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When It All Adds Up

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:10 pm    Post subject: When It All Adds Up Reply with quote

March 20th - Wednesday - Late Evening

Zagan had not seen Roni for the past few days in all the following of her he had been doing lately. It was enough of have him casually watching her apartment, waiting for her to emerge from the building, or show up to get to her apartment. He had been there since the early evening hours, and so far it had been no luck. At least not until now.

Movement behind the glass door of the apartment building caught his attention first, and he shifted forward from his lean, bright blue eyes keenly watching the figure of a swaying Roni as she shoved the door open and stepped out into the cold of the night. She was inebriated. Heavily so, if the way she walked was anything to go off of. She also wore just jeans and a t-shirt, which was terribly inappropriate for the cold that sang in the night. Honestly, she looked like she had been hit by a bus a couple of times. Mild concern, plus an undying curiosity has him following after her, and her seemingly random path that she was taking, to� somewhere.

He was patient, and bided his time until he managed to follow her down a stretch of alley that didn�t seem to have much life, apart from the scampering rats, and yowling wildcats. He waited until they were about halfway down it, before he spoke out. �Ronixi.� He couldn�t help the touch of glee that hummed within him at the dis-ease that seemed to crawl over her form.

She whirled around, a touch too far, and took a moment to readjust so that those abyssal hues of hers were focused on him. �Zagan.� She sounded heavy with drink,and startled, and she looked not unlike a deer caught in the headlights. One with eyes red and puffy from crying. She was drunk. That left her more than vulnerable around him. It was a position that she never liked.

�My my, Doll. You seem to be in quite a state tonight.� His gravelly voice rumbled the words as he took several steps towards her. �So Enlighten me. What has you in such a state? I see you�ve been crying.�

�It� It�s none ah yer damned business.**** off.� The words came growled, before a hand came up to scrub at her face. He simply clucked at her in disappointment, and leveled a single look at her. He could and would employ her true name to get what information he wanted. It was just easier if she gave it freely, instead of him forcing her to give it. He received a scowl in response.

�Nick ish dead� well more dead than he already was.� The words come bitterly, and a touch slurred.

Surprise bled across his features, while pain and tears blossomed anew on her own. Everytime the realization washed over her, the pain of the reality was renewed. Indignantly, he sniffed. �If he hadn�t of shot me, I might of actually had a **** to give.� Zagan could indeed be quite a petty creature. �Tell me, doll, how did this come to be? Who, or what killed him?�

Silence stretched on from her for a very long moment. �Siobhan. It� was an accident. I-...�

There was sharp laughter that rolled out of him, thunderous and loud. �Oh, Lovely, I find poetic justice in the fact that she�s the one that brought the demise to him.�

�You� Shut yer mouth.� This was all the warning he got, before the waif of a fae was flinging herself at him in an attempt to lunge at him. She was sloppy because she was drunk, and he took advantage of that. A hand caught her wrist, and he used her momentum to direct her towards the alley wall. Once she connected, his free hand came up to catch her by her slender throat.

�Or what, Ronixi? You are drunk, and I will always have power over you.What do you honestly think you could do to me right now?� He smirked as his hand left her throat and came up to wind itself in her hair, and pull back. The motion exposed more of her throat, and he took a moment to trail a line of kisses down the front of it. There was a sluggish weak struggle from her, before she gave up.

�I could remind you right here that you belong to me, and there is nothing you can do about it.� The growl that preceded his words was low, threatening. He followed with wedging his leg between hers, and pressing her back up against the wall.

A gasp escaped as her back met the wall, before she snarled at him. �Yeah� Yeah, go ahead. Rape me again, because that�.that makes ya feel better too. It�s happened too many times for me to count. What�s�. What�s one more time, right?� Her drunk laughter bubbled up as she leaned her head back against the bricks.

�You are mine. It is not rape, Doll. It is me using my property as I deem fit. You always seem to forget that.�

�Rape is forced unwanted sexual intercourse. Every time ya touch me I don�t want it. I want nothin� more than to break yer goddamned fingers. Yers, and every goddamed man who thinks he�s entitled to ****in� touch me.� A snarl tore from her throat, before she rocked her head forward unexpectedly, and smashed her forehead into his nose and mouth.

He felt cartilage crunch, and the steady stream of blood that stemmed up from both mouth and nose. There was a string of growled curses, before he took a couple steps back, and swiped at the blood with the back of his hand. He took a long moment to stare at the red smeared across the back of his hand, before his attention snapped to her. �Ronixi.� He crooned her name dangerously as near neon blue hues settled on her swaying form as she inched her way away from him along the alley way.

�The more you fight me, the more it is tempting to have someone pay one of your friends a visit. It would be such an absolute shame to have to mourn more than just one, singular friend in a short period of time, wouldn�t it, Ronixi?� Oh, he would break her down, piece, by piece, and bit by bit, if he had anything to do about it. He was still well on the way, and his biggest step had been getting Siobhan out of the way.

