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Page: Pt.1 Run, Run As Fast As You Can
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:18 pm    Post subject: Page: Pt.1 Run, Run As Fast As You Can Reply with quote

Another night, another filthy tavern. Another few credits down. Page leaned back in his booth, cards in-hand. Those hawk-like hazel eyes studying his opponent. The last 3 hands had not gone well for the lean gambler, one more and things would get a bit dicey.
NOT his favorite destination, Naryan Outpost. He hated the smell, the look, the feel of the place. Not his cup of tea. Though, at least it wasn't the nearest port, Stars End. He was never a big fan of that place. That there were all those weird people, some of whom still lived like it was the dark ages. Something about a nexus of somesuch nonsense. Anything was better than that place.

He'd bet it all here. Including his ship, a large cargo hauler modified with gun emplacements and heavy ordinance. His pride and joy. But if he won, he'd be in possession of a LumaTech Star Runner. One of the fastest racing ships in production. Along with the entire 230,000 credit pot. He was confident in his winning hand.

His opponent, a small-time crime syndicate leader named Boggs sneered across the table at him. A brawny, ugly sumbitch with a face full of scars and a personality to match.

"You throwing down colors or what, Boggs?" Page asked, his face completely passive, betraying nothing.

"You in that big a hurry to meet poverty, Page?" he asked with a voice that sounded like he spent most of his time gargling rock salt.

"Well acquainted. Throw down."

Boggs snorted a derisive laugh and laid his cards out. A killer hand. The scarred bald man grinned his crooked, yellow teeth. But Page should have looked panicked. So, why did he look calmer than a hindu cow?

Page threw down his hand. Full colors. "Thanks for the game. I'll see to it your credits go to good use." he said with a wry, crooked grin, pulling in his winnings. Boggs glared, his face turning red with rage.

"You're a cheat!" he shouted, standing and pointing at Page.

Page swept the last of his winnings in a bag and looked slowly up at Boggs. "That's a hell of a thing coming from you.

"Sit down. We're doing another hand." Boggs growled.

"Afraid not. Places to go, people to-"

"You think I'm letting you just walk out of here with my money and my ship?" He leaned forward on the table, a threatening look in his eye.

"Ya lost, Boggs. Don't make this get nasty." Those eyes narrowed at his opponent, waiting for him to make a move, his pistol strapped to his thigh.

Boggs noted the hand that hovered at that pistol and his expression lightened. "'course. You win."

Page's lopsided grin returned. "You're a true sportsman." he muttered, turning away from the man and making his exit.

Boggs watched him walkaway and brought up his wrist com-link. "I want two men on him. The rest of you to his ship. He's not leaving this spaceport."

Page moved quickly through the crowd. Docking Bay 130B. That's where his prize would wait for him. Two of Boggs' musclebound thugs were not far behind, trying in vain to be inconspicuous. Not an easy task when you were built like a truck.

Page spotted them straight away and led them into the docking bay. Their hands moved toward their sidearms as they passed the doorway. Immediately, Page drew his pistol, turning and firing off a few blasts their way. The two of them desperately tried to grab cover anywhere they could before returning fire.

Page made a break for the Star Runner, shooting behind him as blast bolts burst on the cargo crates around him, sending one or two tumbling over, their contents sprawling across the floor. A blast seared past his head, too close! Page turned to fire back, the bag of credits in his other hand. Suddenly, a bolt ripped through the sack, sending the golden credit chits flying everywhere. Page scrambled to gather them up as best he could, but was interrupted by more gunfire and was forced to retreat.

He dropped into a slide under a hail of laser fire and scrambled behind a cargo crate. He grabbed a metal cylinder from the front of his brown leather jacket and pressed the top against the ground, a red light now glowing.

The two thugs moved in slowly, cautiously approaching their prey. The silver cylinder came sailing through the air, a red light blinking at one end toward them.

"Oh ***!" one of them said, eyes bulging.


A blue, rippling energy burst threw them like they were ragdolls, pinning them against walls on either side of the room. Page lay flat on the ground beneath the energy wave, his teeth grit waiting for the wave to finish. With a loud, high pitched squeal it finally did, dropping the two thugs to the ground. Page scrambled up to his feet and climbed up into the cockpit of his new ship. No time for preflight checklists. He just fired up the systems, kicked on the repulsors, and spun the ship around to his exit. The thugs were just getting to their feet when he smirked back at them and kicked in the engines. The thrust sent them back into the wall again before they could open fire.

The Star Runner hit open space, and DAMNED if that thing wasn't fast. He soared toward the docking port where his ship, The Moldy Fig waited.

"Access code, three zero one alpha. Code Miranda! Authorization: Garrick Page! Ready FTL for immediate exfult!" he spoke into the comlink.

Boggs stood at the terminal as his men approached. "Burn it."

At the push of a button, a forcefield instantly cut them off from the vacuum of space as explosions ran up the umbilicus leading to the Fig. Page's eyes went wide as they slowly approached his ship, scattering debris into the stars. The explosions ripped through The Moldy Fig in a brilliant, heart breaking flash of light and shrapnel. His whole life was on that ship. Everything he'd worked for the past 10 years...Gone in an instant.

Worry later! Grieve later! Get the hell out of there! He kicked the Star Runner's engines to full and evaded the scattered remnants of his home, spiraling endlessly through space. Two small snub fighters tore through the debris, guns blazing. Page took his racer in a gut twisting corkscrew turn, leading them into the debris, blast bolts tearing past him. Narrowly missing all the bits and pieces of the Fig, he twisted and turned the ship expertly. "Come on...come on, you bastards..."

A piece of what used to be the bridge banked into one of his pursuers, sending him spiraling wildly into another. Page smirked. "Thank you, baby."

He still had one pursuer, and this guy was good. He matched every maneuver Page tried to pull off. The blasts were coming from all around him now. Suddenly the ship lurched as one finally hit, jerking the ship hard and sending him slamming against his harness.

"Damn!" he cursred as smoke poured out the Starboard side of the little racer.

He had to get out of there! But where? He brought up the nav system as best he could, finding the nearest safe haven to put down.


He banked and spun away from the debris field and readied to kick the ship into full burn, pointing it toward Star's End.

"Let's see how fast you can go..."

He jammed on the throttle, was slammed back against the seat from the acceleration, and shot off into the black. There was no way his pursuer could have caught up. He was gone.

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Having contacts was a good thing. By the time he reached Stars End, Page was on bingo fuel, the ship was damaged and things were getting desperate. The names ticked by on his screen.

Calloway...no, he owed money to him.

Brannigan. Hell no. That guy was a jackass.

Gorman...no, there was that thing with his daughter. It was unlikely he'd forgotten about that...

Vance. Vance. Annikah Vance. Well. That was a bit of a long shot, wasn't it? Things hadn't exactly gone well there. But hey, that was 4 years ago! Surely she's calmed a bit since then...right?

Besides...they had a mostly good history. So, Vance it was. His fingers flew across the holo screen making the call. The com rang for her.

Annika's face appeared on the screen. Olive skin, Dark brown eyes, and black hair worn in a choppy, spikey bob, pulled back by a hairband.

