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#1: Children's Day 2017 - News Spot! Author: Mairead HarkerCan Be Found: Harkers' Island or Cardinal Inn PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:40 pm
Carried over Channel KIDS and other outlets:

The backdrop was Hatton Point's aquarium. The camera came to rest on a group of children listening attentively to a marine biologist explaining how not all sea creatures are fish. The scene shifted to the amusement area where screams of delight and fright came from those taking on the rides. Finally, the camera stopped on the face of a dark haired pre-teen girl tapping the mic. "This on?" Her eyes widened as she realized the camera was on her.

"Hi! I'm Maggie Harker coming to you from Hatton Point! Children's Day festivities started here this year, but won't be ending here! Several families that came out yesterday were given a weekend pass to the park for any weekend they like. One family got a season pass."

A red headed girl peeked around Maggie. "Hi, I'm Catie! Today, Wednesday, there's an Easter Egg hunt over at New Haven's Baronial Manor! Lots of fun and prizes happening there."

A lanky teenage boy dressed in a Harker's Academy jacket stepped up. "Hello, I'm Marcus! Thursday, the hottest band in Rhydin, TRASH, will be on stage at the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. For those that can't get out to see them in person, there's a live feed going out to hospitals and other facilities."

A half elven teen girl stepped up. "Hi, I'm Melly! Come out to Wonderplex on Friday for their traditional season opening for Children's Day! Lots of rides and fun for the kids! Anyone 13 and older is invited to take a ride on Typhoon Bay's Riverboat Casino and try their luck. Prizes will be in the form of gift cards and other items; no cash will be exchanged."

It was Maggie's voice being heard. "Saturday, there will be a big Festival over't the Observatory and Botanical Gardens. Governor Batten will be out making some of her famous chocolates! We'll tell you more on that soon!" The camera was back to Maggie again, who was now dressed as her favorite Disney princess, Mulan. "Our friends from the Shanachie Theater will be making their way around every Children's Day event! Keep an eye out for them, folks! They're awesome!"

The camera view shifted to the interior of Pegasus Station. Young Miss Lyneth Granger's voice was on the welcome message telling people about the station and the Spacewalk they could take. Maggie's voice interjected. "Kids twelve and under can't go alone on the spacewalk. Ground transportation for all Children's Day events is being coordinated by Rhydin Transit System."

Half the student body of Harker's Academy was on camera waving. "Please remember to thank our sponsors!" The list of sponsors rolled by:

Divine Delights Bakery
Hatton Point Resort and Theme Park
Governor Katt Batten
MacLeod Foundation
Mad Hatter Entertainment
Rhydin Transit System
Riverview Clinic
Shanachie Theater

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