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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 1 • Issue 4 • Page 1RhyDin - September 2006

Zodiac Killer Nearly Strikes Again!


On August 4th, a letter was sent to The Oracle, detailing the gruesome nature of a horrible crime committed just outside RhyDin. By the time I arrived on scene, the bodies of the four family members were already buried, and no one seemed willing to answer my inquiries into the slayings. So, I returned to the Inn, afraid my first foray into reporting would be a failure. However, I knew the killer would strike again - the letter sent to The Oracle revealed the mind of a madman - a dangerous one.

After days of waiting, with no new leads in sight, the Zodiac struck again on August 11th - and I was on hand to witness it. Icer, the Inn's resident dragon and my dear friend, and I went into the Great Hall looking for MaKenna - a friend of Icer's. Her acute hearing soon brought us to the door leading to the gardens, and Icer crashed the door with a loud bang - revealing MaKenna on the ground, a knife jutting from her shoulder, and a black form melting away. As we went to check on MaKenna, the knife melted away as well - taking Icer's friend with it.

Victim of the Zodiac killer, lies with strange markings on her back.

Icer spotted a dark outline on the roof, and took flight towards the figure, while I trailed behind her on foot. I saw a form struggling with MaKenna, then she was flung from the roof - only Icer's quick catch on the wing saved her from a certain death. After landing with her friend safely, we all returned to the Inn, where I examined and dressed MaKenna's wounds - the most unusual one being the circle with a cross through it that marked the bottom of the letter sent to The Oracle office - seemingly carved into her stomach.

Two mornings later, I stopped by the Inn to check on MaKenna. She was feeling better, and was anxious to help find the

monster who attacked her - giving this statement. "He said something like… you and me… we have something in common… we are both victims of the same creature - and then he attacked me." She also said the mark was still on her stomach - even though a quick check showed the wounds on her shoulder, back and neck were starting to heal.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see the face of the one who attacked MaKenna. Below is the text of the letter we received at The Oracle. He - whoever he is - is exceptionally dangerous, and should not be faced alone. If you have any information that will bring this madman to justice, please contact the Watch, or leave word at The Oracle.

This is the Zodiac

Hello, I'm happy that you could read this letter. Those four. They Were an Abomination of life and had to be destroyed. WHY! I will tell u why… I will explain everything I will. They were temple dwellers, religious scum that tried to oppress the free will of the average RhyDinian. I will not stand for such simple minded oppression. I will destroy every single one of them.

The walls that speak to me, they know how to kill, they teach me how to make the oppressive ones suffer. I listen to the wall… don't disrespect the wall, the wall is your friend, it told me what I should do.

Children are sinful demons, I will free the world of their threat, I will skin them all alive and be respected as the GOD… I so am a God. You are not a are nothing. Stop lying or more people will die.

Ever since I met my friend in the wall life has been so much clearer. I understand everything, the black mass of genius thoughts tells me everything I need to know… I need to kill people so I can have slaves in the afterlife… You can't stop me… can you stop something that doesn't exist? Can you see the things that can kill you before they strike?

You keep talking, looking at me, you call me a monster. You are the real monster and I will liberate the world of real monsters. My friend will help me. My friend will save me from your pathetic Wrath.

The Black mass knows everything, I am a Teacher of death, are you willing to have another lesson in pain?


The Zodiac.

A circle with a cross through it marks the bottom of the letter.

Vegetables Loose In The City Streets!

July 26, 2006

This reporter came across one of the strangest police reports that she can remember seeing in quite some time. It was with a copy of this report in my hand that I quickly left the station to head to the vicinity of the Red Dragon Inn to investigate the scene of the incident described upon the paper with my own eyes.

What met me there was a scene from a vegetable seller's nightmare faithful readers. Apparently someone or something had set loose pumpkins against the local populace! The residents I spoke to claimed they were acting on their own and had what looked like baby blankets for bodies. I was even told that when they shot these "pumpkin heads", trying to protect themselves and their children from the onslaught of the horde, they did explode apparently ending their lives or un-lives, this reporter is still not certain

about that, but left pumpkin goo all over everything.

Smelly goo that clings and is difficult to wash off according to one very upset housewife that was scrubbing furiously on her front stairs when I spoke with her. But the most horrifying fact to come to light was another took their place!

The residents could make no headway in saving themselves from this apparent army that was attacking them with war cries of "Baa". Another local told me they saw a little girl dressed in green floating through the air picking up this goo splattering army one at a time and stuffing them in her hat. It would seem she and only she holds the key to taming this new threat to the citizens of RhyDin.

Where Have The Chains Gone?


On August 14th, I was taking a walk along the docks, enjoying the sea air - when I noticed something odd. Usually, one can see the anchors dangling from the ships - only on this day, every single anchor and chain was missing. Knowing full well how immensely heavy an anchor chain is, I immediately wondered what sort of being would steal 50 such chains, and the anchors as well.

Inquiries made in a nearby shop revealed that padlocks, chains, and cages were also stolen from area shops. This theft is unusual, even for RhyDin. Those with information regarding these crimes should contact the RhyDin Police Department, or The Oracle office.

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Brandi Flame, Ellyna D'Mourir,
Gavilean Starfare, Jaleeisa Windstar,
Lady Wyheree, Tara Rynieyn,
Tera Starfare

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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