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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 1 • Issue 2 • Page 1RhyDin - July 2006

Explosion Rocks Through RhyDin


Late Saturday night of the 17th a sizable explosion rocked through the City of Rhy'Din, repercussions could be felt throughout Old Town, the Dockside, Trade District and the EastSide. From all appearances an old storehouse down by the river, on the border of the Trade District and Old Town turned into a fiery burst of debris, raining remains down upon the streets and populace for miles around.

A single feather was found undamaged at the location and law enforcement agents claim it as a clue. However no information was forthcoming and when pressed they answered: "Sorry, no comment at this time."

The estimated damage to the city is yet unclear. Insurance agents were already taking notes while the police continued to investigate. When asked to give a general figure none were eager to reply.

Gavilean Starfare

The building was registered to a company known as DCH. No information of them was found in the public records. Attempts are still being made to contact the owners.

Local emergency agents interviewed at the scene explain that they do not know what caused the explosion but that mages will be brought in to determine what may have been the source.

"We've found no evidence suggesting a bomb, nor have any accelerants been uncovered. We don't know why the place went *bomb*." One of the agents remarked.

"Its not really that weird for places in Rhy'Din to explode or vanish or just fall in to pits that open out of nowhere" commented another agent at the scene, "This one is different only because it made a huge impact all over town. Man, I should look in to becoming a window-replacer. That is what they are called right?"

"What you don't understand is that it's the middle of the night, most have been rudely woken up, they haven't had time to take inventory." Commented one agent from Rhy'Din Mutual.

"Look, we can toss out figures, but that won't do anyone any good. We know that the hardest hit area is here, nearest the explosion, and if you hadn't noticed, there are a lot of warehouses. It'll take days to get this sorted out" Exclaimed an agent from AllRealm.

If the explosion wasn't bad enough, reports came in to the RPD stating that looters were quick to follow. Many of the more prestigious offices in Old Town and Eastside were broken into, trashed and robbed of valuables.

"It will take us weeks to sort through all of them. Its like a rash of rampant crime on the heels of an emotional crisis." Remarked one overworked Police Officer.

"We need more money!" The Crime Commissioner insists.

RhyDin Courthouse Burns Down, Arson Suspected!

Gavilean Starfare

RhyDin firefighters put out the fire in the rubble that was our court house. Fortunately, it is believed the building was empty at the time. However, it is anticipated that a majority of the court records have been lost forever. An onlooker reported, "I was walking my dog and the loudest explosion I ever heard knocked me and my poor dog to the ground. I think he's gone deaf."

June 29, 2006

In the early morning hours of June 29, 2006 the RhyDin Courthouse went up in a ball of flames according to the RhyDin Fire Department records. The Marketplace was also damaged although the full extent of that had not yet been reported at the time of this printing. The Court house however was a total loss as was a nearby residence.

It is rumored that this is somehow linked to the letters that we here at The Oracle have recently received from a group calling themselves “Lawful Citizens Demanding Protection”. The details we have on this are sketchy at the moment as we have stopped our presses to bring you this major developing story.

You can always count on The Oracle to bring you the latest in news as it happens, where it happens, when it happens!

Blood Bath in the Red Dragon Inn!


On June 11th in the early hours of the morning the Red Dragon Inn was bathed in gore as a bloody fight broke out in the shadowy reaches of the second floor landing. Yes you read that right faithful readers, right there in our beloved RDI an all out blood bath occurred and this reporter was there and saw what happened herself.

I never did get a very good look at the bad guy I must admit, because it was shadowy and they were being attacked by four other people at the time I noticed the commotion on the landing. They were a wicked-looking some kind of creature I don't remember ever seeing before in RhyDin though. Grey skinned with wicked looking claws and a mouth full of evil-looking teeth meant no doubt to rip and tear at the flesh of unsuspecting innocent citizens.

Our band of heroes did not hesitate however, they ran up the stairs with the weapons they had on them and flung themselves at this vile-looking creature. One was already up there attacking it. One was armed with daggers. One had a tennis racket and appeared to be far too young for such a dangerous situation. One however took the lead and drew from a holster at his side a pistol and shot the thing.

Never let it be said that this particular man is unprepared for any situation he may find himself in at any given point in time. I would have to say that he does not start trouble but he does indeed finish it. However this time this "thing" did not die

when shot. There was a horrendous caterwauling the likes of which set my teeth on edge so badly I can not adequately describe it here.

Sid and the crow arrived at that time and she took her leaded pool que with her up the stairs and let out such a war cry that I was so proud of her she whacked that thing's skull a good one. More than once I do believe and that crow that was with her also got in a few good swipes at it also.

The youngling was tearing at it with her teeth after her racket broke on her. She was hanging on like a snapping turtle I saw once back home. They don't let go, you know, once they get hold of you. The dagger-wielding woman was stabbing every chance she got and she got quite a few hits in let me tell you!

The bleeding, torn up, limping, more than half-dead-looking "thing" tore out of the Inn with the others in hot pursuit and that was the last that I saw of it. The others filed back in nursing various injuries some mild others more severe that needed immediate attention.

Medical aid was given by the Baron dragon Tass in a sort of way that I am not certain of as it seemed he got caught in some of kind of energy loop or another but Sid was able to bring him out of whatever had happened to him. I didn't have a very good view of that part of events.

After that things in the common room calmed down considerably and people got back to their drinks and conversations but I fear we have not seen the last of this vile-looking, grey-colored creature thing in town.

Questionable New School For The Gifted In Town


The Headmaster, one Briarius Ravensheart, of Ravensheart School for the Gifted is still looking for mages, wizards, socrcerers, and priests to instruct students that may wish to enroll in this Academy for those children of RhyDin that are Gifted.

There have been whispers to this reporter about this Briarius' past and his connection with a former powerful Guild. If you have any further information on one Briarius Ravensheart I urge you to please contact me or one of my other fellow Oracle reporters so that we can fill the rest of our readers in on more about this new school in our fair city and its Headmaster.

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Brian Ravenlock, darkko,
Gavilean, Physhra Pink,
Sharon Gossip, Tera Starfare

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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