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When It All Adds Up

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Gamble It

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:10 pm    Post subject: When It All Adds Up Reply with quote

March 20th - Wednesday - Late Evening

Zagan had not seen Roni for the past few days in all the following of her he had been doing lately. It was enough of have him casually watching her apartment, waiting for her to emerge from the building, or show up to get to her apartment. He had been there since the early evening hours, and so far it had been no luck…. At least not until now.

Movement behind the glass door of the apartment building caught his attention first, and he shifted forward from his lean, bright blue eyes keenly watching the figure of a swaying Roni as she shoved the door open and stepped out into the cold of the night. She was inebriated. Heavily so, if the way she walked was anything to go off of. She also wore just jeans and a t-shirt, which was terribly inappropriate for the cold that sang in the night. Honestly, she looked like she had been hit by a bus a couple of times. Mild concern, plus an undying curiosity has him following after her, and her seemingly random path that she was taking, to… somewhere.

He was patient, and bided his time until he managed to follow her down a stretch of alley that didn’t seem to have much life, apart from the scampering rats, and yowling wildcats. He waited until they were about halfway down it, before he spoke out. “Ronixi.” He couldn’t help the touch of glee that hummed within him at the dis-ease that seemed to crawl over her form.

She whirled around, a touch too far, and took a moment to readjust so that those abyssal hues of hers were focused on him. “Zagan.” She sounded heavy with drink,and startled, and she looked not unlike a deer caught in the headlights. One with eyes red and puffy from crying. She was drunk. That left her more than vulnerable around him. It was a position that she never liked.

“My my, Doll. You seem to be in quite a state tonight.” His gravelly voice rumbled the words as he took several steps towards her. “So Enlighten me. What has you in such a state? I see you’ve been crying.”

“It… It’s none ah yer damned business.**** off.” The words came growled, before a hand came up to scrub at her face. He simply clucked at her in disappointment, and leveled a single look at her. He could and would employ her true name to get what information he wanted. It was just easier if she gave it freely, instead of him forcing her to give it. He received a scowl in response.

“Nick ish dead… well more dead than he already was.” The words come bitterly, and a touch slurred.

Surprise bled across his features, while pain and tears blossomed anew on her own. Everytime the realization washed over her, the pain of the reality was renewed. Indignantly, he sniffed. “If he hadn’t of shot me, I might of actually had a **** to give.” Zagan could indeed be quite a petty creature. “Tell me, doll, how did this come to be? Who, or what killed him?”

Silence stretched on from her for a very long moment. “Siobhan. It… was an accident. I-...”

There was sharp laughter that rolled out of him, thunderous and loud. “Oh, Lovely, I find poetic justice in the fact that she’s the one that brought the demise to him.”

“You… Shut yer mouth.” This was all the warning he got, before the waif of a fae was flinging herself at him in an attempt to lunge at him. She was sloppy because she was drunk, and he took advantage of that. A hand caught her wrist, and he used her momentum to direct her towards the alley wall. Once she connected, his free hand came up to catch her by her slender throat.

“Or what, Ronixi? You are drunk, and I will always have power over you.What do you honestly think you could do to me right now?” He smirked as his hand left her throat and came up to wind itself in her hair, and pull back. The motion exposed more of her throat, and he took a moment to trail a line of kisses down the front of it. There was a sluggish weak struggle from her, before she gave up.

“I could remind you right here that you belong to me, and there is nothing you can do about it.” The growl that preceded his words was low, threatening. He followed with wedging his leg between hers, and pressing her back up against the wall.

A gasp escaped as her back met the wall, before she snarled at him. “Yeah… Yeah, go ahead. Rape me again, because that….that makes ya feel better too. It’s happened too many times for me to count. What’s…. What’s one more time, right?” Her drunk laughter bubbled up as she leaned her head back against the bricks.

“You are mine. It is not rape, Doll. It is me using my property as I deem fit. You always seem to forget that.”

“Rape is forced unwanted sexual intercourse. Every time ya touch me I don’t want it. I want nothin’ more than to break yer goddamned fingers. Yers, and every goddamed man who thinks he’s entitled to ****in’ touch me.” A snarl tore from her throat, before she rocked her head forward unexpectedly, and smashed her forehead into his nose and mouth.

He felt cartilage crunch, and the steady stream of blood that stemmed up from both mouth and nose. There was a string of growled curses, before he took a couple steps back, and swiped at the blood with the back of his hand. He took a long moment to stare at the red smeared across the back of his hand, before his attention snapped to her. “Ronixi.” He crooned her name dangerously as near neon blue hues settled on her swaying form as she inched her way away from him along the alley way.

“The more you fight me, the more it is tempting to have someone pay one of your friends a visit. It would be such an absolute shame to have to mourn more than just one, singular friend in a short period of time, wouldn’t it, Ronixi?” Oh, he would break her down, piece, by piece, and bit by bit, if he had anything to do about it. He was still well on the way, and his biggest step had been getting Siobhan out of the way.

Her steps paused, and she twisted on her feet so that she could face him, instead of continuing with her attempted escape. “Ya leave my family alone. They aren't part a anythin’.”

“Ah, but they mean everything to you. Which means that you should keep in mind as to who you need to listen to, Lovely. Or slowly, one by one, they will be gone, until you find yourself in a cesspit of loneliness that will only be of your own doing. You will have no one to blame but your-”

His smug words were cut off by the sudden crack of gunfire. An unexpected, intense, burning pain in his gut that had him growling, and narrowing his eyes on the unsteady form of Roni. She aimed again for him, and squeezed the trigger once more. This bullet hit and ricocheted off the wall. He was most certainly lucky that she was currently inebriated, because he’s certain she was aiming for his head, and failing terribly.

“Ronixi Sulrealta. Don’t you move another goddamned muscle.” His pain bled through in the growl of his voice, and he watched the delight on her face, mingle with the displeasure of him using her true name. Her finger hovered on the trigger with his words, but she fell still, compelled to listen to his words. He took a moment to look down at the bulletwound, and the slow but steady flow of blood that was seeping from the wound and staining the grey of the suit he wore. She didn’t hit anything vital, thankfully.

“You have been nothing more than trouble and wasted resources since you’ve run away.” There’s a malignant smile that twists his lips as he took a couple steps closer to her. “You shot me. Again. In addition to the other times your friends friends have managed to maim me. I could just make my life simpler. Ronixi, Lovely, please, put the gun in your mouth.”

He watched with delight, as she realized what he said, and she struggled against every fiber in her being as her hands moved to comply. He reveled in the tears that surfaced, and spilled over, partially in terror of uncertainty. “You do realize now, that all it would take is a few words, and everything that you are would cease to be. Your brains would be splattered up the bricks behind you. Not because you will it, but because I do. This is what it means to belong to someone. They control everything that you are. The only reason, Doll, you are where you are right now is because I will it. Because I have allowed it to get this far.” As he spoke, her circled her trembling form, like a cat intent on playing with it’s prey.

