
6/25/01 6:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Echo was waiting for them at the car. They almost didn't see her, swathed in a gauze of all black with a loose linen-like shawl over her raven hair and down her ivory arms. She was still, like a Stoic. They would have missed her all together, that's how unobtrusive she was. But Lars noticed the change in temperature her flesh caused. A man with his occupation lives and dies by the acuity of his peripheral vision. (She wasn't as cold
as the metal of the Viper.)
They continued their walk towards her, Lorne was reminded of a mourning Greek, or Miranda waiting on the beach.
"Hello there. What's up Echo?" Lars spoke, while Lorne looked on with speculation in his stare. But it wasn't Echo that answered.
"She's going with you, Neil says it's a lucrative enterprise to do so." Severin fell into view as they neared. He had been sitting in his car, door open, keeping the woman company.
"He doesn't think we can do it on our own?" Lorne said matter-of-factly with a cool glance at the Italian, but his lip corner curled (amusement).
"No, not at all. But why not send three instead of two? Particularly when their talents are so wonderfully complimented." Severin lifted his eyes to them as he brushed dust from his black slacks. "Show her the ropes boys."
Under his breath Lorne muttered. "Oh great, a rookie."
Lars frowned.
Echo responded. "Rookie… can do it on her own. Lucrative to do so." She smiled.Lars laughed. "Hey, I have no problem bringing her at all. I'd like to see what she can do."
"Wonderful," said Severin as he rose. His Ferrari creaked.
"Wonderful," said Echo as she crossed her slender arms.
Lars opened the side door of his car. He motioned for Echo to join him.
Lorne laughed. "Ehem, looks like we're taking both cars then, fine." He really didn't care. In fact, he was looking forward to a chance at racing Lars. (Which they always did whenever they drove somewhere at the same time. It was the husks of testosterone in their blood, however long ago their body stopped producing it. The chemical capsules were still there-- ghost galleons on red seas. Haunting the meat of their brains. Ahh, men, unchanged even by death.)
Their cars sped off like hybrid banshees. Wraiths looking for souls to pray upon, as easy to pluck and devour as reaching out their pale hands beneath their modified wails. (Their screams quieted by the newest, most compact, and technologically advanced silencers this plane has made. Bushnell.) One shot, that's all Lars needed.
Echo was grinning with glee.

**Title by U2

Lars, Lorne & Echo: "And they're doing the atomic bomb"
6/25/01 6:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Double cross hairs. Their target was a deep violet glow, a metal and glass edge. Lars didn't even squint behind his sunglasses (which had faded for practical purposes, and were faintly orange (the opposite of blue)).
The scope gave up, pulling away as Lars lowered the rifle. (The neon sign said, ironically, "Your Own Coffin".) He remembered to breathe again as he lifted his chin to look at Lorne. The other vampire was off to the side, leaning against the wall of the window, which Lars was so intent upon.
"Not bad at all. Great spot." Lars gave his assessment.
"Yeah? The kid does good with preparations."
"True, back when, we'd have had to kill the family who lived across the street. Now, all Ewen has to do is make a computer glitch and," Lars snapped his fingers, "family evicted".
"Much cleaner."
"He sweep for bugs?"
"Yeap, just before we got here."
"Rock on."
A moment of silence, almost like a space for prayer, but noone was praying.
"What time is it?"
Lars didn't move, but responded. "3:17."
"Ahh, I'll head down stairs now."
"Yeah, Echo's in place already."
Lorne dared a glance out the window. "You can see her? I can't see shyt in that alley."
"Just barely, I saw her slip into place. The flutter of her shawl, a flash of skin."
"Yeah," Lorne sort of grinned. "Nice skin too, I'd --"
"You and everyone else, man."
"Fair enough." Lorne trotted off.
Lars kept staring at the curl of gauze on the pavement, like it was gesturing to him. Like a shadowy finger, curling in command. The piece of fabric was speaking in the imperative.
Lars smiled and shook his head before he rose the rifle for the second time.
He wouldn't put it down again till he pulled the trigger.

03:27:47 AM EST:

"Danke, Danke. Beautiful, truly beautiful. A wonderful arrangement," The man clapped the other man upon the shoulder as their body guards opened the door. "It is good to do business with a smart man."
"As well as an ambitions man." The owner grinned at his guest. Streetlight sliced his features in two.
And sparkled in the blood that spattered on his cheek.
Lars took out the owner and his closest guard with two, nearly simultaneous bullets to the head. As quiet as silk over a woman's stomach. His rifle had to be modified for his preternatural response time. The gun was almost as quick as he was.
As the bodies slumped and the second of the owner's guards drew and fired at the building (unable to locate the correct window from just the first shots) Lars took out the guard of the business man. But one to the head only stalled him, setting him up for Echo's attack.
Lorne had already torched the first two shot. Owner and right-hand-man went up in flames. Their bodies blazing an unholy fire as their figures writhed and curled. They were screaming.
But never as loud as Echo would be.
Lars hadn't noticed her advance. He was busy following the fleeing figure of the business man with his scope. One shot in the shoulder, one in the chest, finally, when he'd fallen, Lars had been able to put two in his head. The only human put up more struggle than the reputed undead now only ashes on the sidewalk.
Lars snarled at his inefficiency. And as he noticed Lorne in a hand-to-hand battle with the other owner's-guard, Lars disassembled the rifle and threw it into its case. He flew down the steps.
And then he heard Echo.
Even through the protective wear Severin had given him and Lorne. He almost reeled at the keening, and the way it magnetized his body. It almost threw him down the stairs.

Lorne was having a hard time with the owner's last guard. Normally the one at the owner's side was his strongest, but tonight, for some reason they would never know, the head of security for "Your Own Coffin" had been behind his employer. And perhaps he fought as hard as he did because he knew he'd failed in his single job requirement.
As Lorne battled this big man, nearly losing the gun to him several times, he saw Echo out of the corner of his eye. He also saw the businessman's guard see her (bullet in the brain or not). And then Lorne groaned upon seeing the final figure that had come out of the club-- the Manager. Second in Command. This was the moment of truth. Lorne shoved the Head of Security hard, trying to turn the tables with the inspiration of knowing he would soon be out-numbered. And Lorne felt the man give, but then there was a horrible rush of strength, and Lorne felt something pull his leg, something curling around it… He was falling.
But Echo was a force of nature. That last wounded guard was surprised, he had started when he saw Echo slink in from the side. He reached for his weapon-- and then Lorne could have sworn he saw Echo's eyes flash a swirling, mad-sea green-blue. She smiled, and her small teeth parted, and out of her mouth came voices.
Hundreds and thousands of voices.
The oncoming manager fell to the ground, writhing, spared the full brunt of the voice of Angels, the Residuals of Man.
Immediately the skilled man whom Lorne was going to lose to twitched, and he was tempered enough to not grab for his ears (to keep fighting even through the pain), but the surprise had given Lorne the moment. And that was all he needed. He had the gun. He fired. Three cop-killers, as wide as a fingernail, went into the Head of Security's chest-- and exited through wounds the size of his fist.
The body crumpled, and before its knees even hit the ground, it lit up in green, hissing flames. Lorne almost fell backwards trying to avoid them.
Now listen to the Echo.

Lorne and Lars felt their skin prickle, it felt like their fibers were alive. As though their composition was trying to crawl off their bones and bend and separate-- to wrap up and coddle the woman who was releasing all the collected voices in her head. She was a hole, a pit in reverse. Purging the communication of eternity. She exhaled all the breath of life and cognition that it brought with it-- in one cacophonous sigh.

(This was the chaos that light would form if it refracted through a crystal hive. Hexagonal triumph and destruction-- Like the membranes that made all and nothing.)
Echo-- the point at which things once sunk and disappeared, collecting like rain in gutters (greasy, primordial ooze rinsed off as residue from the man made), suddenly became the driving force of jet engines. The backburn of an organic sound machine, taking off at mock 8 and rearing off into the existence that created the world.
This must have been the sound of god.
It almost brought both her counterparts to their knees.

The last guard (the first to meet Echo) fell to the ground, dead. The sea-witch had sung in his ear, and the contents of his body leaked out in a pink, red and white liquid-- blood and brains and his soul-- if there was such a thing (made a tangible soup of extinguish). As viscous as the thoughts that were abolished there, as sick and dead as the skin that hung like loose sacks on his body (its elasticity spent from being pulled from the
muscle and bones).
He looked empty.
The body twitched. It had known the full circumference of her sound.
Lorne was reminded of something he had once seen lead out of Laurent's basements. He'd never asked what it was,o had thankfully left in him knew it was a sigh.

Lars surfaced out of the building with his case at his side. He had bought them the time of their attack, he had initiated this awful. He came to finish and aide in the ending. His hand gun was already drawn and he nearly pulled the trigger on Lorne as he didn't recognize the posture of stillness. The first thing he had seen was the grimace on Lorne's face, never before having seen the man stop before murder. Had it been curiosity or horror?
Lars never saw the creature that suddenly sparked to flame at Lorne's touch.
it was only this fraction of a second (that yes, arguably, could have cost him his life) that Lars spent in thought. A snapshot of violence, this coronation of wounds. In the next moment he saw Echo (sound came back from the silent picture), recovering from her attack. She bobbed her chin and straightened her face as though she'd taken a blow in the jaw. And then, graceful, like a gazelle or a dear, she swiftly dashed to paralyze the only
man left , the Manager, with a slice of her slender hand to his neck.
The Manager stopped moving.
The scenery revealed itself.
It took 3 minutes to clean.
No sirens.

**Title by U2

Laurent: "and i'd be the first to reconciliate the grace"
7/1/01 5:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Laurent was rolling an old coin over his slender fingers. The mint was French, 17-- the last two digits rubbed off by use or love (or dignity). It shimmered like a fish, a carp sliding through vaguely disturbed waters. Just another silver glitter about his person. No different from the lamplight in his hair, or the fiendishness in his stare.
He still preferred to write with the old, ink-well pens. Modern times had fallen in love with them again. So while most good gothic-likes in the club had a set of that and at least one Celtic-something-or-another in their room, Laurie made sure he got the genuine type. The ink that needed powder to dry from, and paper that was stained, but not by tea.
He scrawled his signature across the bottom of the document. He had to check his calendar for the exact date. Once dated, he dried the ink. And left it out so it would not bleed or smudge further.
He pulled himself up onto his long, grey limbs. And took a black cheroot from a box upon his desk.
"Hushup. I know quite well." He seemed to be murmuring to himself as he took out a boss, art-deco lighter and lit his smoke.
"Who are you to...cacophony? Like that damnable chanting you do?"
"Oh yes, excuse me. "Did"." Laurent made a light snorting sound that was mixed with the sound of a smirk. A noise made by those who are pleased by themselves.
"Yes, well, I took that gene out of you, did I? Amazing, isn't it?" Aren't I?
Laurent slowly returned to his desk. He exhaled the rich smoke slowly, and inhaled it through his perfect nostrils.
A moment of too-long silence. And then he picked up his phone. He dialed.
"Laine? Yes, yes I know. Come pick it up."
"Of course it's ready, you ass."
"Neil is pleased, but we shall leave him out of this for the now. Tell her to get her ass working. Make note of the date of production, she meets it on the first album...or..." Laurent smiled, he had to. "There shall not be a second."
"Make sure she is working."
"And I mean on the music, not on your drawstrings."
"Oh, and Laine. If she does something horribly self-destructive that causes her to fault on her contract-- Neil might be more interested in reviving her than letting her just go the way of the winds."
"And, we all rather not have that, I'm sure."

