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A Returning Nightmare.
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The Greenhaired Vampiress
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

On Torpor.

Lesinda slept soundly in her room, safe at least in the knowledge that Mathian prefered his perverse abusies in his own oom rather than hers, and she fell into a 'Light' torpor.

The process of Torpor was, for her at least, quite important. In fact it was a ralativly important event for any vampire with Mathian's particular strain as it facilitated an ability to process blood without consuming it.
Life-force exists within blood, the heart acts as a convertor for that life-force, drawing it out of the blood and turning it into something the vampire can use, at the same time imbuing the vampire's own blood with some of this life-force, sort of like how a mortal's body would store fat for later use.

During normal activity, a vampire would drink from a victem, the blood passing through to the liver where the organ would carefully screen the new blood into the vampier's own bloodstream. From here, it would pass to the heart where the potential magical energies of contained life-force would be absorbed and realised in the vampire's body. At this point, some residual energies would past into the vampire's own blood and continue to be carried around their body, acting as a reserve of energy.
This process of absorbsion will continue until the new blood is exhausted, leaving only the vampire's own blood left in their veins, leading to a need to feed. The more exertion the vampire puts on their body, the faster the new blood is exahusted.

During torpor however, the new blood is infused directly into the vampire's own blood, with only enough energy being siphoned off to run the process and keep the vampire's heart beating. This means that when a vampire 'awakens', their body is already filled with potent energy, and for a group of vampires that need to feed almost daily by an entier adult human, any chance to reduce thinning out their feeding chattle is often a welcome advantage.

All of which made Lesinda a valuable asset for Mathian. Her blood already being infused with magical energies meant that she was a fine catch, Mathian's vampiric strain thriving more on the blood of those with magic, binding it to the more basic magical energy of life-force.
When Lesinda drank from a person with potent magic in their blood, it would be infused into her own creating a concoction that was again more potent. The process torpor would mean that there was even more blood in her body after a good, long feed and for this reason Mathian had instilled a need to frequently 'sleep'.
The basic idea had been put in her head of what and why Topor was, and simple experimentation had led her find she was more energized afterwards than if she went without, but on an instictual level she knew that it was important that she sleep. This was wholely due to a compulsion Mathian had set in her mind when he first turned her, inorder to make her the perfect blood bank for his own, personal use and amusment.

And when Lesinda awoke from her sleep, Mathian came striding into her room mere moments later with a broad smile on his face. It was feeding time, after all.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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The Greenhaired Vampiress
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 30 May 2013
Posts: 71
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Can Be Found: Bristle Crios, or the Glen.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a difference a few days could make. Camellia had sifted and scurried through the sewers to find her sister. Her meeting with Renna, her request that she 'pay' for Renna's help to find Lesinda had been too dear. She would find Lesinda herself, gather their friends and strike at Mathian and retake her.
Camellia had....To her mind, had the unforunate pleasure of meeting the rulers of Harm's Way, although fortunately it had led to he bacing able to find a where, in general, Lesinda was... Now she just needed to find out where exactly. Dressed up in her usual skulking gear, her hood covered and hid Cam's features nicely, nice enough to satisfy herself that no one will recognise her as she searched and moved about the shadows.


Lesinda was in her room, much as Mathian had left her when he had....His surprise trip. Although she was a little dishevelled from having struggled a little bit, bound as she was. Mathian had been in the process of teaching her the virtues of keeping her mouth closed when he didn't ask for her opinion.
Of course, she didn't much enjoy this and continued to bicker with him until the gag had been introduced. Now? She was sitting quietly, waiting for his return and more than a little annoyed she was still tied up.

A portal blipped into being and Mathian strode through, casting a glance behind him in an almost paranoid manner as if checking for something following before it closed. He continued to watch the spot for a few moments before looking over to Lesinda. She was where he'd left her, albeit a touch more dishevelled. He stood watching her for a few moments, silently contemplating and trying to recollect his thoughts rather than have his mind spinning with the surreal experience he'd just had. Finally....his shoulders slumped, his straight posture broken for a moment before he moved over to her and stood there, looking down at her, his eyebrows were pulled together a touch and there was something in his eyes she hadn't seen before. Sadness?

Her brows furrowed in confusion and her head tilted slightly....This...Was new. Worrying, almost. She wondered what had occurred to cause this to Mathian...She recognised the portal as being Renna's, what had she done to him?

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came...he tried a few times before he simply sighed and closed his eyes, shaking his head. He unclasped the gag from her mouth and dismissed the enchanted ropes before he swallowed and stepped away, "'re free to go...." Mathian's voice was quiet as he took a seat at the foot of her bed, leaning his elbows on his knees and clasping them between his legs.

She blinked in utter disbelief at Mathian's words and the release of the bounds. She expected she'd have to pleasure before she got that far....She stood up slowly with another look at Mathian. That shattered, defeated look on him. "...You know what I meant when I said she was insane now....Don't you..?"

He nodded, a shallow motion of his head, not lifting his gaze from the floor ahead. He wasn't looking straight down, just out with a contemplative frown on his face. Shattered, defeated...good words for how he felt inside.

