Current News (Updated 11/8/18): New Map, Longer Folder Life
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#1: Current News (Updated 11/8/18): New Map, Longer Folder Life Author: BWCan Be Found: "This song is ending... but the story never ends." PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:59 pm

The new Rhydin Map is up - it's time for Lease Renewals to get it populated. Please read the link below for the details:

Also, we're going to try something out for a few months, and that's adding a further 30 days onto the time before a folder gets Catacombed. So starting effective November 1st, folders that have posts in them as far back as 90 days (3 calendar months), will still remain active. We're hoping this will ease the burden on people who mean to keep the creativity flowing, but are hampered by RL pressures. As before, we're not going to worry about just what those posts are, as long as something gets put in place in that time period.

Semi-Recent, Partially Aged News:


*) Per Xenograg, the Blab Chat status settings are now active. [Away, At The Bar, and so forth].


*) The inaugural State of the Nexus address is up:

*) BlaB chat Entered/Leaving room notifications are active:

*) The front page of will soon be undergoing some redesign, to better display site news and updates.

*) The Calendar app for the front page/Sidebar is being worked on (is currently not working).

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> Site News

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