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Volume 1 • Issue 3 • Page 7RhyDin - August 2006

Archmage Challenge!



Topaz exercised her right to challenge Archmage Will Wulfson on July 5, 2006 after winning the Archmage challenge tournament when she faced Johnathan "Cory" Haviock just a couple of nights ago. Cory was there to cheer her on as well as a few others that came to watch this, the most celebrated of all events in the Duel of Magic.

Rissa was there officiating and after much cajoling on my part I finally got them to name some colors and seconds as in this sport they do not normally have such things. Magic is a solitary thing and it is very seldom that you will see them joining forces according to what Topaz has explained to me.

Will's colors were black runes on a field of white and his second was his mug of coffee. Rissa offered Topaz's colors as yellow but Topaz vehemently declined as she swears she does not look good in yellow but there was some discussion as a

certain male that likes that color. Topaz never did name a second however.

The dueling was grand and glorious as these two magic wielders have all the experience one could ever wish to see and then some faithful readers. Bolts, blades, and whips were flying as well as rays and things of fire and ice. The fireworks at times lit up the sky in an awesome display that I was truly amazed by.

I will admit that I could have done without the foul fogs that came into play and the duelists going ghostly and then disappearing only to suddenly reappear somewhere else in the ring like they can do as it is a bit disconcerting at times. But I loved every minute of it as these two dueled it out clear through to the very end.

Topaz emerged victorious in two consecutive duels this night as the new Archmage and what were the first words out of Will's mouth when the spells had all settled and they stepped from the rings? Will Wulfson- "Now I can finally threaten the other Keepers again."

Employment Opportunity in the Duels!

July 21, 2006

Harris D'Artainian is looking for a little assistance in the Duels folks and since I feel no one can say this better than he can I'm bringing this one to you copied straight from the note he pinned up on the cork board in the Arena.

Ladies, are you tired of hopping from bed to bed attempting to have your various needs fulfilled? Do men no longer lust after you because they've heard rumors of G'nort giving you VD? Are you still searching for Mr. Right so you can leech off of his fame and fortune? Does blue hair turn you on? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions then this job offer is for you!

Two-time Diamond, seven-time Opal holder and the current assistant captain of IFL's Team Fist, Harris D'Artainian, is a rising star that's moving up in the world! And at the upper echelon it isn't about who you've beaten beyond recognition anymore, it's all about who you know,

what you're wearing, and of course the lady on your arm! Status is everything, which is why Mr. D'Artainian requires the services of a trophy mistress whose activities would include accompanying him to IFL and TDL matches, acting as his Lady of Honor in any challenge matches, escorting him about town, applauding mindlessly whenever he's dueling, and of course looking gorgeous during the aforementioned proceedings.

There are numerous positions to be filled, though only one applicant will be lucky enough to do so! Those interested should fill out the necessary documentation (that being an accurate listing of your measurements) and make certain to include a Polaroid depicting you in your classiest or raciest attire. Or if you're of the opinion your particular talents would be better displayed in person, feel free to find Mr. D'Artainian and apply for the position face-to-face!

(Disclaimer: Mr. D'Artainian realizes the effect his raw animal magnetism has on those he has encountered, but please gentlemen, this job offer is not for you and any applications submitted will be summarily incinerated. Thank you.)

Duelers with Des


Xenograg thu-Darelir
Preferred Dueling Areas: Swords

It was my honor to sit down with the first three-time Overlord, Xenograg. He was the fourth, sixth, and the fifteenth. He has also held two Baronies. Obviously his favorite of the three sports and according to him the only one he has felt the urge to make time for is Swords.

When I asked him how he felt about dueling with magic he had this to say, "Magic is not to be used recklessly or frivolously. I do not use it when tending the bar in the Inn, and will not make use of it for sport. If it were not for the Wards, I would likely not have stayed with the Duel of Swords. The same rules apply to weapons and magic." Although he did participate in the first ever duel of magic.

I asked him if he was currently thinking of challenging for any titles and he said that he has no plans to do so and that he has only five peer wins at present. This prompted me to ask if he was peer hunting which earned me a frown so I waited for a moment to see if perhaps he would elaborate and my patience was rewarded when Xenograg had this to add.

"No. I dislike the Peer Win system itself, and the 'hunting' behavior it has created. As with most rules and laws, it was created to serve a necessary purpose at that time… Times have changed, and there is no need for such a requirement anymore."

I thought it prudent to move on to the Dojo that he runs at that point in time. His students have named it Dojo Darelir and this is where I interviewed this Bey that could well be called one of the legends of this sport.

Xenograg described his Dojo like this, "When I first saw RhyDin, I almost did not come back. When I decided to keep visiting, it meant having a part-time residence here. Old Temple was the only place in the city I could afford at that time. I chose it because it is defensible. It was

initially just a residence with a private training hall. I had not planned to open a dueling school, but I had the facilities already in place. Its role is changing again now that I have established a realm here in RhyDin. An unofficial embassy, if you will."

I asked if there were special requirements to enter his school… "I never sought students. In the beginning, they were green duelists looking for someone to show them how to duel by our rules. Our rules are specialized; even trained swordsmen like myself have had to modify their style to fit the rules. Dojo Darelir was a school for Commoners. I always said a student graduated upon reaching Swordsman rank. Definitely once he or she reached Master-at-Arms. My students repaid me by telling others where they had learned themselves. My good reputation in RhyDin started with the public praise from my students."

When asked what he felt the most important thing for new duelers was to remember he shared the following with me. "My first lesson was always to be deliberately selective regarding whom one dueled. A poor choice results in a near-certain loss." I had to ask him why as it seems that these days the more duels you can duel the better your chances are to improve.

He had these words of wisdom to offer. "Well, back in those days the controversial activity was for Warlords to seek out Commoners for easy victories. This was before the Baronies were created, so Wins-over-Losses were a way Warlords competed with each other. Quite a change considering the current controversy of 'Duel for Peer Wins Only.' So Commoners and Swordsmen had to learn very quickly when to decline duels. Fundamentals do not change. Unlike most schools I knew of, I never taught 'my' style. My goal was to help a duelist find what worked for her and hone it. My style is showing its age. I have trouble maintaining a winning record against many current Warlords. So all the more reason not to teach it as the one and only way. New replaces old. I do not have any problem with that. It is the proper way of things. As I said, I have few hard rules to teach. The last three are respect, respect, and respect. Respect for yourself. Respect for your opponent. Respect for the Sport."

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