"Well, well, well. Garrick Page, as I live and breathe."

Oh ***. It felt like his stomach did a flip, but dammit, he wouldn't let her see it. He forced a grin and responded. "Annie! Precious. Good to see ya!"

Uh oh. That look wasn't good. "You've got brass balls coming back here again, after the bull *** you pulled."

Page's grin faltered. "C'mon, Annie, it wasn't what it looked like."

"Oh, really? Because it looked like you were plowing Finnick Gorman's daughter."

"...Okay, maybe it IS what it looked like, but, that was a long time ago! I've grown!"

"Cut the bull, Page. Why are you calling me? What do you want?"

Well, at least she wasn't yelling and she hadn't hung up. That was a good sign, right? "I'm about to enter orbit and I need a place to set down. I'm on fumes up here and it's looking pretty dicey."

"And what do you want me to do about it? You know I can't accommodate that big ass tug of yours."

"Fig's gone, Annie."

"Who'd you screw over?"

"I didn't-"

She leveled a gaze at him. She knew him too well to believe that.


She laughed, shaking her head. "Smart. What? Did he take your ship?"

"He destroyed it. Everything."

Her eyebrows rose in surprise. Was that a twinge of sympathy in her eyes? "Really? Jesus, you're a freakin' mess, man. What kind of equipment you on?"

"LumaTech Star Runner. Silver and blue."

"You flew all the way here from Naryan in a racer? Jesus, you must smell like the ass end of a dead rhino."

"Charming. Can I set down there or not."

She considered it a moment, mulling it over in her head for just a bit too long for his comfort. He was pretty sure she was doing it on purpose.

"...An answer would be great because this thing's gonna be drifting in a few minutes."

She sighed. "I'm way too damn nice..." Annikah muttered to herself. "I've got a read on you, bring it around to Port 1083. I'll meet you there."

A wave of relief hit the pilot. See? Everything was fine! No problem. "Thanks, Anna. I'm inbound. See you in a few minutes."

Page set his course.

He smiled.

He nodded to himself.

The smile faded.

She was going to smack the *** out of him wasn't she?

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 18 Jan 2016
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Her fist slammed into his cheek. For a tiny thing Annikah had a mean right hook. Page's head snapped to side and he stumbled against a wing of the Star Runner, barely propping himself up. He shook off the daze as she advanced on him.

"That's for Gorman's daughter, you greasy little slime ball!"

Page blinked at her. "Good to see you, too."

She drew back her fist again and he held up his hands.

"Hey! Look, I thought we had an agreement that it wasn't serious!"

"Yeah! But that little tramp?! And she was practically a child!"

"She was 19! She knew what she was doing..."

"Oh, you mother-" she launched into a slapping fit, him barely able to block her repeated slaps.

"Jesus! Will you calm down?!"

"You're disgusting! You're no better than a ****ing dog!"

"Alright, alright! I'm a disgusting dog!" he said with wide eyes, just trying NOT to get punched again. "Stop hitting me!"

She set her jaw and looked past him at the ship. Annikah's expression softened a bit. She knew how much he'd loved that ugly old freighter. Maybe he'd been through enough. She grabbed a rag for his bloody lip and tossed it at him. "So what's the story? They still after you?"

Wearily, Page nodded, holding the rag to his lip. "Probably. You know Boggs."

Boggs was well known for being like a pitbull when it came to those who crossed him. The demo of the Fig was probably only act one of his inevitable revenge. She nodded. "So what do you want from me?"

"I need to get outta here. Get as far from the system as possible."

She scoffed. "Yeah, and I owe you my help because?"

"Come on, Annie. We go back."

She shot him a look "Oh...oh hell no, you do not want to go dragging the past up. I owe you something, but it sure as hell isn't help."

She stared daggers and then shook her head with a bitter laugh as if she just came to a realization. She didn't really care if his precious little feelings were hurt at this point. She was still mad.

"You know what? No. Screw it. Fuel up and get the hell out of here." She started away from him in a huff, Page following behind her.

"Annikah, come on. I'm sorry about what happened between us, but I need your help. We were friends once. Please." Page pleaded, taking her arm in one hand.

Annikah wrenched her arm free. She wheeled around on him, eyes burning, her hands coming out and giving him a hard shove. The tension between the two palpable. She started toward him, Getting right in his face, her finger pointed up at him. For a girl topping off at 5'4", she carried herself like a giant. That finger jabbed into his chest. "Look, Garrick. I owe you nothing! You're a liar, you're a cheat, and worst of all..." Annikah looked him up and down in digust, "You're bad for business. It was a mistake to let you come here." She turning and started away, again with Page in tow.

"If Boggs figures out where you ran off to, odds are he's going to come down on me, and I sure as *** am not going to be your collateral damage. Not this time."

"Annie, all I need is for you to get me in touch with some contacts. I can pay you."

She scoffed and looked back at him with a roll of her eyes. This guy just did not give up. "Bull ***. With what? Hopes and dreams? You've got no credits, that ship is a goddamn wreck, and you've about burned up all your currency with anyone here who matters."

His jaw twitched as he stared at her. "You know I'm good when it comes to getting paid, Annie. I'll get the money. Please."

Annikah stared at him a long moment. He did have a hell of a talent to make money seemingly appear out of nowhere. The man was banned from several casinos in the time she'd known him. And, not that she'd ever tell him...but she could use the coin. She looked away, biting the inside of her lower lip.

"Ffffu....Ugh! Fine! Fine. But I want 17,000! You got it?" She conceded, jabbing him in the chest again with two fingers.

Relief flooded the roguish gambler as he sighed. "Thank you."

"And I want it in advance! You're not getting my help and then taking off without paying!" Again, with the finger.

Page looked like he might protest but then...she had a point. That was something he might do. "Fair enough. Deal." He offered his hand.

She just looked at it and made a disgusted noise, turning away and heading down the corridor. "And go shower up! You smell like a used coffin..."

A lopsided grin came to his face watching the petite woman head off into the landing port. Things, it seemed, were looking up.

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Annikah Vance
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Annikah stepped into her office and shut the door behind her, a long breath released as she leaned back against it. Great. Of all the people. In her line of work, people didn't stick around, let alone come back. It had been 4 years since she'd seen him and she was perfectly happy with that fact. And then he just strolls in like nothing happened.

Granted, it wasn't like they were married or anything, but damn it, she actually trusted him back then. She wasn't the type to get vulnerable with anybody, so when he took off, it hurt. Not that Annikah'd ever admit it, of course. She hadn't really gotten close with anyone since then. Burying herself in her work. Putting up walls to protect herself. Really, she kicked herself over what happened.

But it had been 4 years. A lot had happened. She thought she'd moved on, but damned if seeing that son of a bitch again didn't open up an old wound. She still had a soft spot.

She sat at her desk, her fingers flew over the keyboard, pulling up the cortex. That was when a bulletin came up. A bounty posting. 170,000 credits for the capture, dead or alive, of Garrick Page.

Uh oh.

She glanced back toward the door, worry on her face. 170,000 could solve a lot of her problems. Get some of the collectors off her back...maybe expand operations...

