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The Choice

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Addie A
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:35 am    Post subject: The Choice Reply with quote

March 14th, 2018
Trash HQ, Seaside, Rhy'Din City

"I take it this isn't gonna be a place I'll get to see you in a bikini, is it?" It was a casual tease, delivered with a gentle squeeze to her hip as Ro slipped from their bedroom, back down towards the kitchen. His bags were mostly (sorta) packed but he had breakfast (for dinner) cooking in the kitchen and he had only been able to spare a few moments to help with the effort before having to flit out again. Still in athletic shorts and a sleeveless tee, he continued to talk to her with his voice raised enough to carry as he started to mix up the omelets. "Did I pack the right stuff? I guess I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be wearin' and all."

"If we go down to the river, maybe." She laughed. This time of year, it would have been just on this side of too chilly for river wading though so he shouldn't get his hopes up. With most of her things packed and a minor nervousness she needed to work out, she zipped up her luggage and followed after him into the kitchen, intent on breakfast-dinner. "Yeah, it'll be lowkey, I promise. It's a lot of... blahblahblah ceremonial *** and a couple hours where I'll have to go sit with the elders and make sure I've made the right choice. It'll be... uh... kinda lame for you, if I'm being honest."

"But babe, your nipples are so cute when they poke through that flimsy material." Romeo offered up a crooked grin from where he stood at the stove, pouring the omelet fixings into the pan. It sizzled audibly in the preheated pan and he was quick to turn back to the kitchen island to finish mixing the pancake batter. When she got close enough, he nuzzled a kiss to the side of her neck. "It's goin' to be fine, mo chroi. We'll get to spend some time together in a new place and I already know whatever choice you make is gonna be the right one. You're a pretty smart girl, you know. No, smart woman."

"Then I suppose we'll just have to play pretend?" She countered with a laugh. Waiting until he had poured the omelet batter into the pan, she kissed him and then climbed up onto the counter, a few feet over from the stove. "You'll get to see Amberhelm... so there's that. I think you may actually like it. How much packing do you still have left to do?"

"I do like to play pretend with you." He made a pleased sound for the kiss. "Not so sound sappy, but I like most places you are. But yeah, it'll be cool to see what your homeland is like. I imagine it'll be quite the experience."

The notion made him wistful and Ro trailed off after a moment, lapsing into a brief silence. When he finally spoke again, it was to answer her question. "But need my skivvies to finish drying and then that's pretty much that. Then I'll just need to wash the stink off me and I'll be all polished up."

"Moreso mom's homeland than mine. I've only been there a handful of times in my life. Where I came from... um, after mom died the second time, I never went back. Just stayed in Nosgoth the whole time." She frowned and shrugged, glancing over at the skillet as the omelet sizzled and cooked. Looking back to her fiance, oh that was a good word, her smile lived once more as she caught the nostalgia limning his expression. "So we're pretty much set then. First thing in the morning then?"

"It's still your roots, mo chroi." He tipped another smile her way and turned back towards the pan, reaching for the spatula and folding the fluffy omelet over. In the other pan, he began to pour the pancakes, doling out little dollops of batter with his back to her. "We're set. We can make a quiet night in and get a good start on tomorrow. A little Netflix and, uh, chill?"

"It is, yeah." She nodded, taking a deep breath. Breakfast-dinner would be a nice way to get her mind off of the impending anxiety of it all, so she watched his methodical preparation and the formation of each pancake one by one. Beautiful, fluffy things, she had never had any better. "Netflix and chill would be nice. Ummmm, no guarantee on, uh, just how much privacy we might get while we're there. It's sort of a big deal and all, for all the low-key-ness it is."

"Hey," he shot a look over a broad shoulder, his mouth quivering. "I can bring the low-key-ness... with my penis. Just sayin'." And, without missing a beat, Romeo went back to preparing their supper. It didn't take much longer and in short order, the blonde bruiser was piling the shareable omelet and the pancakes all up on a big plate and turning back to Addie. "It's all gonna be good, babe. Tonight. Tomorrow. The days to come. We've got this."