**Title by The Tea party

Lars, Echo, Raivis & Martins: "down in a hole"
7/21/01 9:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Lars was staring rather ambivalently at the disk on the coffee table. He looked at Echo questioningly. She shrugged and smiled, as demure and unhelpful as Maile customarily was.

"It's a cookie," Lars finally said.

"That's what I told him! But he doesn't listen to me!" Raivis squirmed in his seat.

Lars looked at Martins. "It's a cookie."

"It says bread on the box, it's bread." Martins shrugged.

"It's a fvckin' cookie! Martins!" Raivis pronounced the name correctly. Martinch was what it sounded like, though the 'ch' sound was just enough to earn it's 'c' rather than the more English prone 's'. Lars wouldn't have known how to spell it if you bet him your car on it. Raivis was laughing.

"You can't always believe advertising." Lars added helpfully. Only the very back of his brain was saying that this was ludicrous.

Raivis looked at Echo. His pale blue eyes were human, unlike Lars'. But they still reminded her of bleach.

Raivis' hair was red, that barely red that makes you doubt whether it's red at all. It could have been a dark brown, but no. That wouldn't have accounted for the way his brows seemed to turn white or blonde on his skin. What an interesting complexion, thought Echo. Enjoying her view.

Echo shrugged again.

"It's not advertising," explained Martins. "They're telling you what's in the damn box. Imagine how many people who wanted cookies wouldn't buy these because they called it 'bread'.? Christ."

Raivis paused. " bought it. They got the people who wanted bread to buy it."

"I didn't want bread," said Martins.

Raivis just looked at him. The question was imminent.

"I just wanted something Scottish."

Raivis raised one of his mirage brows. Martins scowled with the dark eyes under his sandy hair.

"...and this lady behind me said she always bought 'Scottish shortbread' whenever she was in London, so I thought I'd try it. Damnit." Martins' accent was thicker than Raivis'. It made him sound deeper, almost Russian. While the other man's (boy's?) added a lightheartedness to the way Raivis bobbed his head.

Lars, finally breaking the rules, reached out and broke the disk in quarters, not even paying attention to the lines. He bit into the crumbling cake.

"It's a cookie."



" 'cookie.' "


**Title by Alice in Chains

The RhyDin Starr | 07.23.01 | Sirens
7/23/01 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Might as well be ambulance Sirens.
by Lux Ashcroft

Our proud RhyDin Town/Infinity City is the owner
of a fairy-tale gothic rock n' roll band by the name
of /\bsinthe /\fter /'/\idnight. If one lives here, they
most likely are already in the know-how of this
tasty bit of information. One must also be familiar
with the exotic tales that go along with the group.

Plagued by bassists that either drop out, disappear
or get dead, our claim to fame local band has hit
some hard times. Founding father and critically
acclaimed synthesizer player Damien Fox died two
years ago when the band took up residence
permanently after gathering its members in London.
This cut their touring short by several disappointed
cities, and has also pushed back their third album
to a horribly rocky road of theoretical release dates.
Shortly after claiming the enigmatic Casey Spenser
from his founding project Exit Wound, /\a/'/\ offered
RhyDin another lovely scandal of a multiple stabwound
death in the bassist's posh apartments. Living up to
his former group's nom-de-plum, unfortunately.

After a hopeful list of non-namers and well acclaimed
talent there have been extraordinary tales of hospital
internments, car accidents, misdemeanors and side
projects, but there seems to be no real albums
forthcoming. Well, it is this article's helpful claim that
the date is mostlikely even farther pushed back by the
recent hospitalization of two of /\a/'/\'s members. That
lovely leading lady Millicent Grim and her charming
cohort, Gabriel Sharp.

As of Monday morning it appears that RhyDin's Central
Hospital has placed Millicent Grim on critical watch. Both
under the eyes of wary staff and her guitarist who was
treated for minor injuries of an un-explained sort. Alarmingly,
it appears that since Grim's internment, she has not been
conscious and the nature of her illness has concerned
and somewhat baffled several teams of doctors. There has
even been some questions of quarantine, but for what reasons
and in regards to what sort of contamination factor it is
unknown. Once again there are rumors of drug abuse, but
these should be taken with a grain of salt in cases involving
the rich and famous. Particularly when all of the hospital
staff has been more or less advised to keep their mouths
quiet by /\a/'/\'s manager, the ubiquitous Jonathan Davis.

The Starr had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Davis, who
has been known to occasionally fraternize with the press
since the positive and now familiar Rolling Stone cover of
'the band who was never predicted to make it double platinum
or reach radio play'. Mr. Davis informed us of the nature of
musicians- something this town is all too familiar with. And he
even joked about this internment as being a well needed
rest for the personalities that make up half of /\bsinthe /\fter
/'/\idnight. [He jokingly added that perhaps Miss Morrighan Cartier
and Mr. Dimitri Davis might also profit from a period of forced rest
and relaxation.] He also confirmed several rumors the Starr
used this opportunity to confirm. That yes, the band has
been seen with members of one of our other local groups,
Fade. And that there has been discussions with Jill
Lockhart. The natures of these relationships and affiliations
he claimed he 'could not' discuss.

Do to Mr. Davis' good nature, RhyDin Starr also questioned
the manager on the rumors on the relationship between
Mr. Sharp and Miss Grim. And Mr. Davis curtly ended the
conversation with dubious regrets as to the timing of his
interview, but also that this question shall be addressed in
a press release shortly withcoming.

The hospital has already received well-wishing cards and
even some cards jumping the gun on these rumors that
shall remain rumors. Mr. Davis did say that the band has
often been fond of receiving such things from their fans
and the hospital has made arrangements in the form of a
collection box for the mixed sentiments.

What does this say for the fans of the local heart-throbs?
This reporter suggests, "better luck next time".

Neil & Lars: "she's pilgrim and pagan"
7/24/01 3:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

He leaned against the high counter top, his hips pivoted toward the dumbstruck nurses in the receiving lounge. Leather. The soft black silk shirt was open to expose the impossible white of his chest over his breast bone, and even a few of the galvanizing rib valleys. He wasn't wearing a coat.
He tossed the women in the waiting room and the nurses on duty a smile from one corner of his mouth, without even looking at them. They were as grateful for it as jackals fumbling and yelping for scraps. Neil was used to it by now, it didn't even grope his ego.
He purred over the surface to the woman behind the computer desk. "We're here to see Millicent Grim."
"Y-yesir." The woman ticked in some necessary access codes, and fumbled as he revealed a canine and winked at her for her shaking hands. Which, only made them even less controllable. She forced herself to look at the others in the trio of visitors. Falsely assuming that this would garner some comfort and control.
Lars stood there, black shades, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his black jeans. He wore a sleek Armani coat that was cut high, but hid his shoulder holster. He didn't smile. He didn't do anything. Just stood there, statuesque and agreeable to the eye.
He'd have rather been playing guitar or dissecting something for Laurie's experiments.
"Re-re-lation to Miss Grim?"
I own her. "Mmmm...big brother."
"And the two with you?"
Neil slid his chin down an imaginary incline that a photogropher would have wept for had he thought of the action himself. He smiled at the little girl-child that held his hand. "Little sister." Then he looked back at the nurse. "And he's our body guard."
Lars would have smirked, but he didn't feel like taking any attention onto himself.
"Of-of course. Room 713."
"Thank you."
And Neil prowled his way down the hall, trailing whispers and sighs to the elevator.
Angel wiggled her little fingers at the lady.
Later, the nurses would all attribute their little crying spell to the grace of the Club owner.

Lorne, Lars & Neil: "escape the sorrow and restraint of mortal cities"
7/26/01 1:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Lorne went up the blood red stairwell, muttering the entire time. As per usual, Lars wasn't even listening.
"What the fvck does he want to show us so goddamn early in the evening? What the hell's his problem lately? Why the fvck does he want us to bring Her?" The customary disdain was about a hundred times worse.
Wintermute grinned. Her black lips raising high over her enormous white teeth. Black gums glistening from the thing Lars let her kill on the way over to the Club.
"I ain't afraid of ***, Lars. But I'm afraid of your dog."
"Aw, she's just smiling at you, buddy-ole-pal."
"That's not a fvcking smile, that's a goddamn death threat. That animal"
" favorite thing in the whole wide world?"
"...yeah..that too."
The big brute of an animal bound up the steps, but never ate up the slack in her leash. Lorne realized that, though Lars might (might) be able to hold the hound back (she couldn't be all meat under that husky-like pelt, could she?) the leash, no way in hell, would hold her.
"Why don't you get a chain for her?"
"What's the point?"
"Public safety?"
"Wouldn't work anyway."
"Ha, great. Thanks for letting me know. I feel so much safer."
The trio came to the looming, steal and oak door. The damned screamed silently, frozen in their arched contortions and the work of some sixteenth century master. Neil had altered it, made it like a relief, gleaning the background to expose the steal door behind. But, it was anything but tacky, first and foremost, it was beautiful. A renaissance of technology and classical aesthetics. It opened without anyone knocking.
They stepped inside, Wintermute was as light footed as a fawn, and she had the sense to not go sniffing around. Lorne wondered if Lars had taught her to be less of a dog, or if it was natural. Or rather, unnatural.
Without realizing, Lorne spoke with a lowered voice. "Maybe Neil's going to eat her."
"Fat chance." I dare him.
Lorne glanced at Lars, one of his black brows raised high. He garnered a smug look, enjoying having a best friend with such balls.