Lesinda straightened her hair out and cleared her throat. "I want my things back." She said quietly. He still had Renna's ring, the coin and her necklace from Rand. As well as her phone, come to think of it, assuming he hadn't just thrown that away. Les wrung her hands on her lap and wondered if this was just a trick...Such was her luck that she would go from the jaws of one to the other.

He gave a sigh and stood, leaving her room to head to his own and to the closet. Mathian pulled out a small chest and undid the magics sealing and protecting it before opening it. There were several things in the box, not just her items. There were 2 other rings, a broach, some tiny vials of powders and liquids and a picture that she couldn't make out from where she was. He scooped up her items and placed them on his desk before closing the box again and putting the magics back in place.

Lesinda watched was mild interest in the contents of the box, but her attentions focused more on her things. The coin and necklace especially meant a great deal to her. She swallowed, wringing her hands again in anticipation.

He put the box back away in his closet and gestured to her items before walking away to resume that leaned over seated position on the foot of his own bed. He couldn't compete with Renna...not that it was a competition but it didn't matter what he did to Lesinda, Renna was right. She wouldn't ever be his. Besides...if she could endure whatever Renna was, there was no way he could control her if she honestly put effort into it.

Lesinda moved, gathering her things quickly and turned back to her own room. If she was free to go....She needed shoes and a coat, proper cloths as well.... Once she'd put her jewellery back on she collected those extra things and stepped out of her room with one more glance at Mathian. She stood in the door wearing a black leather coat buttoned up to her neck. She spared him that one glance before she started to the front door slightly apprehensive as she reached out for the handle. She tucked her hand up on her sleeve so she could grasp the silver.

He didn't look up to see her leave. He was too devastated. He had just wanted Lesinda to be his but he was finally and painfully fully aware now that no matter what he did, that would never happen. He had failed in his endeavour to make a childe that would be at his side. Mathian sighed again and stood, leaving the room to go to the dining room/kitchen/experiment area to work. Working always helped him focus and forget.

The door opened, and shut firmly behind her. Once she was outside, Les shivered all over. She...Was free....She blinked softly and shivered again before walking away from the building. She didn't know where exactly they were, but it wouldn't be too difficult to get back up to the surface. Once she was up in the city, she'd find her way home easily. But right now....Lesinda walked away from the house with ever increasing speed and had broken out in a run well before she reached the corner, fleeing the nightmares that snapped at her.

Mathian hung his head, his hands pressed to the table that the cadaver was splayed out on when he heard the door shut behind her. He grit his teeth and it took a few moments before he snapped and upended the table, sending papers, pens, bodyparts and jars flying. Beakers and containers shattered when he threw them and raged at his own frustrations and failings. Alone with no intention of following her.


Camellia walked the street she suspected to be the home of Mathian when she was shocked to witness her sister bolting past her and to the exit back up to the surface....The younge swordmagess blinked in confusion, but ather than shout or cry, she paused, looked, listened and then followed. She would not have someone tail them and recapture Les after all this time....
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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The Greenhaired Vampiress
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 30 May 2013
Posts: 71
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Can Be Found: Bristle Crios, or the Glen.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Day 22
It had been nearly a week since Mathian had let Lesinda go free, and she'd speant most of that time cooped up in her room with her sister standing guard. But eventually the urge to wande got the best of Les and she found herself unable to keep staring at the same four walls forever....

Lesinda stretched with a subtle yawn, basking in the midday sunlight. Dressed in a simple outfit, she hadn't made much effort with he appearance today, wearing a simple black skirt, stockings and vest under a dark red leather overcoat. She pulled her flask from her belt and took a few sips, the bright sunlight always made her weaker but she enjoyed sitting in the warmth. It was nice, rather than being cooped up in Mathian's house all the time, being in the fresh air, moving about the city with her freewill. Lesinda moved on, walking along the street and through the alleyways quite.....Well, not happily. She was in a little bit of a daze. Nightmares plagued her mind when she went to 'sleep', and she couldn't seem to warm herself when she was awake and moving about. Les smirked softly, oh how Mathian had misjudged her wanderings! She loved moving about the city, seeing the sights and smells, mapping out the ever changing twists and turns in her head.

Lesinda had terrible luck with stalkers it seemed because it didn't take long for her steps to be shadowed by a figure in black that kept to the fringes of the area, out of sight but keeping her in his. Heavy travelling cloak with a hood that shadowed the features, the 5'8 man kept track of the vampiress's wanderings for the last week. Where she was staying, who she was with, what she did...learning, tracking, observing. A beautiful and unique recurve bow was slung over his shoulder with a quiver of red fletched arrows at one hip and a pair of short swords at the other. His clothes, black and brown, were worn and not terribly modern...he wasn't from the city and he hadn't spent much time here. Dark metal plates of armor protected vital spots on his body but didn't limit his movement.
She did seem to have a terrible time being stalked. Unfortunately, thanks to her somewhat.....Not completely 'here' state of mind, Lesinda was more or less oblivious. She dived down a backstreet and wandered slowly, the coat licking at her heels as she moved. Her stark, green hair that contrasted brightly with her pale skin was flowing freely, not that the length gave it much to 'flow' with, but there it was. Her fingers grazed along the mouldy old bricks of the wall here and there, or graced the corner of a crate or box as she moved around them.

