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DCH - Renna

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:13 pm    Post subject: DCH - Renna Reply with quote

((Authors' Note: This thread follows "The Clock is Ticking". The following was written collaboratively by Renna's and Howe's Players. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did playing it!))


Howe had a good evening at Dickie’s Dirk and Dagger; his meetings went smoothly and everything seemed to be going his way. His vengeance was lining up just as he anticipated and it brought a smile to thin, cruel lips. In his eyes, he’d made it; he truly had become the Black King facing down Corwyn’s White. Howe was in an excellent mood. He wanted to crow and cackle. He wanted to rub it in the faces of all his enemies, whether in Rhy’Din or not. Where better to do that than the well-known Red Dragon Inn – a place he knows they will all be watching.

He never anticipated running into Lucy Ravenlock, nor did he dream it would land him smack dab in the thick of it with Renna, Lucy’s wayward, (if stunningly beautiful), mother.

What was meant to be a triumphant “in-your-face” flaunt turned into a twisted kidnapping. Howe found himself caught up in a web of the unknown in a dimension unfamiliar. The pride that brought him to the inn could well mean the end of him.

Part I

Welcome to her own personal hell, where she controlled the four corners of its reality.

It was a dark and strange place where no wind blew, where no noise was made out of trepidation, and where the only welcoming sensation would be the warmth that the scorched black land appeared to radiate.

The land was suspended over a vast darkness, shattered and broken, all linked by precarious looking wooden bridges that appear to have seen many thousands of years of use, but yet still somehow manage to hold together despite its age far beyond that of the archaic.

Each landmass was big enough to hold a small town, but all looked eerily similar with its dead trees, blackened earth, and jagged rocky outcrops. So, it was no wonder the lost souls that had the misfortune to wander these island wastelands found themselves doubling back, thinking they had gone around in circles.

These strange, floating islands, however similar to one another, were all leading towards an epicenter of power – towards an aura so strong and so twisted that it could send chills through the hardiest of heroes, and stubborn of villains, for in the distance, a gigantic monolith of darkness sat.

This mysterious tower – the apparent root of this hellish place, appeared to have a life of its own as it slowly rotated upon its spot, pulsing with the rhythm of an unheard heartbeat. No matter how many floating lands were trodden upon to get to it, no matter how many bridges were crossed, it never got any closer.

This labyrinth – this limbo of madness, did not come without its inhabitants.

For during the terrifying silence, often, a soft whisper – or a scowling snarl would suddenly appear – and out of the corner of the eye, just beyond sight and mind but just close enough to glimpse, is always the shadow of some hulking, shadowy beast that simply vanished when fully regarded.

Howe – stolen from the Inn by none other than Renna herself, was quite rudely deposited on one of the islands from a portal of azure quite some distance above the ground. The portal screamed open with swirling, infernal energies, and simply spat the lawyer out like a sickly treat with an overdeveloped and perhaps, over matured taste.

'Welcome to limbo.' The land itself seemed to whisper. Where the pit below was black and the sky above was as dark as the ground. Set against the shadowy canvas a single, gigantic disembodied blood red eye writhed about in search for something.

Howe was livid; anger contorted his face nearly to the point of revealing his true nature. He’d lost his footing when he was so rudely dropped, leaving him flat on his back against the hot blackened ground. Howe stood, brushing at his tailored suit in short, harsh swipes, intent on demonstrating just how furious he was.

“What in the Hell?!” He snapped as he turned to glower at the fear-inspiring nightmare surrounding him. “Who the *** do you think you are?! You have no idea who you are dealing with!”

Howe knows his weaknesses, he knows his strengths, but he has a devastating disadvantage; he’s overconfident. For him he had already decided to treat this moment as any other he’s been challenged by. Beefy body straightened and broad shoulders squared as if he were preparing for a battle. He lifted a fist to the eye filling the darkened sky and shook it hard; projecting all the outrage he could possibly muster into that gesture.

“This is no way to treat your guests! I demand more appropriate, civilized encounters!”

