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The Synthetic War
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Samara Tamblin
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The floor plates dropped from beneath her feet, her helmet sliding up over her head and clanking down into place. One by one, she watched as her teammates dropped into open air. Somehow, the training hadn’t quite measured up to actually being moments away from your first combat drop. Samara’s heart pounded in her chest as her turn approached.

“Gods, watch over me…” She muttered in a whisper. “Deliver me to victory, or if I should fall, let me fall with honor. Lords above, guide and protect me, now and until my death.”

Samara glanced up, making eye contact with Tey’lani. The Iridian was strapped into a chair, and smiled her way one last time. The red light burst to life over her and suddenly, there was nothing. Nothing for her to grasp, just the expanse of grey sky all around her as she rocketed toward the ground. Suddenly, she was aware that her HUD was off and with a twitch of her neck, it was back on.

Readouts about her velocity and suit integrity passed before her eyes via her cybernetic implants, remaining in place no matter where she looked. Through the miniscule gaps in her armor, she could feel the chill of the air as it wooshed up all around her. Samara turned her head, seeing markers where the rest of her team were plummeting toward the surface of the planet.

“Titan. On the ground.” Wei’s voice chirped out in her ear.

“Axios. On the ground.” Eaton said.

“This is Tank. I have reached the surface.”

“Tyke, I’m here.” Serles said, the nervousness in his voice showing through even on the com channel.

Then, Byron called out. “Tank get your big ass in my waaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Samara stifled a laugh.

“Duster. Mostly here.” He groaned a moment later.

“Stow that ****, Duster.” Merichak commanded.

Her repulsors kicked in then, slowing her ascent
enough that she wouldn’t immediately crash through the street and crumple like a broken marionette. Still, she hit the ground with enough force to crack the pavement, but she felt little of the shock, thanks to her suit.

“Washout. On the ground.” Her team were in position around her, their helmets off. With a mere active thought, it rolled up and stowed away.

The city was eerily quiet, the streets empty. Miles and miles of a maze of streets and alleys, with nothing but the burning wreckage of society scattered. Merichak’s eyes swept the area for movement. “Axios, anything?”

“Nothing. Not a Godsdamned thing.” He said.

“This city is a tomb.” Tank rumbled.

“Form up,” Merichack ordered. “On me.”

The team moved through the silent streets, the buildings looming over them ominously as they progressed. Wei scanned down an alleyway, her readings finding nothing.

“If it’s a tomb, where are the bodies?” She asked. “I haven’t seen so much as a drop of blood. An estimated 700 million in Century alone, the place is in shambles and there’s not one body? How does that work?”

Axios shook his head. “I don’t know...maybe they cleaned up after themselves.”

Samara didn’t want to think about what that could mean for the corpses that had to have littered the streets.

“This is wrong.” Tyke said. “I grew up on these streets...to see them this...empty. It’s wrong.”

“Stay frosty, kid.” Duster chimed in. “Remember, you see something metal moving, you light that ****er up.”

The more they searched, the emptier the city seemed. The sense of foreboding was oppressive. Merichak froze in place, hold up a fist to halt the team.

“You see something, Top?” Duster asked.

The data ran through his vision. “Organic…deceased. But definitely organic.”

They could hear Serles’ breathing rising faster and faster as Merichak scanned it was becoming too much for the young soldier.

Wei gave him a cautious look. “Tyke…”. She said, a hint of warning in her tone. But it fell upon deaf ears. Serles suddenly broke into a sprint toward the body. All at once they called after him and rushed to stop him. But Serles was not available. He trucked on as fast as he could toward that body, getting closer and closer, driven to find out if it was someone he knew. Or, gods forbid, someone he loved.

He came to a screeching halt as, suddenly the body was yanked away, leaving a blood trail going around the corner. Serles panted, eyes wide with terror. The clomping of Exo-Suit feet came closer to him, and suddenly a pair of hands whipped him around and put him against a wall. Wei was furious.

“Gods DAMN you, when we tell you to stop, you ****ing listen!” She shouted at him, but his eyes were anywhere but her. “Look at me, soldier!”

“Titan…” Axios’ voice came from behind. There was something in it that she didn’t like. Wei turned to find her team looking upward where Serles had been staring. Red lights shone from behind windows and holes in the wall...and they were everywhere.

“ARM UP!” Merichak shouted, his weapons systems coming into combat positions, just as the machines leapt out from their cover.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

They came from all sides, all angles. A torrential downpour of metal, sweeping towards them. Weapons blazed, reducing the robots to shrapnel.

Serles was like a man possessed. Running on pure rage and vengeance, he brought his weapons to bear on anything that hove into his line of sight. But soon it became obvious that fire would not be enough. They were just too many.

The young warrior grabbed them two at a time, wielding their bodies as melee weapons and slamming them into their comrades.

“Stay together!” Merichak called out, grabbing one out of the sky and spiking it into the pavement.

“This is Stick. Guys, I don’t know what you did, but it looks like you woke up the whole damn city. I’ve got movement all over the place converging on your location.”

Tank was covered in attackers, but just switched between a melee attack and firing explosive heavy ordinance into crowds of robots, sending bits of them flying all over the place. “We must retreat.” He rumbled.

“What?” Duster said, ducking a leaping droid and turning to blast it with the massive shotgun attached to his arm. “You gettin’ tired, big guy?”

Wei’s lightblade glowed in its ragged white arc. Her movements were precise, fast, deadly, cleaving her attackers apart with swift strokes. She glanced back at Merichak, concern growing on her face, “We can’t take them all…”

The old man knew it. They’d severely underestimated the situation, and if they didn’t get out of there soon, they never would. He grimaced and blasted away at a few more before putting the call through. “Stick, I need immediate evac.”

“Roger that, Top. Six-Four inbound.” Stick’s voice crackled.

Samara did everything she could to keep them off Serles. He was fighting with wild abandon, almost no concern for his own life. They were going to chew his ass out when they got back, she knew. But first thing was first. She had to get him back in the first place.

They came running at him and he charged forth tackling them to the ground. He was making full use of his suit’s strength, beating them into scrap like he was in a bar brawl. As he went to push himself off the ground, one landed on the back of his ExoSuit. And then another. They were pounding against the metal plating, denting it with their strong, metallic fists. Serles tried to roll over, but another slammed into him, knocking him onto his back.

Panic filled him as his helmet closed down over his face and they began viciously bashing at him, trying to break through that armor. His HUD showed that the armor’s integrity was getting lower and lower with every vicious blow. The helmet obscured his vision, though all he’d be able to see anyway was the raging automatons trying like hell to kill him. His arms flailed, trying desperately to grab at one of them, any of them. He didn’t need to hear the alarms to know it was hopeless. Any moment they would break through and tear him apart. He would die on the planet of his birth with the rest of his people. He only hoped the others would fare better.

Suddenly, some of the pounding stopped and he felt lighter. Then more. Then it stopped completely. With a thought, that helmet slipped back to find Tank standing over him, his grenade launcher expended and a massive hammer clutched in his hands. He hefted it against his shoulder and offered a hand down to him.

Serles gripped that three-fingered hand and was pulled to his feet. The team surrounded them, keeping him safe and blasting in every direction. The suit’s right leg was badly damaged and movement was restricted. Breaches and plating damage were all over, but he was alive. “Th-thank you.” he stammered.

Tank nodded and went back to work.

“Top, Stick here. We’ve got an assault craft headed your way…” He said.

“Good.” Merichak responded. “We could use the back up.”

“Yeah...about that…” the pilot said. “Reports came in from Major Metcalfe...one of those things attacked her and the Admiral. Stay on your toes, We’re on our way.”
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