Imminent Death of FlashChat (No Joke)
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#1: Imminent Death of FlashChat (No Joke) Author: XenogragCan Be Found: Dojo Darelir (Rhydin City) or Xenodar PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:44 pm
This is not a drill.

This post is extremely late news. That is because I have been trying/hoping to not need to.

The bare fact: the FlashChat application used by both Dragon's Mark and Rings of Honor is going to stop working before the end of this month.

Our web hosting company is finally forcing a server operating system upgrade. That will include a forced upgrade of PHP to version 5.6. This server still runs 5.3 because FlashChat broke with 5.4, years ago. FlashChat is very, very old code.

In 2016, Amaltea and I purchased a license (for DM) for ProChat as a replacement. Just testing it themselves, the DM admins quickly noticed buggy behavior. So we shelved it.

We next tried to install the latest version (6.0) of FlashChat. That encountered the same PHP version problem as our current installation (4.7).

So I decided to try to fix/repair/modernize the existing code, in place. The numerous chat crashes that DM has experienced over the last two months has been a testament to the difficulty of the task. Which has failed. It is simply too old.

So we are left with ProChat. The reinstall on DM is in progress, and should be complete before the end of this weekend (03/26).

More bad news: the ProChat website is gone. We can only assume the company has gone out of business. In addition to the loss of customer support, we only bought the one license for DM. Maybe I can reuse it for RoH; do not know yet.

Top priority is ProChat on DM. This will certainly mean that dueling will have to be held there until I can settle the second installation question.

Further bad news: we did buy some chat customizations, but some things will be missing. Most especially will be the Duel Calling tool for RoH. That will have to be rewritten from scratch.

Some good news: the PHPBB forum application and our customizations to it are compatible with PHP 5.6. Posting will continue to work exactly as it does today.

If anyone sees anything that contradicts the previous sentence, submit it as a site bug.

The timing of this could hardly be worse for RoH. There is nothing more I can do in the time remaining. I am sorry.

P.S.: I do not have a server upgrade date yet. It will certainly take the sites down for an hour (or three). It will happen no later than March 31.

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> Site News

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