Feeling as if he had made himself clear to his Host, Howe smiled coldly busily thinking out how he might turn this situation to his advantage. Truth is someone of this magnitude of power could be useful to his cause. Perhaps yelling and throwing a temper tantrum wasn’t the best way to win them over. Instead, Howe took a new tactic. Master of many tricks he waved his hand summoning a chair and table, all very civilized and decorous. Atop the table appeared a decanter of wine, two glasses and an oversized ashtray. With an air of indignation Howe tugged his suit straight before taking a seat in one of the wing-backed chairs. His face was smudged, his clothing soiled and yet his arrogance remained untouched.

“A gracious host would join their guest in a glass of wine.” Howe picked up the decanter and began filling each glass.

The angry discontent of the victim turned 'guest' had left the eye above quite impasse, even when the guest had gone to shaking his fist right up at it.

It was in fact looking for something of far greater interest, but it was not without noticing the alteration to the reality that this unholy place was based upon. The eye did though finally turn towards him as he sat and offered his invitation.

The eye looked at him, unblinkingly, and barely budged from its eternal entrapment up on high.

But something else did answer his call.

“I wouldn't sit there,” came a child's voice from somewhere behind him.

To be continued...
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Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part II 

Howe didn't have to even blink, for as he sat upon his summoned chair, without the aid of any magic at all the chair transformed into a carapace of limbs made up of what was once several human beings, all stitched and fused together like one large grotesque jigsaw puzzle gone wrong.
The chair did not only have the appearance of a living thing, but it too beheld a heartbeat with several souls to match. The very moment it mutated into existence out of seemingly harmless furniture, the 'arms' of the abomination suddenly moved of their own accord, lurching out and around the man in the suit seated upon it. With clawed hands, the arms crossed at his chest trying to pin him there in that chair.
Howe’s discontent continued to rise as his chair morphed and many hands began to attack him.  Beady eyes narrowed as he muttered “Parlor tricks?!” in his most belligerent of tones. 
Unable to move out of the grasp of arms and clawing hands, Howe laughed nevertheless and in less than a blink of an eye, (save for the lidless one floating overhead), he vanished only to reappear a split second later a few feet away.  Beady eyes glower at the monstrosity his chair had become.  Once again, he brushed furiously at his suit, before tugging it straight.  Nicks and scratches that the claws had managed to inflict were already beginning to heal.  Beady eyes darted about looking for the child but if it was there he couldn’t find it.  He smirked as he took up a loose circular annoyed pacing.
“You’ve lost all reason; you have become little more than a beast I see.  What a sad shame that is…” He spoke in his country-lawyer voice; big and loud, yet wheedling, intent on persuasion. 
“You know, I heard stories of you, laments really.  Folks who found themselves somehow entwined in your tethers.”  He spoke in such a matter-of-fact tone, no condemnation, yet eerily no admiration.  “You once held a modicum of quality.  It is a shame you’ve abandoned it all.  But now that I am here, I would hate to lose out on this opportunity to better understand your investment in the measly little town of Rhy’Din?”  As he spoke, he withdrew a cigar from his breast pocket, nipped off one end and set the other end to his mouth.  Speaking through clenched teeth and around the fat cigar he continued.  “It is less than most, useless at best and a complete waste of time for someone of your… er, let’s call it: magnitude.”
Howe paused to light the cigar sending heavy wreathes of stinky smoke into the already overbearing air. 
“You really have far better things to do with your time than waste it on Rhy’Din.” He stated.
He was intent on civility, (of which he liked to think he was a master at the art), even if his host insisted otherwise.
There was no child to be seen – the child's voice apparently an illusion, a playful trick on behalf of the host.
Who could blame her really? She hadn't had a visitor in some time, and the rest of those that had the unfortunate circumstance to have fallen in with her into this dreadful place, they had already been played with; twisted beyond recognition into monstrous chimeras of their former selves. Creatures Howe had yet to see.
The abomination that Howe's chair had become had simply returned to just being a chair the moment he had reappeared elsewhere and out of harm's way. Again, perhaps it was another illusion – much like the child's voice.
...Or was it? Was it really an illusion? There were after all, marks left over by the claws that had clutched out towards Howe...
Alteration seemed more likely in this case. And in this crazy existence, anything seemed possible.
From behind Howe, the sound of footsteps came. Soft padding steps of bare feet slapping against the scorched, dry earth, and with it came a voice as the eye above finally looked elsewhere.
It was a sultry, seductive voice of a mature, middle-aged woman. She almost chuckled her words; her twisted, vile words that seem to groan with a painful ecstasy in every single letter.
“The great and fantastic Lawyer – Mr. Howe, your reputation certainly does extend far greater than your disgusting little disguise...”
She walked past him as he indulged in his cigar.
Renna was a sight indeed. She was youthful despite her age, and beautiful despite her alignment. She looked peaceful enough, even though her imprisonment ought to concern her. Dark, bloodied red eyes seemed at ease before Howe, as if he presented little threat to her.
A content, mischievous little smile was worn across her lips, as she drunk his appearance during a single passing glance. She wore quite the elegant dress, which was not befitting for such a wasteland, but somehow she managed to work it.
Can't be wearing rags in front of the guest, now can she?
The Betrayer walked over to Howe's summoned table and chair, and the lonely discarded alcohol. Her smile seemed to widen the closer she got to that decanter and, being an overbearing alcoholic, she found her hands wrapping around the already poured glass of wine, her eyes longingly looking at its contents with a renewed lust long since abandoned.
“In your moment of anger, I saw you for what you were – just like me. A pretty little flower, exposing dark and deadly thorns it longs to hide...” She paused before she took a sip, those red eyes turning to stare at him, regarding him fully for the first time.
“Who the hell are you to say that my time is wasted on such things? And, dare I ask, what opportunity? There is nothing I want from such a place.” Renna turned her body to face him as she sipped the wine...
“Except... The flesh I could consume. The blood I could drink...” She licked slowly around the rim of the glass, “The beautiful, agonizing screams, the corpses to reanimate. The terror to cause – the tears to sip...” Her chuckle was a wicked, oily thing, “Mr. Howe, if you think I hold quality, you are certainly mistaken.”