It was obvious she didn't know he was there and for that, he felt a touch guilty as he pulled his bow from his back and nocked an arrow as he walked in the fluid motion of a well practiced archer. He pulled back the string and held it to his cheek, aiming between her shoulder blades, it would punch through her back and pierce her heart...simple...and a shot he'd taken many times with many others before...he never missed. Today though, he did...he pulled his forward arm to the side a touch and the arrow whistled past her ear, the glint of a silver tip was seen before it embedded into the mortar of the wall ahead.

Lesinda yelped when the arrow thunked beside her and she jumped back a few steps before whirling around on her heel to confront whom eve at shot at her, both hands raised in preparation to defend herself.....And....She paused....A moment of hesitation as she stared at the man with the bow for a few seconds. That....Face. She could just about make out his features.

He had changed. His face had always been smooth and handsome. Now...he had scars and scruff, his hair longer and shaggy poking out from under the hood. His grey-green eyes were hard, not mischievous and playful and pinned on her. He would still kill her...he had to...but he wanted to see her one last time before he did. She hadn't aged a day... She saw his chest expand a touch as he took a deep breath, a breath to steel his thoughts as he drew another arrow and nocked it...he didn't pull it back or aim yet.

She barely saw him draw another arrow as she focused on his face, her bright, ruby red eyes stated back into his for a hart beat....And then her eyes went wide, she gave a strangled cry of shock and leaped backwards, tripping over a box as she tried throwing herself away from the man. It couldn't be....This was a nightmare, it had to be.

"Don't run, monster." the boy that never had a harsh word for anyone called to her, "You know what has to be done. This is a service to all those that you would slaughter....and to you." The last part was murmured under his breath, thinking it to himself but with her sharpened senses, she probably heard it. Along with his steady heartbeat...he wasn't afraid, or angry. He was determined.

"Ahh..." She stared at him in clear shock. "Th-this is a nightmare..." Lesinda said, pushing herself further away from him as she tried to get herself back up onto her feet, trying not to trip over her own feet again as she got up. "You...You're not real. You can't be...."(edited)

"Why not? You expected the rest of your vampire kind to have killed everyone in the village by now? Trust me, they've tried." He still hadn't pulled back the arrow..this...was unexpectedly harder than he had thought it would be. Hearing her voice, seeing her face. But he had to remember....Lesinda wasn't Lesinda any more. She was a blood sucking monster like the rest, "Just stand still and let me end it."

"Mathian..." Lesinda barely whispered the name as her mind raced, filing new information. She still couldn't believe it was Leo in front of her...."He s-said...." And then her faced hardened and there was a little tick, a twitch, in her features. The look she levelled at him was quite unlike anything he'd even seen before, and she balled her fists. "I should have known..."

"So you did join with him." He sniffed a snort of distain, "...Goodbye, Lesinda....I am sorry I wasn't a better shot back then...." He had been away hunting for deer or some other game when her family and his mentors had been attacked and murdered. He pulled the string back to touch to his cheek, levelled the silver tipped arrow for her heart and fired.

Her hands shot up almost before he'd loosed the arrow, and wall of fire erupted before her, disrupting the course of the arrow but also turning it into a pile of ash before it had a chance to reach her. The wall of fire vanished and she stared at him. "Stop toying with me, Mathian." She called back, before she started walking towards him, and he arms gestured out to the area surrounding them. "What is this? Your grand plan? You invade my dreams to grind down my will power, make me think you freed me, mm?" Lesinda's features twisted into a snarl, and her pace quickened. "Bring my...My friend here...Trying to teach me I can't trust anyone but you or something? Is that it?!

She could hear his heartbeat quicken when the firewall ate up the arrow and he quickly grabbed another to notch it. This time, a layer of ice covered the arrow from where he touched it at its fletching before it was fired. He didn't answer and neither did Mathian...because he wasn't there. Mathian was still in Harm's Way, otherwise occupied with a certain succubus or his research on the bloodfruit plants. "You stopped being my friend when you became this thing and did not submit to destruction."

She wasn't so easy to get, twisting her body to the side, the arrow zipped past her and she continued advancing, increasing her pace further. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD." Lesinda roared at what was once her dear friend, she brought up he hands, bringing them together in a clap that thundered towards him in a shockwave, normally enough to throw the average person off their feet.

He dropped his bow and went to reach for the blades but he had no defense against the magic...most vampires weren't mages after all. His eyes widened before he was launched backwards, clear off his feet. He rolled and skidded across the street, his hood coming off. A touch dizzy and disoriented, he laid there for a moment.

She ran, charging forward when he fell and pounced upon the man, pinning him down. "You would pick him, to *** with my mind, wouldn't you?" Lesinda said, vey uncharacteristically. At least, for the Lesinda he used to know...She straddled his waist, her hands gripping his forearms to try and keep him pinned down.

