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Volume 1 • Issue 3 • Page 1RhyDin - August 2006

Count Talomar and Tara Longden - PRESUMED DEAD!


The Longdens are presumed dead after a 5:45 a.m. explosion rocked the earth for miles, the blast sending this reporter to the ground even though still miles away from the blast's center. The blast occurred while this reporter was on assignment to the remote Longden Castle to get information about the Longden family, planning to arrive in the early morning, assuming the morning hours with the sun rising would provide the greatest margin of safety.

After the debris stopped falling and the cloud of dust and smoke cleared, it became apparent that Longden Castle suffered considerable damage. When this reporter arrived on the scene, the devastation was unimaginable. Where Longden Castle and its extensive grounds had stood hours before, was nothing but a half-mile wide crater and smoldering ground. Nothing could be discerned of the castle’s structure or the massive stonework that comprised it. It was nearly impossible to even discern where the exact location of the castle had been, the destruction was so total.

Gavilean Starfare

No life seen within a mile of the center of the explosion - no trees or plants, no animals, and no human life. It must be assumed that no one within the Longden Castle at the time of the explosion has survived. There were no sign of Count Talomar Longden, his wife, Countess Tara Rynieyn Longden, or their son, Marius Longden. If they were at home at the time of the explosion, as must be assumed because of the time of day, then they must be presumed dead.

Gavilean Starfare

What could have caused such an explosion? It was known that Countess Longden had brought gunpowder back to

the castle. One explanation is that the Longden's were stockpiling explosives that were accidentally ignited. Such an explanation could account for the destruction of the castle, but the amount of explosive necessary to form a half-mile wide crater, 125 feet deep, would be enormous.

Another explanation is that this was a deliberate attack on the lives of the Longdens. The Count is the CEO of the huge Space Equipment and Commodity Trading ORganization (S.E.C.T.O.R.) which has been negotiating for new trade routes in two other quadrants of the galaxy. Rumors have been heard that the negotiations have become more acrimonious in recent months, resulting in several murders of key individuals in the new and upcoming trading organization, Starfreight. Could this be retaliation on the part of Starfreight?

It is no secret that both the Count and Tara Longden also have enemies here on RhyDin who would like to see the couple dead. No possible explanation has yet been eliminated. Authorities are just beginning the investigation of this tragedy as the paper goes to press, and there will be continued coverage next month.

Murderer Brought to Justice!


In the mid evening hours of July 8, a mystery was solved; the question as to who killed Amthyst Oak was reveled in a startling blood bath that encompassed a wide collection of the Red Dragon Inn's regulars. It began with an echo of screams, distant and far away, which came from upstairs where the inn's rooms for rent are located. All too soon, the creature came thundering down the steps and chaos ensued.

Jodiah Ayreg, a respected member of our community and a practicing Blacksmith for the Dragon's Breath Forge, quickly followed in pursuit of the villain, proclaiming loudly that this was the one who had indeed killed the pixie fay known less formally as Amthy. Mr. Ayreg was in a deplorable state; bloodied and sliced, he collapsed at the foot of the stairs after his shocking revelation. But the fight did not end there.

Amthy was a beloved member of our community; her death had aftershocks that left many in the township shaken. In that moment everyone in the inn mobilized into action. The murderer was beset upon by numerous patrons, included in that list were Alysia Skye, Sid, Scottie, Brian Ravenlock, Icer, Lucius DeAuster, Tasha Oberon, and Wyheree.

"The Destroyer" as he had been dubbed, erupted in a mess of brackish water and foul smelling goo after taking a serious amount of punishment by the many angry citizens involved.

"Ain't never seen nothing like it!" exclaimed Bud, the one-man clean up crew assigned to the inn that night. "There was bits and pieces all over the place and the blood?! Ya should have seen the blood! It was everywhere, even on the ceiling. Hard to git blood on a ceiling that high, doncha know. Harder to git it off!"

"The Destroyer" may be gone and possibly even dead, however his legacy remains to haunt us even today. Rumors run rife that Jodiah Ayreg lies dead in his rented room at the Red Dragon Inn. There have been no announcements as to when the funeral will be held and it is almost as if the patrons of the Red Dragon Inn wish to remain in denial of his current state of deadness.

Garen "The Destroyer" Corlagon

"He's sleepin'. He be needin' his rest after his battle with that beast." Commented Sid, a tender at the Red Dragon Inn.

Once dates have been set for the wake and funeral of Jodiah Ayreg, we at The Oracle will be sure to inform the public.

In the meantime, donations will be accepted at the Red Dragon Inn to aid in the paying of Jodiah Ayreg's expenses during his time of "convalescence".

Man Found Dead In Booth

July 12, 2006

Police records indicate that there was a man found dead in a booth at the famed Red Dragon Inn. According to the Medical examiner all the blood had been drained from his body. We all know what this means faithful readers. Yup! There is a bloodthirsty vampire on the loose that doesn't care where they are leaving their corpses or who finds them.

I am sure that like me y'all have seen the flyers around town about this female vampire that is wanted for this murder. She also had a female and male accomplice the records show. So beware if you see this trio. Do not try to catch them yourselves. Contact the RhyDin Police Department instead with all information that you have or you can stop by The Oracle offices and let us know and we will pass the information on for you.

Recent Lottery Winners

Amthyst Oak - 7450
Kitian Albaelia - 11760
Lydia Loran - 6140
Alysia Skye - 5480

There's a lottery drawing every Friday. Buy your tickets early. You might be next!

Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Brian Ravenlock, Gavilean,
Jaleeisa Windstar, Lady Kyndra,
Physhra Pink, Sharon Gossip,
Tara Rynieyn, Tera Starfare

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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