“I could make your life a living hell. I can spill your cover, and ruin your chances at finding that girl you are so desperately searching for. And Yes, I know about that. I am not dull, after all. I can, one by one, take away the people that mean the most to you. And I can most definitely make you end everything, and leave those you care about behind. Imagine, Siobhan, losing the man she cared about, and her best friend in one week? It would be delightful to watch her break wholly.”

His steps slowed as he came to stand in front of her again, and he reached out to cup her cheek with a hand. His thumb carelessly brushed away her tears, like they were an annoyance, more than anything. She was beautiful. Sometimes it was hard for him to decide if she was prettier when she wasn’t crying, or when she was. “Do you understand the precarious position that you are in right now?” His thumb, still damp with tears swung down to tap at the barrel of the gun. “Do you truly understand what it means to belong to me, lovely? That you are still standing here, in Rhy’din, because I allow you to? That if I really want to, simple words would rid me of the headache and giant pain in my ass that you have become?”

Her dropped his hand from her cheek, and circled back around her form so that he was behind her again, then he leaned forward and let his lips trace the shell of her ear. “I suppose it’s a good thing for you, Ronixi, that I have a strong love for my favorite toys. I only want to break them, not splatter their brains all over a grimey alleyway. So now? Now you’re going to lower that gun. And then you are going to stay here for the next thirty minutes, considering the important lesson that you have learned here today.” His words were followed up with a tender kiss pressed to the nape of her neck.

The gun in her hand was lowered slowly, thankfully. His words, his touch still made her skin crawl. There was so much going on inside her head that he didn’t know. And all of this just further fueled the hate the burned within her for him. He could see that in the way that she looked at him when he circled back around so that he was standing before her once more.

“By the way, Doll, that dangerous line I said you were walking? You have finally crossed it. Please, do not be surprised when the repercussions start rolling in. Mmmh. Who do I start with? Maybe Freddy, since he seems keen on putting his hands on what’s mine. Then there’s also the lovely Mist, or Miss Cromwell. I suppose I have decisions of my own to make now, Lovely.” Oh, he saw the hate that burned in her abyssal eyes as he spoke, and took immense pleasure in the fact that she was absolutely helpless on actually acting on such emotions.

“Do keep yourself out of too much trouble, now.” This is said pleasantly, like he hadn’t just threatened her life, the lives of those she cared about, or twisted the knife of her loss even deeper in her heart. With one last lingering look to her, he drew in a deep breath, and finally pressed a hand to the still bleeding wound that oozed from his abdomen. First, he would see to someone about taking care of his injuries…. Then… Then he had some strings to pull, and some delicate jobs to meter out to certain people that he knew and trusted.

He left Roni in the wake of the force that he was, to think over everything that had happened. Thanks to his instructions, he was well gone by the time she was able to move again, which was exactly what he had wanted…. And he had a habit of always getting what he wanted.

If it feels good, tastes good
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Heroes always get remembered
But you know legends never die~
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Gamble It

Joined: 18 May 2017
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

April 3rd - Tuseday - Early Evening

It was early evening as Zagan made his way into an unscale, snazzy bar/restaurant combo. Crystal chandeliers, well dress bartenders, and cocktail waitresses, all in a uniform black dress that was uniquely cut to hug curves and cling like a jealous lover in the most flattering of ways. They flitted about like butterflies, going from table to table with drinks or platters of food. Given it was a monday, the crowd was sparse, and it was even sparser in the roped off section he was led to. Without hesitation, he slipped into the plush booth. Then, he dropped a request for bourbon on the rocks, and settled back down to wait. He had an appointment after all.

The wait wasn't long. Pimpy soon slid into a seat across from and offered a toothy grin. The two of them couldn't look any different. Where was all custom suits and clean edges, McPimperson wore his puffy fur coat like a badge of honour. Every last gouache such of it.

It was almost a struggle to hide the brief flash of disdain that coursed through him, but being skilled at such things was good for one such as him. There's a long look that gives him a once over, before smiled. "Hello, Pimpy. I do hope your evening has been well enough so far."

"I'm making money, every night is well. And I offer the same good fortune to yourself." Gone is the thug must meet when crossing the large man. He speaks clean and crisp, much like the man across from him.

"When the lovely waitress returns, please, feel free to order whatever. On my dollar." Then there's a knowing smile that curved his lips. "And yes, when money is being made, the night is always good. I trust then, business is going well for you, yes?"

"It is. There is quite a growing list of investors for that little waif you sent my way. " he thanks with an incline of his head. "And your own endeavors?"

"Is that so? Good, good. She was a daaarling little thing, wasn't she?" There's a pause, before he smirked a touch. "They are well enough, as always." That said, was followed by the arrival of the waitress with a bourbon on the rock, which she settled before Zagan. Who motioned to Pimpy casually. "Whatever he wants."

"Zima." He orders, an odd choice to be sure. Then there's a nod at Zagan's political response devoid of usable information.

"Zima. I'll be right back with that." The waitress nodded, and flashed him a pretty smile, before she was scampering off. She knew well enough that Zagan tipped well for quick service. "So. You've hired a few new dancers, haven't you?" There's a shift of direction in conversation, abrupt.

"Always looking for new talent," Pimpy admits. "You looking fur entertainment?"

"Nuuh. I'm just curious about one of your newst ones. Mmmh. The Lovely Lilly Clarke, yes?" He peered at him over the rim of his glass.

Definitely a derisive snort at that name. "If that's even who she really is." Pimpy regards Zagan calmly. "Is she the reason for this meeting?"

That has him arching a brow curiously, and regarding the man quietly for a moment. "And just what exactly do you mean by that?" There's a pause, and another slow sip of his bourbon. Quiet, and good at being unnoticed, the waitress came back and deposited his Zima besides him, then was gone again. "She is simply a lovely thing. I wish to know more about her."

He thanks her and then regards the other man once more. "She shakes her ass and bends in a crowd. Has some geek of a boyfriend that tries too hard to be nerdy. The pair seems off, but they haven't acted strange." He'll offer that much.

There's a slow inhale of breath as he listened to his response, and canted his head to the side a touch. "That's certainly vague, and not the greatest answer, you know that, Pimpy. Come now, we are businessmen. Is that really all you know about her?"

"You mean have I had her followed home like a paranoid fool?" He asks, leaning forward guard. "Yes."

"And? Was it productive in any way? " Another lift of his glass, and a slow considerate sip.

"Illuminating." He puts simply. "Just another girl juggling two lives."

"Is that all?" He dropped the glass back down to rest on the table. Then there was a pause. "Actually, no. Tell me. Did you sample her like you sample all of your girls?" He shifted in his posture.

"And if I did?" He asks with a slight smirk upon his dark features.

"That is not the answer to my question." This is spoken flatly. The look on Pimpy's face spoke leaps and bounds all on its own.

"No it's not, but you're taking a lot of interest in her. That makes me curious. Perhaps I need to pay a visit to her home and ask some deep, penetrating, questions." He regards Zagan evenly.

