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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 2 • Issue 11 • Page 1RhyDin - December 2007

Deadly Explosion Near Marketplace!


The peace of shoppers and shop owners alike was unexpectedly brutally shattered in the mid afternoon hour on the outskirts of the road on the north end of the Marketplace. It is said that a cart thought to contain kegs and barrels, which is nothing out of the ordinary to be seen in that area, suddenly exploded causing death and injury.

The scene of devastation on the outskirts of The Marketplace after an explosion that killed several and injured many more.

The initial death toll was around a dozen right after the blast with many others left injured either by the blast itself or the shock wave. Records show some vendors closest to the blast were affected but all buildings inspected so far are intact and up to standards.

The investigation into this horrifying attack are in the early stages yet and my source in the Watch told me no one group or person has claimed responsibility. They are saying it is safe to continue your regular shopping habits just to be aware of your surroundings and don't take anything for granted when you are out and about town.

If you have any information that could lead to the apprehension of those responsible for this atrocity do not hesitate to inform your local Watch, Guard, or one of your Oracle Reporters.

Second Explosion Tears At Market
Terrorists Suspected


On November 28 at 12:45 PM by the Eastern clock, there was another explosion in the Marketplace, this time on the Eastern end. The barrel of gunpowder seen by witnesses blew a large portion of buildings apart and smashed windows throughout the area. Popular clothing store A Stitch in Time saw some of the worst damage of any operating business, with its windows blown out and debris thrown into its main room. Other buildings on the block experienced window damage, broken walls, and debris. Many vendors carts and booths were destroyed and littered around the marketplace. There were piles of rubble and glass that trapped Holiday shoppers.

The exact number of casualties is still unknown, but it is one of the most devastating single actions to happen in peacetime RhyDin. The market was full of Holiday shoppers, and many were caught in the blast. All races and ages were affected. "It was horrible, " Elfess and shop keep Eleraldial Orwyn said. "There were people everywhere, bleeding, calling for help. It was impossible to do enough at the time. I was completely overwhelmed."

The injured were taken mostly to local clinics and healers. Many were pulled from the rubble by RhyDin Guard along with other shoppers. Eva Luna, famous for her aid in the last bombing was on the scene once more. Also, the small child that often helps in the shops around the market was seen helping out in the clinics alongside other residents. It was reported an employee from the Forge along with another young woman with red hair were seen helping out at one of the overcrowded medical facilities.

Governor Helston, who could not yet be reached for comment, was on the scene along with her sister who is reported to be a healer. They opened the clinic early, and soon the beds were full. In the end, the market was a shining example of how RhyDinians can pull together. More than a few people, some even injured, were pulling others from the collapsed stalls. No looting was reported, and mostly anyone on the scene helped in some way.

G'nort Dragoon-Talanador, the Baron of the Market District, said "I denounce the actions of those who perform such heinous acts of terrorism and emphatically recommend that all resources available be utilized in an effort to find the horrible beings responsible for this act and bring them to a swift and punishing justice. We are citizens of RhyDin and should not have to worry about going to a market only to have it blow up in our face. We will show these evil creatures what happens when you take our peaceful city and try to instill fear into our hearts. We will not rest until you are brought to justice."

Dragoon-Talanador is not alone in his feelings, as many of the people of RhyDin seem adamant that they will not be scared into submission by the actions of a few. Erinalle Dunbridge deVernon, co-owner of A Stitch In Time said, "Of course we'll

reopen again. We won't be driven from our home, our lives by any maniac. To let them scare us away would be to let them win. And no one that fights dirty like that should win."

The citizens are determined to show their support and sympathy to the victims of the attacks. A makeshift memorial has appeared in the market at the Fountain and many people have come to leave flowers, cards, even the favorite toys of children killed during the blast. Glenn Blackbridge, a carpenter and resident of the city, said, "I think it's really good that somebody out there went to all that effort to make that memorial. I know there's a lot of people who were hurt really bad by what happened, and I hope it makes them feel better to know they have a place to share their sadness with others. And I hope people can come together and realize that no matter what we look like, we all feel pain the same way."

Local vendor, Edgar Glasky said, "I can't imagine how others are feelin' right now. I was lucky, in that I wasn't there when it happened, so I didn't hafta see the worst of it. And I was lucky in that my friends who were involved in it made it out alive and well. But there were others that certainly weren't as lucky, and there's nothin' in the world that can make it better for them, but people trying with this memorial does give me some hope, and maybe it'll give others who suffered some hope too. I've lived here a long time and can't remember seein' so much unity…"

While no official has declared this a terrorist attack, it has become clear that it's one in a series of purposeful attacks. A letter left at the Oracle offices, presumably by those responsible, promises more carnage to come. We have decided to reprint it here in case it can help bring more clues.


We thought you'd learn. We thought you'd flee. You haven't, but we're giving you that chance. Hope your holidays are a blast, The Marketplace Bombers"

The RhyDin Guard is offering a reward of 10,000 Silver to anyone who can give information that leads to the capture of those responsible for the attacks. While there is no warning against shopping in the Market, authorities urge residents of the city to be on the look out for any odd behavior, and if they see someone acting suspiciously, to alert the guard immediately. Mitchell Freeman., head of the RhyDin Guard's Market District precinct said, "This is not about staying away from the Market, or any other public place, but learning that you cannot take anything for granted. We in this city need to understand that it is all or our responsibilities to keep ourselves safe. If everyone just observes a little vigilance and a little care, this would be a safer city. I'm proud of our people, all of them, for how they behaved today, but this is only one battle of what seems to be an ongoing war against those who want to do us harm just for living."

Red Dragon Inn Targeted?


Everyone knows the Red Dragon Inn has it's share of things that can and do go wrong on any given day, or night. This past month seems to have been a bit more stand out than usual with a couple more decisive items of note.

Early in the month we had a rather large unexpected debt when one morning it was discovered in the kitchen that all, and I do mean ALL, of the things that could be shattered had been. There was broken glassware and crockery everywhere. It looked like a tornado had passed through the kitchen! Everything had to be replaced.

Then I get word that just yesterday the entire supply of Vodka has been stolen right out from under our noses! Now that might not seem like a whole great big deal to most since we do serve a lot of Ale and many different brews from Jake's Red Orc Brewery and we have whiskey drinkers and rum drinkers and of late many do order warmed cider or mulled wine and there is of course hot chocolate this time of year.

When a body considers the cost of having to replace an entire supply of Vodka just because that Renna got it into her head to steal all that we had and even was brazen enough to leave Panther a little note about it on the door well now I'd have to say there is a problem! Of course there is always a person's bar tab to take care of these things or even doing the dishes or cleaning out stalls in the stables. I'm quite sure Panther has something in mind for the Vodka replacement.

At least whenever the Inn itself is busted up in some way it has the magical ability to fix itself so that doesn't cost anything or heaven only knows what the price of an Ale or glass of wine might be by now.

On a brighter note of being targeted over the past month patrons of the Inn can have themselves some candy canes or mints that I heard tell a woman with red hair was seen setting out. The thing about this is about that same time up in the rafters some strangely sparkly Mistletoe was also spotted. At first there was just a little bit, however from what I was told it seems to have already begun to spread a bit.


Gavilean Starfare

Snowfall took on new meaning when this young girl's father inadvisedly decided to sky dive during our first snowfall. The hard landing has been attributed to ice on the rip cord. Funeral services will be held next Saturday.

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Darren Drazen, Erinalle Dunbridge,
Gavilean Starfare, Lyndra,
Tera Starfare

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