But it would mean...God, she couldn't believe she was even considering it. Not that he didn't have some bad karma coming, but this was his life. She knew the kind of man Boggs was. He was a psychopath. A violent, cruel psychopath. If he got his hands on Page...he'd make it last. He'd make it hurt. And Page would BEG for death at the end.

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

His body hit the mattress, a groan escaping his tired body. Aside from the tiredness, the shower had done him a world of good. 2 days in a cramped Star Runner had left him feeling rather unpleasant and sore. Honestly, it was a miracle he didn't fall asleep right then and there.

But, no. He had things to do first. Page stood and pulled on the change of clothes Annikah had sent up for him. A simple grey flightsuit with Outrider's logo on the back. Not really his style, but it would do until he could get out and scrounge up some new duds.

He moved over to the desk in the room's corner and went to connect to the cortex. As soon as the holoscreen came to life, a warning popped up. "Access Denied".

He stared at the pop-up in confusion. "That can't be right..." His fingers flew over the keys throwing a few commands at it.

"Access Denied"

His jaw tightened angrily. Annikah.


The slim mechanic was under a ship when he found her, her back upon a wheeled creeper. He set his foot upon the flat dolly and pulled her out from under the ship, her socket wrench clattering to the ground behind her as she squeaked. Her eyes went from confusion to rage, her face, arms and hands smudged with grease .

"What the ****, Page?!" She got up, her fists clenching.

"Something you wanna tell me?" he said in a low, accusatory tone.

She got right in his face. "Yeah! Lots of things, you arrogant son of a-"

"Why is my access to the cortex cut off?"

She paused a moment, searching for the right lie. "Is it?"

"You know god damned well it is." he accused her.

She scoffed derisively and turned from him, moving toward the ship.

"Cortex is a privilege, not a right, Page. You get it when you earn it."

He grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. "Bull ***! You're hiding something from me."

Those dark brown eyes narrowed dangerously, her voice dropping to a growl. "You want to take your hands off me right now if you want to leave here with your nuts intact."

The two stared each other down for a long moment, she was clearly ready to drop him if she had to. He became vaguely aware of her 3 muscleheaded brothers' attention being directed at the two of them. Page's hand left her arm. She stared up at him, hard.

"I've got nothing to hide from you, Page. You're acting like a child. Calm down, and I'll see whats going on, okay?"

He didn't buy it. Not for a second.

"You can lie all you want. But if you're hiding something from me, I'm going to figure it out."

He turned and stormed away, leaving her fuming. Annikah stared after him, a twinge of guilt hitting her through the anger. She hadn't betrayed him. Of course she hadn't. Yet. She just needed time to think, and that would be a bit difficult if he knew about the bounty, hounding her about it. With a sigh, she blew a loose stand of hair out of her face before sliding back under the ship and burying herself in her work.

Page moved down the corridors of the facility, absolutely livid. That little witch was screwing with him and he didn't like it one bit. What game was she playing?

In the back of his mind, Page knew he probably deserved it. He just wished he knew what "it" was.

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What was the point in staying? He was clearly being played, so, maybe running would be the better choice. So, he'd lose the Star Runner. Big deal! He could get another ship!

Another ship.

Thoughts of the Moldy Fig popped into his head. She was more than just a ship. She'd been home, been a safe haven for him when times had gotten rough. He could still remember the day he'd "liberated" her from some junkyard in the Denarian system. He'd managed to upset some of the locals and there she was. Blending into the yard, a hunk of grounded junk. He'd used her to hide from his pursuers. When they'd gone, he'd spent the next few weeks salvaging bits from the carcasses of other ships to repair her.

The day he'd made her fly again was one of the proudest of his life. The owner of the yard was none too happy to see the ship suddenly start to ascend from the middle of his scrapyard and came running out with his blaster firing harmlessly at the freighter.

It had been Annikah's father who'd helped modify the ship into what she was. Byron Vance was a tough man. Very protective of his business, more protective of his daughter. Page would remember him mostly as being a good friend. A man who could hold his liquor, and spin a good yarn. Someone you'd want to be in a foxhole with.

The two had been thick as thieves. In fact, he was probably closer to Byron than anyone else he'd ever known. Annikah was only 2 years Page's junior when they met and Byron delighted in making sure the 21 year old Page knew to keep his distance from the girl. Though, given the girl...he never really had much to worry about.

Annikah had always been a bit...prickly. Never one to fawn or blush over man nor woman, she was always strong willed. Self-assured. She always seemed to get what she wanted out of sheer determination, but it was never given.

When Byron got sick, Page remembered, it was Annikah who contacted him. It was the first and one of the only times he'd ever seen that tough exterior cracking. She didn't even cry at the funeral, though he could see in her eyes she was hurting.

What made him think of Byron now, he wondered? Maybe he was being too hard on her. Maybe a bit of faith wouldn't go amiss.

A knock came at the door. With a groan, he sat up.

"Open up, jackass." came Annikah's voice from the other side.

His brow quirked and Page got out of bed, walking to the door. Annikah stared up at him as the door opened, still looking a bit on-edge from before.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Come with me. I need your help."

The pair entered the shop, Annikah in the lead. "Listen. I've been doing a bit of thinking."

Oh, this should be interesting, he thought.

"I could make you go out, put yourself on everyone's radar trying to scam the locals out of their hard-earned coin..."

"I wouldn't call it scamming-"

She shut her eyes and held a hand up. "Shut up. Or..."

He tilted his head to her, this had his interest.

"I could make use of your considerable talents here and you can work your debt off for me."

That lopsided grin came to his face. She both loved and hated when he did that, because while it looked so friggin' arrogant...he looked damn good when he busted it out.

"Was that a compliment?" he asked, teasing.

"The deal. Yea or nay?" she responded in an annoyed tone.

"Yeah. Absolutely." he responded. Annikah only nodded and started away. Page looked after her.

"Thank you."

Annikah stopped and glanced back to him. "I'm not doing it for you."

She didn't need to clarify further. "And don't thank me yet. I'm going to ride you ragged, pal."

Another smirk preceded. "Promises, promises."

She stopped and was about to fire something back. Instead, she stopped herself and smiled sweetly, if not a bit...deviously. We'll see how much he's smirking after tomorrow, she thought.

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Annikah Vance
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Annikah breathed in deeply, a smile on her face today. She brought a glass of lemonade up to her lips, tipping it back and sipping the tangy, yet sweet beverage. Refreshing!

HeR body jerked a bit from the movement beneath her.

"Hey, easy there, tiger. Almost spilled my drink."

She sat cross legged atop a transmission for a Capisen 38. At the other end of it was Page, trying to drag it across the shop.

"You should hurry, G. Time's a-wastin'." She said tapping the non-existent watch on her wrist with a sweet, wide eyed smile.

He glared at her, his coveralls drenched in sweat and covered in grime. He muttered something under his breath that sounded like "Eat a..." It might have been "stick". (It wasn't.)

"What's that, manslave?"

"I said, yes, ma'am." Page said forcing a polite grin as he lugged the trans up the ramp onto a platform. Annikah hopped up to her feet. "Good boy. Maybe later you get a treat!" She said as if to a dog and tapped his nose. Page stood there panting and watched her saunter off to the other end of the lift.