"Come in, come in, do sit down," said Neil from his lean behind his desk. His pointed tip boots were crossed at the ankles on the cherry wood furniture.
One cool figure on a lacework of inanimates.
Lars sweeped the room and then smiled with his thin lips.
"What's up bossman?" Intruded Lorne.
"I wanted to compliment you on your lovely job the other day."
"No problem, no problem." Lorne sat down, crossing his long legs. "That Echo is an animal though, boss. I had no idea."
Lars remained standing, so did Wintermute, but her ears were still pressed back. Behind his shades, the corner of Lars' eye twitched. Neil was watching the dog.
"So why'd you want us to bring Winter? And where's Echo?" Asked Lorne, hardly the dumb kid on the block, afterall, Neil did employ him.
"She's--" Wintermute started to growl.
And then the leash snapped taught.
The corner of the room moved.

Lorne had his gun drawn. Lars didn't even pick up anything on his thermo.

Lorne, Neil, Lars & Sway: "I found refuge in a house of fire"
7/26/01 1:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"Whoa, man. You're fvckin' crazy." Lulled Lorne from his stance. Not quite at ease from Neil's wave of hand just yet.
Lars was silent, weighing the man in all his extrasensory motifs. He didn't show up as hot or cold, in fact, the thermo registered only the things behind him. The black man's face was knit with several sleek, straight tribal tattoos, barely noticeable on his cheekbones and above his eyes. Eyes surrounded by such white, and such curled, lashes. His face was leonine, almost sharp. Some would have called him pretty, but not Lars.
Wintermute was still growling, but she was watching the floor behind the figure.
"We seem to have some attention to remove from our organization. So I've called in an old friend to do some work for us."
"We can't do it ourselves, huh?" asked Lars.
Neil's eyes were smiling, a portent of calm before storm. "We all have our specialties."
"We all can hide in shadows."
Lorne shifted on his feet, the tension in the air tugging his cuffs taught, so he loosened them.
Lars shrugged, and Neil regarded Lorne. "This is Sway. Sway, Lorne and Lars, two of my top men." After a moment. "Ah, and Wintermute, the young lady who found you first."
Lorne reached to shake the midnight black hand. The grip was cool, calm and self assure.
"Pleasure." Said with an accent.
"South African."
"Ah, of course."
Sway raised one of his nearly nonexistent brows.
"So how'd he do the little corner trick, and why isn't he showing up on my thermo?" Asked Lars. Sway stepped back, coolly accepting of the overstepped introduction.
"He'll show you."
"I rather you did, Neil."

**Title by assemblage 23

Sick, Sway & Lorne: "remindful of a cattle transport"
7/31/01 2:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"Dude, no man. Burger King all the way. Fvck McDonalds," crooned Sick in his crazy drawl from the back-seat.

"Then why are they more popular?" asked Sway from his position driving. His black car crawling around the corner of the drive through like it was slowly making love to the building. Lorne was very aware of this feat of mechanics from the passenger seat. Both of his thin, curved brows were high on his cold face.

"I dunno, but maaaan, they Lie too. You ever look at the pictures and wonder where the hell the lettuce and tomato went? They friggin' Lie to you." Sick looked heart broken as he pressed his nose to the window. Trying to figure out what sneaky things they did in those curious first windows most drivethroughs just didn't use anymore. He was sure it had something to do with speed. Maybe opium. "Can't you sue 'em for that shyt?"

Sway just laughed, Lorne was amused by the man's patience.

"Hey, have you ever eaten McDonald's?" A pause. "Either of you?" Both of the undead shook their heads.

Lorne: "Too old, man."
Sway: "I would have rather chewed off my own paw."

"Paw!" Sick giggled "Whhheeeeee." And bounced in the back seat.

Sway looked skeptically at the attendant when they finally came up to the window. He paid with a fifty. Which made him groan, realizing this would increase the time of transaction by at least one manager call, one swipe of highlighter and a few recounts of the change.

"Hot damn I'm hungry." Sick bounced.

"You couldn't have waited?" asked Lorne as he looked over his shoulder?

Sick gave the most serious scoff of his life. "Tcha. Yeah, like you freaks would break for dinner. I know you people, I'll be locked in that room fixing the security shyt you people fvcked up, and you wont even break for...for Tommy's faggy tea-time."

Sway threw the satchel back at Sick, he caught it in the chest and whined. But he yipped when they passed him his coke. "I suppose he has a point there," said Sway.

"Maybe we should vamp him," said Lorne rather precariously. "Then he wouldn't be hungry." Sway slammed on the gas and the car screamed out of the drive through.

Sick: "DAH!" "DOUBLE DAH!"

**Title by funker vogt

Sway: "from my birth until now, I can't help but wonder why"
7/31/01 2:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

He walked as beast over the cooling sand. The warm granules felt like silk between his foretoes. It melted, a brave contrast to the >thwick< and >swish< of the air he cut with his tail.
The sun had set, dusk atrophying into a warm night. The sky was the colour of smelt steal, folded and folded again. Strong. It greeted his prowling figure and swallowed it upon his will. He fought the foreign urge to cry into the air. Stealth was his resistance, but so was the jerky, jostling music that came creeping in. The tang and twist of vaudeville. It was then that he knew this was a dream, and wondered if it would soon become a nightmare.
"Darling," said her voice, disembodied and coming from somewhere in the sky. He rose his chin and saw the honey light of a descending star. "Darling, you're so far away."
"I have to be," he growled and rumbled in his animal speech.
"I wish you were closer, my love." The sweet lies only dreams can tell.
"As do I."
"When he who is one but three..." it almost sounded like the stage, but it was too familiar.
"...takes from the innards of the night..." they recited prophecy like a child's song. He knew the pain was coming. He could feel the acid in her voice already, feel the syllables grow teeth and cause his ears to press flat against his head.
"...and with that scepter of flesh he shall pierce her side."

Sway woke up screaming, clutching his chest at the pain of a heartbeat he no longer carried in his body. He reached out one of his large hands, and slapped on the light in his stark apartments on West 30th Street.
"Crow," he cursed. And sunk his brow into his paw of a hand. Muttering fearful words in the language he learned as a child.

Tommy, Ewen & Mickey: "but you always have to hear both sides of the story"
7/31/01 3:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"I got no troubles wit' you Ewen, just get your shyt together for when they get back here, a'right?" Tommy frowned at the boy.
"Fine, fine, but don't come at me like this is my fvcking fault. You're the people who hired the mule." Ewen spit on the floor, it wasn't as affective as he wanted it to be.
Ewen went to work.

Tommy sat down next to Mickey.
"ah don know wha'is problim is, mate."
"I do."
"Napolianic syndrome, or whatever they call it."
"Yah meen lahke... small cockadoodledoo shyt?"
Tommy gave a clipped, one syllable laugh.
"...oh wait, yamean lahke small mahn stuff, lahke 'imma short as all yous guys' crotches' raht?"
Tommy laughed again, less reserved. "Both."
"Ah, well, mahybe'll pop 'im one and ee'll feel bettah."
"Now how does that work, Mickey?"
"Ah, raight, 'll lettim win than."
"I guess that's better." Tommy ran his hand through his hair, fluffing it up like a berzerk rodent's fur.
"Wuz 'e makin' fun of Sevy?"
"Aooaoooaaoh. Thas sum ba'd shyt raight there, boss." Foreshadowing was funny on the loon's tongue.
"It's just the short-man thing again. There's not even a reason for him to bring up Severin. Neil's just making more improvements."
"Yeah, well, whys 'e doin' that anywhey?"
"After the hit."
" 'it went wehl. Iffin anybodies s'pposed ta be pissed abou'that should be us. We got gipped, boyo."
"I think Neil just wanted them dead, not roughed up, or decked or anything, just dead." Tommy shrugged. "Lars and Lorne are better at that."
"They took tha'lil sweetums too, boss."
"Mate, I wouldn't call her that. Lorne still looks at her funny, and Lorne doesn't ever look at something funny like that."
"Mebbe she's crazy."
"Maybe you are."
Mickey sniggered. "Damn straite."
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Laurent: "grey would be the colour, if I had a heart"
8/9/01 11:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time

More than two months ago:

There was the slow, nerve wracking >rrrrrriiippp< of plastic adhesives being pulled apart. Millicent kicked her legs as they hung over the long, raised reclining chair. Her little fingers hugged the worn red leather edges near her hips. And it had taken her this long to realize the dementia of the device.
It was a long, bent-in-three-places chair like an over-zealous barber's chair or an eccentric dentist's. It sat in a round room with a ceiling that screamed up to a vertical height of dwarfing proportions. Seven stories up was a glass cap to the tower, and the night time glistened--twinkling and winking down at Millicent Grim with sympathetic eyes.
The tower room had grey slate floors with occasional depressed vents as though the lid were open to rain and the elements that needed to be drained away. And though the tower was mostly a crypt of stone, the walls around the first story were paneled with a dark, ancient wood. This mixture of living stone and petrified wood could have simply added a taste of the medieval or a wholesome hearth. However, Laurent had driven some long-dead (though this was debatable) artist to great lengths (and deep dementia) by having him make this symbiosis spectacular.
The artist had chiseled, curled and carved the tops of the wood panels (and sometimes the stone behind) into a gnarled lace overlay. The rich brown-black fit with the stone chamber like some fantastic interlocking key from the hellish minds of Bosch or Brueghel. The realized landscape was disturbing. The fingers of preserved living tissue twisted their grasps for the sky. The only usable story of this strange room licked up into the awful height towards the dome of the stars.
And Laurent would never see the sun stare ominously down at him from that sky. Not like some other lucky patrons-of-here who had sat strapped into the seat upon which Millicent reclined. The wood was a night-horror landscape-- a stylized last sight of this world for the grim coats-of-arms that painted themselves on the searing retinas of the tower's victims. It was beautiful. And it reminded them of the man who was personally sending them
to hell.
A hell he made and they soon became.
Silhouette trees or black fire-- this was a winter forest in the black Russian heart. It watched, it waited. It was, and it would be. It was a thing of fairy tales and lost children.
And Millicent squirmed like one of those lost children (for really, she was), trapped in the imaginary clutches of this room. Laurent cruelly let the syringe glitter in the candle-lit night. He took his own prices for his favors, even if they were lost to her.
"My darling, My darling. I have met some masochists in my life, but I must say you do it with such a …" he inserted the needle into her prepared vein. "…an endearing…delicate..." he pursed his lips "but expert penchant." His nostrils flared as he drew the blood from her arm. A silver heat curled in his grey eyes, mercury bubbling and brewing up wretched things from its poisonous depths.
He pulled the needle out fast. She cringed, and he walked away.
She remained silent. Lost between warm contempt and cool grattitude.
He pooled a bead of the most precious jewel onto a glass slide. And he pooled another onto his tongue as he shuddered with a sick, erotic delight. He sighed, and almost told her what she tasted like.
Moments passed, he worked at a leisurely pace. Unaffected by the angst of the girl.
"You will not be content with any answer I give you, my dear," Laurent observed or philosophized.
She remained silent. He removed the vial into which the warm liquid had been extracted. He placed it within a rack.
"How do you do these things to yourself, my dear?" He knew the 'why's. Whether he knew them in perfect detail or not, it didn't matter, he knew. And then he chuckled softly to himself.
"Actually, I know exactly how you do this to yourself." He grinned. And it was blood curdling. For normally, snakes can't smile. "I may be dead, but I do remember."