He grunted, pinned for a moment but her parents taught how to fight against those monsters that were stronger so he had to figure out ways of now to use that force against them or be more flexible. He twisted and squirmed, frowning at her...she wasn't his friend anymore, clearly she'd lost her mind. He grunted and brought his leg up in an extremely flexible manner to get between them and kick or leverage her off of him.

She hadn' really expected that and the kick caught he off guard, loosening he gip on him and throwing her to one side from him. It was definably one theory that she'd lost her mind and if he had seen and experienced what she had in the last few years....Well...

He hadn't seen her in years so he had no clue. He rolled to the side, drawing his blades...silver....he didn't straddle her but got to his feet instead, ready to fight.

She glared up at him with a hate filled look. "Why did you have to pick Leo?"

"What in the blazes are you talking about?! No one picked me, no one sent me!" He glared back at her.

Her brows furrowed again and she stared up at him, before she slowly began to stand up to her feet. "Y...You're.....You're not Mathian...." Lesinda murmured gently. "This isn't a dream, is it....?"

"Of course I'm not Mathian!" He snapped, "I am not like you. I am not a blood sucking monster. I kill them. And I am here to kill you. And if I ever see Mathian, I will do the same to him and any others of the clan that feeds on innocent people and is destroying my home!" Anger and hate made his voice hard.

Lesinda stood fully, staring at him. "Leo...Is..Is it r-really you?" She spoke softly, and her hand inched out to touch, just to graze his arm, to poke him gently, but she snatched it back before she could make contact. "No..No it can't be. Mathian said he killed everyone....It's just a trick...”

"Mathian is a vampire and a liar. And you have clearly lost your mind. These years as a monster and his toy must have addled your brain. As a service to your family, our friendship and who you used to be...I will put you to rest." He got into a fighting stance, blades at the ready before it was his turn to charge.

Lesinda backed up, she'd never been much of a fighter, and it had been he brother that was the one to carry on the family tradition and so when she collide with the wall, she raised her hands to try and ward him off. "Wait! Leonard, please!!"

"I am sorry, Lesinda..." For a moment, there was a break in the hard look he had given her, a soft sadness of regret before he steeled himself again.

That momentary pause on his part at least gave her the chance to lash out with a fist, aiming for his face since she had little other option aside from casting magic on him again. "Stop!"

And he'd charged right into it. His stab fell short and his face hit her fist...knocking himself out from the combined force of her lashing out and him charging in. He fell with a clatter and a thump, rolling and schmucking into the wall with a grunt and a groan. He was quite possibly as clumsy as she was at times...

"Ahhh..." That hurt, for a few seconds and then she fell to her knees beside him, taking a second to kick away his blade when it fell from his hand. "Leeooo..." She clasped his face in her hands, trying to see how bad the damage was. At least he wasn't dead.... "Damn it...Why..Why are you here..." Les held back a sob. This was....All too much for her. Between him and Mathian she wasn't too sure if she hadn't lost her mind now.

He wasn't dead, but he would have a beautiful headache when he woke up. He groaned but was rather out. He had had been 8 years after all. He had scars on his face and hands and neck, old bite marks that looked like they were torn rather than carefully placed punctures. He was warm and his heartbeat was steady. It was Leo in the flesh.

Les hands fluttered over him as she searched for any specific wounds on him and chewed her bottom lip. She could understand why he was doing what he was.....Didn't make it hurt any less when he called her a monster... Lesinda looked around, wondering if he was on his own or not...

He seemed to be alone. He was well armed and armoured, even the marks at his neck were a little hard to have seen as there was a neck and shoulder guard to keep a face from getting in there. He groaned softly at her fluttering touch, a small brief smile in his unconscious state before it was gone again.

"Idiot." She said quietly. "Only you would come here all alone for the sake honouring the dead..." Les smiled softly at the idea....It was ironic really, since honouring her dead family involved him killing her. She pulled a small note book from one of her pockets and a pencil, jotting down a small note that she left on his chest, before swiftly unbuckling the empty scabbard at his waist and retrieving his sword. With very great care, she placed the sword back where it had come from and tied it closed in it's scabbard so it wouldn't slip loose as she moved and looked back at Leo. The note was pretty simple and straight forward in what it said. 'If you want your sword back, meet me at the Red Dragon Inn. Please don't try to kill me. Lesinda.' He seemed more or less safe here....However, she decided she would wait until he came too before leaving.

It didn't take long for him to come to again, ten minutes at most. His hand came up to hold his head as he groaned, groggy and probably concussed but he'd be fine.

When he came to, Les stood slowly, holding his sword in her hand as she watched him coming round.

He squinted, for a moment disoriented and confused to where he was but he saw a figure nearby and scrambled to his feet, groping for his blades. When he only found one, he pulled it free and growled, wobbly on his feet, the note falling from his chest to the ground, which caught his attention before it returned to her in a snap.

She'd already turned by then and was moving away from him. A steady, loping stride that became a sprint in moments, leaving alone with his single blade and her note on the floor. He'd notice she'd even taken the time to leave his bow beside him.