To be continued...!
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:28 pm    Post subject: DCH - Renna Part III Reply with quote

Part III

Howe licked at his thin, cruel lips the cigar forgotten in his hand momentarily. ‘Now this is a hot babe’, he can’t help thinking. Howe has always prided himself on his love for the Seven Deadly Sins. Lust has been his least indulged as he’s found the others far more delectable. But, under the current circumstance and with the delicious words falling out of the woman’s mouth, Howe could easily fall in love. Well, ‘love’ might not be the word to use, but rather as close a proximity to it that one such as he could have. Beady eyes drank in the woman’s svelte form, lingering on her face then centering on her lips and the licking of her glass. Sure, she was something to look at, and he looked all right, but it was her words that entranced him: they spoke directly to his soulless sense of self.

Blood, torture and the exquisite sounds of agonized screams!

“Now, what if I were to tell you that’s right up my alley, eh? You and me, it seems we want something similar. I want the town destroyed, and you, my dear, want to eat it right up.” The country lawyer drawl fell effortlessly from him as he moved in closer towards her. “You see, I believe the nexus could be quite the useful tool if it weren’t for all the busybodies and do-gooders that plague the area.”

What he really meant were all the people.

“I have already set plans in motion to make the city mine. I have no qualms giving you the, um, livestock, shall we say…” He paused to pull from his cigar. “Of course... we’ll have to establish a mutual contract. A tit for tat so to speak…” His expression was well schooled, polished and intentionally charming. Slick and oily comes to mind.

“You like women and children by any chance, my dear? I have a slew of ‘em just hanging around…” Howe gave Renna his most obliging of smiles, the kind of smile that says ‘If you want the world, I would be happy to serve it up to you’. Demons are good like that.

See how he'd glossed right past her inference to his true nature? Was it intentional, or perhaps he's merely driven and seriously motivated?

