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#1: REMINDER: Update your email addresses! Author: BWCan Be Found: "This song is ending... but the story never ends." PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:43 pm
Yes, it's that time again.

This is extremely important, for everyone: Please log into any and all accounts that belong to you, and be SURE to update the current email address of record. If you haven't done so already, do it now after reading this post.

* You can put any email address that you like in, once you have the account active. There is no restriction at that point. The 'Contact Us' for activation ONLY counts for brand new accounts - not for accounts you create off of an existing one, or for editing existing ones.

Administration can NOT do anything regarding your account if it doesn't come from the email address used on the account. This includes, but not limited to, resetting passwords, reactivating accounts, moving folders or changing folder ownership/moderators, etc.

It is far too easy to attempt an account hijack, especially with the various spoofing tricks that are common these days. Because of this, we absolutely can not and will not reset account passwords or email addresses unless the request comes from the email address tied to that account.

Please remember this is for your own protection, and check your accounts today.

If it seems like we repeat this a lot, it's because we keep getting requests just like this, that we cannot help because they 'forgot' their email or no longer have access to it. So this is for your benefit that we keep harping on you.

For more information:


Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> Site News

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