They rose slowly to the sound of whirring hydraulics as she pushed the button, those brown eyes watching as they neared the bottom of the ship. The platform jerked to halt before she pulled a pair of beat-up leather work gloves from her tool belt and slipped them on.

"Get the back end." she ordered Page. The exhausted gambler complied. moving to the rear of the transmission and locking it down while Annikah took care of the front. She stood and moved again to a panel, flipping a switch, raising the trans up into the ship itself.

"Aren't these things notorious for crapping out a lot?" Page asked, watching it ascend.

Annikah squinted up. "Capisens? Yeah. But hey, customer asked for one. Maybe he's putting it together for someone he hates." She said with a shrug

"And you're good with that?" Page asked, amused.

"Our's is not to reason why. Our's is but to do and die." she said with a grin, stepping up to one side, checking the bolt alignments. "Impact wrench." she held her hand out toward him.

Page reached into her bench and passed the tool over to her. "How's business been?"

"Not as good as it could be, if I'm honest." She said before giving the trigger a squeeze, securing a bolt. "Stars End ain't like it was when Dad was running the show here. There are a billion startup companies doing what we do now, offering similar services, so...they aren't exactly beating down the door." She lined up a bolt and locked it in.

"How do you keep the doors open?" he asked handing her another pair of bolts.

She squinted up, her mind on the job at hand despite their conversation. "Well, I happen to be very ****ing good at what I do. That helps."

"Well, you did learn from the best." he said with a smile.

The slim mechanic smiled at that, continuing her work. "You know, you're lucky he wasn't around when you...Well...when you took off."

Those hazel eyes shifted to her and he snorted. "You're telling me. They'd have found me in 20 different counties."

She laughed. "Ohh...." WHIRR! "Come on, Page." WHIRR! She looked down to him. "They wouldn't FIND you." She said with a little smirk.

Page offered only a wry laugh in return.

"So what's the plan, now? Get yourself a new ship? A new Fig?" she asked, peering up at a fluid line that looked a little wonky.

Page saw it too, handing her a wrench and grabbing an oil pan. "Something like that. I just need something that can hit FTL and get me off this rock. I suppose I'll figure the rest out from there."

She glanced down at him, that damned nagging twinge of guilt hitting her again. "Well...good luck with that."

Page held the pan up catching the fluid as she separated the line, letting it drain a bit. Annikah squinted up at it. "Do me a favor?"


"I should have a spare line in that rack over there. Grab it will ya?" she asked pointing at the rack, but not looking away from the job.

"You got it." he responded, hopping down from the platform. Annikah watched after him. God, she felt like a complete heel. It felt like old times. They'd worked together on ships all the time when her father was still around. This brought all of that rushing back. He was still that same guy. A bit older, a bit wiser, perhaps, but still a decent guy, considering. But she had a business. A family to think about. Sometimes decisions had to be made that might hurt people. And hey, maybe she could convince Boggs to let him off easily.


Yeah, Annikah.

You keep telling yourself that.

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Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Page arrived back at his room that night, his body just screaming with soreness. Okay, maybe he shouldn't have gotten cute about the whole "riding him" crack. The girl did seem to delight in torturing him.

The bed springs creaked as his body crashed upon the mattress. "Ugh....ohmygod. I think I'll stay here forever..." he muttered into the sheets to no one.

Page turned his head to the other side, eyes landing on the computer. A look of curiosity crossing his face as he rose his head. With a groan, he pushed himself off the bed and walked over, taking a seat. A few keystrokes and the holo screen came to life. He had access to the cortex now.

This was suspicious, he thought, glancing back at the door. A cursory scan for any recording or tracking programs didn't really show anything amiss, though. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe Annie wasn't lying about there being a technical issue.

He shrugged and pulled up an old account he sometimes used to communicate with clients. He called up the name of an old partner. Someone he'd worked with several times. His fingers flew over the keys as he relayed the message.

"Raylan. It's Page. Chips are down and luck ran out. In hiding, but you know me. I'll figure it out. When I do, I'm gonna need a proper ship. Where you hiding these days?"

It didn't take long for the reply. "Page! Yeah, I heard some messed up *** went down. But yeah, I've still got my contacts over in Byers' Shipyards, we can set you up with something nice, whenever you get out of there."

Page breathed a sigh of relief. Things were finally looking up. Another reply came.

"Where are you?"

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Page was out like a light when the knock came at the door. He jerked out of his sleep, his hand grabbing the blaster from his nightstand. He looked around in a sleep-weary panic before realizing all was well. He let out a breath and sat up as another knock came. The tired, sore rogue slid off the bed, rubbing his eyes with the back of his fist. "Ugh...Jesus..."

"Page. You up?" came the voice from the other side of the door.

He pushed a button and the door slid open, revealing Annikah, a bottle of whiskey in one hand and two shotglasses in the other. "Hey."

He quirked a brow to her, glancing up. "Hi."

"We're getting drunk." she said. It was statement, not a request. She slipped her petite form past him into the room. Clad in pajama pants and a tight tank, she wheeled the desk chair around and sat, pouring a pair of shots.

Page closed the door behind him and walked in. "So. What's the occasion?" he asked.

She handed him his shot. "Couldn't sleep."

He snorted and rose his brows, taking the glass. Both threw their shots back. She shook it off and then glanced up to him. Then to his messed up bed. Then up to his mussed hair. A look of realization hit her.

"I woke you up, didn't I?"

"Nah, I had to get up to get the door."

"Sorry." she said, making an apologetic face. She poured another shot. "Not sorry enough that I'm letting you go to bed, but you know. Sorry."

Page smirked and accepted another shot. "You remember when we took you out on your 21st?"

She rolled her eyes "Ugh...barely."

"And you-" he started.

"Look, that cop shouldn't have been standing where my fist was going! Are the cars douchebags because a dumb-ass runs into traffic? No!" she said, an embarrassed giggle escaping after she said it.

"Your dad almost killed me that night, you know?"

She gave him a look as is she liked the sound of that. "Did he?"

He scoffed "You tried to get me into a quickie wedding at one of the chapels on that strip! Said we'd make beautiful babies."

Annikah's faced dropped, turning bright red. "No I didnt..."

He nodded, hazel eyes lighting up with a grin. "You then went on a fifteen minute tirade about how you could kick my ass and tried to get me to punch you."

Annikah put her head in her hands, laughing as she shook her head. Quickly, she looked up and pointed at him authoritatively. "I still totally could."

He held up his hands, not arguing. They knocked back their shots. Page looked up to her. "Entire time, your dad was looking at me like 'Yes, Page. DO put your hands on her.' Swear to God, I've never been more terrified in my life."

"Yeah, Dad always was a bit of a hardass." she nodded with a warm smile, remembering the man. She poured two more shots. "So...where you been all this time?"

"All over. Amaterya, Boros...pulled a few jobs out in the Cambria System. Saw a lot of amazing things out there." he nodded.

"Yeah? Just breaking hearts all over the galaxy, huh?" she asked.