"I strongly suggest against such actions. It's like the equivalent of me *** one of your workers, and skipping out on payment. Or something similar. She may work for you, but she does not belong to you." There's something dangerous in his tone.

"Pretty sure if I asked, she'd say the same of you." He counters cheaply. "I grow tired of your word games and ill conceived notions on personal property. Is there a legitimate reason you asked for this meeting?"

Pimpy is getting irritable at the direction this meeting has started to turn. The whole affair leaving a sour taste in his mouth. "Was it just to ask if I turned out your little pet, Lilly? If that's the case, there were turns taken. And we reevaluated what it means to feel air tight."

McPimperson rise from his seat and donned his ostentatious pink fur coat. "First rule of business, Zagnut. Inspect new products thoroughly to evaluate their quality. Don't show emotion to your partners. It insinuates an exploitable vulnerability." Pimpy McPimperson leaves the Zuma untouched and makes an abrupt exit.

Silent, Zagan watched him as he made his abrupt exit, a frown pulling at his features. Pimpy wasn’t wrong, but try as he might, there was something about Roni… about imagining another man touching her, or rather just Roni in general that got him riled, and never thinking clearly.

She was his biggest thorn in his side, and his greatest weakness all at once. Sure, he had ****ed with her mind, threatened to end her life…. But when it came down to it, he didn’t think he could personally, and directly be the cause of her death… She was the only one that had wound herself so completely in his head, the only one who would make him stop before dealing that final blow, regardless of the defiant bitch she had become.

It took a moment before he realized that his grasp on his glass had his knuckles bone white and the glass trembling. A moment of concentration had him relaxing his grip and setting the glass down, in exchange for his phone.

Moments passed as he brought up his contacts, and scrolled through till he found a certain name. Two beats later he presses dial, brings the phone up to his ear. It rings three times, before a voice on the other end picks up.

Malicious glee flickers across his features as he leans forward in his seat.

“Timothy. You answered, wonderful. We need to meet. I have some problems I need you to deal with.”

If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Heroes always get remembered
But you know legends never die~
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Gamble It

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

April 10th - Tuseday - Early Morning

Early morning fog had still yet to lift from the winding busy streets of dockside. Zagan was just another well dressed face in the crowd that populated the streets, all busy to be off to their lives doing whatever it was they did. Today he wore a grey suit, custom tailored, and nothing near the lines of cheap whatsoever. He wore a white dress shirt and a blue tie underneath it. Black leather dress shoes were polished to a shine, unscuffed, and just as expensive looking as the rest of what he wore.

Zagan’s path was taking him up along towards the more residential areas, and from there, to a decent little apartment building. It was several flights of stairs and a couple hallways later before his steps came to a stop in front of the door to the one he was searching for. He lifted a hand, and knocked three times, and waited…. And waited. Then waited some more. There’s muttering under his breath about whoever it was being still asleep as he really wouldn’t be surprised. As much of a proper Brit as the man was, he sure loved his late nights, and late mornings.

Just as he was about to start knocking on the door again, it swung open to reveal a disgruntled man in pale blue and white pinstripe pyjamas. His dark brown hair was sleep tousled, and sticking up in several places, while his glasses sit crooked on his face. The lower of a set of full lips stuck out a touch, before he shoved the door open wider, and turned around to stalk back further into his apartment.

“Ya know when I say mornin’ I bloody well mean la’e mornin’, ya bastard.” The words came growled as he stalked his way towards the kitchen of his apartment.

Amused, Zagan followed him inside, and bumped the door shut after himself. His fingers followed with a paranoid, habitual habit of locking the door behind him. It’s not long before his steps are carrying him for the kitchen and the coffee pot.

“Yes. I do. But you know that I always have to make things difficult for you. Just because.” A warm smile followed the words. “But I like you and I am ever so nice, so sit. I’ll brew.”

“Yeah, **** off, mate.” A scoff followed the displeasure that stretched across his features, but even still Timothy gladly skulked his way over to the table to sit and wait for coffee.

The silence stretched, punctuated only by the scrape of things across the counter, the grinding of coffee beans and sloshing of water as Zagan made busy with getting a pot of coffee brewing. He ended it with thunking a couple of mugs on the counter. The pot was left to brew as he turned back to his companion, who at the exact moment was staring him down with half awake contempt.


“Nothin’. Ya jus’ suck. Now, instead of squanderin’ away my time, why don’t we get started on these problems of yers. Cuz the sooner we’re done, the sooner I can go back to bloody bed.”

Zagan gave him a long look. “Mmmh, I promise next time we talk it’ll be in the afternoon, just so as to avoid dealing with your half-awake unpleasant ass.” A scoff followed the sound of coffee starting to percolate.

“So maybe ya’ll remember tha’ I’m not a damned mornin’ person.” Timothy leaned back in his chair. “Can we get ta the bloody poin’ as ta why ya had ta wake me?”

An airy sigh slid out of the fae. “Fine, fine. Always in a rush, Timothy.” Zagan leaned back in his chair, and neatly folded his hands together on the table. “You remember Ronixi, yes?”

“Ya mean the pretty lil’ doll that ran away over a year ago? Y’caught ‘er briefly ‘round October last year, then her Dullahan friend showed up and took ‘er back? Yer still obsessin’ over her, man?” There’s a long look, and a heavy sigh that rolled out of him. “Find ‘nother pretty dame. There are so many more out there, and they’re prettier too. Less willful, and less stubborn. And if ya go to the right person, they come ready and willin’ and already broke.”

There’s a long moment where near neon blue hues narrow on his long time friend and business partner. “It is not that easy. She is five years of my life invested. Time taken to break her, shape her into the pretty little doll she was. Ronixi was thousands of dollars in a gambling debt paid off in flesh. And most importantly, she is mine.” There’s a soft scoff that followed his words. “Not like you could understand. You always take the easy roads, and never invest too much into anything at all.”

Anger flickered briefly across Timothy’s features, then it’s gone. He is silent for a spanse of several moments. “Fine. When are ya gettin’ to the bloody point of why ya woke me up so early? Where do I come in to this?”

“Yes, yes. That. Ronixi has pushed one too many buttons without repercussions. So I figure It’s about time to send her a message. Major bonus points if the guy who’s ****ing her is there. It seems to emphasize a point stronger if someone she cares about is involved, and from what I can tell she cares plenty about him.” As he spoke, he tugged produced a manilla folder filled with a plethora of pictures and notes on Roni and Freddy both, and dropped it onto the kitchen table.

The look on the Britt’s face speaks of his disapproval, but he doesn’t voice it as he stretched forward to catch the folder and pulled it closer. Honestly he thought the man should give up on the little dreamer and find someone more subservient. Silence ensued as he opened the folder and started flipping through the contents. They were thorough, not that he expected anything less from the man before him.

Zagan took his silence as leave to continue on with his words. “You have done this plenty of times for me in the past. I figured the same amount as always, plus whatever the expenses of your men are. Then, after him, there’s a fellow business man that needs to learn a lesson as well, but that one can come at a later date. This is more pressing.”

