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Lupinossai Myth of the Elements

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:55 am    Post subject: Lupinossai Myth of the Elements Reply with quote

Around many campfires and in the halls of the wise take a seat and listen to the echoes of a tale told from young and old.

Listen miinooah. Listen well to my tale of our land being born.

Listen miinooah, to the thrumming pulse of our land in your veins.

The tale of four siblings dancing, locked in embrace and pain.

Sister Water flows like the hand of a lover over the fur and thighs.

Comfort and pleasure it found not on its own surface.

Swirling deep did it tease and pleasure the depths bellow.

Brother Earth, a warrior who’s fist and will determines all,

Hardens and surges at the caressing call of Sister Water.

Brother Earth and Sister Water unite whelping life to the light.

Miinooah foolish, brave, arrogant and eager tempt Brother Earth to anger.

Sister Water froths and roils in her ministration to sooth his temper.

The warrior’s fire is too passionate, Brother Earth yields to his brother.

Brother Fire, with fans of arrogance and desire, warred with Brother Earth,

Passionate anger fanned high and hot from imprisonment by Sister Water.

Brothers scorn each other, volatile egos war, Sister Water weeps in distress.

From the tears of Sister Water and the rise of Brother Fires zeal, Sister Air was stirred.

Kindred sister of Water, Sister Air licked the tears from Sister Water’s face,

Ran her wings along Brother Earth’s ashen skin whisking away his pain.

Sister Air delighted in the folly and anger of Brother Fire as he could not reach her,

His anger raising her higher and higher with every burst of temper.

Sister Air, soothing soul of Sister Water, weaved pillows of rest in the sky.

Sister Water rested her head upon Sister Air’s pillows and wept as she dreamed.

Wept for their two brothers, Earth and Fire, as they squabbled on.

Sister Air gathered Sister Water’s tears upon her wings and confronted their brothers.

Her soul tired and stirred from their ire brought forth barks of soothing scorn upon them,

Brother Fire’s little rages diminished, his ego softened with the bark of Sister Air.

Brother Earth wept in the sight of Sister Air in her anger, in the pain from Brother Fire.

Sister Air, soothing soul, fanned the ache from Brother Earth’s pain,

Her healing wind sowed Sister Water’s tears imprisoning Brother Fire’s vanity.

Sister Air spread her balm upon Sister Water and Brother Earth, rocking them gently.

Sister Water and Brother Earth whelped more life, Brother Fire seeks his freedom,

Sister Air watches them all, tending to each of their seasons.
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