This gave him pause, was that jealousy in her voice? He tilted his head to her. "Not exactly. Did you know that there are a lot of places out there where Terrans are not exactly well thought of?"

"Terrans or just YOU?" she spat, narrowing her eyes with playful disdain.

He went to speak again and then stopped, thinking. "Actually, that's a good point..."

"Wanna pretend it's all Terrans?" she asked, pouring.

"...Yeah. Let's go with that." he nodded and took his glass. Maybe it was being stuck here, maybe it was the fact that he was in a pretty low place, maybe it was the company he was with, but suddenly he was thinking about the way he was perceived by other people.

"Am I really that bad?" he looked up to her.

Ugh, dude...don't ruin this by getting mopey, she thought. She was already dealing with enough bull *** as it was, she didn't need this guilt trip. Really...it just made her mad. She looked up to him, slightly annoyed that he made it about this, but continued. "What do you want me to say? G, you're a liar and a cheat and a criminal. And you know what? You're a bit of an *** hole sometimes."

He looked to her, starting to regret this line of questioning.

"And if this is about what happened between us...well." She stared, quiet a moment. "Look...what you did back then was low. And, I won't lie, it hurt. And then you just took off on me. You didn't even say goodbye, Page. So, yeah. What you did was really *****y." Her voice went a little weaker and quiet, filled with disappointment. "You were my friend."

Well, that was a punch to the heart. Page lowered his eyes and nodded slowly.

"You were my friend, and then, next thing I know, you're gone. And I don't see you again for what? 4 years? You weren't even there for me to be MAD at!" She swallowed, hurt in her eyes slowly being replaced by anger.

"And now you want to have a heart to heart about whether or not you're a good guy? Well, *** you, Page! You don't get to hurt people and then come back and play the 'woe is me' card! And the thing that still chaps my ass is that you STILL never really apologized for it!"

"I did!"

"Not sincerely!" She shouted over him, glaring, her chest heaving as she fought to keep control. "To...to get what you wanted. Because you needed my help. And you know damn well I was within my rights to tell you to go piss up a flagpole! God, you still don't ****ing get it!"

The silence that followed was deafening. Just the two of them waiting. Neither sure what for.

Page swallowed hard and looked over, his voice croaking out low, weak. "I'm sorry."

She was clearly trying to keep her composure and looked away, letting out a breath through her nose, her arms crossing.

"I never meant to hurt you, Annie. I was a dumb kid." he shook his head.

"Well...it's done. Can't change it." she spat.

Silence again filled the space between them. Page wasn't sure what to even say at this point and decided, maybe, this time saying nothing was preferable.

Suddenly she let out a loud, exasperated groan, standing from the chair. "GAH! You're-You're so...UGH!"

"What?" he asked, taken aback.

"You're so ****ing ANNOYING!"

He blinked at her.

"I wanted to enjoy a few drinks with you to help me sleep, have a few laughs, and forget about *** for a few minutes and you HAD to ruin it! Didn't you?"

If Page didn't know what to say before, he was REALLY at a loss now.

"You know what? If a woman comes into your room at night with booze, offering you an olive branch, maybe don't make her think about the fact that you were a piece of *** , you dolt!" She knocked back her last shot and grabbed the bottle from the table. "I'm going to bed!"

She stormed off "UGH! Pain in the ASS!"

The door shut behind her and Page sat alone in confusion. "What the hell just happened?" He asked to the empty room.

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Page finally got back to sleep after Annikah's big storm-off. God knew where she'd run off to. Probably to drink in solitude at this point.

The facility was quiet, everything shut down and dark. The staff all asleep and out cold for the evening. So nobody was around to see the figures sneaking in through the windows. A team of hunters dropped to the ground, in silence. All clad in black armor, all armed.

Their leader signaled back with her hand, her voice low through the black balaclava she wore. "Go dark." The group all pressed their goggles, activating night vision. They operated with hand signals, moving from the main garage into the living quarters of the facility.

Page shifted in his sleep, in the middle of a bad dream.

The assault team moved down the corridors, checking room after room.

Page's face twitched, gasping slightly while still in his nightmare.

The leader passed her men, weapon raised and turned into a room.

Page winced in the dream, his breath raising.

A door was kicked in and one of Annikah's brothers, Philo, the runt of the litter, shot up out of bed. Two silenced shots went off and he was hit in the chest with darts, a look of confusion coming over his face. He looked down at the darts and then fell back onto the floor.

The thing about a "silencer" was that it was a bit of a misnomer. It was anything BUT silent. Page heard the two shots go off down the hall. Page's eyes popped open and he lurched up from the bed, panting and looking around. Something was wrong. He grabbed his blaster from the nightstand and climbed out of bed.

Annikah was asleep in her bed, an empty bottle of whiskey rising and falling on her chest as she breathed. Blissfully unaware of the danger approaching her.

The assault team found her middle brother, Toren, sound asleep. Two darts made sure he stayed that way.

Page grit his teeth and pressed against the wall. They were coming. Plan! He needed a plan. He glanced at the bed a moment and an idea formed.

Argento was the oldest and largest of the brother. A solid, tank of a man. And a light sleeper. He heard the last two shots and was up and standing when they kicked in his door. Two darts hit him in the chest...and the shooters waited...but he didn't fall.

"OH SH-" one of them started to say before being slammed into by the raging monster of a man. The impact sent him flying across the hall and into the wall. The second shooter wheeled around, desperately trying to get his bearings. Too late, it turned out. Argento grabbed him by the face and slammed his head against the door way over and over again, muffled screams coming out against his mask, drawing the attention of the rest of the assault team. They turned their rifles on him and fired...into the back of their own ruined teammate as Argento used him as a human shield.

He threw the limp, unconscious body toward them, knocking them off their feet. He was getting woozy when he felt a figure jump on his back. That perked him right up. He whipped around wildly, but she held on, one arm reaching behind and grabbing her tranq pistol. She shoved it against his neck and pulled the trigger. Argento's head whipped back as he tried to bellow. The black overtook him immediately and she rode him to the ground.

That didn't sound good, Page thought, hearing the thud. Then they were right outside his door. The fugitive pressed himself up against the wall, flat as he could. Breathe. Breath, Page.

The door burst open and two men filed in, firing at a Page-shaped mass under the covers. "We got him."

The first blaster bolt tore through one man's head, sending his body limp and careening to one side in an instant. The second hit the other center-mass as he wheeled around to face Page.

Page rounded the corner, firing on the remaining five of the team. They all took cover and tried to return fire. He caught one in the stomach as he leaned out to shoot, spinning him around to land in an agonized heap. He moved out into the hall, backing down towards Annikah's room while laying down a suppressing fire.

The team returned fire, forcing him to take cover in a storage closet. That was when the team leader made her move. As he turned to aim his pistol she was low around corner, coming up from a crouch. In one smooth motion, she grabbed him by the wrist with her left hand, slammed the pistol against the wall, just as her right came up in a vicious palm-strike to his face.

Page stumbled back in a daze, his pistol falling from his hand. The team leader drew her tranq pistol, but he had already recovered, grabbing her wrist and redirecting the fire upward, the projectile bursting a light over head.