“Y’know, ya kinda seem like a jealous ex-lover or somethin’.” The offhanded comment came snidely, as the folder was snapped shut. “But yes. I will get things together. Give me about a week. Is that bloody all? Because if so, I’m goin’ back to bloody bed, and dreamin’ of all the lovely ways I can kill you.”

A soft chuckle rolled out of him. “Yes, that is all. I can leave so you can get back to sleep, if you wish, Timothy. I’ll leave the coffee. It should still be warm when you get up.”

There’s a heavy sigh from the Britt. “Right. Coffee. If that’s is all ya can bloody well get out so I can go pass the **** out again.”

“Fine.” Zagan gave an amused huff of a sound before he was slowly making his way to his feet, and Timothy followed suit. In fact, he stalked Zagan all the way from the kitchen table to the door.

“Please. Sleep well Princess.” The smartassed quip came as the fae stepped out the door and back into the hallway.

A vicious scowl bled across Timothy’s face. “Yeah, bloody bugger off, y’****wit.” The resounding slam of the door followed the fae out into the hallway, and left him there alone.

“Yeah. was good to see you again too, Jackass.” With that said, he turned, started whistling a jaunty little tune, and headed for the stairs. Things were starting to motivate in motion. It was good enough for him now.

If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Heroes always get remembered
But you know legends never die~
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

April 16th - Monday - Late Evening

The day had been excruciating. In the sense that Freddy was bored out of his skull. He and Roni had been holed up in the agency, trying to go over what scant information they had regarding their missing girl. Their lack of progress was more than frustrating. Sitting on his hands was never something he did very well. To make matters worse, he hadn't really been able to offer much assistance in the research department, so he'd been relegated to pacing and making coffee. Which he had a feeling helped increase Roni's levels of irritation as well. What a team! Finally he made an executive decision, even though he wasn't anything like an executive here.

"Alright, Slim. Before we decide that throttling each other would be a better use of our time, I think we better call it a night. It's already after 11:00, and we haven't made any headway. I say we find a dump in which to drown our sorrows and try again tomorrow."

The coffee, nor the repetitive sounds of his steps as he paced helped her concentrate either. She had been over and over these notes so many times now that she practically had them memorized, and probably recited them in her sleep sometimes. She was probably a couple more paces away from snapping at him to stop with all the moving.... but he disrupted it by suggesting that they call it a night.

"This sounds like an absolutely glorious idea. I didn't wanna be the one to suggest bailing first this time." She normally always was the one that caved first. She flipped the file shut, and made no effort to clean the papers strewn all over her desk.

"Let's get the *** outta here. Am I drivin'? Or are we walkin'?"

"Walking. I need air and something to help burn off these restless jitters." Throwing a smirk her way.

"I'm certain we can find something to burn those restless jitters."

He'd already tugged on a canvas trench coat and was handing the coat that was hanging next to his over to Roni. His thoughts about how this job was now one of just tying up loose, probably dead, ends were kept to himself. If the girl was still alive, he had a feeling she was going to wish she wasn't. Thinking like that only deepened his frustration.

She looked at her desk one last time to place and collect the silver case she kept her cigarettes in. Nick gave it to her forever ago. That, her phone and her lighter, before she's scooting towards Freddy so she could collect her jacket from him.

"Let's go cause some trouble then."

"If nothing else, we can at least trouble our livers with bad alcoholic substances."

"Alcohol is a solution, technically. It just might not be the exact solution that we are looking for, but it is definitely one." Devious smirk played along her features.

That easy grin sparking to life at her words. "No one said the bar was going to be the final destination. Just the first stop on the evening's unwinding."

Helping her into the jacket. Chivalry was a good way to defuse irritability. There was a pat to her rear before he headed over to get the office door. His body language spoke volumes about his desire to get out of what was becoming a claustrophobic environment as quickly as possible.

"Thanks." Warmly smoken as he helped her into the jacket. He was doing good at quickly making most of her irritation. Once her jacket was situated, she was moving to follow him. Once he had it open, she'd slip out, and wait for him to follow after. Then she'd take a moment to make sure she locked up behind her.

The door locked, it was a quick trip down the steps and onto the street. Once free of the building, he paused to inhale deeply, letting it out with a sigh. The crisp night air was already refreshing his flagging spirits. Roni definitely needed to let him work on the interior decoration aspect of the agency. Shabby noir chic was way too depressing.

She twisted the knob, and gave a final pull just to double check that it was locked, before she turned and was taking off down the steps after him.

"So it's just the first step in the leg of our journey." There's a pause, and a touch of a grin. "I wonder if we'll be able to get away with a bottle heist so we have somethin' to take with us on our adventure."

A quiet chuckle at her suggestion. "Just leave me to schmooze the bartender. We'll have a bottle of something on our way out." It didn't matter all that much what the gender or species of the bartender turned out to be.

"Sweet. You work away on that schmoozing magic. I'll sit back and enjoy the benefits." He was good at that, she's noticed.

Giving Roni a quick wink. "Come on. Let's get this ball rolling. I intend to have a long list of things preventing me from getting any sleep tonight, many of which I look forward to regretting tomorrow." Hooking Roni's arm in his and practically dragging her away with him.

"Mmmmh. So long as I am not on that list of regrets, it sounds like a good deal." This is teased simply.

She's certain she's not, but why not poke a little fun. And he may be practically dragging her away, but she's going willingly. She's just as eager to get the hell away from there as he is.

"There are different levels of regret. Such as regretting I didn't get you into a leather bodysuit before we headed out. A minor one, but still worthy."

"Oooh. That is a very valid regret. My ass looks great in leather. Yer missin' out." She clucked her tongue disapprovingly at him.

There was a dramatic sigh then and a shake of his head. "Oh well. I'm sure you'll make up for that, anyway." Bumping her with his hip as they walked.

The words that followed, and bump to her hip have soft laughter bubbling up. "Damn straight, I will. Plus, it gives ya somethin’ to look forward to. Someday I'll letcha get me in a leather bodysuit before we leave."

Bobbing his head in a nod. "Very short-sighted of me. I blame work for ruining my brain." Smiling as they walked along. Swinging them down one of the narrower side streets, practically an alley. "There's one place I've been meaning to try. It screams Dive Bar whenever I pass it. And the people I've seen coming out of it were the saddest lot. I have high expectations."

"Alas. Work is the root of all evil. I suppose it's a good thing we got out outta there when we did. Else who knows, yer brain could be mush by now. It could of been bad." Amusement mingled heavily in her words. "Yeah? Good, good. There's not many good dives here in Rhy'din, unless you look hard."

It's hard to tell initially if it's coincidence when someone ambles around the corner from another alley road intersection up ahead. The man's dark hair was kept short and neat, with meticulously kept facial hair as well. He wore a high end suit, and walked with a stride that bragged of confidence, at least until it came to a stop.... and another two, unfamiliar faces flanked him, lingering back a few paces behind the man.