**Title by trent

Maile & Laurent: "But whatever the reason, I do it for me."
8/13/01 4:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"Okay, to be totally honest, no I don't like working with someone who's been extraordinarily close with Alec."
" 'Extraordinarily close'? My dear, are you implying that…"
"Laurent, no I-- who cares?" Maile closed her eyes and sipped from her snifter.
"Look here, darling. Let me refresh your memory as to your surroundings. You are in my house, and you are speaking of someone whom I do not care for." He rolled one of his silver ribbed shoulders.
"I thought you always went for that 'keep thine friends close, but thine enemies closer' garbage."
"Well now, have you found out what then I'm doing with you, dear?" Laurent smiled slowly over the brim of his glass and watched her with extraordinarily sleek mirth.
Maile visibly strained but spoke with a tempered dialogue-voice. "Whatever you like, I suppose. That's always the way it was."
"You are so naïve, Maile."
"And you, Laurent, are an ass."
"One you are still hopelessly in love with. I feel sorry for you, Maile."
"I don't need your pity, you were never good at it."


Her tongue tip entered the seam of his lips, the narrow muscle tearing on his teeth as he held her naked body up against his chest. He had broad shoulders, but narrow hips and he held her demure figure as a tall man must hold a petite woman-- close and firm.
He sucked softly from the still-warm living blood she had just drunk. It infused her body with a soft warmness he found distinctly intoxicating, even if he had never savored her tendency to create shadows when she was enthralled or in the rapture she divined from his arms. It greatly amused him that he had the equivalent of a white flag to signal when he had stroked her the right way, or said just the right things. It was like scratching a hound till it kicked.
Maile liked when he said things to her through the bond of the embrace, she liked when they were cruel. And her enjoyment of these things (which he did sincerely mean, they weren't really some perverse game to increase his pleasure he was simply cruel to begin with) had kept him interested. If only because he could do as he wished, when he wished and he didn't have to worry about her emotional imbalances or responses.
He slid the blades of his nails into the small of her back, like gills on that beautiful curve on either side of her spine. He punctured internal organs, and she kissed him harder. He tore flesh and meat, and she whimpered inside his mouth. He pulled her up to him this way, to a point where she was forced to wrap her legs around his waist.
"Maile," he said without words. "Maile, darling."
She inquired as to his call by purring quietly.
"What would you say if I knew what you were up to, and I just didn't really care at all?"
She nearly leaned away, but his teeth clamped and pinned her tongue in his mouth. Her occasionally-gentle eyes flashed.
"I am not prone to games of Jealousy, Maile. The green of Envy is a colour I am in the least admiration of. Particularly on others, but most especially upon myself."
"Laurie," rolled her soothing mind-speak. "Do you really think…"
"'Think', 'know', tis but games of English. Let us ignore the distinctions between the two, dear. Or you will anger me as to your choice between them." His teeth pressed harder, and she began to squirm. "Yes, I really know."
"I gave you…"
"A decade, maybe more…that is all, sweet Maile." He was pushing her slowly against a wall. Her eyes clouded with uncontrollable elation.
"Laurie, I…"
" ' busy', I know." He let her legs down. "I am tired of these kissing games, put your mouth where it is better enjoyed, darling. And if you stop, let it only be for a trip to get ice cubes." And he pushed down upon her shoulders, and held her there.

**Title by Tina Turner

Lamia & Neil: "and she only reveals what she wants you to see."

8/16/01 12:13:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith
With her casual lies
And she only reveals what
She wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she's always a woman to me.

"Dear, dear sweetheart. Tell me you have not let the wooden horse into our lovely little Troy." Lamia sat upon Neil's desk. She was facing him as he lounged in his high leather chair.
His legs were folded at the ankles, resting on the impossibly expensive wood, while Lamia's pointed toe and stiletto heal scathed the impossibly expensive leather near his shoulder. She looked like a great, enthralling beast sitting there. Holding her pray down with impunity. Sinning if only in the way she sat in her very-short skirt.
" 'Our', Lamia?" He glanced up at her from the top corner of his eyes and slowly removed his cigarette-case from his breast pocket.
"What's yours is all of ours, incidentally, Neily-kins." She smiled beneath her dark brows. Her countenance was off balanced and strange considering the platinum blond dye of her hair (the roots dark from however many years of neglect). "We might not be joint stock-holders, but you go down, pumpkin… and we do too." She reached out and tapped a bony finger to the tip of his nose. Neil affected a lazy stare, a skeptical look of agitation. Skeptical because if the prospect of doing such a thing didn't have effect enough to stop her from doing it in the first place, than most likely anything less than a direct comment would go unheeded as well. He wasn't in the mood. She smiled at him, all her teeth were sharp.
"So," she began. "What do you think of Eskil Simonsson and Aleister Crowley?"

She can ask for the truth
But she'll never believe you

"Their credentials and their reputation precedes them."
"But you are not fond of Alec."
"Eskil seems to be able to control him."
"Is that good enough? You used to be so, so thorough, dearheart."
"Of all people who play card games, Lamia. You should know I play a good hand." Her lips parted to speak, but he continued. "And at least a few more under the table, completely separate."
Lamia laughed gently, but the sounds she made often sounded like they expressed more than mere mirth or disappointment. However, that's what one would be limited to if one tried to discern what was running through her mind. Neil did not appreciate the latter. He lit his cheroot and waited. He placed his feet upon the floor.
"They want something."
He shrugged the bones of his shoulders. "So do you."

She steals like a thief
She can wait if she wants
She's ahead of her time

"Of course I do, it's not only your charm that keeps me about."
"What then? Our mixed destinies?"
She looked down her nose at him. "Indeed."
Neil tapped the ashes off his cheroot, and grinned at it as he turned it in his fingers.
Lamia removed her foot from the back of his chair. But not after giving it a good push, rocking the figure of the Club's ruling head. He just kept smiling.
She crossed her legs. "They have old motives."
"And I say again, so do you."
"Perhaps, then, I may say that they have motives nearly as old as mine. How does this sit with my dark-prince of a pet?"
"You are crossing my lines, Lamia, in leaps and bounds that are rather unhealthy…and unbecoming."
"Have I ever been becoming to you?" She grinned at him, her eyes a hellish colour he did not care to look at. Storm clouds. He wasn't in the mood for her tempests.
Segue. "They have told me of their secrets. In fact, I appreciate the insight. If this had not come up now, it would have come up later. And with less warning." He paused. " I am annoyed that I didn't know this from the beginning…but we've made extraordinary time with preparations and the like."
"Awfully expensive for such …ephemeral toys." She narrowed her eyes at him.

Oh- and she never gives out
And she never gives in

"I believe I am allowed such extravagances. And darling, please," he said frankly. "World War II was expensive, this is a hobby."
"You will lose something, Neil."
"Are you telling me prophecy or are you merely being jealous?"
"I have no jealousies that pertain to you, Neily-kins." She pursed her lips, "Mmm… save maybe that little girl you keep in your closet."
Neil's eyes slid up to the woman. For the first time he actually turned his head to her to speak to her in a way that confirmed all acknowledgment and full attention. In this place, that was often a very, very bad thing. At first he spoke smoke.
"I allow you extravagances in social etiquette, my dear. But this particular social faux-pas is most unappealing. Perhaps even unbareably so." A twitch of his eyebrow. "No matter what your veiled reasons may be for such a jealousy, I promise you that you've touched on a topic that could very well get you killed. Why, right now even." He waved a flutter of his long, beautifully kept gambler's fingers.
"I'm too valuable, Neil. You've always known that.."
"Famous last words, my dear, famous last words." He smoked of his cheroot again.
"Mmm, yes," crooned the crone. "And they shall be, but for now I'm quite bareable. If only for the…fidelity I bare." The woman turned her head and a shroud of her light hair fell over one of her eyes. The other only became worse, but Neil smiled at it.
"You intrigue me, Lamia. I commend you for that."
"Why thank you, sweety."
"And you have yet to disappoint me. I look forward to that day almost as much as I am wary of it."
She took advantage of Neil offering insights into his personal perceptions. She spoke slowly, "If I offered you something…perhaps we could…"
Neil clucked his tongue, stretched his jaw and made it an elegant shake of his. It was a negative response that innately said that perhaps at another time he could be convinced.

She will promise you more
Than the Garden of Eden

However, she still hissed at him.

Then she'll carelessly cut you
And laugh while you're bleedin'
But she'll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
'cause she's always a woman to me.

"Tell me what I asked of you, Lamia. I have a meeting with Lars at the Lounge in an hour and I'm over dressed."
The woman got up and swayed the snake-lines of her body towards the large closet. She touched the button that opened the doors. She began to rifle through Neil's clothes. He smiled, smooth but genuinely amused. Much like a man who's mother has something to say about his tie, even though he's been buying his own for….centuries. "I know why you like them."
"No, you know why Laurent likes them."
"Oh pish. That was easy."
"Ah, yes. Of course it was."
Lamia stopped amidst an old waist-coat. "You wore brocade?" She turned to Neil.
He simply nodded with a perfectly guilty and charming smile.
"I wouldn't have seen that one in a million years."
Neil sighed. "I had more faith in your scrying bowls and third eye. Was I wrong to think they were magnificent?"
Lamia just grinned at him. A smile full of those sharp teeth and witchery.
"Well," Neil continued, "hopefully when you gain that amount of insight, we are still speaking to one another."
"Like hell we will."
One of Neil's brows rose, but he said nothing to counter this statement. Afterall, he knew where his expertise fell short. That's why he hired whom he hired when he hired them. Ingenuity does not only come with talent, it comes with vision. No pun intended. Neil was a man of connections and a knack for a way of thinking that placed these connections in the most beautiful, simplistic, brilliant and well working puzzles. He remained on top of this side of the world for it, and even his enemies admired him-- even if he dabbled in the likes of Lamia. Who could blame him?
Lamia plucked out a velvet smoking jacket. Neil crossed his arms. He was waiting.
"Laurent has something of yours in his darling house."
"Yes, he probably has several."
"No, this thing dreams of beautiful people who have left it cold, and alone." Lamia's eyes glazed over slowly, not just in focus, but in colour. The storms were dying in a tumultuous and agonizing pattern of something-to-nothing. "It will not be angered, but it will be sorry. lovesick… cared for, not of his body and blood. Oh, such secrets people have." Lamia sighed. "Alec and Eskil…" She blinked. "-there is much to be done, Neil. And I think I know the best place to start."
She walked across the room with the jacket in hand, lost in thought. When she came to the desk she looked up, about to speak. And she found Neil smiling subtly.
Neil smiled like a man who has found out he has been stolen from.

