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Moseying along

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Mareli Day

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:44 pm    Post subject: Moseying along Reply with quote

She should fold. She really should. It wasn't that it was a bad hand, though, true, she'd had better. No, it was the time she'd spent. Her eyes were stinging from the smoke and the stench. A few hours, five maybe? So, maybe more than a few hours had passed since she arrived in the dive that had delusions of grandeur. All proper tassled and turned our shiny, but the folk that wandered through its doors clearly took cleanliness next to godliness meaning they should pack on the dirt as if they were in their grave.

It was time to get a move on from this little waterhole of a town. Problem was, her transport wasn't due to leave until tomorrow morning. That was always the issue, fair weather or not, of relying on others to get to the next stop. She didn't take to one place long, or it didn't take to her. Mareli wasn't of a notion to think long and hard on which way that really went. She hadn't thought on that thing since...well, some years. Best not to let her mind wander.

"You callin' er what?" The man rolled his bit of sparkleaf, the local chew, from one festering pocket of his jaw to the other.

Mareli hummed one soft tone, looking the man in the eye, and threw it all in. "Let's make this a bit more interesting. You ready?"

The greed was high in the man's eyes, glimmering as if he struck upon gold. Shame then, when he turned over his cards and she turned over hers that it turned out to be fools gold. He was stuck with nothing but the drink at his one hand and the pistol in his other. "You cheated! You musta. No way you get that lucky."

"Oh," Mareli smiled as she gathered up her winnings and stood. She'd count later. "Oh, you'd be surprised how often I hear that, but isn't that just the nature of luck? Feast or famine. Seems I'm feasting at the moment, but she'll turn on me someday." She'd done it before. Luck. They'd had more than a few turns.

The man leveled his pistol at her, trembling slightly between his rage, drink, and the sparkleaf. "You give me back what's mine."

With a sigh, Mareli studied the man. She also noted from the side of her vision that no one was going to step in one way or the other. Seems they had their own buried souls to huddle around.

"Give you back what's yours." She spoke each word clearly, to see if the man would pick up on clarifying what exactly he thought was his.

"That's right. That's all I ask. Not gonna rob you like you're doin' to me." His jaw jutted out slightly with the righteousness of the outsmarted.

"Hmm," she nodded as she looked down, her hand touching on the steel round of the pommel topping her blackwood cane. With a twist, it hummed and the electric line zipped out, tagged the man's gunhand, and zapped him well enough to set him backward. The gun dropped from his spasming arm.

Donning her hat, only slightly askew as fashion dictated, Mareli nodded to the downed man and others as she strode from the building, her long coat flapping around her jean clad calves. "Fair evening to you all."

And she was gone. But to where? Place to hide up in case the man had friends until her transport was ready to go. She really needed to fix that lack of immediate transportation for the future.
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