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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 1 • Issue 1 • Page 1RhyDin - June 2006

Citizens Mourn Terrible Loss


Am'thyst "Amthy" Oak, one of RhyDin's most beloved of all citizens has been murdered according to what sources who prefer to remain nameless at this time have told this reporter.

At first it appeared that she had merely gone off for a couple of weeks, as she sometimes did, losing track of time while frolicking in the woods and meadows among her cherished flowers and trees. All of the Pix's closest friends spent days scouring the woods in search of her to no avail.

Now however word has reached those that love her here in town that foul play is involved and that in fact our beloved Pix is DEAD!! Search parties have been sent out seeking her remains in order to give her a proper burial as befits the purity and innocence of the Nymph.

Wolves have been heard howling a lament in the woods nightly and perhaps this new knowledge can offer us some explanation of that as her sister Caytlin lives up that way. The black and green armband of Miles, who is known to have loved her dearly, is now makes more sense as well. But I must say I have yet to have met anyone that knew her that did not love her.

It has also been mentioned to me that Tara has burned down the Forsaken Blades Clubhouse in fit of grief and rage over the loss of the one thing that she held dear in her life for these last many years. Her very best of all friends that was pure and shone with radiance and gave the undead Countess some hope that innocence was real.

I have not been out to see if the Clubhouse has been burned but I have no reason to doubt this as I have seen for myself how Amthy has touched so many lives over the years and brought them such great joy and happiness.

No time and date have yet been set for a memorial service or funeral so be sure and get your paper as we will keep you updated with the latest information as soon as we have it.

Kidnapping From The Inn!!


Two of the Red Dragon Inn's regulars were kidnapped on May 18th by a dastardly plot hatched by an evil villain. Icer, the mate of Aurthur, and Dimitri — who had been trying to hide out ever since there was a bounty placed upon his head for helping Sylus Kurgen escape being imprisoned — were thrown out of the Inn by the giant skeleton-like being Rick and caught while trying to escape.

From what this reporter was told Rick had them caged in an unknown location for an unknown purpose. It was known that for some reason he wanted Icer kept alive and that Dimitri had found a way to take on dragon form in an effort to help get themselves free of that terrible danger.

Two of the other Inn's patrons helped as best they could to fend off the attack and were left bedraggled and dazed as they stumbled back into the common room. I was shocked at their appearance! Misty, the catwoman with the cargo hauling company, and Li Li, Icer and

Aurthur's adoptive daughter, looked as though they had been drug through several knot holes backwards and were lucky to have survived their attempt to assist the pair!!

Aurthur meanwhile had apparently been kept distracted by a pack of wyvern that Rick had turned loose upon his family and was barely alive by the time he was able to drag himself back to the Inn looking for assistance and his beloved mate Icer. In his agony, he ripped his own wing off that was hanging on by a mere thread of skin and went to hand it to this reporter.

Faithful readers I can honestly tell you that two rolls of duct tape latter that wing was reattached and Icer's mate was ready to return to the fray and plotting the rescue of his mate. It is seldom one sees such bravery and strength of purpose these days as I saw that night in the Inn.

Several of the patrons rallied around and this tragic tale has thankfully turned out to have a happy ending as Icer and Dimitri are now free.

Big-Wheel Blowout Causes Boo-Boo


RHYDIN - Things turned bad, quickly, for an area youth as he wrecked his vehicle on an asphalt road; causing a scrape of the elbow and skin of the knee. Darko Redux, 12, known to the kids of his neighborhood as a daredevil, received the boo-boo after his Big-Wheel blew out a tire during an attempted 180 degree skid, causing it to flip and resulting in the spectacular crash. Witnesses to the wreck described it as " awesome" and "sick" but also noted they warned their friend that the tire was thin after constant brake usage. "I cast a heal spell on the tire before I got on but now that I think about it, you probably can't heal plastic." Darko waxed as his mom applied a band-aid to his knee. "From now on its only the Green Machine for me."

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Topher Kalen, Tera Destre,
Lady Kyndra, darkko,
Brian Ravenlock, Gavilean

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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