"Ronixi. How wonderful to see you again." His accent screamed something brittish and proper.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A response played on his lips to Roni's comment, but it died when the rather distinguished looking figure stepped into their path. Along with a couple of bookends. An arch of a brow at the name he used. Ronixi? He spoke to Roni from the corner of his mouth in a loud stage whisper. "Is that your whole name? Rhymes with pixie. Very cute. And I didn't know you had such posh friends." His words were glib and lighthearted, but his gaze never wavered from the strangers.

Her attention didn't deviate much from seemingly dapper gentleman before them. "Ronixi, yes. And I hate it. Even if you think it's cute. Don't use it, please." Quietly said aside to Freddy, before she pulled in a deep breath and squared her shoulders.

"Timothy." His name was spoken with disdain. "What the *** do you want?"

"Long time, no see, Ronixi. Well. He wasn't wrong about the dirty mouth ya've managed to get in the past couple of years." He shifted his weight forward to put it on the cane he always carried with. "He sends his warmest regards for you." His attention shifted from her, over to her curly haired companion. Roni at least, did not need him to elaborate on who 'He' was. She knew.

"I make no promises in the throes of passion." Grinning broadly at Roni. "Timothy, is it? You know, it isn't polite to just show up and start criticizing a lady. Bad form, old bean. Also, I believe you forgot to answer her question. What the *** do you want?" His smile to the man was the picture of friendliness. Even if he was already planning the fastest way to dispose of him and his friends.

"Only exception then. Or maybe a challenge to make me not hate it any more." There's a smile that tugged at her lips. "And Timothy can't help it. He's got the proper stick shoved so far up his ass that they'll never find it. He is the one that taught me the manners for a high class lady." She scoffed softly.

"And Ya are just as surely now as you were then, Ronixi." The comment came offhanded, before his attention is darting back to Freddy. "I don't want anything. I just came to deliver a message..." There's a pause, before he leaned his frame to peer around them both, to watch as another three men came to the mouth of the alley, following the same steps Roni and Freddy had taken only moments before. "And It's here. So I'm certain that's my cue to let them deliver it." He rolled his shoulders, and started stepping backwards with his words. All the while, the two flanking him started to step forward.

Finally releasing Roni's arm as banter seemed to have run its course already. "One of the things I like about you, Slim, is that there's always a payoff for dealing with the dull moments."

Glancing over his shoulder at the three others who joined the party. "Listen, fellas. Before things get really ugly. You should probably rethink this course of action. Otherwise I'm going to have to let Roni here have her way with you. Believe me, that won't be as much fun as it sounds." There was a waggle of eyebrows at Roni, while his hands, which were still held down at his sides, shifted into shadows.

See. She's really grateful for the warming weather, because it was easier to wear dresses and deal with a slight chill. which meant pulling off not looking armed well. One would be surprised at what could be hidden under things like dresses. Even still, though her fingers itched to go diving for something, she doesn't yet. Just childishly clasps her hands behind her back, and rocks on her feet. "Yer a ****in' coward, Timothy. Just like Zagan is."

"Mmh. That is where you are wrong child. We are just smart men with money. So we pay others to do our dirty work for us, and keep our hands clean. Please. Do have a good night, Ronixi." He dipped his head, and backed up a few more feet. He didn't leave just yet. He was just watching as the collection of men moved to loosely form a circle around the two of them.

A couple of them cocked their heads to the side, another gave Freddy a quizzical look at his words, like he wasn't quite getting it. Apart from that, none of them relented.

The look in his eyes shifted then. The jovial expression giving way to something a little more feral. "Friends of Ziggy's, huh? A shame he didn't stop by to deliver his own message. Since I have something for him." Appraising the meat slab that walked over to stand in the way of Timothy. Pointing a black finger at the man. "Sorry, sunshine. But you moved to the wrong spot." Faster than the group could blink, his hand stretching out into a narrow lance of darkness, spearing the luckless guy through the chest, aiming for Timothy. Though that would require a bit of luck since he couldn't line up the angle as well as he'd like with the obstructed view.

Needless to say, watching someone get speared in in instant was enough to have Roni well and grateful for the fact that Freddy actually liked her. Very grateful. And somewhat intrigued, because she had only seen him in action on the few occasions they sparred.

The guy Freddy turned into a kebab didn't see it coming. Didn't have a chance to. There was a 'hrk' sound, followed by a startled noise of pain, before his form started slumping, which also didn't do much in helping Freddy to try and spear Timothy. Who had simply taken a step to the side, and resumed his lean on the cane.

Movement of one of the three coming up behind them has Roni shifting in smooth movement to free the pretty Sigma she always carried with her, and bring it up, trained on the man who thought to move. "Certain ya got family and loved ones, but m'protectin' mine." That's all the warning he'd get before she pulled the trigger, and probably made a mess of him.

There was no reaction to the miss. The lance simply withdrew as quickly as it sprang forth. Since Roni had turned to face the ones behind them, and the sound of her gun firing reassured him that she could keep them busy, his next move had him lunging at the second body to their front. This time his fingers whipped about in wire-like tendrils. One hand went for the lug's face, two needles stabbing for the eyes, while three more wrapped about the neck like a series of garottes. Spinning to the side to pull the man off balance so his own falling weight would aid in the strangulation.

Man A, and Man B were both either dead, or in the process of getting to that state. C was the one that Freddy turned his attention to. Unlike his dumbstruck, and now dead companion, he had a general idea of Freddy, and what he might be able to do. It was enough to put him into action. He dropped in time to avoid having his eyes poked out, but wasn't quick enough on the upswing to avoid those wire-like tendrils intent on strangling him.

D and E were shifting and on their toes, watching Roni, because she was the biggest threat at the immediate time. After a moment, she snapped her gun onto E, but before she had a chance to pull the trigger, D charged for her, intent on tackling her and using his muscles and brawn instead. They went down in a heap of tangled limbs, and heated curse words. She was tiny, and he was absolutely heavy. It was enough to knock the wind from her, and send the gun clattering.

On seeing that the crazy with the gun was being subdued, E shifted his attention back to Freddy. He was more of a pain than they were anticipating. Regardless, it helps with his lack of hesitation in drawing a couple of sigils in the air. There's almost a static charge in the air, a crackle and pop, before something of magical nature and looking of a blend of fire and electricity goes arching from the mage's fingertips, and towards the curly haired one.

Either his opponent was better trained than he would have imagined, or Freddy was getting really rusty. His body tugged forward as C collapsed to the ground, gagging while he clawed uselessly at Freddy's coat sleeve. But the flailing kicks to his legs were rather painful and might actually seriously hurt him if it kept up. So much for finesse. Small barbs raised along the tendrils choking out C, then they lashed across his neck like razor wire. The effect didn't decapitate the man, but it did create a rather messy spray of blood everywhere as vital arteries were shredded.

