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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 1 • Issue 6 • Page 1RhyDin - November 2006

BLOOD GUTS GORE in Back Alley!

October 28, 2006


What started out as a verbal altercation in the Inn during the Red Dragon Inn Halloween Party turned nasty as several patrons of the Inn came to the defense of their friend Jade Rogue when one known as Alucard was blithely threatening with death by being shot with silver blessed bullets from a gun he had drawn on her for not following his personal code of behavior for Vampires.

I myself told this Alucard that Jade had every right to live her life however she chose and it was none of his business and that he should have a drink and let it go but he would not listen to me and so my beloved husband, Gavilean Starfare, who was tending bar at the time with the lovely Lady Wyheree Ravenlock soon to be married to her Pirate, James Black, and I moved from behind the bar intending to stand beside Jade in case this obviously delusional Vampire decided to actually try and shoot Jade.

However before we could reach her side Alucard grabbed her and pulled her though a portal into the Back Alley. Now I was not the only friend of Jade's that was protesting her life being threatened in the Inn. Icer Shimmerscale, Tyranacus, Erinalle Dunbridge, and Lydia Loran were in her corner as well and no sooner had this outrageous snatching of our friend occurred than the four of us were out the back door to the rescue without heed for our own safety as with this brazen act of aggression on the Vampire's part signaled all bets were now off. The time for talking was over and action was required.

I ran out into the Alley with both my daggers drawn to see Jade being tossed aside and Alucard informing her she was about to die. Lydia and Erin were side by side and Ty had jumped off of Icer's head

and was in his bipedal form and five feet two inches tall now. Icer was as mad as I have ever seen her when not overcome by the Dragon Rage that had been going around RhyDin and was giving that no count Vampire what for and snarling at him.

Alucard invited us to have a shot at killing him as the night was still young and the real fun had yet to begin. I informed him in a no nonsense tone that I didn't want his mangy coyote self dead I wanted him to leave Jade alone because he didn't rule here.

Brian Ravenlock then entered the alley having heard me yelling at Alucard with his sword Puglasari in hand to see what was going on as I don't normally yell at anyone but this was a special case so I was indeed yelling. He was totally disgusted as he had just got back into town and here was a fight that involved friends of his and family members.

Icer then roared and lunged for the Vampire aiming her horn directly at his chest because he had aimed his pistol at her in the Inn. The Vampire simply stood there and took the blow still taunting Jade about him being her Lord and Master. Jade's eyes were turning crimson as the Vampire in her was slowly taking over as her anger grew. Icer flung Alucard into a dumpster as her horn had penetrated his chest. She appeared pleased that he was bleeding from the wound as he stood and asked who was going to be next.

I was still attempting to talk to sense into this obviously insane Vampire, Brian decided that he and Icer would be next with a combined attack upon Jade's nemesis. Icer moved around behind him. Erin pulled out a gun that contained silver bullets ready to shoot Alucard should the need arise. Lydia stayed close to Erin. I was now telling Alucard my years of dealing with Vampires so that he would know I was no fool and he should not be so confident in his immortality when dealing with those of us that were in the alley with him. Ty was standing with us all and growling.

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Missing Persons in the Temple District


On October 18th, I paid another visit to the Temple District — this time to investigate rumors that people were disappearing from the area near the newest Temple — the bone-walled Temple of Myr'Khul. I stopped before the bloodstone steps, looking up at the temple, and I swore I heard — singing? I listened carefully — and heard gentle, soothing songs coming from deep within the Temple. The words sounded Elvish to me — but I was unable to pick out any I knew.

As I asked the few remaining people living nearby about the disappearances, I was told that the Keeper of the Tower of Water, Jono Slava, was seen standing on the top of the Temple, gazing skyward towards the moon. A few folks claimed he screamed and cried also, but I could not confirm this. After taking a few notes, I headed back to the Oracle office, planning to make future visits to the Temple of Myr'Khul to keep watch over the growing situation.

Gavilean Starfare

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
darkko, Gavilean Starfare,
Jaleeisa Windstar, Jewell Ravenlock,
Lady Wyheree, Tara Rynieyn,
Tera Starfare, Tyranacus

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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