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Volume 2 • Issue 5 • Page 1RhyDin - June 2007

RhyDin Courthouse Reopens


Many may recall the incidents on the Northside a few months back that left three dead, a private home and the Courthouse in ashes. After many months of rebuilding the Courthouse reopened Friday, April 22, to a smattering of applause by a handful of homeless yet freed slaves. Few had turned out for the event due to restrictions in their schedules. However the celebration went on without any reports of untoward incidents.

"We're so happy to have the Courthouse back!" one bystander was heard to remark "Maybe we'll see some law and order in RhyDin now."

"I don't have a home, I don't have a Master. I don't have any money. I don't know what to do, I think I might die! But the Courthouse looks nice. I really think the flower beds will be comfy to sleep on and maybe even help me stay warm." one of the freed slaves in attendance at the reopening ceremony commented.

"We can't say for sure what impact it, (the reopening of the Courthouse), will have at this time, it was barely used before it was blown up." Stated RhyDin's Police Chief, "Heck, at least it looks pretty! I really like the vines, they add a homey touch, don't ya think?"

With no budget to speak of, the RPD is feeling the crunch. "Guess this means we gotta do paper work again." One of the four beat cops employed by the city was heard to say. "Yeah, but are we gonna get paid?!" demanded another, "No reason to make us work harder if they ain't gonna lock nobody up!"

Lacking local facilities to retain criminals seems to be the most pressing disadvantage. "Look, we lock 'em up, they break right out. You tell me how am I supposed to keep a guy who can walk through steel in a jail cell?! Or them vampies, huh? You ever tried to keep a vamp in prison?! They just don't stay where ya put 'em! Ya see some of 'em can do this mist thing and float right on out." one official employee remarked, preferring to remain nameless.

With the current sorry state of RhyDin's legal system many wonder what this may mean for our future. "Nothing, lady, it means nothing. You gotta look at the big picture, right. You can't keep the criminals off the street if ya can't keep them in the prisons. The Courthouse is useless because any punishment it levies is totally ineffective. I outta know, I am the one supposed to be keeping 'em inside."

It may be weeks before we fully realize the impact of the reopening of the Courthouse, if any. In the meantime locals can enjoy the landscaping of the newly remodeled Courthouse. Not only is it comfortable for the homeless it lends beauty and ambiance to the area. A much better sight than the burned out black hole that was left in the wake of the explosions.

RhyDin's Largest Get Well Card


So, have you been wondering what all that banging is out by the Bloods Compound? Construction has started on what is being called the "World's largest Get-Well Card" for Governor Kitty Helston. Just outside her window in the Blood Compound, the card is twenty feet tall with platforms throughout so that residents can sign the entire surface area. Sick with a mysterious illness, the Governor has been laid up for almost a month now. Chicken, Erin and local orphans started on the project, which is nearly completed.

Construction is being done mostly by volunteers from the RhyDin Orphanage. A small stipend is being offered to these good souls. Roberta Roose, an employee

at the RhyDin Orphanage said, "The children are happy to help. Governor Helston was nothing but kind to all of them and they wish to see her well. We only hope this will brighten her day."

Residents nearby, however, are complaining of the noise and influx of children in the area during the day. Tiffany Nesal said, "It's great that these kids are doing something for the Governor, but do they have to be so loud? It's hammering and giggling all day — and that riff raff is running all over my lawn and trampling my tulip!" Michael Richards, the Building Commissioner responded, "Governor Helston's staff has a permit. This is a legal and necessary project for our city. If the residents are patient, soon we will have a wonderful show of support for our Governor during this hard time."

The "card' will open to the public on Tuesday, May 1st. Markers and pens will be available for anyone that wants to leave a message for the Governor. Questions or complaints can be directed to either Chicken or Erin Dunbridge deVernon at the Governor's office.

New Hope For RhyDin?


Just maybe faithful readers aid is at hand. Don't get me wrong I seriously doubt the day will ever come when it will be safe to walk the streets of Dockside alone or basically just about anywhere alone at night but there have been tales being told of quicker response times by patrols. Not only that but I have heard it said that more of Issy's girls are arriving in town.

For those of you that don't know about the Sisters of Scathachian they are sworn to protect those that can't protect themselves basically. They stand for justice no matter what those bloody posters you may have seen about town might say. And that whole mess with Issy well that was just a farce in my opinion. I've know her for years and she would only harm someone that was intent on harming someone that was going to hurt someone that was an innocent.

I have also heard tell that Alain has gone into the private security business. Having hired Alain myself a while back and been very pleased with the job that he did I can honestly say that these rumors of the watch and private security groups being better organized around town just may be true.

Not only that but I know of more than a few private citizens that have taken to patrolling our streets at night to help make our city safer for all of us. I will not give out names here for their protection. But I do want to say thank you to them for us all as they go out night after night and risk themselves for us and our children even though some of them have families of their own. They risk everything in the darkness that we can each enjoy sunrise with a little more hope that the day will come when we don't have to worry about being safe in our beautiful city.

RhyDin Cemetery: Curse or Blessing?


It should come as no surprise that the dead in RhyDin rarely stay that way but there are new speculations as to why. In recent days a rash of empty graves at the RhyDin Cemetery has brought cause for new speculations. Some experts now claim it is the soil that may be to blame.

"You see, we bury our dead the same as any other place, right? But for some reason they don't stay dead. We think it's the soil. There are all kinds of chemicals in it, some with magical properties we are only just discovering." Stated Professor Iggy of the RhyDin Institute for Education of the Uneducated, "Lately, so many graves have come up empty that we know something is up."

When asked where the bodies have gone he had this to say: "Oh, we suspect they've gone home to their loved ones. We never see them. Why? Have you?"

When pressed, the Professor admitted "We don't really know what's going on, but if any of your readers have information about the recent missing dead we'd really appreciate hearing from them. In the meantime, I suggest that anyone who wants to bury their dead and keep them that way not utilize the RhyDin Cemetery. It just plainly isn't safe for such use."

Professor Iggy reassured that investigation and research will continue in the cemetery until answer can be found. "But let's face it; we are a long, long way from knowing what's really going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Yeah, even money! Huh, maybe we should have a telethon? Know any good talent that would work for free?"

Interested in helping the Institute or have information? Please contact Professor Iggy at his office located on campus.

Sea Monster
In RhyDin Bay

Gavilean Starfare

There's some fine fishing opportunities in RhyDin Bay as proven by the fish shown in this photo. Unfortunately, Herman Wigginbottom was not the only one with a catch. A sea monster made off with it's own catch — Wigginbottom's wife. When asked why he didn't go rescue his wife, Herman replied, "I didn't notice she was missing until it was time to clean the fish."

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