"Get...Get back here!" There wasn't much heat in his voice though, he was still disoriented. But she was gone and he cursed, running his fingers through his hair and shoving his other blade away and moved to gather his bow...and the note. He read it and frowned deeply, lifting his gaze to look after where she had gone...he could probably track her...but he didn't know the city. He cursed again and sighed, slinging the bow over his back again. He supposed he would have to ask around to find where this Inn was...

That wouldn't be difficult, given how famous it was. Lesinda was long gone now, disappearing into the distance.
Lesinda had gone directly to the Inn after leaving Leo in the street and tossed the sword on the counter top before rounding the bar to get herself a nice, long drink from a hidden flask her father kept in the cooler. And then she let out a sob that racked her whole body....The building was empty aside from herself, and she didn't expect to see Leo anytime soon, so she figured it was safe to let herself go. After all, she had every reason to.

Leo spent about an hour getting over the headache he had and wandering about, talking with folks. When he found the place, he made sure his weapons were readily available and looked around the outside of the building for exits and entries and possible ambush points before he took to the steps and inside. Immediately, his grey green eyes scanned about the room for the green haired vampiress.

He didn't have much luck in spotting her right away, however the fireplace was crackling away cheerily to itself, and there was a small sign on the bar declaring it to be 'self service'. It was possible Lesinda was sitting at one of the couches that ringed the hearth, if the position of the one of the side tables and the addition of a metal hipflask were anything to go by.

He carefully looked around the room again, slowly moving about it. He wasn't interested in a drink but he would go over to the bar to check behind it in case she was hiding. He headed over to the hearth and the couches, his hand on his sword hilt...uneasy.

She was on the one of the couches, and there on her lap was his other blade, still sheathed. Lesinda seemed....Asleep? Her eyes were closed, at the very least and it certainly seemed like she was sleeping.

He squinted at was probably a trap or a trick...he could probably snatch it from her if she didn't know he was there. Or....he could just end her there and collect the blade later. He slowly drew his other sword from its scabbard....she looked so peaceful in her strange sitting up sleep...maybe he could end her quickly and she could go in peace, not feel any pain. He swallowed hard and pulled back the sword.

"I guess you're not going to pay attention to that part of my note...." Lesinda murmured quietly at the sound of his sword being drawn. She opened her eyes to look up at him. "Could you please put that away, Leo..?"

He winced when she spoke, "....I'd hoped you were asleep..." Leo murmured but slid the blade back into its scabbard, holding out his hand for her to give him the other one back.

"I was." She said simply, and gestured instead to the couch opposite her, rather than offering his sword back. "Not just yet....Please?" Les asked him, her voice very soft.

He made a fist out of the hand he'd held open for the sword and gave an annoyed sigh...but he sat, folding his arms over his chest with a huff, like some pouty child who wasn't given his toy back.

She couldn't help herself....She giggled at his expression, recognising it from their past. It was shot lived and she reached over to her flask, taking a sip of the contents before she looked back at him, taking another moment or two to assess his features.

Her giggle, her mannerisms, her face...they reminded him of the past...and it hurt. Terribly. He had to look away. His features were more or less the same. He'd lost the softness of youth and certainly gained more muscle and chiselled form in the near decade that passed.

She sipped again, before chewing on her bottom lip for a few seconds before she tilted her head at him. "So....How are you?"

He looked over to her at her question, looking like she had two heads for a shock that she would try to have such a cordial conversation. "We aren't doing this...." Leo muttered and leaned forward, holding his hand out again, "Give me back my sword and let it be over.

"Leo." She said sternly, looking at him squarely for a moment. "It has been nearly 10 years since I last saw you. I..." Les paused and sighed softly before she smirked slightly. "It's so ironic..."

He frowned at her and leaned back in his seat again, "Fine. You want to reminisce? Fine." It was clearly not 'fine' but he would humor her...if not snarkily, "How have I been? Oh, wonderful, thank you. I spent the first few years of the last decade trying to protect villagers from Mathian's depraved vampires that would make sport of hunting the townsfolk. Putting down frenzied stragglers that were stupid enough to try hunting alone. Another few years dodging attempts on my life by the cranky leeches that found out who I was. Then the last year tracking Mathian here and while I lost his trail, I picked yours up. Ironic." He grit his teeth and sighed, slumping in his seat, some of the heat leaving him at his rant as he looked across at her, "....why are you still existing?...why do you continue to dishonour your family?....let me end it, Les...please..."

"Because I don't want to die." Lesinda replied honestly and with barely a beat between them speaking. "Which is ironic because I hate everything about my existence." She tilted her head at him. "I wish you'd found him a couple of weeks ago..."

"You died ten years ago, Les...this....this isn't life. This isn't right." He shot back before he muttered, "...Wish I found him long before that..."

"I'm still me." She replied, and then she laughed slightly. "Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy~" Lesinda tilted he head at him and nodded softly. "I wish you had too. Maybe I wouldn't have spent the last two weeks being raped by him."