He heard the commotion with Roni just as the kicking to his legs stopped, turning to get an idea of what was going on. Roni was pinned by a rather large specimen. She'd shot one, who looked dead. What worried him was the one gesturing in the air. "Well, crap." His clothes had barely fallen to the ground, his body full-on shadow, as the energy from the spell hit him dead on. The warping properties of his shadowy form kicked in. If he had eyes, he would have closed them tight, not knowing if he'd saved himself or made things worse.

The jury had a hard time deciding when a swarm of mangy, mutant-looking, three-legged, over-sized rat things fell in a heap around him. They looked just as confused as he did for a moment, before they let out a shrill cry and dashed in every direction. And the were very, very hungry. And not caring who or what was on the menu as long as they were able to eat. He cried out, his voice sounding with a weird vibrato. "Head's up! Things just got weird!" It didn't seem like a good idea to turn his back on Timothy. But it was a worse idea to leave Roni trapped under her opponent with vicious rat creatures hurrying her way for a late dinner. Slithering along the ground like a lightless snake to get to her as quickly as possible.

C really was a mess. There was all that struggling, followed by the indecency to keep all his blood to himself when those wirelike tendrils tightened and sharpened. There was a gurgle, before he finally fell still, and probably continued to bleed everywhere like the inconsiderate being he was. He did not, and would not move again of his own will. Plenty of rat chow there. Timothy was still keeping out of the way, and leaning up on his cane as he watched the chaos unfold before him. Like he had said, he was the messenger. He was making sure the message got delivered. If that meant that eventually that he got pulled into the scuffle, so be it.

D had his hands full with Roni, because even though he overpowered her with strength and knocked the wind out of her, she struggled, bucked, and dug her fingers into every pressure point she could manage. That and she honestly wasn't afraid to bite down on his arm, or the hands that get anywhere close to her mouth.

It earned a couple of curses, and a snarl from the guy, before he decided to bounce her head off the pavement. He wanted to daze and subdue her. Not fight with her. That part had been expressly voiced, along with several threats should more than that happen. E's stepping back, attention bouncing between the Rats and Freddy.... honestly not quite sure how the swarm came forth from a spell like the one he had flung.

There's a startled sound as her head connected with the cobbles, and starbursts danced across her vision, and her thoughts scatter.... Wait. Were those three legged rats? Was she seeing things now too? Well.... hell.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chaos was certainly not a new experience for him. It was something he felt quite at home in. So as unusual as the rat-thing swarm was, that part of the whole situation he was taking in stride. Especially since they weren't much of a threat to him in his current state. The sight of Roni's head being bonked against the pavement, on the other hand, had a spike of white hot fury rising in him. Random shadowy lashes struck out at the rats heading in her direction, knocking them aside, as he made like an arrow for the meatbag still covering Roni. Using his momentum to knock the body from atop her, then wrapping himself around Mr. D like a blanket before spikes plunged into him from every angle. Like the world's most compact iron maiden. Pinning the man's arms and legs as he felt him bleed out, making sure not to let go until all the struggling stopped.

She watched as the rats mad dashing her way were swept away by shadowy tendrils, and gone. At least for the exact moment. And seconds later so was the hulking form that was pinning her down, and making it hard to breathe, or do anything. She laid there for a spanse of a few seconds, before she sucked in a deep breath, and shifted, rolled so that she was sitting up. The world spun around her, and her head hurt. At some point in the scuffle, her glamour had dropped as well, revealing everything underneath.

The attention of her eyes bounced, from Freddy, and the dying screams of the Man he was wrapped around, to Timothy, then finally over to E, who was lifting his hand, and gesturing again. That was Magic. Which was never good. So while Freddy's giving a hug of death, she freed the little iron blade she carried with her all the time, and made a low lunge for the mage's feet. It's sloppy, and unbalanced, but after she steadies herself? She totally drives it into his foot. There's lots of cursing, and screaming. Whatever spell had been forming fizzled out and popped with no oomph behind it. Roni herself, rocked back, and sat down again, because the spinning hadn't stopped yet.

As he let himself become incorporeal again, Mr. D fell hard to the ground, along with a rather disturbing splash of blood. Damn. His pile of clothes were going to look like someone mopped up an abattoir with them. Oh well. A problem for later. The scream drew his attention and he found that Roni was up and moving. Well...sort of. And the magic man was the source of the shrill sound.

Since that would buy at least a few moments of freedom from any spells...unless Timmy had some tricks up his sleeve...he focused instead on the rats that were ignoring the corpses and aiming for a fresher meal. Namely Roni and Stump Foot. Shifting into a large spider, while throwing in a couple extra legs for utility reasons, he scampered over the rats, spearing them as he went. Making sure their shorts lives ended without ever getting a chance to taste fae. Speaking of which, Roni looked a lot more like a fae than usual. Turns out their activities were even kinkier that he originally thought. Bonus points for him.

"Roni?" The oddly vibrating voice sounding from his shadowy mass again. "Are you all systems go? We still have guests to entertain, you know."

The screaming made her wish she just twisted the blade a little, instead of rocking back like she had, but he was more preoccupied by the pain that was radiating up his leg from the stab wound than her. The sound of her name pulled her attention over towards the spidery shadow Freddy. Well. That was new. New, but cool as hell. His question has her nodding .

"Yeah. I think. Everything's spinny... kinda. But I got this."

There's a look that pans out over the cobbles as she remembers her gun. She could get it, but it also mean she'd give the Mage man a chance to actually recover. She still had her blade. Instead of giving him that chance, she shifted into a crouch again, took a moment to steady herself. Then, she's lunging for his legs again, only this time she's keen on taking him down with her. She's tiny, but so is the mage. She just doesn't have that upperhand where magic was concerned. And Timmy... Well he seems just as undisturbed as he had before, but... well looks are always deceiving.

Roni was springing into action again, seeming to have shaken of that rung bell. He knew she was tougher than she looked, so he had little doubt the mage guy wouldn't be long for this world. That left the messenger boy. In a smooth movement, the spider melted into the shape of a small shadow dragon. Shoulders hunched and fangs bared as he stalked towards the only other person still standing. "Timmy, my lad." Letting the vibrato voice deepen in a dramatically threatening manner. "I'm not quite sure I understood Ziggy's message. Was this some abstract PSA about the hazards of late night drinking or something? Maybe you could explain it to me a little better. How about it?"

Seemed to of shake it off. Those were key words, and Roni was always good at pretending. The mage went down with a yelp of surprise, and honestly wasn't shy with his flailing limbs.... which meant that at some point before Roni could get him pinned down under her, and elbow met her face, and had her seeing more stars, and the world spinning harder. Blood dribbled profusely from her nose. There was a vicious snarl from her, before she retaliated by jabbing the blade into whatever skin she could land on. This time it was his shoulder, and while he was distracted by that pain, she struggled to straddle his chest and get his arms pinned down as well.

"Freddy, Yes? The message is not for you, per say, but for Ronixi. It is not of essence for you to know the message. Ronixi knows, and she'll understand." He finally shifted, but it was only to pick at a couple spots of fuzz on his clothes with a disinterested air. "I certainly hope ya just leave tonight as it is. I'd hate to break Roni's toy. But then again, Zagan really did not specify on whether or not you had to be in one piece. Just her."