Her steps paused, and she twisted on her feet so that she could face him, instead of continuing with her attempted escape. �Ya leave my family alone. They aren't part a anythin�.�

�Ah, but they mean everything to you. Which means that you should keep in mind as to who you need to listen to, Lovely. Or slowly, one by one, they will be gone, until you find yourself in a cesspit of loneliness that will only be of your own doing. You will have no one to blame but your-�

His smug words were cut off by the sudden crack of gunfire. An unexpected, intense, burning pain in his gut that had him growling, and narrowing his eyes on the unsteady form of Roni. She aimed again for him, and squeezed the trigger once more. This bullet hit and ricocheted off the wall. He was most certainly lucky that she was currently inebriated, because he�s certain she was aiming for his head, and failing terribly.

�Ronixi Sulrealta. Don�t you move another goddamned muscle.� His pain bled through in the growl of his voice, and he watched the delight on her face, mingle with the displeasure of him using her true name. Her finger hovered on the trigger with his words, but she fell still, compelled to listen to his words. He took a moment to look down at the bulletwound, and the slow but steady flow of blood that was seeping from the wound and staining the grey of the suit he wore. She didn�t hit anything vital, thankfully.

�You have been nothing more than trouble and wasted resources since you�ve run away.� There�s a malignant smile that twists his lips as he took a couple steps closer to her. �You shot me. Again. In addition to the other times your friends have managed to maim me. I could just make my life simpler. Ronixi, Lovely, please, put the gun in your mouth.�

He watched with delight, as she realized what he said, and she struggled against every fiber in her being as her hands moved to comply. He reveled in the tears that surfaced, and spilled over, partially in terror of uncertainty. �You do realize now, that all it would take is a few words, and everything that you are would cease to be. Your brains would be splattered up the bricks behind you. Not because you will it, but because I do. This is what it means to belong to someone. They control everything that you are. The only reason, Doll, you are where you are right now is because I will it. Because I have allowed it to get this far.� As he spoke, her circled her trembling form, like a cat intent on playing with it�s prey.

�I could make your life a living hell. I can spill your cover, and ruin your chances at finding that girl you are so desperately searching for. And Yes, I know about that. I am not dull, after all. I can, one by one, take away the people that mean the most to you. And I can most definitely make you end everything, and leave those you care about behind. Imagine, Siobhan, losing the man she cared about, and her best friend in one week? It would be delightful to watch her break wholly.�

His steps slowed as he came to stand in front of her again, and he reached out to cup her cheek with a hand. His thumb carelessly brushed away her tears, like they were an annoyance, more than anything. She was beautiful. Sometimes it was hard for him to decide if she was prettier when she wasn�t crying, or when she was. �Do you understand the precarious position that you are in right now?� His thumb, still damp with tears swung down to tap at the barrel of the gun. �Do you truly understand what it means to belong to me, lovely? That you are still standing here, in Rhy�din, because I allow you to? That if I really want to, simple words would rid me of the headache and giant pain in my ass that you have become?�

Her dropped his hand from her cheek, and circled back around her form so that he was behind her again, then he leaned forward and let his lips trace the shell of her ear. �I suppose it�s a good thing for you, Ronixi, that I have a strong love for my favorite toys. I only want to break them, not splatter their brains all over a grimey alleyway. So now? Now you�re going to lower that gun. And then you are going to stay here for the next thirty minutes, considering the important lesson that you have learned here today.� His words were followed up with a tender kiss pressed to the nape of her neck.

The gun in her hand was lowered slowly, thankfully. His words, his touch still made her skin crawl. There was so much going on inside her head that he didn�t know. And all of this just further fueled the hate the burned within her for him. He could see that in the way that she looked at him when he circled back around so that he was standing before her once more.

�By the way, Doll, that dangerous line I said you were walking? You have finally crossed it. Please, do not be surprised when the repercussions start rolling in. Mmmh. Who do I start with? Maybe Freddy, since he seems keen on putting his hands on what�s mine. Then there�s also the lovely Mist, or Miss Cromwell. I suppose I have decisions of my own to make now, Lovely.� Oh, he saw the hate that burned in her abyssal eyes as he spoke, and took immense pleasure in the fact that she was absolutely helpless on actually acting on such emotions.

�Do keep yourself out of too much trouble, now.� This is said pleasantly, like he hadn�t just threatened her life, the lives of those she cared about, or twisted the knife of her loss even deeper in her heart. With one last lingering look to her, he drew in a deep breath, and finally pressed a hand to the still bleeding wound that oozed from his abdomen. First, he would see to someone about taking care of his injuries�. Then� Then he had some strings to pull, and some delicate jobs to meter out to certain people that he knew and trusted.

He left Roni in the wake of the force that he was, to think over everything that had happened. Thanks to his instructions, he was well gone by the time she was able to move again, which was exactly what he had wanted�. And he had a habit of always getting what he wanted.

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