The two wrestled for the gun, and eventually she ended up with her back against him. He forced the weapon toward her remaining team mates, firing a dart into each of them. She was on her own. She threw her head back and caught him in the nose, hard enough that he stumbled backwards a step. She leapt, spin-kicking him in the chest and knocking him back against the wall.

Page recovered just in time to see her raise the weapon at him and pull the trigger.



She reacted immediately, throwing the useless weapon at him. He brought his arms up to protect himself, but found two feet slam into his chest, the air leaving his lungs with a loud grunt. The two hit the ground at the same time, but unlike him she rolled backwards back up the her feet. The bounty hunter snapped open a telescoping baton, the shaft arcing with a blue electric energy. He scrambled backwards in a sort of crab walk as she attacked, the baton barely missing him each time. It clanged and zapped against the concrete floor as she swung at him again and again.

Finally, he managed to get up to his feet as she came at him again. He caught her wrist and redirected the woman, throwing her against the wall, the baton rolling harmlessly away. Page attacked, moving to stomp her chest, but his boot heel caught nothing but the ground. She rolled out of the way and kicked his legs out from under him.

His body hit the ground with a loud thud, a hard grunt escaping him just as she pounced on top of him.

Annikah was STILL asleep. One of those amazing, dreamless, drunk sleeps where it's so complete that it feels like you might never wake up again, and you really don't care.


The combatants bashed in through the door, their fight still on-going. Page got up from the door he'd been kicked through. Apparently, the bounty hunter had gotten herself an ax, and was now swinging it wildly at him. He was barely managing to elude her attacks.

Annikah snapped awake immediately falling out of her bed in a panic. "WHAT THE ***?!" she exclaimed.

Page dodged another swipe with the ax, and reached back to the bed, grabbing a sheet. As the next ax swing came, he leaned away and caught it in the sheet, wrapping it around the handle. With a rough, tug, it ripped it from her grasp, sending the weapon crashing against some of Annikah's decorative personal effects. When the hunter moved to grab him, he managed to get past her attack and wrap the sheet around her face and pull her back into a head lock, his fist slamming against the woman's face again and again through the sheet.

Annikah crawled quickly out into the hallway, getting her bearings on the fight and noticing the bodies strewn everywhere. He heart sank when she saw the huge form of Argento out cold, possibly dead on the ground. She looked down then and saw the baton, rage overtaking her.

The bounty hunter, bent over backwards and getting pounded in the face, threw an elbow back hard into Page's kidneys, and brought her foot up on the footboard of Annikah's bed. Another kidney shot and Page loosened his grip. she kicked off the bed, free from his grasp as her body flipped, knee catching him at the back of the neck.

Page hit the floor, seeing double. She pulled the balaclava from her head, revealing short, rust colored hair askew from the tight bun she wore it in. Her bloodied face seething. The woman's desperate, wild eyes looked around before seeing a small holdout pistol. She lunged and grabbed it, wheeling it around on Page as he started to get up. With a kick to the chest, she knocked him onto his back, leveling the gun at him. "Unfortunately for you. The bounty didn't say you had to be taken alive. Say goodnight, *** hole."

The shock baton hit her in the back, he body jolting wildly as her eyes rolled back in her head. Annikah pulled the baton away as the woman fell the ground. Annikah glared down at her. "Good night, *** hole." She spat down at the woman.

Page was panting, staring up at her, beat up and exhausted. Annikah extended her hand to him. After a moment, he took it.

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Annikah slapped Argento's unconscious face, trying to wake the mammoth of a man from his slumber. "Come on, you big lazy ass, I am NOT dragging you out of here! Get up!"

She was far more worried than she let on, burying it all under that false bravado. She knew Page saw right through it, but damn it, she needed it! The battered smuggler came up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Annie. He's gonna be okay. He's tranqued. We just need to let it get out of his system."

God dammit, she knew he was right, but reason wasn't on the docket tonight. She whipped around and shoved him away. "You! This is all because of you!"

Confusion spread across Page's features. "What?"

"You're like a god damn wrecking ball! You brought these ass holes down on all of us!" she shouted at him.

Page's hands came up defensively. "Whoa, whoa, what are you talking about?!"

"Your bounty! 170,000 credits, you ****heel! You go around pissing off crimelords and drag your friends into it and have the nerve to act surprised when *** goes south?!"

Page stared at her. "That son of a bitch put a bounty on me?" Annikah could see him working through something in his head. She knew this seemed out of character for Boggs. Usually, he dealt with debts himself, he didn't have a bunch of mercs and bounty hunters sicked on you.

"No...no, I was careful. I hid my tracks. The signal from that ship should have read across 18 different sectors. There's no way he could have found me. Unless..." Page trailed off.

She wasn't really in the mood to hear it. "Well, bad news. They found us." She turned and knelt by her brother.

"We can't stay here." he said, his mind racing a mile a minute. That earned him a glare from Annikah. A frown crossed his tired face and he approached her. "Your contacts. Who can we talk to."

Annikah rubbed her forehead, a dull throbbing pain growing there since this all went to hell. It was all too much. Page, the attack, her brothers taken down so easily. And now this woman, chained to a pipe, still limp on the ground. She turned to Page. "I don't know. I don't know who to trust."

A bitter laugh came from the corner of the room. "You've nowhere to run. Nowhere he won't find you." Annikah's face darkened, her ire raised. This bitch was getting beat. She got as far as grabbing a wrench before Page intervened.

"Whoawhoawhoawhoa! Easy! Easy, slugger." he said, grabbing her, the tiny mechanic trying to get free. "Take a breath. Let me handle this." She eventually stopped struggling and hung back, fuming. Page approached the prisoner and crouched beside her. Her dark red hair partially loose from it's bun making her look feral and dangerous. A set of scars at her left cheek, lip and right brow marring what would otherwise be an attractive face. Angry green eyes stared defiantly, a sneer on her split lip that made Annikah want to cave the whole damn thing in with a tire iron.

"Boggs sent you." Page stated, not asked. "How many people are vying for this bounty?"

"The kind of money he's offering, there won't be a civilized system you can run to where people won't be looking for you." The look on his face...hopeless. A rare slip for him. Annikah could tell she liked this. Loved it, even. They had nowhere to run and she was still alive to claim the bounty. And those chains probably couldn't hold her forever.

He glanced back at Annikah in disgust. "So, this is what you were hiding from me?"

Those brown eyes turned up to him, still ready for a fight. She chewed the back of her lip, trying to control her temper. He was NOT trying to turn this around on her.

"What was the plan? You sell me out to them? Is this all you?" he gestured around them and to her brother. "What happened? Let me guess. You told them where I was and it went south, so now you're scramblin-"

That was it.

"*** you!" she shouted. "I didn't turn you in, Page! Do you really think I'm that ****ing stupid to put my brothers, my shop in this kind of danger?!"

The bounty hunter just laughed, she was enjoying this too much. Annikah pointed at her, "You shut up, bitch, or I'm breaking your jaw!"

Page stepped away from Annikah, his mind racing. How to get out...how to get out. He ran a few scenarios over his head, but each ended with a gun in his back. Then, it hit him. He slowly glanced to the Bounty Hunter. She definitely wasn't local. She had a ship.