And she's suddenly cruel
She can do as she pleases
She's nobody's fool
But she can't be convicted
She's earned her degree
And the most she will do
Is throw shadows at you
But she's always a woman to me

"She's always a woman to me"-- by Billy Joel

Laurent & Neil: "the snake behind me hisses"
10/17/01 3:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Laurent had bought himself a pair of little Armani glasses. Not sunglasses mind you, but actual little reading glasses.
"Laurent," said Neil with a dark-choclate brow raised rather high.
"Yes?" Dr. Livingston I presume tone and a peer over the edge of the rims.
"Are you admitting that you aren't physically perfect? Have you lost your edge?" Neil was clipping the end of an imported cheroot. He tapped the tobacco and the papers into an art deco ashtray.
"Hardly," Laurie hissed. Two tips of tongue flickering between his grey-ish lips. Neil shook his head and put the cigarette between his own lips.
"Sales have been pretty damn good, so I hear. Is that true?" Neil lifted long legs and crossed booted feet at their ankles above the desk.
"Too true, everything looks ship-shape. Almost wish I was their manager." Laurent put down the little piece of history he'd been playing with. "Nice piece, 15th siecle?"
"But of course." Responded Neil without looking up.
"Great year."
Neil looked up.
"... so I hear." Laurie grinned, with teeth.
"Uh huh." Smoke curled above Neil's head, a smoky halo for a dark angel.
"...What I meant is Jonathan has done a wonderful job. Who'd have expected."
"I did." Nonchalant but with much authority. Very Neilian. An era in and of itself.
"Ah, yes. Of course."
"But it wasn't his manager-techniques I'm concerned with."
"You? Concerned, Neil?" Laurie blinked four eyelids across silver snake-eyes.
Neil wondered why he was being so coy. "What did you come up here, Laurent?"
"To keep you company."
Neil snorted. Perhaps the least appealing thing he's ever done.
"I have some mortal tales to tell you, that you probably aren't going to like."
"Family business?"
"So to speak."

Downstairs, Jonathan was trying to get Sick's attention as he came strutting out of the security room. Sick was bobbing, swaying his hips and bowing his legs singing rather loudly...
~Yeahhhhh play that funkay muuuusic whiiiiiite-boy...~ hip-throw ~yeah..~ he went up onto his tiptoes ~play that funky muussaaacc riiiiiite~ When Sick hit that high last syllable, Jon just threw himself over the nearest chair laughing.
Sick never noticed.

Laurent, Neil & Lars: "the wicked games you play..."
10/20/01 10:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"And that is all I received, but that is all I believe there to have been."
"Very well, Laurent." Neil's back was to the silver snake.
Lars was seated in a chair far away. Impervious. Irresponsible. Accurate.
"I am pleased with what we found," Laurent commented. And then continued further. "And I am also pleased with the way things came about."
"Are you now."
"Indeed. I wish you to know that between Lars and I," Laurent turned to the man he spoke of. "There are no hard feelings." Laurent inclined his chin at a diagonal towards him.
"As it is with you, Lars?" Neil turned around to look at the assassin.
"Of course." Lars responded, as if that was the only response he could possibly understand. Though each man knew that it didn't really matter who was at the end of the scope, Lars would always pull the trigger. And that was the one reason why Laurent refused to hold a grudge.
However, something had been disillusioned. And as it is with most illusions, once dislodged they are hard to return to a man stripped of the particular ignorance.
"What of Gabriel?" Neil inquired.
"What of him?" Laurent responded.
"I understand the symbolism of you allowing that great loss of blood." Neil offered his fashionable crooked smile. "I also understand the fidelity shown in not bringing him under our wing. However, that still does not answer what is to become of him to begin with. Afterall, we've seen individuals unable to handle much less trauma." Neil's words were vivisection. Laurent would have crooned under any other circumstances.
"I left him with what was said in front of him."
Neil nodded.
"I believe that it will keep him quiet more than taking it from him. He does not only understand, but there is something he can empathize with, something that effects him too greatly. I believe," Laurent summarized "he is even safer than Jonathan."
Neil turned his passion(ate/less) green eyes upon the grey man. "He is liability." Simply stated.
"Not more than he was already."
"Your point is well taken."

**Title by Chris Isaac. (i think)

Jonathan & Laurent: "Set 'em on fire they're all the same"

10/20/01 10:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time

"What the f*ck are you, god or something?" Laurent stumbled at Jonathan's swift push. But it was only for a moment, and then he was upright and in the younger man's face.
"Jonathan, my boy. I am something wholly, and most characteristically, more interesting than such a being." Jonathan saw the sneer pushing up upon the grey lips of the man and his fist clenched.
"I don't k now who you think you f*cking are... but you are too *** up to mess with these people." Laurent motioned to speak, Jonathan cut him off and continued. "I don't care who you screwed to get your position, I don't care how old you are or who f*cking made you... you hurt either of them and I'll put you out of your misery myself. And Neil....Neil will thank me." Jonathan almost spit at the snake's feet.
Instead, Laurent gripped the boy by his collar and pulled him close to his face. Laurent's breath was sweet, like opium. "You will care of such things, child. For the traditions which have made you are the only things that keep me from killing you."
When Jonathan struggled, he was dropped to his feet again.
"Gabriel Sharp was mine long before he was yours." Laurent clucked his tongue and touched a finger to his lips. "And Millicent is mine too, now. At least for a few months." Laurent smiled to himself.
"I heard the shyt about you being a blood relative. He's nothing like you, he wont do anything for you. You're f*cked in the head, and I don't even think it was time that did it to you, I think you were hatched that way."
Laurent chuckled softly, and he shrugged. "Finding me as a scapegoat to cruelty against the musicians is ... hardly intuitive. You do realize nothing happens here that isn't part of the divine plan of your Father?"
Jonathan nearly spit at Laurent's feet.
Laurent fanned a set of fingers off to his side. "Suit yourself, child. You know it's true." A pause. "Besides, now he's fixed his little personality problem. And he has the wonderful career switch of actually dealing with his own problems himself. Maybe now he'll even realize that he has another role to fill."
Jonathan had about had enough of the man. But something made him listen, he thought... "What are you talking about?"
Laurent tickled the admission through the space between them.
Laurent smiled. "Why yes. Does this look like a face that lies?" Laurent grinned and leaned his shoulders back.
"...didn't shoot him?" Another suggestion. "Have nothing to do with the dumb decisions they make?" Another. "Actually saved his life?" "Or how about..." Laurent crooned, "do my job perfectly."

**Title by Bush

Lamia & Laurent: "as she knows that she's a goddess"
10/26/01 3:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time

It was just before midnight on the 'bad' side of town. [Not that it wasn't midnight anywhere else.] Our attention goes to somewhere between the Sacrifice Club and the docks. The air smelt of seasalt and the crowd mingled between bikers, thieves, thugs, streetrats and sea-fairers. On the corner of all this wood there was a little shop. The walls were stucco and above the door (a genuine corner-shop, it faced the intersection) was a blinking neon sign. Both characteristics were foreign and caught the eye.
The single word advertised was blue and hot-pink. "Fortunes" it st-st-stuttered. And there was a line of people waiting to get one read for them.
It smelt musky in the shop. Like dead things and herbs, like men and musk. Like something you couldn't quite put your finger on, but you knew it well once. The walls were hospital white, but not without their stains. Over them were hung, tacked and taped little glimpses of advertisements through the ages. An exhibition of the ways that vices and magic were pawned off to the masses throughout modern history.
There was a 1950s cigarette add (complete with large breasts and hips), an 1890s add for a cabaret in Prague, an Absinthe Robette poster, a Victorian announcement for a 'freak show' (when they actually had freaks), and even a pictorial 1600s add for a witch-stonining. Most of them involved words like 'macabre' or 'malaise'. Words that made the skin think and crawl and recoil. The mind forced to act much the same, but then wonder, and become intrigued. Most of them had their own stains-- from the filth of bohemian Paris to the blood of Romania. [The highlight of the collection would probably be a small framed sign from the 1400s. It had been a tarot reader's advert from about the time of Vlad the Impaler. Of course it was an upper-class perversion, for back then, the only thing the lower classes could do would be speak and sh*t and maybe milk a cow or two-- nevermind read. But as anyone with a sense of humor must admit, what's better than upperclass perversion?]
But let us not consider the owners of this shop 'antiquarians' to the core. Amidst all the old 'fakes' there were hung a few pieces of modern homage. Gifts like tattoo designs or declarations of BDSM enslavement. There were pictures and strange art work, photos of the things people had done to themselves (from piercings, to suspensions to worse modifications or amputations). There were curse scrolls and greek-coffin models. Even a voodoo doll or two. Anything that could pay for the services and show their faith for what went on behind the little curtain that separated the one room waiting area from the one room workshop of our storyteller.
Right now, while everyone waited-- Laurent was back there.

