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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 2 • Issue 1 • Page 1RhyDin - January 2007

Let Justice Prevail


Isuelt "Issy" DeRomiano

On Saturday, December 2nd, the wrongly incarcerated Isuelt DeRomiano was released from the garrison on bail.

Isuelt, known as The Judge and the leader of the Scathachian Sisters in RhyDin, was arrested in mid-November on account of several murders that took place in the West End. A single witness put Isuelt at the scene of the crime and she was held on such flimsy evidence despite her reputation as an upholder of justice.

Friends and family acquired the aid of a well-known barrister in the city, Lucien Mallorek, to help and free the imprisoned Judge. Despite a judge's order for the Priestess's release, Mallorek had little luck for some weeks, as the garrison remained obstinate in its imprisonment of Isuelt.

It was only with the surfacing of new evidenceóbody parts of Constable Cromwell and threatening messages sent

to the friends of the Scathachian Sisters who are helping out in this case — persistent hard work from Mallorek, and the news story written by The Oracle's own Tera Starfare, that Isuelt was allowed out on bail.

Mallorek's co-counsel, a Natalie O'Connel, was the one to deliver the bail money and escort Isuelt from prisoner on the 2nd. When asked to comment, Miss O'Connel chose to speak for the Scathachian Sister's in saying: "The Sisters and their friends are happy to have Isuelt with them once more as they are now working hard to clear their name of this slander. They promise not to rest until the West End murderer is caught."

The body count attributed to the West End murderer is now reaching near ten. As the body count is rising, our thoughts go with the brave Sisters who are out there each night trying to make our city safe again.

Police Baffled

December 18, 2006

There was a rash of murders last night in the WestEnd according to a police source that refused to be named. My source would not confirm or deny that the murderer was the same killer that has been on a spree lately that resulted in the arrest and charging of Issy. What they did tell me was this.

There were six bodies in the total count. Five of them appeared to have been strangled as there were no signs of a struggle and no wounds on the bodies. They were found hanging out of their bedroom windows by a noose around their necks. What appears to be truly strange

about these grisly acts is there were notes stuffed in each of the victim's mouths. That is all but number 6.

That one had been killed differently as well in a way so gruesome I won't describe it here readers but what I will describe is this one's message was the letter "S" carved into his chest.

I did attempt to gain access to the notes but my source has denied me that so far and although I even went so far as to question the Captain of the shift they are holding onto the contents of those notes as though they were pure gold faithful readers.

It gives me cause to speculate just what might be going on down in the WestEnd, which has never been the safest place to roam at the best of times, but now I would strongly suggest you go armed with at least two forms of backup weapons if you have need to travel down there.

Explosive Fun


The Red Dragon Inn suffered a small fire caused supposedly by a popcorn machine on the night of the 27th.

The incident seemed to start out with some innocent fun, a lady who goes by the alias of Da Cockroach Killa bringing in a device that makes popcorn to share it with the patrons. Eyewitnesses say that everything went wrong when Skyler Jackson Chamberland lent his help in setting up the popcorn machine and that it was not the putting in of too many kernels by the Killa that caused all of the trouble.

A few of the luscious, buttery kernels came out fine but it soon became apparent that something was wrong when pieces of burning popcorn started to fly everywhere — attacking patrons ruthlessly but not indiscriminately! To further aggravate the mess, the popcorn on the bottom of the machine caught on fire. This is when the Inn became a hellish nightmare for all involved.

Reaching to unplug the machine and therefore stop the fire, a patron (who shall remain nameless to protect him during his recovery) was electrocuted. The reason for this electrocution was supposedly the use of water — who knows where that came from, certainly not from any mystical being who uses the element of water and didn't know any better in trying to use it to put out an electrical fire — in an attempt to put out the fire.

The poor man was paralyzed in his heroic attempt to save the Inn from certain disaster although his speech was not at all effected as he was heard berating certain other patrons who he thought, in his own twisted perception obviously altered by his sad illness, to be the cause of all the trouble.

Mister Chamberland was seen fleeing the scene of the crime before the fire was put out. Also making a quick escape was the Killa herself (leaving her melted popcorn apparatus behind) and the woman known as her Second in Command — The Empress, obviously an innocent bystander in all this mayhem as she usually is.

Nothing is known about how the fire was actually put out but as the Red Dragon Inn is still standing, it is safe to say that no real harm was done and that no one should be charged or forced to pay any penalties or even to wash dishes to pay for the damages.

Wolfman Desperate

Gavilean Starfare

This Wolfman (name withheld at request) desperate for a cure, was photographed in the SECTOR lobby, seeking help from Count Talomar Longden.

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Gavilean Starfare,
Jewell Ravenlock, Lady Wyheree,
Tera Starfare, Tyranacus

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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