"What about me?" she asked.

"You're getting us out of here." Page said, his confident grin making its return .

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Page gripped the Bounty Hunter by the bicep, his gun placed against her spine as they made their way to her ship. Annikah played lookout, keeping a few steps behind and her eyes peeled for any danger lurking around the corner. Her hand hovered at a blaster at her thigh, itching to draw. Her two other brothers had carried Argento elsewhere, getting him out of the city to a rendezvous point. They would be safe. They weren't targets anyway.

The bounty hunter glared back at Page. "You're stupid if you think this is going to be simple. He's going to find you, no matter what hole you crawl into."

"That's why you're coming with. You're our insurance policy." Page said digging the barrel into her back to keep her moving.

She grit her teeth, more annoyed than anything. "You think he cares about me? I'm a hired gun. He'll turn me into dust same as you."

"Then it's in your best interests to keep us alive, isn't it?" The smugness in his voice drove the captive hunter nuts. She wanted to turn around and rip out his throat. Now was not the time, not when a twitch of the finger could relocate a few vital organs.

The trio made their way into the starport without incident and boarded the lift to her landing platform. Annikah fidgeted, on edge. "Something's wrong. I don't like this."

"What are you talking about, this is a cake walk." Page said.

"Exactly. This is too easy."

Page caught the smirk on the bounty hunter's face. "What are you grinning about?"

"You think I came alone?"

The doors slid open and 4 hover droids came out from the ship's loading ramp, their belly-mounted guns opening fire on the gathered group. Page and Annikah, barely got out of the way of the blasts. Page gripped the hunter, holding her at-bay.

"Brilliant ****ing plan, brainiac! Now what?!" Annikah shouted to him as blast bolts zipped past them, exploding against the back of the lift in a shower of sparks.

"I don't see you offering any ideas!" he yelled over the onslaught, still keeping his weapon and an eye on their prisoner.

The hunter gave him a nasty smile, "You're both dead. You just don't know it yet." she said, her voice filled with venom.

GOD, Annikah hated this woman. She turned out the lift, her blaster raised and opened fire, catching one of the drones right on the repulsor. The machine spiraled wildly, it's weapon firing blindly as it careened into a railing, parts and sparks bursting as it tumbled to the ground below in fiery pieces.

Page leaned out, trading fire with the drones, still trying to come up with a plan. Then it occurred to him, for a woman stuck on the wrong end of a firefight, the Bounty Hunter was suspiciously calm.

Well. Worth a shot.

Page yanked her in front of him. The hunter wasn't expecting it and moved easily as Page stepped out into the line of fire, his eyes squeezed shut just in case the plan didn't work and they got peppered with blaster fire.

But that didn't happen. As soon as they saw her, the guns stopped. The Hunter cursed under he breath. Annikah and Page exchanged glances, raised their firearms and blew the remaining drones out of the sky.

A lopsided grin was directed at Annikah. She returned it, but it fell as she saw another lift rising toward them. "Time to go, we're about to have company!"

The trio ran toward the ship, and climbed up the ramp.


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What a day. What an awful, long, tedious, disappointing day. People should know when they were beaten. If they were smart they would have turned themselves in. Maybe Boggs would have at least gone easy on the girl.

But nope. No, these pair of braying jack-asses were trying to hijack her ship with Boggs' (Or worse, another merc group's) men at their heels. She sat, cuffed to a bulkhead, thinking a few steps ahead, watching as Page tried in vain the fire up the ships engines.

"What the hell, Page? Let's go!" the one with all the attitude shouted at him. Nara's body shook slightly in a silent, amused laugh. She glanced down the ramp as the elevator arrived. Time was running out.

"Yeah, Annie, I'm tryin'! She's got these systems all scrambled to hell and back!" he yelled back.

"This is so typical. Mr big-nuts 'I can fly anything' lets us down again!"

"Annikah, shut up and get on that console! Run a bypass through the propulsion system!"

The girl shook her head and went to work. "Un-****ing-believable..."

Aww. Adorable. They were like an old married couple. It would be more amusing if the hairs on Nara's neck didn't just stand up. Gregor Riles. That ruthless bastard had provided her with no shortage of grief in the few years since he came on the scene.

"OPEN FIRE!" the Merc Leader, Riles yelled.

Blaster fire rained on her ship, forcing Nara to dodge the bolts as best she could with her limited mobility. "Stop shooting my ship, you stupid son of a bitch!" she screamed at the mercs, pulling wildly, desperately against the binders keeping her trapped.

Page turned and ran down the stairwell leading to the loading area of the ship. "Take over!" he shouted to Annikah, his blaster drawn.

"Where the hell are YOU going?" Annikah shouted back at him with wide eyes.

Nara shot him an annoyed look. She didn't like it, but if she wanted to survive to collect this bounty, she was going to need their help. "Lever on your left! Pull it!"

Page glanced to it in between shots. He gave it a rough pull and a section of the deck plating sprung up, a blast-proof barrier between them and their attackers.

Good. Step one. "Uncuff me!"

Page gave her an unsure look. "Listen, hotshot, you wanna get out of here? You're gonna need me to do it! So what's it gonna be?"

Page considered his options, and it was really getting annoying. She really did not have time for this.

BAM! A blast burst over the barricade, hitting their ceiling above them. "Time's up! *** or get off the pot." she said, fire in those green eyes.

Page grit his teeth and cursed under his breath before moving to her and working at her binders. "You make one move I don't like and-"

"Yeah ,yeah, you'll blast me and send me out the airlock. The cuffs!" The binders clicked and she was free. Immediately, she shoved him against the wall. "Outta the way!" She hustled up the stairwell, all business. Annikah's fingers were flying over the console when Nara came up from behind, grabbing her, and pulling her out of the seat. "Move it!" She took a seat at the controls, her eyes overlooking the system readouts. "Good God...what the hell were you idiots even doing..." She shook her head, hands moving precisely over the controls, the ship coming to life.

"How'd you do that?" Annikah asked.

"Killswitch. Nobody starts this boat but me." Nara said, without looking at her. She pulled the weapons systems online. "Alright, you bastards, let's see how you like it."

A blaster cannon dropped down from the aft end of the ship and swiveled to face Riles and his men. The cannon opened up, blasts sent screaming at the mercs, sending some scrambling for cover, and some flying, smoldering through the air as they were hit.

A couple quick hand movements and the loading ramp slowly began to shut. Page grinned to himself and made a break up the stairs and into the cockpit.

Nara, focused on the job at hand and powered up the engines, not even glancing back at Page as he stepped into the room. "Strap in."

The ship roared to life and slowly rose from the platform under a hail of blaster fire. She kicked it into full power and they rocketed off into the afternoon sun.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Page sighed loudly, slumping back in his seat. They'd escaped. For the moment at least. He hefted himself out of his seat. "You got the coordinates?" he directed to Annikah.

The slim mechanic nodded and took out her datapad, pulling up the information. Page stepped up to the bounty hunter, his pistol out. "Alright. Up."

Nara glared back at him. "What?! I just saved your worthless hides!"

