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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 1 • Issue 7 • Page 1RhyDin - December 2006

Isuelt "Issy" DeRomiano
Held Without Bail!

November 27, 2006

Isuelt "Issy" DeRomiano

According to reports Isuelt "Issy" DeRomiano, one of the Scathachian Sanctuary Sisters, is being held in the city garrison without bail, and strictly limited visitors, after an eye-witness placed her at the scene of a gruesome double murder in the lower WestEnd.

These are but two in a growing string of grisly murders that have been occurring down there in recent days. That eye-witness account along with the posters advertising The Scathachian Sanctuary which have been found at the scenes are what have apparently led Authorities to believe Issy guilty of the murders.

This reporter has noticed that some posters advertising the Sanctuary have been defaced with strange symbols and the words "chaos" and "sin" in the color red. When I checked into this I was told by one source that the red was actually blood on the posters, not marker or pen, but real blood.

Another thing of note is since Issy's incarceration for these horrid crimes, that this reporter is certain she did not commit, friends have taken to doing what they call patrols in the WestEnd. From what I understand these consist of walking the streets armed and extremely dangerous to any who would harm an innocent citizen simply going about their own business.

I did attempt to speak to the Magistrate in charge only to find out he was rather unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances that are also being investigated by the Guard. His mutilated body was found in an abandoned apartment building in the WestEnd.

All they would tell me at this time is that every wall was covered with his blood. He was missing some of his body parts when found. Some had been removed and left at the scene others had been removed and taken. There was a set of brass scales of justice in the room and a message had been left on the wall written in blood that is related to Issy's case.

Needless to say we will continue to keep an eye on this rapidly developing story for you and update you on any new facts as they become available.

RhyDin Guard
Needs Your Help

November 28, 2006

On my way to The Oracle office building I noticed there are new posters all over town regarding a new murder, and apparently attempted second murder, on just about every street corner between here and home.

These posters describe how the RhyDin Guard were alerted to this dreadful attack at about 4am the morning of November 28th, in the WestEnd by the alarm bell. The murder victim was a female who had been stabbed to death. They are placing her age around twenty. No further details are available about her as apparently she is one of the unfortunates that had turned to a life of prostitution to make her way down in that part of town.

The second victim however was luckier perhaps, it is not for certain yet, although this male according to the poster sustained blunt force trauma to the head and had the symbol of a circle with the letters "AC" carved into his chest. When asked by the Guard all he could say about the murdered and his attacker was "she flickered like a bad TV screen."

This particular symbol, according to the Guard's posters, has never been seen around RhyDin before and they are seeking information from any who might be familiar with it or who might have seen something or someone in the area at the time of this horrifying crime.

Kissing Day


Shirly Swinehart says that Kissing Day is always an event that she really looks forward to. We caught the popular but worn-out lady after a day of squealing over having been kissed so much. And who can blame the men for wanting to get their lips on her. Will she be at the next Kissing Day? Shirly replied, "You can BANK on it!"

Three Deaths
In One Week at S.E.C.T.O.R.


The Space Equipment and Commodities Trading Organization has confirmed to RhyDin authorities that three male employees have died this past week from what is being called "unusual work related accidents."

Gavilean Starfare

Photograph of the forklift in question, currently under investigation involving the tragic accident. New safety measures are under development.

Boris Shremph died last Monday of a broken neck. It is reported that a pallet slipped from a forklift as it was being lifted up to a ten-foot shelf. Mr. Shremph was beneath the pallet, guiding the forklift operator.

George Remes and Evan Kerlough were discovered at the bottom of an elevator shaft. It is presumed that they fell when working on the lift mechanisms. The men suffered severe head injuries and appeared to be drained of blood.

Count Talomar Longden issued a statement saying that he deeply regrets the deaths, and has personally informed the families. He has instructed his new associate, Gaida Serin, to establish a new safety campaign with required attendance of all employees.

"I will not permit an unsafe work environment to exist at SECTOR," Count Longden said. "Every life is precious, even that of these common workers who had obviously been drinking and then broke SECTOR rules for personal safety. We are going to create a 100% safe working environment if it kills them. I'm having my Swedish lawyer, Bjorn Liar, offer estate planning; and my staff psychologist, Les Moody, will be available to provide special counseling."

Services will be held this Monday for all three men. Viewing is at the RhyDin Fastdig and Baryim Funeral Home from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Criminals Beware of Green?

November 18, 2006

I found this in the RhyDin Police reports and they are asking for your help good citizens of RhyDin in apprehending, well no I reckon perhaps in this case that wouldn't be the correct word maybe, locating to thank in this case.

It seems a girl flagged down two watchmen on the docks in, where else but the WestEnd, that lovely part of town that we all know we really shouldn't go but can't seem to resist the lure of decadence and danger over there so we go anyway and things like this happen. When they saw her she was no fool and fled the scene before they could get a good look at her.

The reason was probably because when they got where she had been they found a man whose body was covered with deep lacerations. He was bleeding to death right before their very eyes! They did however manage to get this poor soul to a Doctor and Healers in time to save him.

I'm thinking they might just be sorry about that because according to the report this here man was a well known criminal that they had gone to all this trouble, and tax payers expense, to save. They did question him to some extent but all he could recall about the attack upon his person was only the color green.

So if you by any chance have any information they would love to have your help. If you have any information we here at The Oracle would love to have your help in finding out what green might mean so please do stop by or flag one of us down in the Inn or send a messenger to one of us with word.

Kidnapping From Red Dragon Inn!

November 1, 2006

According to RhyDin Watch reports a Paladin named Xaevier Michael Fordragon was kidnapped right out of his room at the Red Dragon Inn in the middle of the night apparently two nights ago at best estimate.

Patrons that were questioned have reported strange noises coming from the missing person's room that night in the wee hours although none of those questioned have yet been able to identify the culprit that performed this dasterdly deed.

Anyone with any information of any kind on the assailant is asked to stop by the RhyDin Watch Headquarters to fill out a report or you can stop by The Oracle office building and speak with a reporter about this terrible crime.

All patrons with rooms at the Inn are recommended to be sure your door and windows are locked to your rooms and to report any suspicious noises or persons loitering in the hall to your friendly bar tenders or bouncer immediately.

Consider Becoming an RDI Host!

If you can have a smile on your face while carrying eight 16-ounce glasses of ale, while singing the Twelve Days of Christmas in five different languages, you may be qualified to become an RDI Host. Long hours and little pay make this an enviable position for anyone who wants to demote themselves and impress their family. Inquire at the RDI.

Gavilean Starfare

Your Oracle photographer got this pre-release photo of Tommy's new boots being constructed. You can see why it's easy to get under foot when Tommy is around the Inn.

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
darkko, Gavilean Starfare,
Jewell Ravenlock, Lady Wyheree,
Tara Rynieyn, Tera Starfare, Tyranacus

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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