"Romeo MacKenzie, you are the worst." She laughed, grabbing a nearby oven mitt and pitching it lightly at his back. Still giggling, she shook her head and slid off the counter, moving to the fridge to grab them drinks to go with their breakfast. Pre-made chocolate milk for the win. With two glasses, she sauntered to the breakfast nook and slid in on the bench, setting out a glass for him and one for her. "I'm sorry in advance for anything anyone might say. To me. To you. About us. Any of it. Okay?"

He followed along with the big plate and their utensils, setting them both off to the side. Sitting across from her, he reached across the table and gathered her hands in his, drawing them across the surface so that he could kiss her fingers. Once, then twice. "I don't give a *** what anyone thinks, Addie. No one but you. I'm happy with you. And me. And us. None of what anyone else has to say matters."

Offering her hands over quite willingly, she gave him a fond little smile when his lips brushed her fingers which soon curled against his jawline for a gentle scritch. When she withdrew, she did so to nab a fork and take a drink from her milk. "That's... not really what I'm worried about too much. Just that... uh... yeah. I mean, you're my Chosen one and Quinten, that's my mom's dad, is um... a prominent face. It'll be a lot of... when are we tying the knot... when are we having kids... all the stuff you'd expect from a family reunion... only from everyone even if they aren't related."

"People will think you require better. Or will require a better... Chosen." Ro reached for his glass and lifted it for a sip before be began to separate some of the food ont he plate for his own consumption. He watched her as he did, curious but not offended. "And as far as the 'whens'? Whenever you want. I want us and everything that comes with it, as soon or not as you'll let me. There's plenty I want, but I'm not on any timetable."

"Oh no. That's... nah. They won't care about that." She shook her head, waving off Ro's assumption. That boy had a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, she should have seen that coming. While he worked on separating things, she made it harder for him by reaching her fork over to stab away a hunk of omelet mid plate transfer. She's nice like that. "They'll just want to know when and whether it's sooner rather than later and if we'll be returning to Amberhelm when that time comes and... yeah. It's a very small community, everyone feels like family and really... if you look at the family trees, most everyone is descended from like... one of a dozen families." She just happened to come from two of the most powerful. "They just get nosy, that's all I want you to be prepared for."

"No? Huh. Good." He almost laughed at that. "When you put it like that, they almost sound like Clan MacKenzie, mo chroi." If it was a war she wanted, it was a war Adelaide was going to get. His own fork battled hers for dominance over the best pieces, before finally popping one in his mouth to chew. He spoke again after finally swallowing. "Sounds like everyone's business is Clan business. I can deal with that."

"We're much too small of a community to shun outsiders. Everyone seems to marry out these days, if only because marrying in is... kind of gross at this point." She laughed, poking at one of his pancakes with her fork as if threatening to steel it. In the end she relented, returning to her own plate to eat up. "Is that what they sound like? I think I'd be right at home then." There was a smile, soft and fond. "But yes, everyone is that nosy old lady that knows everyone's business. It's ridiculous. They'll know things about us even though we live six hours away."

"Then they'll know we're practicing real hard for makin' babies, won't they?" Stabbing at the piece of pancake, he offered it up to her mouth with a waggle of brows. His smile softened slowly and Ro leaned back in his seat to watch her. "I'd endure that and worse for you, Adelaide. You are my heart."

"Oh gods, I don't want them knowing that." She scrunched her nose but opened her mouth wide for him, wrapping her lips around the fork with overblown sensuality as she slid the bite of pancake free from the utensil. Winking as she drew back, she chewed and swallowed, washing it down with a swig of chocolate milk. "I know. You would, you have. I just wanted to, like, prepare you. Having to punch bad guys in the face is a little different than having to fake smile and nod when someone you don't know knows half your life, ya know?"