"Yeah, because that had literally anything to do with us and NOT you saving your own ass."

She stared daggers at him. "No way in hell am I giving you my ship."

"You're out of options, princess." Page grumbled at her. "Up."

"Look. Tell me where you want to go and I'll set a course." she tried to compromise.

Annikah, drew her own blaster. "Bitch, did it SOUND like he was asking?"

Nara glared at the two of them, knowing they had her by the short curlies. "Fine. But soon, I'm gonna be on the other end of the barrel. And we're gonna have this conversation again."

Page rolled his eyes, "Yeah, can't wait. Now get up. Slow." Annikah slid into the pilot's chair as Nara left, taking over piloting duties.

Page escorted the red haired bounty hunter into the back at gun point, keeping close in case she tried anything. Nara looked about her ship at the burns from the blasters. "God damned Riles..." she muttered.

"Yeah. Real bitch having your home shot up, isn't it? You can tell your boyfriend Boggs all about it later. Arms up." He ordered, reattaching her binders.

"What's your plan, Page?" Nara asked spitefully. "Where are you gonna go? Let's say you dump me off wherever we're going. You figure out my killswitch sequence, you break atmo, and you make an FTL jump outside the system. What then?"

He stepped back from her, pulling the release for the barricade that had saved their lives. "Never think that far ahead. You plan too much, things always go south."

"That's a damn fool way to live your life. Amazed you've made it this far."

"It's called skill."

"It's called blind, stupid luck." She retorted. "And the thing about luck is that it tends to run out."

Page turned to face her as she continued. "I don't know why, but Boggs decided to make you his pet project. Now, I don't know the man all that well, beyond reputation...but I know he's not known for giving up. So, you better have a more substantial plan than just flying by the seat of your pants."

"Didn't know you cared."

"I don't care about you. I care about my ship." She stared at him. "I'd rather you not take her down with you when Boggs catches up to you. And he will, just as sure as the worlds are spinnin'. Just because you're a marked man with no foresight beyond the moment doesn't mean you gotta drag my baby down with you."

He knew she was right. He had a bit more of plan than he let on, but once he got out of the system he had nothing. Not even a faint idea, and now Annikah was involved...

What a mess.

The mechanic sat at the controls and glanced back as he entered the cockpit. "All strapped in?" She asked.

"Yeah. For now." he mumbled, taking a seat.

Annikah could sense something was wrong with him. She glanced over. "You alright?"

He put on a brave face, still working things out. "Yeah. Let's just get you to the rendezvous point."

She gave him a concerned look but turned her attentions back to flying the ship.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dust and sand kicked up into the air as the ship settled down at the rendezvous point; an abandoned airstrip out in the Northern Wastes. The landing gear creaked underneath her weigh as the ship touched down, three figures moving toward the runway clad in head wraps and goggles.

The ramp lowered and Page stepped down with Annikah behind him.

"Nice ride." Philo, Annikah's youngest brother said, pulling up his goggles.

Page gave him a slap on the shoulder and a grin as he passed. Annikah hugged Toren as she got to him.

Argento towered over Page as he walked up. "You alright, there big guy?"

"Neck hurts." he said simply. Argento looked angry. Of course, he always looked angry, and the rumbling monotone voice with which he always seemed to speak didn't help. He lifted his goggles, peering at his sister as she gave Philo a tight squeeze. "She okay?"

Page glanced back at Annikah, those guilt pangs hitting again. She was so relieved that everyone was okay. He hated that he'd put her in a position to have to feel that. "Yeah. Yeah, she's gonna be alright."

Annikah's face fell when she saw Argento. Quickly, she rushed toward him, leaping up and desperately clinging to him, her eyes squeezed tight. "Don't you do that again." she whispered with a shaky voice. "Don't you ever scare me like that again." One massive hand held her back.

A smile worked its way on the large man's face before he turned to Page, nodding toward the ship. "Who's the girl?"

Oh boy. Page thought a moment and then patted on huge bicep. "That's the one who knocked you out."

Argento's dark eyes stared dangerously at the captive bounty hunter, still cuffed to bulkhead.


The group all moved into one of the old hangars. The brothers often used this place to get away. Head out, get drunk, fire off some weapons, blow stuff up. You know. Fun stuff.

Toren had the grill going and Philo had a cooler full of beer open. Nara sat, once again chained to a pole, a sour look on her face. The red haired bounty hunter looked around the place for escape routes when she saw Argento staring a hole through her. She smiled sweetly back to him and blew him a kiss, a smug grin on her battered face.

Toren flipped a burger and took a swig of beer. "So, what happens now?"

Page leaned back, his feet up on the table, drinking from a bottle himself. "Now, you guys lay low for a while. Stay here, let everything cool down."

Annikah set her bottle down and sat on the old, busted-up couch the brothers had brought in at some point. "What about you?"

"I'm going to take her ship and get as far from this system as I possibly can. Caused more trouble than I'm worth already." Page answered. Annikah frowned at that, but she wasn't sure why.

"And me?" Nara asked. "You just going to leave me with them?"

"You'll be fine." Page responded.

Nara rolled her eyes. "You know you'll never get that ship started without me. You don't know the sequence to disengage the killswitch."

"Maybe not. But she does." he nodded to Annikah. "You saw what she did. You think you can show me?"

Annikah opened her mouth to speak, suddenly feeling unsure if she should. Reluctantly she nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I can show you."

Nara glared at him. "You son of a bitch, that's my ship! You're NOT taking my boat." She said slowly and deliberately.

Page didn't pay her much mind. Annikah just stared at him. "So, you're just going to go off alone?" she asked.

"It's the safest plan, Annie."

"Not for you."

Page stood up from the table and finished off his beer with a long swig. "That doesn't matter now, does it? Trust me. This is the best thing for everyone." He set the bottle down and walked out the hangar doors. He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, placing one between his lips as he felt around for his zippo. He pulled it, flipped the top and ran it across his thigh, igniting the lighter. Staring out across the airfield, in the orange of the setting sun, he lit the cigarette.

Annikah stepped outside, her arms crossing over her tank top as the slightly chilly evening air hit her. She stepped up beside him and just looked over at him, disapproval on her face. He glanced over and gestured to her with the pack. Annika glanced down to it and pulled one out. Page brought the lighter back up and lit it for her.

She exhaled the smoke and stared out ahead. "Your plan is crap."

"Maybe. But it's for the best."

"Is it?" she asked. "You're gonna die, Page."

Page took a drag, sucking in the smoke and holding it in a moment before exhaling. "Better me than all of you. I can't drag you into this."

"But we're already a part of this. Don't you get that?" She asked.

"Well...time to get you out of it." He said plainly, taking another drag.

Her eyes lowered and her jaw twitched, annoyance building in her. "Don't."

"Don't what?" he asked.

"Don't do that. Don't start pretending to be all noble." she said with narrowed eyes.

"Look, this isn't about being noble. I care about you. All of you. This is about cleaning up my own mess. That's all."

She flicked away her cigarette. "Take one of us with you."


"Page, please."


"You don't have to die alone." She said finally. Silence hung between the two of them and not another word was spoken.

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