Renna tilted her head, chuckled again, and then turned to walk away from him.

Slowly, she lifted her hand to run across the back of that abandoned chair, while she looked thoughtfully to the ground. He spoke delicious words. Deadly words. Tempting words... But she had seen his kind before – she had fallen for his kind before. Renna had experienced first hand what these types of men could do to a woman. It was something she once feared beyond more than anything...

But now...

Her eyes turned back to him. Those burning larva pits, etched with strange veins of blue within its encrusted, molten layer, turned into an outright soul-wrenching glare. “The souls of the mortals are nothing to me. I could easily kill them without your help. In fact, I don't see why I should even bother listening to you, when I know full well the words you speak are in fact from a serpent's tongue.”

Renna moved back around to sit into the chair, drinking the rest of the wine before throwing the glass aside to smash onto the floor. Soon after, she was reaching out to take the other full glass he had discarded.

“This wine is quite nice. See? It's lovely. But the thing is, I don't like the color. It needs to be red; hot, thickly red. It needs to be mixed with blood, with... I suppose, a finger thrown in just for the surprise of a tasty crunch...”

Her eyes looked to Howe again after wandering to the glass. Danger was displayed there. “But there is always a down side. Bones are a bastard to wash down, and this idea of serving the world to me... It's hard to swallow. I could take the world, if I wanted to – but I don't care about such things. Sure, I could use the entertainment – the souls and bodies would be lovely to play with, but, Howe, why have that... When I have the perfect test subject right here?”

She smirked then. “Contract? Do you think me a fool?”

Howe smirked at Renna. “Fool? Hardly.”

Fool was the last thing that came to his mind; Primordial, powerful, godlike, these were closer to the mark. And Howe was already feeling the need to own it, to wield it against his enemies. His imagination was running wild with the possibilities!

Howe was acutely aware of his current predicament. Yet, he too held an ace up his sleeve, a way to get back “home” so to speak. He knew one thing the lady didn’t; he wasn’t trapped. Sure, it wouldn’t be a cakewalk, this escape route of his, but it was a failsafe if he can’t negotiate his way out. Howe hadn’t given up hope on that yet. He dropped the lawyerly façade; the drawl however remained as if perhaps it had become an entwined part of him somehow.

“I think you are shrewd. I think you know that I can give you things that although you don’t need them, would still offer up some repast from whatever the mundane day-to-day offers.

“You said you liked the wine… with a few added touches. Perhaps you’ll permit me to arrange wine more suitable? I have vast connections…” he tempted. Howe stepped over to the ashtray and consequentially nearer to Renna again. He ground the cigar out, taking longer than he normally would, a consideration or a machination to remain in closer proximity? After killing the cigar he moved back to where he was standing when she’d entered. The beefy body is held with easy-going reassurance. The thin lips abandon the false wheedling grin, replaced instead with as near a friendly smile as Howe had. Something about that smile would send chills through the souls of the righteous.

“You overlook how much I can do for you. The devil, my dear, is in the details. You could be free from the monotony of the ***, free to focus on what truly satisfies and fulfills you. And I can be the instrument that grants you the entertainment everyone needs.”

She smiled devilishly at him, “Do not presume to think I am overlooking anything, Howe. I am the Betrayer by title and I use it quite extensively... After all, I am already betraying you, as we speak. Do you think this, my body? Probably not, but do you think it looks this elegant? This beautiful? Probably not, you're thinking. All the same, what makes you think I even look human? Probably not, you're now thinking....”

A dark chuckle at her own quite confusing speech. “Maybe not? Maybe you've actually looked beyond this flesh...”

Leaning forward in the chair Renna's eyes narrowed, the subject changing almost completely. “You're as dumb as I thought. I am trapped here, Howe. This world is my prison – my perfect nightmare made reality. It exists where no normal man or woman can reach, where no normality can survive. You can give me the world like you promised, but I am stuck here. Your promises bring me no hope. Just simple pipe-dreams.”

Leaning back, she crossed one leg over the other, revealing quite a lot of leg in the process. “Tell me. What is it you want from me, Howe? You're just trying to engage my interests, without offering up the true price of my cooperation...”