"No, now it'll be fake smilin' and noddin', but I won't be stealin' anyone's stuff." His brows bobbed again, but Ro was sliding slowly out of his seat to join Addie on her side. A big arm slipped around her shoulders and pulled her in, a gentle kiss pressed to her temple. "We'll make our own fun there, mo chroi. Make some fond memories. It'll be good."

"Thank the gods. Yes, keep sticky fingers to yourself. Besides, there's not a whole lot you'd wanna steal anyways. It's definitely not as... I dunno, flashy and progressive as it is here. They're very old fashioned, set in their ways." She nodded and leaned into him, forking up a bite of omelet to offer it up to him. "But yes, it'll be good. Wanna snag a shower with me after this?"

He was silent long enough to accept the large bite of omelet, smiling around the fork before chewing the tasty morsel down and swallowing. He was nodding to both the statement and the question. "'Course I do. I wash your hair better than you do."

“That you do, that you do. Eat up, we’ve got a lot to do still.” With a wicked grin, she promised more than words. A long night stretched ahead.
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Addie A
Trouble Magnet
Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 02 Aug 2014
Posts: 465
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Jobs: Cook, Doctor
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

March 15th, 2018
Amberhelm, Rhy'Din

It had been awhile since they hit the road like this, a long stretch of boring scenery and pleasant company, lots of music and plenty of snacks to go with some less than innocent shenanigans. But all good things must come to an end and eventually, the flatlands became hillier, the sparse vegetation filling out with high reaching coniferous trees, still full of needle laden branches despite the lingering winter of March. As they got closer, Addie got quieter, anxious in the subtle way she held onto her fiance's hand as he drove.

"Take a left up here... the edge of town is about a mile that way. The estate's on the far side, up in the hills." She explained quietly, shifting in her seat to take her feet off the dash.

It had been a good roadtrip and Romeo had commented more than once during the drive that it was something he wanted to do more of. Just the two of them. A full tank of gas, what little they needed in supplies, and a open road to... wherever. Certain shenanigans might have had something to do with it. Maybe it was just her. But as they drew closer to their final destination, the mood in the car grew more somber, and when she finally announced how much farther they had to go, he was slowly pulling off to the side of the road and stopping. With the engine still running, he turned to her.

"Not much farther," he echoed her previous announcement, gathering her slender hands into his and bringing them to his lips so that he could kiss the backs of her knuckles. His gaze linger on hers over the tops of their hands, a reassuring smile given. "No matter what happens, I'm by your side. For always." It wasn't that he thought anything bad was going to happen, but given her apprehension, he gave that assurance anyway.

"I know." She said softly, her smile twisting into a wan smile. Letting her hands linger in his grasp for a few long moments, she took a deep breath before withdrawing, one hand gesturing in front of her stomach. "I'm just... nervous, you know? This isn't a big deal. Mom had to do it. Her parents both had to do it... everyone before them too. Nothing bad is going to happen, I just... I dunno. Part of me wishes Mom could've come too, she would have been able to talk me through this, you know?"

"I think you've got this, mo chroi." Ro stretched across the seat to press a kiss to the side of her neck before withdrawing and adjusting his seatbelt. "No matter what you choose, you're still you. You'r always gonna be you. So do what you think is right and good, and everything else will happen like it needs to. You're due for some good things."

"I've got this." She repeated, leaning into his reassuring affections. Though she didn't sound as sure as the blonde in the driver's seat did, his presence was a calming thing. Sitting back in her seat, she too fidgeted with her seatbelt and nodded twice, turning her gaze forward once more. "The power of positive thinking... we are due for some good things. We're probably too late to grab dinner at the main house, but we might be able to grab something in town on the way."

Food made everything better.

"What bae wants, bae gets." He resumed driving with one hand and slipped the other over to rest on one of hers, squeezing. "We'll get fed and then get settled in. I didn't think to ask before but for the sake of not being disappointed before asking, I'm assumin' we're gonna be roomed separately?"