"You aren't. You are a blood sucking monster created by a blood sucking monster. You are no different." It hurt to say...but this wasn't Lesinda anymore, he had to remember that, it was a vampire that wore her form. At hearing she was raped for two weeks, he flinched a bit and almost said he was sorry...but he didn't...he didn't know what to say to that, "....I wish I woulda found him before everything."

At his words, she turned her head, looking at the fireplace instead of him and she liked her lips. "That would make it too simple, old friend...." Les replied. "I wish he'd just killed me...."

He watched her a moment, " let me do it now. You don' don't need to suffer...if you really are you still, you would want me to."

"You know....There was always one thing you never fully grasped, Leo..." Lesinda replied softly, still not looking at him, he attention more or less focused on the fireplace. "There was always one lesson father tried to teach you. Do you recall what it was?"

He frowned, annoyed that she would even bring up her family, he felt no blood sucker had the right...but she seemed so like the girl he remembered. It was hard. He hadn't known anyone that had been turned....and especially not anyone he had cared for so deeply. "...Les...just give me back my sword...let me put you out of your misery and reunite you with your family...."

"He tried to teach you not to hate." Les tilted her head and her face was blank as a slate of stone. "You're just helping me, I suppose. You know how I feel and you know the best course of action, right?"

He pursed his lips at her words, "...I don't....I don't hate you..." Leo sighed and murmured, running his fingers back through his hair, frowning at her, "...I just....hate seeing you turned into this. I tried to end it for you after the villagers...after they did what they did." He hadn't been there, he had come home the day after to discover the burned remains and hear of how she had been turned, "I know that you never wanted this. No one wants this..."

"After the did what they did...." She repeated. Now she turned her head to look at him. "They stoned me." She said softly. "Nan...You remember her, the old woman that looked after all the children while our parents where away...? She spat on me, kicked me. Lucy..." She bit back a bitter sob and scrubbed furiously at her eyes as red tears started welling up. "Lucy, my best friend, stood there reading from her little bible declaring me a harlot and a devil." She took a deep breath to try and steady herself. "It was you that kept hounding me, wasn't it?"

He had been angry with them for what they'd done...he had been told only that she'd been chased off. He watched her...sympathy in his eyes. It must have hurt to have everyone she knew turn on her as they had...and here he was no different. He could tell himself though that he was wanting to do this for her sake, "...I didn't want you to suffer, Les...Your family never woulda wanted this for you..."

Lesinda gritted her teeth a little and looked at him. "Why is it the only two people from my past to come here for me, have wished nothing but to fore on me what they have decided is best for me?" Lesinda replied, and suddenly his sword was in her hand and she tossed it at him almost carelessly. "I didn't want this for me anymore than them, but I still have no more want to die now than I did then, Leo. I have a life, such as it is."

"So you want to continue to live as a monster? Stealing life from others to continue your unnatural life?" He had felt sympathy for her...but if she wanted this now, that sympathy would disappear, "They're dead now, y'know. Nan and Lucy..." He murmured, catching his scabbard and blade and laying it in his lap.

"I get blood from the blood bank, Leo. People in this city willingly give their blood." She replied. "And if you all me a monster one more time, I'm going to knock you out again."

He frowned, "People...willingly give their blood to vampires here? Why??" He looked terribly disgusted with that. Then raised an eyebrow, opening his mouth to say something but he closed his mouth again and sighed, "Alright....fine..." Leo watched her a few moments.

"Because not all of us are monsters." Lesinda replied, standing up sharply, picking up her flask as she went. "You're not going to budge, that much is obvious. I had hoped...I had...." Les ground her teeth with an agitated sigh and looked up at Leo, right in the eye. "I guess now I get to look forward to you trying to kill me as well as Mathian trying to *** me in random streets now?"

"No, wait." He reached out to her, standing as well, "...I just...I..." Leo floundered for words. Maybe he was wrong...but he'd only dealt with Mathian's sort so it was hard to think of vampires as anything else...even if they were his childhood sweetheart. "...maybe...we..could talk more?...."
Lesinda looked at him for several seconds before she adjusted her coat slightly. "Okay." She replied after a moment and settled down again, eyeing him up. "What do you want to talk about?"

He looked uncomfortable, uncertain and he leaned the sword against the couch rather than in his lap, "...I..." Leo sighed, "...miss you...I mourned your death with your family' me, who you were died." He looked back to her and gave a faint flick of a smile, "'s weird...seeing you and hearing nothing's changed. But it has. So much has..."

Her lips twitched slightly in a smirk and she tilted her head slightly "Yeah, it has..." Lesinda replied with a soft nod and then ran her fingers through her hair. "Did.....I...Didn't..Find out if....If there were any...Remains...”

He winced, nodding a bit, "...I...made sure they were buried when I came home..." He looked down at his lap, "....I'm sorry I wasn't there. I kept thinking about it and still think about it...if I'd been home, maybe I could have helped..."

Les shook her head. "No, you couldn't have..." She replied given him a soft shack of her head. "There were a dozen of them, and they over whelmed my parents....You would have died along with them..."

