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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 2 • Issue 4 • Page 1RhyDin - April 2007

The Zodiac Strikes


On a cold March day, March 2nd, an even colder discovery was found. According to the RhyDin police force, the Zodiac contacted them through a letter they refused to show me, revealing the location of the monster's lair.

Once inside, 35 bodies were discovered hung, beaten, and tortured before being killed. Blood was used to paint the walls, with the buckets left behind. Further inside, they found a locked steel door that only opened once powerful magicks were applied to it. Inside this room a small black box was discovered, filled with evil — as described by those who saw the contents. Some who witnessed the box's opening became very ill.

Later that evening, the police found three more bodies. All had the Zodiac's symbol — the circle with an inscribed cross — carved into their chests and foreheads. All the victims also had their eyes removed. Police have only stated that they were homeless people led to their deaths, possibly with false promises.

On March 28th, a total of 13 bodies were discovered scattered throughout the shadowy corners of the Marketplace. All had the symbol of the Zodiac carved into them, but the police seem inclined to think these latest killings are the work of a copycat, as the butchery seemed rushed, without the meticulous attention found in the previous victims.

These latest killings are a stark reminder that the Zodiac is still at large. Whoever he or she is, it is clear the killer has some knowledge of magical entry into guarded areas. A 50,000 silver noble reward has been offered by the private sector for information leading to the capture of this beast. Please contact the PhyDin police or The Oracle office if you have any information, no matter how irrelevant it may seem.

Citizens Alert! Beware of Slavers!


Lord Travanix

In recent weeks there has been an upsurge in sightings of Slavers in RhyDin. It begs one to ask: Is there a Slavers Convention in Town? The answer as to why they have come out of hiding may surprise you.

Is this is a harmless trend, or is there an underbelly, a dark side of tragedy just waiting to unfold?

After many hours spent combing through the township's register, a few self-proclaimed Slavers fell in to the spotlight. Able to track down two from the small list, this reporter has learned some startling facts.

No One is Safe.

During our investigation it has come to light that whatever safeguards RhyDin may once have had in place to protect its citizens is no longer effective. Anyone, literally anyone, could fall into the maw of enslavement!

Lord Travanix, a self-proclaimed Slaver for over the past decade and a dangerously dark citizen, had this to say about Slavery in RhyDin: "Slavers have been in RhyDin for some time. But the recent, resurgence, if you will, appears to be in response to the decrease in the government attempts to stop the slavers. Many slavers went into hiding or were more discrete in their practice the last few years. But with the lack of authoritative response to stop us, we no longer need to hide."

He went on to explain from his point of view that "there are no regulations. There have been efforts here in the past, but it doesn't seem to be having a problem any longer. I myself have been able to expand my sales substantially in the last few weeks. Guilds manage themselves. Mostly, slavers would deal honestly with one another in order to avoid being at the wrong end of the leash."

When asked how Lord Travanix has been able to expand so rapidly he commented: "I've been kidnapping girls off the streets. No one has stopped me.

Can stop me. Will stop me." He went on to say "Of course, the girls are trained, broken at a facility here, and never the same one. Then, they are sold to an off world group, that resells them to where ever new girls are needed. Needless to say, very few — if any, make it back."

Lord Travanix made a point of saying "Slavers know who they are, slaves find out." Indicating that at least one of our current emboldened Slavers is not averse to enslaving any unlucky enough to capture their attention.

However in another interview with Lord Lucius DeAuster, infamously tied to The Bloods, and also a self-professed long time Slaver, we were given a more optimistic outlook on the trade.

When asked if we, the local denizens of RhyDin, were safe, Lord Lucius DeAuster reassured "The Dragon has been recognized as neutral territory for many years. No self-respecting slaver would come in here to collar any of the locals. But to answer the question, yes, one could try. But there are many who would undoubtedly stand up and object. The Scathachian Sisterhood, for one."

When asked how we common folk might avoid being "collared" (i.e. enslaved), Lord DeAuster was quick to comment: "It's quite simple: be wary of your surroundings, and never trust a strange man or woman who may wish to buy you a drink." He continued "Most of the organized houses monitor their members, with bylaws of conduct in place. Of course, there are the freelancers, but usually the houses bring them in line if they threaten the Roundtable Accords."