In all actuality Howe didn’t care if what she wore was her true form or not. He enjoyed the fact that she wore it. Beady eyes fairly drank in the sight of her leg. But what turned him on the most were her words, those luscious tidbits falling from those beautiful lips. Howe was a man of words; it came with the job. He’d learned to get good at them. Her words were like nectar, filled with blood and death and torture. Things he rather enjoyed himself. But what her true form might be; the farthest thing from his mind. He was wearing someone else’s body, who was he to judge?

Not saying he wasn’t making assumptions of his own, drawing conclusions that may or may not be relevant or true. For one, he had assumed this dimension was of Renna’s making and her choice was to be here. For another, the power he felt emanating from her rivals that of most of the primordial gods he’s had run-ins with. His experience said “Godlike”, but her words said something completely contrary.

Trapped, how lovely… for him that is.

To be continued...
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part IV

Howe scowled thoughtfully, intent on her words, or a pretense?  Of course, he fully intended to use this knowledge.  The question was which direction to take.  He began to pace again, a slow leisurely kind of pace, the kind of pace that suggested heavy thinking. 
“So how’d that happen?  How’d you get trapped here?  I don’t ask lightly.  I ask because I may be able to help you get out.  And what I want from you?  Isn’t it obvious?  I want you to NOT interfere with my plans.  I plan to harvest the nexus… no matter the consequence to the town or the people in it.”  Howe seemed intent, serious, open and sincere.  Renna knew what he was; he wasn’t denying that.  He gave the impression of holding nothing back.
She watched him like a hawk, and it was that – like a killer bird to its prey, that she observed him carefully. Her head turned with his paces, lips parted while her tongue slipped out to lick all about the orifice, with every moment one of spoken promises and enticing insinuations...
He had finally asked the question she was waiting for. And she would answer, in all honesty.
“... Do you see that tower behind me?” She lifted a hand to indicate over her shoulder, “That, is T'Barack Opalith. It's a pure crystalline structure designed to power a device of my creation. A device that blends technology, meta-creation and infernal magicks to create what they would call a singularity, and to contain it. To feed off its power. To siphon and to utilize its energies as I see fit...” She sipped at the wine, letting that sink in before continuing.
“I created a floating paradise, where my subjects – brainwashed fools who I enslaved - could live in peace. I pretended to appear very much the loving God I could to them, but little did they know my true intentions. To bring that island – Zarcurgis - to Rhy'Din, and to rampage its populace in the largest kidnapping attempt ever conceived... To fuel my medical and magical experiments, and to swell my Undead horde.”
Renna's lips curled into a wicked smirk, her mad blood red eyes widening, “I was so close but, my dear sweet daughter saw the error in my ways and turned against me at the last hurdle. Not only did she destroy Zarcurgis in the process of her little rebellion, but she manipulated the singularity to create this prison and to trap me here for all eternity.”
She inclined her head just so, “She has the key to let me out, but I can possess others outside of this place. I have already several bodies in which I have prepared to inhabit in situations like this. However, the problem lies with my daughter... She has had them destroyed, or has perhaps removed my wards from off their bodies denying me even a partial link to the material world.”
Howe looked focused, as if he were considering all Renna had confided.
Family feuds are tricky things; it was imperative to proceed with caution.
Howe had met Lucy, Renna’s daughter, and considered her quite the bitch.  Howe knew better than to say that to her mother.  No matter how much water passes under those bridges, a smart, tactical mind knows not to stir up that kind of mud.  The wrong words could have Renna turn on him.
‘The bitch has the keys and the toys.  Interesting.’ 
The daughter must hold some modicum of power to have pulled this off. 
Yes, Howe smiles, and it would have frozen the souls of most, this was right up his alley.  Something he would enjoy sinking his teeth into.  Especially if it meant seeing more of Renna, she is rather a tasty sight to behold and the words that come out of that do-able little mouth… Howe turned back to face her, the smile softening. 
