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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 2 • Issue 10 • Page 1RhyDin - November 2007

New Tavern Coming To Dragon's Gate


One of the oldest buildings on the Dragon's Gate historic strip is getting a makeover. The stone structure that has sat across the street from the Red Dragon Inn and Outback and has been boarded up for generations is under new ownership and is undergoing renovations. The plans are to turn the building into a tavern.

Gogur Armsforge, an elderly dwarf who runs a small custom-armor forge a few blocks away, didn't even know he was in line to inherit the building until just a few months ago.

The prior owner, a descendant of a once wealthy family, passed away over a year ago leaving no heirs. The descendant's forefathers had used the same family will for centuries when determining property inheritance, and the will had always directed property to be devised to a bloodline heir. So, there was some confusion when there were no heirs, as the will did not state what would happen to the building in that case.

However, the will did mention a "castle", and it was eventually determined that the building was actually the last remaining section of a castle that must have stood in the center of where the Dragon's Gate district now exists. A clause in the will left the castle "to our loyal, arms forging dwarf, and his heirs, in the event that the last of our bloodline perishes". That dwarf was Gogur's ancestor.

When asked what his reaction was when he heard the news, Gogur chuckles

and says, "Just another place to keep clean. But then I thought that closed-up building must have stolen so much life out of the area for so long, maybe it should give some back."

Gogur thinks making it a tavern will accomplish that.

"Nothing livelier than a tavern. Besides, I want the kind of place I like to eat at. Giant mugs of ale. Big, juicy, dragon tail steaks," pausing to lick his chops. "And I bet all those duelists could use some hearty meals after a good night of dueling across the street."

In order to fund the renovations, Gogur auctioned off much of the contents that were found in the building. "The place must have been the castle's arms keep because it was just full of old armor, weapons and lots of cobwebs. I couldn't even take a step in it. Got most the stuff sold, but we've kept some of it to help decorate the place. I also kept a lot of the helmets because we don't have many mugs or glasses, so I've been converting them into steins."

Speaking of helmets, most people who visit the strip know the building for its quixotic great helm that hovers over the main entrance. And it's not going away. "Nah, I like the old helm. And that way I don't have to come up with a name for the place. Folks can just know it from that. 'Where you want to eat?' 'Let's go to the Great Helm.'"

Gogur will be leasing the Great Helm Tavern for the price of one free meal a week. The tavern is now hiring for all positions.

Burned Down, But Not Burned Out


Ralmo and Bertie Hausenfelter of RhyDin Proper have been baking and selling bread, cakes and pies for the past forty-three years. In that time, their shop, Daily Bread, became a local institution. The artwork of local crafters and artisans hung on the walls of the shop alongside carefully framed drawings by neighborhood children. Many local restaurants ordered their breads and desserts directly from the bakery. Countless brides have left the premises with their wedding cake in hand.

With the rampant fires that broke out all over town during September's zombie outbreak, this local institution was very nearly lost for good. Fire gutted the building, destroying the once-impressive kitchen and leaving significant smoke and structural damage in its wake. As the city has begun the arduous process of rebuilding, the Hausenfelters have announced their plans to rebuild the bakery.

"This place has always been the place you go, for a birthday cake, for a muffin in the morning, for the bread to go with your supper. The neighborhood doesn't look

right anymore, and it sure doesn't smell right," remarked Laney Ferguson, a local resident and longtime patron of the bakery. She is not alone in her sentiment. Many of the regular customers have voiced support for the Hausenfelters, sending letters, cards, and even money to go towards the rebuilding efforts.

"It's overwhelming how they have pulled together for us," Bertie said of the marketplace neighborhood where Daily Bread is located. "Even if nobody had raised a fuss, we would still be rebuilding. I just can't imagine spending the rest of my years away from my kitchen. This isn't only our business. This is our life."

It will be months before the doors of the bakery open to the public again. In the meantime, the Hausenfelters have chosen to focus on the community. They have relocated their operation to Dockside, where they work tirelessly to feed dozens of relief workers and displaced families. Their temporary kitchen is the galley of the Balclutha, a tall ship owned by Harold Lowe. Ralmo and Bertie Hausenfelter are set to celebrate their forty-fifth wedding anniversary in February.

"By then," said Ralmo, "We hope to be back in our own kitchen."

New Construction in DragonsGate!


A new construction project has started on the outskirts of DragonsGate this past month. Built on the valued "free lot" located just beyond the Red Dragon Inn, the house has started to appear in record time.

Stone walls and an iron fence hide the greater part of construction, by nearby residents say that it's a giant stone mansion currently being built. The land itself was highly valued, and the workers and materials cost more money still.

Though the owners of the property have not been located for comment, they have been seen at the site daily. One is a rather severe looking business woman and the other is an extraordinarily tall man in a red trench coat and fedora. These same two people have been spotted at the Red Dragon Inn, but as of press time, the Oracle was unable to locate their names.

The house itself also contains a shield in which the name "Hellsing" is inscribed. No record of this name is in the RhyDin historical records, and therefore it seems it is a new family gracing our city with its presence. While it remains shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear: these are a very rich, and religious folk. The shield states that they are "on a mission from God."

Dockside Rebuilding Efforts Continue


A trip down to the docks reveals a world changed unexpectedly.

Efforts by citizen groups continue in rebuilding the damage caused during the zombie outbreak, with a good many of those citizens becoming more concerned as fall continues and winter approaches. According to Luke Milton, who has been working from the beginning to get the area back to normal, "We got about forty families still livin' in shelters we managed to get up. We got some houses up, but we got a lot more to do. And that ain't countin' the warehouses we still need to rebuild."

He then added: "But I think we got it, I think we can do it. Kacey [Lynne] and Lang [Darkwing] did a good job coordinatin' and getting us the stuff we need, so we should be able to finish this before the snow flies. Still, we ain't gonna turn down anyone wanting to send us some supplies, or comin' down to volunteer for a day."

A walk in the shelters leaves a lasting impression: Hastily constructed walls for privacy, made of blankets or pallets or whatever else could be used. Nonetheless, while many of the people lost someone during the outbreak, they remain optimistic.

"This has always been a tough place to live. The realm, the city, especially the

docks," one woman said, as she held her two-year-old son. "We just pick ourselves up. Always have, always will."

Several others expressed similar sentiments, though a few remain troubled by the events of the outbreak. Counselors have been hard to find for the people, though an impromptu support structure has formed where the people are sharing meals, child-care, rebuilding efforts and cleaning duties.

Ralmo and Bertie Hausenfelter, owners of the Daily Bread (which was badly damaged by fire towards the end of the outbreak) have been cooking almost nonstop since the disaster began, and have continued into the rebuilding efforts. Having set up their kitchen in the galley of the tall ship Balclutha, they've succeeded in feeding workers and citizens alike with volunteer help.

"It it weren't for them, we'd be a lot sorrier," one volunteer chef said, as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "Good food keeps the spirits up. I learned a lot about cookin', too; I was good at slingin' hash, but learnin' more has been a bright spot in all this."

While there is no definite, concrete answer for those who live in the Dockside area as to when their lives will return to normal, everyone agrees: They're in it together until everything does.

Scathachian Recruits

Gavilean Starfare

Photo showing recent Scathachian Recruits, causing spectators to wonder if the standards have lowered slightly over the last year.

Recent Lottery Winners

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