In conclusion, all citizens should tread carefully wherever they may roam. Far more than Slavers haunt the streets and establishments of RhyDin, but in order to escape such a tragic fate as slavery, it falls on each of us to beware and watchful. Better to travel in pairs than alone and always be cautious with strangers.

An interview with Governor Kitty O. Helston has been arranged but there has been a forced rescheduling due to an unknown emergency. However, it is recognized that this is just the tip of the iceberg and the story is far from finished. We will continue to bring you the latest news on this newest trend as we unearth it.

Bounty: Marc Franco


Earlier this month, posters had been placed all around town regarding the bounty of one Marc Franco, also known as the Gossip GangSTAR, by The Empress Jewell Ravenlock.

The Empress has contacted The Oracle in order to inform the populace of RhyDin that the bounty has now been upped to 1,500 silvers instead of the previous 1,000 and that posters regarding this change will soon be seen around the city (we have a preview of said poster below).

Ms. Ravenlock asked us to include a statement regarding the bounty she has placed on the lead gossiper of RhyDin: "I don't wish to hurt Mr. Franco, that's never been my goal. I just want to sit down and have a friendly chat with him, even get an interview if I can as has been requested by The Oracle editor, Amaltea. Mr. Franco has nothing to fear from me, I'll even give him the 1,500 silvers if he stops by for a chat one day."

We hope you get your "friendly chat" Ms. Ravenlock.

Amendment: Ms. Ravenlock has informed our staff that she already got to have her little chat with the famed gossiper. Too bad, we're running the story anyways!

RhyDin Orphanage Official
Denies Assault


The RhyDin Watch are requesting assistance in locating a tall, dark, armed man with spiky black hair, deep sapphire eyes, and an accent that is possibly English today for questioning related to what they claim is a possible assault on a RhyDin Orphanage employee.

My source at The Watch tells me that last evening one of the maids sent one of the older boys to The Watch's office requesting an officer come right away claiming that one of the office workers had been violently accosted right before time to leave for the night. One thing of note here is this is one of the well-respected Orphanages in town faithful readers.

When the officer arrived the maid reported escorting a man in black armor to see the employee that was getting ready to leave. She claims there was huge commotion with lots of yelling coming from the office but before she realized it the man in black armor was gone. She found the employee trussed up in his chair by some kind of yo-yo.

The officer filing the report states that the employee, who's name was blacked out throughout the entire report as was the maid's, statement read as follows: "I don't know what that maid thinks happened, but I assure you it was only a last-minute business meeting amongst professionals."

If you know this person's whereabouts you are asked to please not attempt to apprehend them yourself but instead please contact your local Watch station

and let them handle this matter. If you have any information about this case please come to The Oracle office building and let us know. We would love to report it first!

RhyDin Orphanage Employees Targets?


On the evening of March 9th, around twilight there was a series of explosions and what felt like an earthquake reported in the deep forest south of RhyDin. It was upon investigation of this that a clearing was found that housed the collapsed remains of a mansion that had belonged to a former employee of the Orphanage.

Rescue workers and volunteers are currently sifting through the rubble in search of survivors but at the time of this report they have only scratched the surface in their efforts. There was however one relatively unscathed guard at the site of this horrific mountain of rubble. Other hired guards are reported to have been found buried on the steps leading to where they believe the front door was located.

The surviving guard was found barely conscious with what they are calling the remains of pizza on his face just outside the front gate that leads into the property. I was able to get most of his statement from The Watch and found that a kid wearing a red hat had come to deliver pizza and when the guard went to let him in a big guy dressed in black armor punched him in the face.

As of the time of this article The Watch are uncertain if this is the same person they are seeking to question related to a previous assault on a RhyDin Orphanage employee.

Should Have Been
A Rolling Stone

Gavilean Starfare

With the coming of spring and melting of snow, you never know what you'll find in the RhyDin forests. This was evidently a young man who got stood up for a romantic date when we had our first "killing" frost. He's a little green and moldy, but the wine is nicely aged.

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Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Brandi Flame, Darkko,
Eleanor and Ickybod,
Gavilean Starfare, Jewell Ravenlock,
Lady Wyheree, Lyndra,
Sharon Gossip, Tera Starfare

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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