"It stttillll would have been better if I had read it in his entrailssss." Hissed Lamia as she was hunched over a table. Her back was to him, he could see the exaggerated rosary beads of her spine through the open back of her sham-wedding dress. The white lace was dirty, almost like webbing. He immediately thought of the movie Species-- and he couldn't really say that that thought didn't make him smile.
In the red light of the room it looked like something viscous and black was dripping off the corner of an old table cloth. Just what are you doing over there, Lamia? Whatever, no, whomever it was, it didn't seem like they were going to wake up. The patterns of sound that the droplets made reminded Laurent of several people tapping upon pipes, hoping to be discovered alive in their tombs before the oxygen ran out.
He started to hum the little ditty. A song of genuine angst, not pre-teen. He rat-tat-tatted it against his chest with his long, silver fingers.
Lamia slowly turned around, more at the waist and shoulders than the hips. Her gash-red lips opened up into a grin. Feral. Laurent mused as to if once, she may have been pretty. [shockflash she looked 18 years old for a moment] Laurent frowned, and Lamia returned to her work again.
"You came very close to no return, dear."
"it is not 'in deed', mon pettit garcon. It is true."
"Neil shouldn't have..." He paused. "This is not the issue. Tell me what you've found."
"It isssss the issssue. Our sweet Prince does not play our pretty games. Mmm.." the sound of chewing, her body straightened for a moment, in thought. Her curled fingers plucked at meat on the table, pushing aside small soft pieces and picking up one she had chosen from the rest. "He does more than just humor us... butttt..he has no patience for thissss."
"He does when it has implications on his buisiness."
"No, that is what he dislikes even more." Lamia turned about, black liquid on her chin coming from between her filed teeth. She brushed past Laurent, finding a small silver flask from a pile of others like it. She tapped it against his shoulder as she walked by.
"You did a good job... it seems clean. A cauterized psyche-wound." She flashed a last grin, and then poured the powder from the flask into her hand. Lifting it to her nose she inhaled it with a loud >sniff<. She brushed the dust away from her upper lip and leaned back over the table. Dissecting, cutting, carving. She spat once into the fluid on the surface.
Her voice changed subtly, something deeper and more harmonic. "...though you may have not gotten it all."
Her body swayed, and Laurent caught the presence of another melody in the room. Though Lamia looked light on her feet, she was rigid, she looked almost powerful, even in her small frame. "Oh.. Laurent... is this you in here." The crone crooned. She smeared blood over the white of her thigh. Above the lace.
"Two... creating two... One left.. but one leaving.... Laurent.. I've seen this other one before too."
"Lamia... "
"Potent, both of them. Ah," Lamia drank something from the table as she traded the flask in her hand for something else. " should make your peace with him...." and she traded that item for another.
"There has only been peace with him." Laurent cocked his head, frowning. And then Lamia's knees were about to give out, swooning in a way that would make her slip to the floor. "Lamia" He warned. "I have no patience for answers more obscure than those I can find out for myself."
Laurent caught her when she fell. And Lamia slipped the knife point between his lowest, and his second rib. He gasped softly.
"...blood of a relative." The oracle grinned from her timeless face, sounding like any other artist asking for the next ingredient.
Laurent hissed, his muscles flexed, his nostrils flared. But he knew that Lamia already had Tzimiche in her. However, he did not appreciate the cold of her greyish tongue against his skin. Something more dead than dead.
She murmured against him, "you shall have two more to watch... and you shall have your musician fearing he has nowhere else to go. ....does he have anywhere to go?" Lamia asked. A question from a prophetess.
"He is his own being."
"Not even you believe that." Lamia closed her eyes as she let herself up or rather, gave herself over. She was letting the knife fall. And the keen sense of violation that Laurent had, and something like substances in his veins made him grip the table. Something warmed and wet pushed its amorphous form over his hand. He almost cringed. He had to bare both their weight, and he wasn't sure what he was...doing... or ..holding... Lamia looked like a young girl, her dyed blonde hair colouring itself to the hue of earth [returning]. Dark earth, black.. black... snakes. He couldn't stop thinking of snakes.
And then came a vision of fire.
f i r e
"... you should have let me read his entrailssss..."

in the suburbs
in the towns...
a psychozone
where the saints
the unbelievers
found a home
and the love we give
is more than you could bear
and the fever
and the fever
and the heat are there

**title by the merry thoughts

Lars & Lorne: "it's the summer of fourty-five... but we all feel so alive"
11/2/01 4:37 PM Eastern Standard Time


"Was ist es?" >what is it?
"Heissen sie gut." > "okay" (not literal transation)
"…sie gut?"
"Reichsführer ist tot." >Reichsführer is dead.
"...aber Weltanschauung..." >but...the (worldview)
"wer interessiert sich?" >who cares?
"..das gesabbel...Klugscheißer" >that's silly talk...smartass
"Lars...laufen." >

Lars sat up quickly, nearly knocking his glasses from his face. He had woken with a start, and blinked away the two seconds of 'sleep' he had gotten.
"was die Hölle?" he muttered.
"That wasn't a question, nor a request."
"Fein, Fein. ...nevermind."
"Piss off."
Lorne was driving the fast car. They were making a quick trip to Laurent's estate. It was the middle of the night, and they were unannounced.
"Weird that you're sleeping, man. What's eating you?"
"Nothing. I have been doing much work lately."
"Are you still playing with that new scope?"
"It is not 'play'. It is physics. It is science."
"It's playing. What the hell do you have to make a better gun for?"
"Better gun, better shot." Matter-of-factly.
"Bullshyt. You couldn't miss if you wanted to."
"I missed Laurent." Lars grinned.
Lorne had to laugh. "Ha.. ehem..that's not funny."
"Laurent did not think so either."
"Is it all good between you two?"
"Of course. It is business."
"For you, maybe."
"No. For both of us. It just depends if he cares to see it that way. I suppose I must understand if he does not."
"Suppose?" Lorne shook his head. "Don't let your cold-bastard attitude cloud your vision."
"I do not expect him to be all right. Is that better?"
A long pause. Lars saw deer off in the woods. He willed the crosshairs of his glasses to go to infravision and target each one. In the time that elapsed, he could have brought down 5 of the 6. And it all would have been reflex and unintentional, he hadn't even realized what he was doing.
Lorne looked over at his closest-thing-to-a-partner.
"Maybe you should go back to Berlin."
"Why not?"
"Because I work for Neil."
"Not the way he wants you too, if you still have shyt on your mind."
"Once things start and finish, I will attend to my own issues. Until then, I am working for Neil."
"You're a sick-f*ck you know that?"
"I was wondering when you'd finally figure that out."
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Logan, Vic & Jonathan: "cocaine"
11/16/01 11:56 AM Eastern Standard Time

"So where does he get it from, is my question."
Vic shrugged at Logan's inquiry. The punk didn't really care about what was going up people's noses or what was leaking out of their pockets in order to obtain it.
Logan's black brow rose, but he left it more or less to that. He pushed a frosted section of the mirror with his finger, and wiped the pad of skin over his gums.
"Try it."
"No thanks."
"Don't be a f*ckin' pussy about it, try it. You're just as qualified." Logan grinned.
Vic wasn't giving into peer pressure, he just conceded to Logan's point. He mimicked the gestures of the other boy. "It's good, you're right."
"Damn straight it is, you white out after the first line."
"Maybe he's into import/export."
"Maybe he has a chemical lab."
"Where the hell is he going to get one of those, the only person who builds them"
"I'm going to interrupt his little free-bee session over there. And I'm going to go make nice."
"Logan, it's not really worth all the trouble."
"Sure it is." Logan laughed, quick and hard. No second thoughts. "Besides, aren't you supposed to keep our hostess in good hands?"
"Yeah, and those don't include yours."
The two men went over to the coffee table. Hills and valleys worth at least 10K were all set up for the best noses in town. Corroding millions of dollars in plastic surgery and decaying life-spans by the minute.
All the girls all over the place, they looked like club-kids. But the crowd was mostly models and music industry. That's why Jonathan had told Leper Messiah to hang out.
Logan made a new friend. As Lo usually does, it wasn't a mutual relationship. Always suspicious, except with his 'boys'. He wasn't too surprised when he got the sense that this feeling of opposition was returned tit-for-tat.
Who'd notice if a new kid disappeared in RhyDin anyway?
The Logan Cat was getting too big for his britches.


"Just give me the phone number, Jonathan."
"Why the f*ck would *I* have it?"
"Because she worked for you?"
"A hundred years ago."
"***. You know every broad in town. Give me the number."
"Look, I just have an address. And it might be an old one."
Logan grinned. "Good enough."
"Why all the interest in Leighton anyway....?"
"I bought her a present."

Maile: "It keeps my temperature from rising"
12/9/01 3:17 PM Eastern Standard Time

She pressed her fingers upon his chest, pushing him down onto the couch. His muscles tired, his senses muddled. His mind watching his body lay down slowly under her instruction. Vague memories of the cool temperature of her around him, the way her muscles moved, the way it felt to give a rush of heat into her when her body asked for it. The core-screaming sense of domination and yet there was little of that in the act itself. Nearly none… or… it was already getting hard to remember.
Just one last kiss. She wore no flush, no new heat. She'd stolen nothing of the sort from him. So the kiss was an invasion of cool, sharp tongue beyond his teeth. Another consummatory experience.
She left him with his decency, perhaps one button left undone for good measure. But she also left him exhausted, and in a deep, several-hour long sleep.
She did honestly hope he woke before Neil arrived back to his office. The room flooded with the scent of kine and-- no-one else. Neil would shake his head, curious. Flipping on the light to see perhaps several papers moved upon his desk. And several he had asked to be dropped off in his absence.
Absence. That is what was left in the room. He knew the scent of him-- but nothing else. In the seconds of confusion he would wonder if he could answer his own question with a lurid, egotistical and just plain lewd explanation. But then he figured that some things were better off not figured out. Particularly when he noted that his sigils and security cameras were uninterrupted. Perhaps he'd watch them later, but he rather not. His mental note, however, was to make sure he checked to see Ewen was at his post. And that Severin would take it when he left.
Before she left, she had one thing to do, after she pulled down the black silk over her cream, vaguely toffee hips. Her muscles remembered one last scandalous feeling of him being… She smoothed the silk over her stomach, ignoring the rush and scent of him.
She plucked up a piece of paper from Neil's desk. Purposefully negligent, if only because she knew that if He really wanted to find out, he could.
She scrawled out a very short note on the paper. Her round, curling script was discretely elegant and non-descript other than being feminine and mature.

----, on the bright side of things, at least you got off.

She closed the door behind her when she left.
After a few pieces of paper work and a trip to the bathroom, she even gave Severin a kiss on the way out.

Jonathan & Logan: "lost highway"
1/8/02 9:35 AM Eastern Standard Time

Jonathan had woken Logan up.
He had walked right into his apartment and then his bedroom. It was in the 5am. Dawn was in an hour.
There was a scattering of scantily clothed women. One stopped to make some sort of obnoxiously affectionate kissy-face type thing at Logan. Which got her a good shove and snarl and a quick 'get the f*ck out' from the makeshift crime-boss. Or rather, all-knowing Sick Boy-chaos dealer. Whatever he wanted to call himself, he wasn't in the mood for women. At least not ones that didn't have their head in his lap or tongue in his ear.
Logan tugged up his boxers and told Jonathan to get out for a moment so he could put his pants on and maybe even a shirt.
A few minutes later they were talking in Logan's kitchen. He was perking some coffee.
"Hey man, whatever. As long as you're sticking around." Logan shrugged black-knit shoulders and lit his morning cigarette.
"Yeah. I'm here for good now. I just had some sh*t to do." Jonathan said with a nonchalance that caused Logan to offset his pale lips.
"More like sh*t to get away from."
"Hey man, whatever. As long as I can handle it, what does it matter what it is?" Jon folded his arms over his chest. His trench didn't even creak.
"You know I'm a fan of that kinda talk, but Neil isn't." The words curled in a grey plume for a moment, then Logan continued. "But hey, he already knows everything, that's what matters."
"True enough."
"Hey," Logan sounded like he was going to give a pep-talk. "It looks like you have your sh*t together, that's all that matters. To all of us." That was as much of a pep-talk as Logan would ever give.
"Yeah." Jonathan slowly started to grin, looking wolvish even with those puppy-dog browns. Logan raised a brow, again.
"I want you to see how together my sh*t is. Come outside with me."
"It's damn cold out there."
"Put some shoes on, lazy."
And Logan did.