He heard the mage scream again behind him. Taking that as a good sign. He would have chuckled if he thought it was worth the effort. Smug self-confidence was his thing, too. "Sunshine...Roni doesn't need any messages that Ziggy cares to share. I'm sure she's had her fill of them." The cane Mr. Fancy Pants was holding gave him some inspiration. "As for me leaving well enough alone. Well, if you think that's going to happen, then someone was really slacking on their homework." The dragon shape leapt from the ground at Timothy, but didn't remain a dragon for long. Instead, a confusing whirl of black strands were launched at Tim. They didn't strike the man. Landing in front of his feet and passing through the ground. Only to emerge a second later behind where Tim was standing. A cord wrapping around his left knee, pulling it back the wrong way, while a wedge of shadow held the foot in place. Intending to break the knee and give him a good reason to use a cane.

Well..... That was definitely going to hurt... especially since Timothy had stepped aside from whatever attack Freddy was launching.... or tried to, It in the end, only aided Freddy in what he was aiming to do. The momentum of his movement, coupled with the sudden pressure on the knee and the fact that his foot was held and kept in place, was followed by a sickening crack, as his body twisted and went down, the cane no help in keeping him on his feet. There's a pained growl that rolled out of the man. There is a brief look that bounces between Him and Roni, and he sneers, whipping the staff around to try and connect with some part of Freddy..

Roni, on the other hand was still struggling. It took a moment, before she finally managed to pin him down. Her first motion to stab at his neck missed completely, and it's hard to tell if it's from her dizziness, or the fact he won't stop moving. Her second stab hits home, but only makes him scream and buck more underneath her, and a final third stab? That hits the artery she was hoping for, as there was a spray of blood, and gurgling from the struggling form underneath her. Hands found his shoulders and held him down, until his struggling was weak, and his eyes rolled as he clung desperately to consciousness.

As soon as Timothy was falling, Freddy was already releasing his hold and once again ethereal. the swinging cane passing ineffectually through him. A Freddy silhouette was now standing next to the injured man, the head tilted in such a way as to make it look like Freddy was peering down at him. Insubstantial hands mimicking resting on insubstantial hips. He'd spared a second to catch up on Roni's status, glad to see she'd finally dispatched her opponent, so he was able to deal with Tim.

"Now...if I have your undivided attention..." One arm pointed at Tim, extending into a spike that drew short of the man's neck by less than an inch. Still incorporeal, but ready to shift in a blink. It was tempting to finish the job, but he had a feeling that there were already other eyes watching what was taking place right now. A different kind of point than a stabby one seemed more poignant. "I'm sure Ziggy is the biggest, baddest fish in his pond. But this little fishy doesn't take kindly to those trying to snack on his buddies. Make it clear that Roni is off the menu from now on. Or he might find that someone's nibbling on his scaly tail."

Honestly, Timothy wasn't surprised when his cane connected with nothing but air. Whatever he planned to do in retaliation was stilled at the very sudden and close proximity of a spike threatening lots of unpleasant things. With labored breathing, he tilted his head almost defiantly, and listened. "Your message will be delivered. No promises on how it will be received." His teeth came together with an Audible snap. "Are we done?" This is asked simply as his attention focused on the insubstantial form of Freddy.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Roni on the other hand.... seemed to of figured that a dying man was as good as any to cope with the dizzy spinning world that had been worse since an elbow made love with her face. The iron blade she held clattered to the ground, and she leaned forward to close her eyes and rest her head on his chest. Her head hurt, there was a distinct high pitched ringing in her ears, and she was dizzy, but he was dead, and that's the part that mattered the most.

"Oh, I'm done. And I'm thinking Roni would like to be done." The spike lowered from Timothy's throat to point at his right knee. "I suggest you be done, unless you really like the remodeling I've done and just have to have a matching set." The vibrato voice expression this in the friendliest, most lighthearted way possible. "And I can't promise that seeing your face in the future won't give me ideas for even more interesting body modifications to give you." Maintaining the chipper tone as he finally withdrew the shadow spike. Moving away from Timothy then to go check on Roni, though not foolish enough to forget to keep a side eye on the man at the same time. His silhouette kneeling down closer to the fae.

"Hey, Slim. You still with me? Or am I going to have to carry you home?" His words may have down-played the situation, but he was quite concerned that she might be seriously hurt.

"Duly noted." This is said dryly, and he patiently waits for Freddy's next move. When it involves words, and the removal of the spike, he relaxes a touch.... Then seconds later, there's three solid taps on the ground with his cane, and a shimmer of murky blue swallowed him up and he was gone. Like he said. He was a smart man. He wasn't going to linger around any longer so as to give Freddy another opportunity to cause more damage.

Roni was still for a few beats after Freddy spoke to her, before she gave a low whine. "M'still here. My head hurts.... and I don't remember the world spinnin' this much. but m'here." She laid still for a moment longer, before gingerly, she unfolded herself and sat up again. Her nose was still dribbling blood down the front of her, and covering her in more crimson. Her head tilted up to peer his way with eyes that looked like they resembled voids. "I've had worse." Way, way worse. Like the night that Zagan had personally beat her, most likely a few inches from life.

With Tim's disappearing act, he reverted back to his regular state. Freddy knelt shamelessly naked beside Roni, reaching out a hand to help steady her as she sat up. Smiling warmly at the unmasked fae. "If it weren't for the bloody face and the visible goose egg on your skull, this look of yours would be giving me all new ideas for fun time." It was hard to really tell how badly she was hurt, since her eyes didn't exactly give away any clues in that regard. "Seems our plans for the evening have met with a little snag. I think it'd be best if we get you cleaned up and tucked in bed. Booze would probably be a bad idea."

A shamelessly naked Freddy. It's possible that might of helped too with her brain and its short circuiting, "I didn't even have to ask, and you're already naked?" There's a touch of her own smile tugging at her lips, even if her words are a little sluggish. Then the words 'This Look' sank into her brain fog, and she blinked a couple of times. "Look? Mh. My glamour." Pause. "Glad you don't think it's scary or somethin'. And yeah..... plans, derailed. I was.... I was lookin' forward to that. Though at this exact moment clean, my bed and half a bottle of painkillers sound like a good idea." Two beats, before she held an unsteady hand out for help up. She didn't trust herself to not fall over while trying to stand.

The smile warping into his usual grin. "Come on. You're hot even in your little dark fairy persona. Take a lot more than that to get me to stop ravaging you." Giving her a quick wink as he stood up, glancing at her hand. "Hold that thought. I need to see if any of my clothes are salvageable." Hurrying over to the pile, picking through them reluctantly. Just as he feared, most of them were absolutely soaked with blood. This little encounter definitely went on the books as one of his messiest. At least the rat-things were busy gorging themselves on the five nameless thugs and ignoring him and Roni. He grabbed the canvas trench coat, giving it a couple shakes. At least the black would hide the wet stains in the dark. Mostly. Tugging it on so he wouldn't be totally conspicuous as he helped Roni home. Going back to her then to help her up. "Nice and easy. You got a little too intimate with the sidewalk back there."