"Mom says there's a place in town that does decent breakfast for dinner a la Delia's." She smiled sidelong, tangling her fingers with his as they got back on the road. The trees got thicker at first, a dense canopy blocking out any hint of moonlight rising on the horizon. A little snicker sounded in the space between them. "Actually... no. There's a guest cottage on the grounds of my grandfather's estate. That's where we're staying. Just me and you. Though... the night of the Choice I'll be staying on my own."

"Sounds like a plan. Time to test some new pancakes, eh?" His sidelong look came with a crooked grin and a squeeze of her hand. Ro nodded along with the explanation, his attention directed back to the way ahead, winding the bar through the road that would take them into and eventually through Amberhelm. "Makes sense. Alone with the gods and all. Really feels like back home, though the memories are sometimes hazy. Been a long time. All I can do is to promise to be as much of a gentleman as I can when in the cottage."

"They won't be as good as yours, but it'll do. In the morning we can raid the pantry at the house and then just stay in and eat." She grinned. Likely they wouldn't get that lucky. It wasn't often that the Youngblood Estate saw company and as such, they were spoiled accordingly. That also meant with plenty of attention. It was a sleepy town, reminiscent of days long past, and at that hour, many of the homes and buildings were dark. True to her word, on the far edge of town, a wrought iron gate led them up a winding drive through the wooded estate. "It should split up here, take the right fork for the guest house. "I don't think you really have to worry about being a gentleman. Nobody here particularly cares, you know? They might ask a ton about when we're getting married but not for the sex or even the possibility of kids. They just see it as a higher form of connection in the eyes of the gods."

"Maybe your people will let me cook for them," Ro mused and seemed sincerely interested in the notion. "Brownie points for the wayward fiance."

Following her direction, he drove them through town and eventually brought then to, then through the gate, forking right at a gentle curve to propel them onward towards the guest house. Her explanation of the way of things around Amberhelm was worth an appreciative chuckle. "I wonder if your kin are descended from MacKenzies then. Because the Clan, well, it's pretty neo-pagan hippie free love with mine own kin. Usually things are very, very open 'til you finally find the one you want and then settle down. Then it's happily ever monogamous. All acts of love are rituals before the gods. It's the Lady's way."

"Babe, you don't have to go into this thinking they'll reject you. You're my person. You're not wayward, you're not bad, you're not anything negative. Plus you already got big props from my grandfather when... everything happened." She trailed off with a little shrug and a vague gesture of her hand. As they turned off, she settled, looking through the trees for the little bungalow cottage that was awaiting them. The front porch light was on, as was what she assumed as the living room light. It was supposed to be unlocked. "There are some neo-pagan roots to this, yeah, but they go back to Ancient Greek times. Amberhelm was formed by a coven of... they call us Asterians. Worshippers of the Goddess Asteria, goddess of falling stars and nighttime oracles. Like the Greeks of old, yeah, it's pretty free love until you bind yourself to someone else."

"Like I said," he murmured happily. "Good things ahead."

The car was pulled up to a stop before the cottage and before he got out, Romeo leaned to press another gentle kiss to her neck, offering up a smile. Then it was a collection of their bags, piling up as much as he could upon his strong frame and leaving Addie the hands to get them into their accommodations for the duration of the trip. "Sounds about right. While the MacKenzies are steeped in celtic roots, our religions pretty much keeps it open to fall pantheons of belief. Some worship the Norse gods, some the Greek, and so on. It's a pretty all-inclusive deal with them."

For a short stay, they needed only a few bags, but what they brought was packed to the brim. There may have been a gaming console in there somewhere too. Mostly because she thought Ro might get a little bored at some point. Closing the car doors behind him, she led the way up to the cottage, easing the door open and stepping inside to hold the door for him as well. It was modest but well decorated, almost like one might envision a country cottage in a fairy tale to look. Homey, charming. Addie liked it. She also liked listening to Romeo talk about his family, something he didn't do very often. "I like it. I think you'll like it here then. It's a little behind the times but Mom says while it's old timey, they aren't close minded and stuff thankfully."

