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State of the Nexus (October 14, 2018)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:55 pm    Post subject: State of the Nexus (October 14, 2018) Reply with quote

State of the Nexus Address - 10/14/2018

This is the first of our State of the Nexus posts. we're hoping to achieve the following with these semi-regular addresses:

1) Keep a regular line of communication open with the RP community about upcoming changes, possible additions and/or subtractions.

2) Float new ideas out there for feedback.

3) Keep everyone updated on ongoing issues (for example, the BlaB chat work).

Today, we want to touch base on several points:

1) The future of the and forum sites.

2) BlaB chat

3) Volunteer Programs


As Amaltea has previously mentioned, it is our eventual goal to unify the IC site with the OOC site. In the beginning, the plan was to have a series of 'worlds', such as RDI, Pharos, etc. under the singular Dragonsmark banner. But as time has gone on, it seems to be more of a two-headed entity rather than a unified whole.

This has often proved confusing - multiple sets of guidelines, multiple places where OOC questions can be asked, and so on. And so we've begun to start down the path towards a unified site today with a series of new changes:

* A new "Ask The Staff" forum has been created in the OOC section - this will replace the current one over on DM.

* Likewise, we have created a replacement "Random Thoughts", for everything that doesn't fit any other category.

* Finally, we've set up a new forum: "Community Open Discussions". This is meant to replace the Dragonsmark Open Discussions, RDI Open Discussions forums from DM, and also to include things from The Round Table as well.

It is important to remind everyone - those old forums are NOT gone. They will be locked, so that people aren't confused by posts in both places any longer. But they will be archived, and will remain available to read.

As you can imagine, the process of combining the two sites is a very long and involved one. It's not going to be happening soon, we don't even have a timeline in mind yet. But by doing this, the idea is to gradually get everyone using the OOC section of the RDI site *now*, and thus ease the transition for you when it finally does happen.


The unification of the two sites will also be a sorely-needed BBS software upgrade. That is a large project that will take time.

Customizing Blab is the top, immediate, and only priority for Xenograg. He has a detailed list of changes that includes old favorites like Status (AFK, At Bar, et. al.). The list from the BlaB testing thread is being worked on piece by piece.

BREAKING NEWS: Xenograg has enabled the Entered/Leaving notifications for the BlaB chat.


Many of you have spoken out about interest in a return of the Host program in a remade form. We are currently considering two separate potential programs for the near future.

1) The "Guide" program - the idea behind the Guide program is basically OOC help. People who are willing to answer questions from newer members, about the chat, the forums, the site in general. A lot of you do this anyway, of course, and it's something we think could be beneficial to expand on.

2) And mirroring this is the "Host" program, which would be purely IC. There are key differences between this and the old Host program:

* There will be no 'shifts', no set scheduling and no minimium time requirement. This is something our hosts would do when they can, as they can. One of the problems that I had in finding available hosts in the past was the difficulties that prospective hosts faced in finding time for a regularly scheduled shift. That would no longer be an issue.

* There will be absolutely no 'enforcement' aspect to the job. The hosts will have absolutely no involvement in anything OOC, which was such a point of contention in the past. Theirs will be strictly an IC Roleplaying position.

* There will be no 'position' - you do not have to tend bar. You don't HAVE to do anything, you just have to roleplay, to encourage creativity, to be interesting. All we will ask is consistency - if you're going to serve drinks to someone, serve everyone. It's only fair, and we want no one to feel left out.

These are all early concepts, but based on feedback received and viewed already, we are hopeful these are ideas that will be positively received.


To conclude, we've come through a very difficult period. There've been changes, but what has never changed (what SHOULD never change) is that in the end we are still all one Freeform Roleplaying community. The details can differ... purely live player, purely forum player, mix of the two. The venue can change, but we're still roleplaying in the world of Rhydin. We have options.. places to post, places to chat and play, but we're not defined by them. We do not have to be separate where it matters.

--The RDI Team.

(( Please note - while these "State" posts are intended as a way for us to talk to everyone about the issues of the day/week/year/random time interval, we want your feedback. Questions, comments, that's why this is posted here instead of in Site News - we will try to address things as best we can. If something is worth a full discussion of its own, we may suggest moving it to its own thread, but that's more for visibility's sake.))
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