Alas, that was one of the wonderful things about black clothing. Meant that blood had less of an ability to stain it. "I'm glad for that. I enjoy your ravaging greatly." Or she wouldn't of stuck around this long! Hold on the thought has her hand dropping and those void eyes following him, briefly to his clothes, then to the thugs, the rats, and all the blood. There was definitely lots of blood. "Forget it's not socially acceptable to run around naked. And my face got ****ed by an elbow it as well." The hand that clasped his looked almost burned in a few spots. Downside of having weapons that harmed you as well. Stupid iron. With his help, she was on her feet, and swaying a touch unsteadily. "Awesome." Standing made her world spin more. Not falling over is an accomplishment though.

Bracing her with an arm around her back, letting her wrap her own arm around his shoulders. Waiting until she got the wobbling mostly under control before he started leading her slowly out of the alleyway. On the way, he nimbly used his feet to lift the rest of his clothes to his free hand, so Roni didn't need to balance herself without support. His wallet, phone, and cash were stored away in an inner pocket of the trench, so he tossed the ruined clothes into the nearest dumpster for the regular rats to take care of. "At least this late at night most decent folks are in bed. The remaining scum wandering the streets will hardly make the effort to draw attention to us." Even so, he kept to the darker parts of the street as they gradually made their way towards Roni's apartment building.

She hopes... he spotted her gun and grabbed it too.... because she forgot about it amid all the chaos and mild concussion. The knife's something she can always replace at a later day, and not something she's attached to. Her arm looped over his shoulders, and gratefully, she leaned against him and took the support he offered. "Thankfully. Plus, if we look like this one can only wonder what the other guys look like, the realize it isn't worth it." Apart from those words.... she was mostly silent in the proceedings back to her apartment, and intent on not tripping over her own two feet.

Of course he cleaned up her incriminating evidence. It must have been the probable concussion that made her miss it. He was also avoiding being his chatty self on their journey, making sure that Roni was kept upright. The trip was as uneventful as he expected. The place where the scuffle took place wasn't one frequented by the authorities and those who did frequent it preferred keeping their business to themselves. Making it to her door without running into any other tenants was the cherry on the sundae. Making a show of rooting through her pockets to find the door key in order to let them in. Setting her on the sofa before peeling off the trench and hanging it someplace where nothing would get stained.

Of course she missed it because of her probable concussion. It was so far, being a pain in the ass. Truthfully, she was glad that they made it to her apartment without incident or running into anyone else. She didn't want to deal with nosy neighbors or other assholes. She tried and probably failed to direct Freddy to where her keys were so he could get them... even still, she ended up inside her apartment and on the couch. Almost immediately, Lacey was there and investigating Roni, and all the new scents all over her. Mewing, and insistent, she demanded attention. "Siobhan not home?" A look accompanied the words to her best friends shut door, before it's headed back to Freddy. "M'sorry ya had ta get caught up in that." Softly before she rocked her head back to rest on the couch, and wincing when she realized that she did so with just a little too much force.

He quirked an eyebrow at the shut door as well when Roni voiced her question. "If she is, let's not wake her. Not the kind of thing you want to see when first rolling out of bed." He closed the gap between him and Roni, reaching out a hand to give the kitty a scritch. The only blood on him was that which rubbed off from his trench coat. His shadow trick had a handy side-effect of keeping him clean. Then he was easing onto the couch beside the fae, careful not to jostle her. "Don't worry your head about that, Slim. Your head has enough to worry about as it is." Again, he did not seem to be uncomfortable wandering around in his birthday suit. "Maybe we should get you in a cool shower to clean you up. And help with those aches and pains that are sure to double soon enough."

"Nuh. I dun wanna wake her. She doesn't need much sleep, but..." She trailed off, and looked down at her hands. Both were bloody, and one was angry with iron burns. "I have you fluttering worry all over me. I don't need her too." Softly as he pet Lacey and joined her, stark naked on the couch. "Yeah.... but m'draggin' ya into...." She started, then realized.... yeah, it was no use arguing or apologizing to him. "Nevermind." If Freddy was going anywhere for any reason, she was certain that her moodiness and liability to shove people away would of already chased him off. "A shower is good. I don't need to get anything else bloody."

The grin curled his lips again when her protests faltered. "I'm allowed to flutter worry all over you. Because you don't have any choice." Leaning over to place a soft kiss on her cheek. "Think you can get on your feet again? Best to take care of this now before you totally run out of steam." Taking hold of her hand, gently, but waiting until she told him she was ready to stand.

"I've learned that I don't have a choice period when it comes to the people that matter most." This is warmly spoken and followed by a faint smile that blossomed with his cheek kiss. "Yeah. I think so." Her head bobs a couple of times, and her hand tightened on his.

"Darn right. We're going to fuss over you whether you like it or not." Then he stood back up, still holding her hand to help her to her feet. "Come on. Lets wash this muck off so I can get a better look at you." A mischievous waggle of eyebrows before leading her towards the bathroom. Once inside, he got the water running to warm it up, then delicately helped her slip out of her soiled clothes.

"And all I can do is just suck it up and accept it. At least I can accept it now and be okay." This is murmured , before she's pulling herself up onto her feet with his hellp. "Mmmh. That's another valid reason to get clean. " She moved to help him as best as she could in getting her clothes off, then paused to reach up and collect his face in her hands gingerly. A lean had her rocking forward so she can press a kiss to his lips, blood and all.
FreddyAbrahms - 04/16/2018
He returned the kiss, unmindful of the blood. Then he was holding her close and guiding her into the shower. His hands tenderly brushing over the alien contours, carefully washing her. Taking it slow, letting the water help soother her body. The water helping to rinse away the few stains from his skin. Every now and then planting a tender kiss on her various parts as they were cleaned.

She didn't try to fight his gentle guiding into the warmth of her shower. She was all for actually scrubbing herself clean of all the blood and grime she had managed to collect in the tussle. His gentle touch, and tender kisses here and there had her thoughts drifting places it probably shouldn't. Not with a brain that wasn't thinking straight.

Noting that she was clean and more relaxed, he shut the water off and grabbed one of the bath towels, wrapping it around her. Another towel to gently pat the water from her head and face, before finally getting another towel for himself. "Now let's get you those painkillers before I tuck you safely into bed."

Truth be told, all wet she was kinda reminiscent of a half drowned bird once she was out of the shower. Quiet, she waited until they were both wrapped up in towels, and he had spoken, before she nodded. "Good idea. Even better if you don't go home tonight." There wasn't even naughty thoughts on her mind. She just wanted the company.

"Didn't intend to, Slim." There was no way he was leaving her unsupervised tonight. And it honestly didn’t take long, before she was tucked into bed, poked full of painkillers, and out like a light with Freddy tucked into bed with her.

Scrapping hard in alleyways was exhausting work.
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