" least I could have said I did something." Leo murmured and rested his elbows on his knees. Guilt weighed on him a bit after all these years before he sighed, "...I figured...if I could put you to rest, I would be making up for it..." He flicked his eyes to her, " don't feed from people?"

"N-no." Lesinda replied. Which was a lie. She did feed from people, usually the willing, other times, the not so willing, but definitely deserving of an early grave. She toyed with the flask in her lap. "A...Few years ago...Someone forced me to drink their blood, before that…I only drank animal blood."

"Forced you to drink their blood? That...person sounds warped." Leo frowned and looked at her flask, " keep blood in there?"

"She is." Les replied, and then she gave a nod. "My...Um....I was adopted a couple of years ago, the man that adopted me enchanted this to hold ten-pints of blood. I get it refills at the blood bank..."

"Hn..." He sighed, "...Well...that's good you aren't hurting people to get what you need..." Leo murmured and scratched his jaw, "...your uh...your hair looks nice."

Lesinda looked up and smiled at him, and ran her fingers through it. "Really...?" She asked, leaning back against the couch. "I always wanted to dye my hair..."

He nodded, "It's...different but suits you I think..." He was a little off put by her eyes though and would look away, "...I'm...sorry I tried to kill you..."

Les tilted her head to one side and gave him a considering look. "Does that mean you're not going to try again...?"

He sighed, "....I won't try again...I still think you should just let me end it since you even said you hate what you're right." Leo sighed again, "...It's...not my place to tell you what's best for you...."

A smile bloomed on Lesinda's face at his words, more so the last ones than the bit before, and Les leaned forward, slipping off her seat and for a moment she hesitated slightly. She wanted to hug him, but that might be too much, far too soon....She eased herself down on her knees instead, shifting to tuck he legs under herself and lean her head against his knee. Sort of something like what they did when they were younger. "I've missed you Leonard..."

He blinked a few times when she came over and did the familiar lean. He hesitated a moment before giving a sad smile and reached out to pet her hair slowly, "...I'm glad I missed you." a terrible joke meaning of his aim rather than emotional state, the dorky smile that came to his face revealing that before he nodded.

She snorted, and then laughed. "That's terrible."

He snickered, "Yeah, I know....gotcha t'laugh though..." He smiled, "....missed that the most..." Leo murmured and continued to pet her hair slowly.

"I haven't had a lot to laugh about recently..." Lesinda replied quietly. "Thank you...for taking care of my family...I..Didn't exactly have the opportunity..."

His eyebrows pulled together a bit, "...I'm surprised you aren't with Mathian...I tracked him here so I figured he would be with you..." He murmured, almost a growl which was so out of character for the kind hearted boy she'd known. A lot of things could change in 8 years after all. He nodded though, "...I know....and you're welcome...they...were like my family too..."

"I know..." She murmured softly, and then tilted he head slightly. "I...Mathian's Clan made him leave me behind after he stated turning me." Les said to him softly. "When....I was...When I left.....I got here on my own. Mathian followed a couple of years later...He let me go, and then....Couple of weeks ago he turned up again." Lesinda sighed softly, but she'd clenched her gloved fists through this explanation. "There, uh...There's another person that....Thats sort of claimed me...That woman that made me drink her blood. She made Mathian give me up again....I don't know if he'll come back for me after that."

He frowned, still petting her hair slowly and softly, "...Yeah, I tracked him here this last week or so...this city is freakin' huge..." Leo sighed then frowned again, "...So...the woman made you drink her blood claims you but made Mathian leave you alone? least he'll leave you alone now?"

Les shrugged softly after a moment. "I don't know...I think so....He...He's obsessed..." She replied quietly. "But Renna...She's mad."

"One evil for another is better than both?" He offered, not really knowing anything about the situation, "...If I find Mathian, I'll kill him..."

Les was quiet for several seconds before she dipped her head slightly. "You...Should leave..." Lesinda said very quietly. "He'll just kill you Leo..."

He frowned, looking down at her, "I'm not a child anymore...I've learned a lot. I kill monsters like Mathian...I would have killed you if...if you weren't you."

Les stiffened slightly and tilted her head slightly, before she stood slowly and moved back to the couch she'd been sitting at, but moved around it, running her hand along the backrest. "Mathian isn't like normal vampires, Leo..." Lesinda said slowly. "He's a better mage than I am and.....He...He's different."

He pouted a bit when she stood and moved away from him. He watched her, feeling a pang of sadness that she didn't believe in him, "...I know they say he can't be killed..that he comes back somehow...but...I'll just kill him again and again til it sticks."

She glanced up at him at that, and she blinked slightly. "Do you know...Has he been killed before?"

"Well....I dunno....I've talked to some other hunters and they say they've heard of hunters that have killed him but he's still around so...either they're lying or he comes back." Leo shrugged.

"He could be a lich..." Lesinda said softly, looking down at her fingers, tracing out patterns in the stitching there. "It would explain some things....If he is...Leo...You don't stand a chance.."

"Lich? What's that?" He frowned, never terribly magic-savvy. He had some ability, but he was always more skilled with the martial arts of a bow than with the arcane.