“Let’s start with the immediate relief, yes?  What kind of bodies do you need?  Perhaps, with my surplus, I might be able to obtain some for you and provide security so that your ‘precious daughter’ can’t get to them.”  A moment's pause before he continued, "I even have a handy dandy little spell we use to do the transfer.  It’s practically undetectable."  He couldn’t help adding.
If Dewey could hear him now there would be hell to pay.
Renna's smile disappeared. Her eyes hardened, her face no longer pretty in its expression. It looked dirty – it looked serious and business-like. A stoic expression that did not fit the body that came with it. “Specific bodies designed for my inhabitance. They need the exact requirements. Otherwise... they do not take my greater presence invading them all too well.”
Slowly she stood, moving towards him, “But know this, Howe. If you tamper with the bodies in anyway, my full possession cannot take a foothold. A single hair – a single whisper or word out of place will ruin everything, and I will not forgive you.” She stopped, right in front of his face. “The moment you ruin my chances is the moment my daughter will detect my return, and upon that moment I will abandon you and I will make absolutely sure my daughter brings you back to me. Back to this place...”
Her smile curled, “Where you and I will spend an eternity together... Doesn't that just sound...” She dipped forward, and drew her tongue slowly up his cheek, “Fun?”
She turned away suddenly, “A symbol. A pentagram – but not only just a pentagram. It requires the exact angles – the exact lines carved in the flesh of their forehead and along with this, a human with enough hatred to submit to my whim.” She turned then, “Untainted by another infernal or angelic creature.”
Sweat broke out on his brow when she licked his cheek.  Not from fear, but an unexpected flood of overwhelming desire.  She made staying in this Hell sound nearly reasonable.  ***, he’d better rein in his lust or he’ll be making the kind of promises that will end his existence. 
‘Not like she’s asking for much’, he thought with a mental boggling of sorts.  ‘Untainted by infernal or angelic creatures’?  Hell, Rhy’Din was polluted by them years before even he arrived.  But, there is one place he might find some… The same place he’s been using for his slaving ventures already, The Widows and Orphans Foundation.  DCH owns it.  Most of them are human and rarely were any of them tainted by anything other than poverty.  Some of them were even kinda pretty. He doubted Renna cared, but he would appreciate it.
Howe nodded as he fished a hanky out of his pocket to mop at his brow as he leered at her.  “I ain’t lookin’ to screw you over, my dear.  No, I rather fancy the idea of spending a lot more time with you.  But I got goals too.  And they aren’t part of hanging out in this hell hole, all though I do appreciate the décor tremendously; very bold.  Very bold indeed.”  He nodded approvingly.  “My designs are on a different hell hole, you see. So to that end, if you and me work together, we can both get what we want outta this. You?  Your freedom.  And me?  My own personal hell hole.”  He chuckled darkly before adding, “so to speak.”  
In a flash, Howe realized that he’s never been this honest with anyone.  He didn’t know why or what it was about Renna that brought it out of him, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.  For the first time since he was human, Howe felt vulnerable, paranoid he may have exposed too much.
Only time will tell if that is true or not…
“Now, about the pentagram?  You mention it must be specific?  Give me all the details, my dear, so that I can oversee it done right.” 
Her nostrils flared. “You smell quite musky... Dare I say, is there something wrong with the heat of my humble home?” Renna smirked, her body turning towards him again, “That means that no Angelic or Infernal must ever had touched them. Soul or body. Mind or sight. They must be as pure from the arts of the supernatural as possible. Otherwise...” Renna tilted her head, “Well, you'll see. If and when the mistake is made...”
She was keeping something from Howe, and she was making it quite obvious.
“... And in terms of you screwing me over, I doubt very much I care, as I am only to return to here if the deal does not go as according to plan. In some ways I am thankful of this place, but in others, not so much...” Renna lifted to drain the rest of the wine, and then once the glass was empty the glass simply melted away into particles of glassy dust with a glance of her glowing blood red eyes. “... I think I can work with this.”
She held out her hand, “Take my hand, and you will see what I need to make my link out of this place.”
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