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Volume 1 • Issue 3 • Page 4RhyDin - August 2006

Potential Dragon Rage Cure On The Horizon?

July 7, 2006

I had the honor of a visit at The Oracle offices from none other than a dragon God, Tetronus. He is the adopted brother of Lady Icer Shimmerscale, a well known patron of the popular tavern in town, the Red Dragon Inn, who herself is one of several dragons known to suffer from this debilitating illness.

For more information on this serious illness that is affecting more and more dragons in RhyDin you can read back issues of The Oracle as we have been reporting on the Dragon Rage as it is being called since it first broke out.

Tetronus reported to me that as a dragon God he is very concerned about dragons and humans being able to live in peace with each other rather than a new crop of slayers rising up and so he has been working day and night to discover a cure for the rage that seems to be triggered by different means for different dragons.

He is experimenting on himself with some of these methods and is planning to open a school to teach dragonkind better self-control. However in his own words: "Well Tera I am simply going to ask them ... each of the dragons of RhyDin will have a letter sent to them if they start to show symptoms of the dragon's rage. I won't force a cure on anyone ... after all dragons are very intelligent if ... stubborn at times ... I am sure they can see the reason for training themselves to control the rage ... Anyways they won't be forced to do anything they don't want to unless it gets out of hand ... I refuse to let other dragons die simply because they don't know yet how to control themselves."

I spoke with Icer about this and she told me that Tetronus had cured her of the Dragon Rage therefore making her life much better now that she is able to be in the Inn again without having to keep off to herself for fear of having the Rage triggered resulting in her possibly attacking an innocent patron.

So perhaps there is hope on the horizon for dragon kind and the end of this disease that is threatening to bring back the days of dragon slayers for hire on every corner you pass.

Cargo Hauling, cheeeeeeap!
Courier for hire, I can take anything anywhere you want it to go. Contact box in the Red Dragon Inn, room five. Fees negotiable.

Contact Misty at Fur'za Flyin' MD Courier Services

Scathachian Sanctuary
Negotiation- irradication services for victims of injustice. For consultation interview (including fees), one may contact the Sanctuary directly, or Isuelt DeRomiano at the Red Dragon Inn.

Violent Wyvern Attacks Near The Red Dragon Inn

July 19, 2006

It was my pleasure to sit down at my desk in The Oracle offices with Aurthur Shimmerscale. He had come to alert the populace of some very disturbing events that are occurring nearby the Red Dragon Inn and even right on the front porch of it upon occasion these creatures have become so brazen and bold!

Citizens are warned to beware as these particular wyvern are running in battle formations. It is suspected that someone may be breeding them to have highly honed senses and skills, especially for killing, unusual in these creatures.

Currently it appears they are targeting most frequently Aurthur, his beautiful mate Icer, and their family members including their children! But they have also been known to be very territorial and to attack others that get in their way.

Aurthur himself reports was almost killed by one such formation and I myself have seen Icer several times of late bearing injuries testifying to battles with wyvern packs.

They are becoming bolder by the day and so all citizens that frequent the Red Dragon Inn should be watching out as they approach the Inn for possible wyvern activity in the area.

If you have any information on who may be behind the breeding of these unusual wyvern please stop by The Oracle and let us know. You can even do so anonymously if you prefer.

We here at The Oracle are committed to bringing you, faithful readers, all the news that is news as in depth as we possibly can no matter the cost!

Skull Invades the Red Dragon Inn

July 23,2006

It spoke with several patrons as well as the tender on duty, Jaleeisa Windstar. After some conversation, it appeared things might get a little dicey when the skull informed them that it was "godly" and Jaleeisa attempted to get a name. The skull never gave one, but did inform Jal that no worship was needed. Jal laughingly informed him that was a good thing, since she had no intention of worshipping in any event. Jal then dubbed the skull "Floaty" in conversation with Taneth who informed her that she'd nicknamed him "Head".

During further conversation, they learned that the skull was a drichloch and had abandoned his body and earthly pleasures for power and skills. He also gave those present a look at some of the souls he had captured. He even gifted Chryrie with a rather good looking one. He also said he would see what he could do about getting Jal one with clerical skills as well.

A little creepy and stomach turning, but perhaps this particular traditionally "evil" being might not be such a bad guy ... erm ... skull after all!

"When you need more than skin, Hellballs Leather Goods. After all, it's your hide you are protecting."

To place your order or for more information contact Woody Sprite. You can leave a message for him at the Red Dragon Inn.

Death Knight Succumbs to Infant Rage!


What started out on the night of July 3rd as a touching scene of coddling between the infamous Death Knight and a poor, innocent baby, quickly turned into a nightmare of Shaken Baby Syndrome carried to the extreme. Lord Jodiah Ayreg was seen by this reporter brutalizing an infant in the Red Dragon Inn common room in front of approximately 30 witnesses.

Lord Ayreg took the innocent baby and tossed him at the blazing, consuming fire within the Inn's fireplace with a tenacity that has not been seen since the days of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. The Oracle's very own photographer rescued the child from the consuming fire with a fine display of Elven magic, but nothing could prevent the parentally challenged

Death Knight from once again grabbing the child and this time squeezing the child's head until it popped like a grape in a wine press.

The amazing thing is that the poor, innocent, infant seemed to grow another head and proceed to tug on the legs of other Inn patrons who began to view the baby as the next best thing to a football needing to be severely punted.

The question arises as to whether this baby is really a baby, or is it a freakish demon slime ball in disguise? Perhaps Lord Ayreg knew something that the rest of us don't. We'll never know since the infamous Death Knight has since departed the realm of the living and entered the eternal holding tank reserved for infant head squishers and other doers of extreme perversion.

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