"And undead necromancer....Someone who's magic is so attuned to dark, death magic, that they were able to bind their soul, or part of it, to an item, an object....The better ones can even bind their soul to another living being...Each time they die, their consciousness just returns to a safe place and can return to their body, or they can form a new body..." Her fingers continued plying the material of the couch. "They're always very powerful magic users.....Which explains how he's able to force people into vampirism..."

He frowned, "...I see...." That did freak him out a little bit...but if he could kill Mathian once, he could probably kill him multiple times. At least that's what he thought, "...So...what happens if the object or item destroyed?"

"He....Well....He might die, or he might just be killable." she looked up at Leo. "But something like that...He'd have it so well protected Leo, you'd never be able to find it"

"Never say never, Les." He watched her, "...If...if I can't put you to rest to honor your family's memory...then....I'll focus on that instead."

"You...." She smiled sadly. "You're not going to be able to move past that...Are you?"

He winced at seeing the sadness in her smile, he looked down, "I'm sorry...I...I'm's just hard...."

"I understand..." She murmured. "Alot of the people that live here don't like vampires either...." Lesinda shrugged softly. "I am, what I am....I'm Lesinda Loa Acloth. I'm a vampire." She snorted. "Ironic...A family of vampire hunters...I wonder if this has happened before...." Les shook her head softly and looked up at Leo again. "You should go back, Leo...Get everyone out of there, move on..."

He frowned, shaking his head, "....I'm not leaving until Mathian is dead. The village...there isn't much left there anyway. Everyone is already moving on or too damn stubborn."

"Mathian will kill you, Leo..." Lesinda replied almost desperately, the tone of her voice mirrored in her pained expression. "Please...I...I want to know that s-someone got...Out okay..I...I don't want...." Lesinda scrunched up her eyes and stamped her foot in frustration. "I don't want you to die because of me too!"

He frowned and stood up, wandering over to her, " one's died cause of you, Les....they died cause of Mathian." He hesitated a moment before he pulled her into a hug.

She was hugged and Lesinda didn't know exactly how to react to that, standing stiff as a board. She sniffed, and sighed before clearing her throat. "W-why do you think they attacked us, Leo?" She whispered. "M-my...Family, he wanted to kill us....An...And turn me.." It was, at around this point, that Lesinda broke down and sobbed. "It was all about us, Leo, everyone that…That he killed.."

He swallowed hard, squeezing her tight in his arms in the hug, "...They attacked you cause Mathian is a sick monster....You can't think about things like that...he killed people because he likes it...even if you or your family hadn't been there, he still would have killed people." Leo pet the back of her head, holding her and letting her cry, " and your family saved a lot of people...before you came to the village, we were all just cattle, your family gave people the courage to fight where they could...your family took me in after Mathian killed mine....I woulda been just another casualty if your parents hadn't been there...."

She didn't have any more words left now, and just kept crying, wrapping her arms around Leo's form with a sob. She hadn't had a proper, emotional moment since Mathian had let her go and the last couple of weeks were coming out all over Leonard's coat, because vampires cried blood. The contrast on her alabaster white skin was quite stark.

He just held her, tucking his head against hers and let her cry as she needed to. It wasn't the first time he'd had blood on his coat before and it wouldn't be the last he figured...just...not like this before. He gave soft sounds at her as he pet down her hair and back.

"I've missed you..." She mumbled, after who knew how long. She'd stopped rying by now and just sniffed every now and then.

"....missed you too, Les." He murmured, closing his eyes with a sigh, "...I'd thought that when people were turned into monsters...uh...into vampires...that they automatically liked doing the things that Mathian did...killing, hurting people for fun, taking life because they can..." Leo sighed then smiled faintly, "I'm....glad you're still you...."

"If....If they hadn't forced him to leave me behind...I....I probably wouldn't be..." Lesinda said quietly.

"Then....we'll just be glad that they did then." He sighed and softly kissed her hair before clearing his throat and murmuring an apology for the action, "You've been living here for a while now then?"

It was strange...Being held by him again...She turned her head slightly and nuzzled in against his chest with a soft nod. "Yeah...."

It was certainly strange holding her, that was for sure. He sighed, "'s....a lot different than back home. I spend more time lost than I do knowin' where I'm going."

She snickered softly and smiled. "You were always getting lost at-" The smile dropped abruptly and Les cleared her throat before continuing. "At home..."

"...This is your home now, it's okay." He smiled faintly and turned his head to look down at her, " happy here?"

She nodded softly at his question. "I.....I have a family...Friends that...That don't care what I am...”

He winced but nodded, "..That's.....that's good." He looked away again, but didn't let her go, still hugging her close.

She didn't ease up on him either and gave his chest another nuzzle. "I...I don't want you to go..."

He blinked a few times at the nuzzle and her words. Leo smiled faintly, "I'm not goin' anywhere...."

She squeezed him gently and tilted her head up to look up at him a little. "You promise..?"

He blinked a few times then smiled again, nodding, "mm, promise." He made a little cross over his heart.

She blinked at him a couple of times and then smiled, laughing softly.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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