He lugged the bags in and waited for her to lead him to their final resting place, eventually easing them down to the floor in a semi-neat pile that allowed Addie the easiest access to whatever she needed. Unencumbered, he slipped over to her side and put one burly around around her slender waist to draw her in, a kiss was pressed to her temple tenderly. "It's a great place. Quiet and comfortable. Not too out there or fancy. We can snuggled up in front of the fireplace and talk chat, coffee or hot cocoa in hand. It's nice to just get away from Rhy'din sometimes. We should do more trips."

The cottage had two bedrooms; a modest master bedroom and a tiny spare bedroom that looked more like a glorified walk in closet stuffed with a twin sized bed, side table, and chest of drawers beneath a narrow window. The master was a little more accommodating, sporting a queen sized bed piled with mismatched pillows and several layers of plush quilts. There wasn't a lot of space to move really, but it would do for a few days. Back in the living room, she snuggled in against his chest with a fond little smile. "There's a woodshed out back if we need it. But yes... it doesn't have to be off world, you know? Disney was a lot of fun... amazing fun, but this is... yeah, it's cool too."

"We could do that beach cottage again," he suggested, murmuring into her hair. "Or somethin' like it. Or skiing at some chalet. I don't much care where. The good time is wherever you are. All the beauty we get to experience together. But we can talk more about it when we're back home if you want. Plan somethin'. Maybe campin'. Been a long time since I've camped and you already love roughin it."

"That was a long trip but so worth it..." And also pricey, if she knew any better. While she definitely didn't hurt for dough, it was also because she was halfway careful with her finances. Wrapping her arms around him, she nodded. "We'll figure something out when we get home. Figure out when you can take off from work and then we'll go. And I love camping. As soon as the weather perks up, we'll go."

"Pretty sure Claire will be cool with it. Unless we're in the ring, she's been more generous than usual. We'll sort it out." He tipped her chin up slowly and pressed a soft kiss to her mouth. "Lots of fun memories to be made with the future Missus MacKenzie. Adelaide Victoria MacKenzie. I really like the sound o' that..."

"And what about Delia? I hate leaving her without help when she needs it." She said softly against his lips. Tracing her hands down his arms, she sought his hands for the sake of dragging him down onto an overstuffed loveseat. "We could always scout honeymoon spots... call it wedding research. How about that?"

"Delia would understand." She dragged and Ro went willingly, until they were a tangle of limbs on the loveseat and he was pressing gently, adoring kisses to the side of her face and her ear. "I don't think she expected me to stay as long as I have and I think she'd be happy that I was happy and out buildin' a life. Mmm, honeymoon. Where you wanna go?"

"If you say so..." She wriggled and squirmed until she found a comfortable spot on the unfamiliar piece of furniture. He made that a little easier and soon she settled in against him. "I dunno... Disney is tempting, just me and you. Though there are others on Earth too, like in Paris and Tokyo. Or we can go somewhere warm... or somewhere cold... or somewhere in space... the options are limitless."

"Hey," he teased. "I' marryin' into money. We could always take like two months off and do all of the above?" It was a playful pipedream but it made Romeo grin crookedly before he dropped a kiss to her shoulder. "Maye we could make a honeymoon bucket list."

"Holla we want prenup!" She giggled and turned her mouth to kiss the side of his head. What a dork. Her dork. "A honeymoon bucket list, I like it. Honestly anywhere we could go together would be perfect. Hell, even if we just holed up at home for a week just me and you, I'd be content."

"If he holed up at home, I'd never let you out of bed." He rumbled for the kiss. "Maybe just for bathin' and eatin', but that would be the same kinda fun."

"Be real, Ro. If we go somewhere else you won't let me out of bed either." More laughter to cap a tangled up evening that stretched late into the night before the early hours of morning called them to bed. It was a small dose of peace, a touch of calm before the inevitable storm.
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