The two boys trundled out of Logan's apartment. Long legs hopping the two dark haired boys down the thirteen steps to the sidewalk. Logan lived in a brownstone apartment. Upper East Side. Call it luck, or just confusing taste. But Logan just thought of it as comfortable, so whatever.
They hit the sidewalk and Logan was grinning. He walked over to his car, conveniently parked right at his door.
Too convenient. He wrenched the ticket off the windshield. Jonathan interrupted his smirk. "Man, when are you going to stop parking there?"
Logan pat the fire-hydrant in front of his car. "Man, never. This is my spot. When is the meter maid going to understand that it's my spot? It's been f*ckin' two years now." Logan pocketed the ticket.
"If you ever get a traffic violation they're going to throw you in jail when they see how much you owe the city."
"No no no, Jonny-boy." Logan sounded like he'd been caught in a fedora, but when Jon looked he still had those black and blue, chin-length dreads. "I pay these tickets every f*ckin' day. I'm going to wear this lady out. One day, she's just going to give up."
"Fat chance."
"No, really, she used to give them to me every time I moved my car or left the spot, sometimes two, three times a day. But now." Logan shrugged. "Once a night. Sometimes only on the nights the trash-trucks come around."
"And they don't tow you?"
"Eh, never. Car's too low and they don't want to risk it, probably."
Jon scratched his chin, where no hair would ever grow again. "How much you paid so far?"
"Eh, at least 200 K." Logan shrugged. "It's fun, man. It's my little game."
"Coulda bought some cool sh*t with that money."
"Jon, c'mon. I could buy cool sh*t whenever I want." Even through the grin Logan took a drag. "Guy's gotta have his fun somewhere."
"Sick." Which more meant 'you're sick'.
"He's not around."
Jon rolled his eyes. And then he pointed.
Logan looked up, squinting in the icy morning.
"Holy sh*t man. No way. No f*ckin' way." He began.
"Neil had it. Can you believe it?" Jonathan was grinning like a proud father.
"You … he did not give that to you…"
"And why wouldn't he? I took care of my other baby so damn well till some screwball took her."
"Jonathan Davis! That's a Cobra GT!" Logan sounded like a girl at chirstmas. [When her sister got the PS2 she had asked for]
"I know man, in mint condition, baby. Purrs like… like…like the new Diablo. Even the nitro's fine. Ugh." Both boys shivered.
Logan almost walked over to the car. Then he beamed. "Whatever man, check this out. Look at my modifications. I was going to put nitro in her, but I figured I'd just see the pistons fly through the hood with my luck."
Logan went over to his car and opened the door with the key. Old fashioned. But so was the car.
It was a 1957 Super88 Oldsmobile convertible. Black. A pretty car, a boy's car. A drag racing car. And in perfect condition. Maybe that was the real benefit of knowing vamps, they could get you antiques.
Logan swung wide the door. "Check it out."
Jonathan ducked down, bending over to get a good look at what could possibly be in there.
"Holy sh*t!" Was the first reaction. "How the hell!" was the second. The third was an intelligent recognition of the sublime. "A hydrashift! What the hell, they didn't make this damn car in standard. What did you do!"
"I designed it myself, man. Me, Stephen" Logan and Jonathan both twitched. "And Lars."
Jonathan stood up, looking at Logan expectantly.
"Stephen was a tool and eye maker." Logan continued. "Well, actually, he still is. Heh, semantics. Anyway-- so is Lars, really. And Lars is more technologically advanced anyway. But anyhow, so we took the transmission out of a 1953 Oldsmobile sedan. Gorgeous thing, one of Stephen's friends had robbed it for other parts and left me everything I needed." Logan stamped out his cigarette.
"Anyhow," he continued. "We made a hydrashift. We redid the whole transmission, and I got myself a f*cking standard 1957 Super88. We should race, bitch."
"God, that's neat." Jonathan ducked back into the car and pet the gear shift. The advantage of this adaptation was that the shifter was not in the pronged formation like other cars, but instead completely vertically aligned. The speeds were changeable with one pull back of the gear-shift, and another, in succession, the same motion. The car was a classic drag-racing machine.
"'Neat' he says." Logan gave a curt laugh. "****, go get your car, lets play."
Jonathan stood up, smirking. The ground was starting to wink ice-chips in the dawning sun. His leather trench was starting to gather sunlight to it. He made a face. "F*ck, you know I would. I have to go though."
"Dead-y is more like it."
"Whatever man. Just another word for cold-pussy. You get your car together and I'll kick your ass tonight." Logan gave a light, affectionate tap to the 'muffler' sticking out on the under-side of the car. Right near the front wheel. "I even put in some headers. Loud sh*t. But effective."
"Your ass is mine, Logan."
"Whatever. Look, I'll even spare you some sh*t. We won't bet cars tonight, wouldn't want you crying. Just bring something pretty that gives good head."
Jonathan rolled his eyes and started off for his car.
"Oh," Logan rose his voice. "And ten grand."
Jonathan smirked. "Now you're talking." And got into his new/old car. He even used the nitro as he pulled away-- just to split the still morning in two. Dividing night into a new day.

**title by imminent starvation

Sick & Logan: "cast away for the absolute"
1/10/02 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

"This just in on MTV News. Apparently secrets and controversy are the next best thing to record sales: or so the members of Absinthe After Midnight are trying to prove. With a record selling tour for the past history of our own little goth-industrial band, they seem to feel secure enough to finally answer the hottest question about their internal affairs. A recent press release from their enigmatic manager Jonathan Davis has admitted to the tying of knots rather than just tying of tongues between AaM's singer Millicent Grim and guitarist Gabriel Sharp.--"
Sick spit chocolate milk all over his new flat screen tv. "FJDKLSJFKjfdkslfjdskl!! DAH!"
"Ew...Luke...gross." Said his poor girlfriend retreating from him to the other side of their couch. "You almost--"
"DID YOU HEAR THAT?!" Screamed Sick to Logan after he cleared his windpipe.
Logan was awfully quiet, sitting there in his favorite lay-Z-boi in Sick's place. He was silently staring at the TV till he hissed a quiet. "Get the hell off of me." As he sneered at the girl sitting in his lap. When she didn't respond immediately he snarled and started to push her. "Off! OFF!"
"Christ, Logan. Ok..ok..."
He shoved her.
"OK!" She screeched and shoved him back. "Jerk." She picked up her shirt from the floor and left the room mumbling.
"God, Logan. You are such a pig sometimes." Sick's girlfriend got up off the couch to go comfort Caraline.
Logan almost appologized to Moira, if only because he wasn't sure of what else he should do right now. Like it mattered that he had upset someone in her appartment. Then he remembered he was unamused and stared dumbly at the tv again.
"Logan, that's f*cked up! How long do you think...?! I guess it makes sense?!? Do you think Vic knew?!" Sick's voice penetrated Logan's thoughts. It was inevitable, afterall, it could hit such horrible pitches.
"I don't want to talk about this, Sick. Turn the f*cking channel, ok?"
"Hey man, what got into you?"
"It's a long story."
And it was.
It had been three years in the making. And Logan wasn't really interested in it ending.
"Let's go break something."
"I'll call Ian!"

**Title by accessory

Ian, Sick & Vic: "I hate everyone"
1/10/02 3:22 PM Eastern Standard Time

There was a burst of laughter as the fatman fell under the table. His chin hit the seat edge as he slumped with a slap-splat onto the dirty pub's floor.
Ian stood up instantly, his stool falling over. He raised his arms above his head and shook his fists in the air. "An' donta you ferget it. *I* am the reigning champ of this piss-'ole. An' I'm bloody-well proud of it." He bounced on his toes like a boxer, mostly to the 'hurrah's of the three dirty tendresses. Who, energized by the prospect of a working champion, gathered the self respect for just one moment to smack the latest patron to put their fingers in their garter.
One gave a frat kid such a bash on the nose with her tray he blacked out for a moment and forgot it ever happened. It amused the piss out of his friends and everyone was happy. Bloody nose and all.
"I'll buy the drinks for tha next fifteen minutes. With the slow 'elp in this place I'll probably just end up paying for a bakers dozen." Ian grinned. "I'll even pay for those narcs over yonder. Hear hear, boys!" He rose a mug of beer that had been put in his hands by the tender. He grinned as it sloshed on his plaid pants.
A new age highlander, complete with his fanning disc of a mohawk.
The fun ended (or began?) when his cell rang. He raised his hand and begrudgingly picked it up since his ID said "hell hole" on it and he knew it was Sick's place ringing him.
"Lord of Hard Times, Master of Many at yer service!" Next to him Vic rolled his eyes.
"Stop yelling in me ear, you crazy freak. What..what? Who'd we kill now?"
"G-- That's not funny!" Vic, sitting next to Ian, silently agreed in the way his eyes snapped over to the punk.
"Fair enough, fair enough. What's on your mind, what do you need of me and me ole' boy here." He slapped Vic in between the shoulder blades, which caused him to pull a stunt like Sick had a moment before. Vic coughed, Ian laughed.
"Dude! Turn on MTV!"
"I'm at a bar, can'tcha hear?" Ian rotated the cell 45 degrees on an outstretched arm. Then returned it to the side of his face just in time to catch the last words.
"-- and then it said they were MARRIED!"
"What? Who parried?"
"MARRIED! Hitched. Holy Unioned. Made one in the eyes of the lord our father! Off limits! No whore of Babylons! Ring-Ed. Eternally unshankable. Will never play with your fiddly sticks!"
"--wha...who? What are you talking about?!"
Sick told Ian. Ian told Vic. And they all went out to break things.
Namely the old loft. Or at least a rock through the window. Ian couldn't help himself. They didn't know they had moved.

