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Message Forum Guidelines

In addition to the Dragon's Mark General Guidelines, players posting on the Red Dragon Inn message boards are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

Separate IC/OOC

  • Dreamweaver's Lair is provided as an IC story posting forum. RDI forum topics and threads are noted IC or OOC in their descriptions. For OOC discussions on general FFRP topics, please visit the Dragon's Mark Forums.

Maintain Good Relationships With Other Players

  • Be courteous to other players. If you want to post in their story thread, ask first. Posts uploaded to an existing thread without the approval of the authors may be removed without notice.
  • Don't get nasty in OOC discussions. We encourage lively exchanges about issues, but remember to debate fairly and to avoid overly emotional, insulting language that can be inflammatory.
  • Please respect other people's time and don't spam our boards (i.e., submit the same post more than once).
  • Respect each other's privacy. Don't post personal information about someone else without their permission, including real name, home town, occupation, gender, other screen names, etc.
  • Management reserves the right to take actions in order to maintain order and ensure all Dragon's Mark/RDI Guidelines are followed. This may include, but is not limited to, locking of topics, removing messages, and/or disabling accounts of participants for serious and/or repeated infractions.
  • Many story folders provided in Dreamweaver's Lair are "author moderated". This means those players who requested the folder are able to maintain control over postings made in their folder, so long as overall Dragon's Mark/RDI policies are not violated.

Questions or comments about these guidelines, or suspected violations can be sent using our Contact Form.

Last updated: March 20, 2008

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