**Title by trent
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|>etra and Vic Vaile: "human dislocation"
1/10/02 4:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

"Look! You're little friend bled all over our f*cking couch, Chris. But if you don't f*cking clean it up before Slade gets here I will personally kick your ass. Do you hear me?!" Wailed Vic's 6'0", fiber-optic haired sister.
"Petra, you can be such a f*cking c**t sometimes."
"That's Miss F*cking C**t to you, you little twirp." She yanked on his black hair and retreated into her corrugated steel lined room.
Vic muttered under his breath. "Freak."
"Punk." assailed him from the direction she had disappeared in.
Vic stood there, staring at the couch in his plaid boxers and tossled hair. He squinted at it. Tilted his head.
"What's the point if you can't see the blood?" he reasoned with himself.
"That is just Gross, Christian Vaile."
"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT already. Stop listening to me."
"I stopped listening to you a while ago."
"SHUT UP and fix your mating plumage before that limp-dick of a boyfriend gets here."
"Oh quiet" Petra reappeared. "You like, Slade."... "Don't you?"
"Whatever." Vic leaned over and started to collect cushions and bandages, bottles of tylonol and aspirin. He never knew if any of it had even been used, but what did it matter? They had tried to make his stay here as comfortable as possible. Operative word being possible.
"What the hell was wrong with your friend anyway?" Petra's voice was farther away. It echoed from the tiles in the bathroom.
"I dunno, got into a fight."
"Looked worse than a fight."
"What's worse than a fight?"
"I dunno."... "Broken heart."
Vic straightened and looked to where the voice had come from. "When did you start careing?"
"I didn't say I cared about his broken heart, I'm just calling it like I saw it."
Vic went to go get some water and was a bad idea. Windex? He eyed the solvents under the sink warily. Why did they even own windex, did someone clean glass around here? Maybe she did, he'd never seen her clean but found traces of hints that surmised such a thing. Like his empty pizza boxes going mysteriously missing after a week of him 'meaning to' throw them out. Anyway, what the hell do you use to clean blood out of a couch?
"I doubt it was anything serious like that." Vic didn't believe in his own words the moment his mouth formed them.
"You sound ... confused. You know, other people get into relation-ships, Viccy-boy."
"Don't start on that crap with me."
"Fine-fine. But--" Petra appeared with mildew green eyeshadow climing all the way up to her drawn-on brows. "if you actualy give a f*ck though, I'd say you should check the bodies of water, the high balconies and the shooting ranges around here in a few days, to make sure you don't find your cutey-friend face down, jumping, swinging or with holes in him." Petra shrugged.
"Cutey? What the F*ck?"
"Hey, I may be a bitch but I amn't blind."
"You didn't...?"
"Bloody-'ell no. I get enough dick to keep my paws off some Ophelia-less freak."
Petra grinned. "Toldja."
Vic looked confused. She'd figured out something, and he didn't know what.
The doorbell rang.
"Get the hell out of here, Vic."
"I live here too!"
"Get out and I'll clean up after your play-date. All right?"
"That's my Petra, always so damn fair."
Vic just slipped out the door before 6'6" Slade jammed his tongue down his sister's throat. Though he didn't look, he couldn't have told where one dreaded, plastic, goggled head began and the other ended.

**title by imminent starvation
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Jonathan: "Because I'm tired of waiting"
1/13/02 10:54 PM Eastern Standard Time

"Hi" said Jonathan as Millicent opened the door.
"'re here. I mean, how did...i mean come in! Please, hi, come got my messages?" ..."Of course you got them..." She answered for herself. Milli was just smiling as she opened the huge door into the hall. The chandelier was on high above them, it's lights were dim.
"Nice pad, Milli."
"...thanks. We like it..I mean, *I* like it..i think he does."
"Oh, stop being so retarded."
"Hey." She pouted.
"I'm kidding." He closed the door behind himself so she didn't have to.
"Are you alone?"
"Nope, me and Mark were watching TV... Gabe's somewhere."
"Yeah he--. Oh. I'll explain that later. He's Gabe's friend. From Detroit. Oh! You met him. --kinda." She looked sheepish.
"Oh!" -- "Oh." Realization. "Ah." Uncomfort. "Eh." Indifference.
Millicent shoved him lightly. He went to shove her back, reaching hands out to push her stomach and then he fumbled. "Gah! Sorry..bleh..jeez. Sorry."
Millicent tilted her head. Looked down. "Bleh. It's ok. Silly."
"'s not. I mean."
"Will you just shut up and give me a hug? I was worried sick about you. We all were."
Jonathan reached over to give her a big hug. He tugged her close and lifted her off her feet by a few inches. She squirmed and he put her down.
"Cmon, boyo. We'll find Gabe and I'll show you around a little. The dining room looks like a castle..and the den is all Armani." Milli was grinning.
"Money might spoil you...but at least you have good taste...and you're still working for it. Well, at least till the concert shows. After that..well.."
"Then I'll be working for it even more."
"...huh. Yeah, I guess you're right."
"We'll talk about that later."
"I have a Christmas present for you." Milli turned around, beaming as she led him through the green room and the smoking room to the hall.
"You shouldn't...have..but..heh. I have one for you too, so whatever. But, we'll do that all later. I just want to smack Gabe in the back of the head and go. I wanted to..check in."
"Oh..just check in, huh?"
"Yeah. I thought it was about time. And...I missed you guys."
"You better have!"
"Yeah... and I wont be disappearing again, I don't think. At least, not unless it's permanent."
"Hey, don't talk like that."
"Ok, I wont." Jonathan looked out the big windows. "Jesus, Milli. Is that a fountain and a..a...a courtyard in the middle of your house?"

Neil, Laurent & Jonathan: "It's a strange way of life I feel like death warmed up walking with the dead"
1/15/02 11:02 AM Eastern Standard Time

"Here. I'll make it easy for you to understand. Lars, Lorne and Echo will be there."
Laurent rose one of his silver brows. "Is that it? How about a hydrogen bomb?"
Neil smirked. "I thought about it. But our own people couldn't get out in time. Don't ever say I wasn't caring."
Laurent's lips slithered into a confidential smirk. "Oh yeah. A perfect--"
"I... will come back ANOTHER time." Interrupted Jon in a huff.
Both of the immortals looked over at the door. Jon's trench snapped and snarled at his heals as he whipped around to leave.
"Jonathan." Neil purred. It felt like it was right in his ear. "Get back here."
He had turned and was standing in front of them before he had even chosen to do so. He blinked. And for some reason felt partially violated, and partially home. He wouldn't argue with either of the sensations, actually. Not at the moment.
"Welcome back." Laurent didn't purr. It was something of a hiss.
"Yeah." Jon rolled his eyes at Laurent.
"Laurent. Leave us."
The silver man nodded, gathered a few papers and exited the plush office.
lucky... blood... f*ck up... he'll know... you smell like--
"So how's my boy, hmm?"
Jonathan was shaking his head, half turning around to look at Laurent as if the stem of his neurosis had come from ..."Wha'?" He turned back around to Neil.
Neil was watching him rather studiously. "I asked you how you were, Jonathan."
"Oh. Um. Here. Other than that. I guess.. I'm ok. Everything is all right now as long as you don't kill me."
"What would give you such an idea?"
"Oh, I don't know. Handing your blood over to some punk kid I don't even...I don't even... I don't know."
"You forget, Jonathan. We gave him to you. We gave you to him."
"Che' passé?" Jonathan gave him an uplifted brow and half-parted lips expression of animated confusion.
Neil gave a soft, one syllable masculine laugh. "I have met my match in impulsivity and devil-be-damned attitude. You have gently avenged yourself of my wrongs to you. For, as you have been forced to take my blood, Jon. You have done with it what you will. Do you see the irony?"
"Yeah, I f*ckin' see it, and I see a great reason for you to take it back and start over."
"Mmm." Neil steepled his fingers. "The thought had passed my fancy on the fleet wings of ...wrath" his eyes narrowed, "that I first had when I heard. However. I shall explain my former comment. Sit."
And Jon sat.
"The guitarist is as much mine as you yourself are. It may be in ink, or at least that is the more credible modus vivendi, however it is also in blood. Of course, I'm not going to explain all of my reasons to you. Not even Laurent perceives the entire picture, and he has as much stock in Gabriel as I have in you. (Or so he thinks.) However, in this light, your thinning of my blood in this case, went to one of the three mortals I would allow it."
"Three." "And, of course, you realize I can look at it this way, you made a call and saved one of my assets. Now, I admit the fact you didn't hold that as a conscious perception, and this bothers me. But, I never had this chat with you have I? This is my neglect. I owe you some.....birds and the bees, as they say."
"Is it all right if I find this morally disgusting?"
"Is it all right if I think you think too much of yourself? Forgetting the context of who you are and were, and what you did and knew of in life?"
"... this is different."
"Yes, it is. Adapt."
"Is that a command?"
"Most assuredly it is."
The men sat in silence for a while. The gleaming pairs of their eyes meeting and battling for the ground between them. Of course, Neil won. Jonathan looked down and reevaluated his freedom in silence.
After some time Neil continued.
"Chris and yourself are mine. Mine personally. Everything you touch is marked with me. Everything you do, has my signature upon it. Everything you say I will at some point know. Every one you f*ck or eat... every time you jerk off to pictures of..." Neil smiled, catching the curl of timbre in a curl of lips.
Jonathan's nostrils flared.
"The quicker you accept this the less burden it will bring to you. It is inescapable. Completely, and utterly not up to you anymore. However, you will find me to be extraordinarily fair. And, unfortunately, you will find that yes, the two of you are exceptions. Both to me, and everyone who works for me. But, also to those who do not.
"You are a prime target. Prime weakness. Prime agenda to my enemies. All of this puts you in a very interesting position. I am probably more aware of your weaknesses and strengths than you yourself are."
Jonathan motioned to speak, but Neil continued.
"That is the case of most people though, and I am not saying I don't like what I see. I obviously do. However, you must understand me first, now. And know what behaviors from you I will now tolerate, and what behaviors I will absolutely not tolerate. You are an exception, relearn the rules." Every syllable was calculated as they left the vampire's cold lips.
Neil's words had slowly started to wear Jonathan down. The heaviness of their truth and inevitability had smoothed down his shoulders and placed soot on the fire of his rebellion. He saw the grains being explained, and he no longer thought it beneficial to go against them. At least... he could try it for a while. Try it on. Though, he was acutely aware that he...he..
"You wanted this. You still do."
"...It's hard."
"It would be insignificant if it were not."
"You have to tell me more."
"About everything."
"I will."
"No, I mean now."
"There are simply some things I will not. Though it is more for your protection than for your personal annoyance."
"Then tell me about Gabriel."
Neil pivoted his shoulders back.
"Because I give a f*ck, that's why."
"Obviously, that is not a good enough reason, Jonathan."
"Is he going to get hurt? Are you going to do something to them?"

And though the pair talked for several more minutes, alone, in preternatural whispers, Jonathan left with that one understanding: 'Perhaps.'
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