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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 2 • Issue 7 • Page 2RhyDin - August 2007

Dockside Murders


Fifteen days ago, an eyewitness reported a creature roaming the docks and immediate vicinity killing rats, dogs and other small to medium-large animals. Since then, the eyewitness reported to have been tracking the creature and as of last week, the killings escalated to include at least five humans.

The eyewitness had agreed to an interview and on Thursday, July 26, the following took place:

Huchinson: What did you see initially on the night you reported the animal killings?

Eyewitness: Ma'am, 'twas vague but I saw it with me own eyes. Some blue-covered thing that went 'round an' killed. Seemed all random.

Huchinson: You mentioned earlier that you were nearby when you heard of humans being killed?

Eyewitness: Aye.

Huchinson: What can you say about it?

Eyewitness: Well, Ma'am, I run into a bloke an' a lady what seemed all distraught. Asked 'er what was th' matter; lo an' b'hold, she took me right to a body what been killed same's the dogs n' things.

Huchinson: How many so far have been human killings?

Eyewitness: Five, Ma'am.

Huchinson: Are there any possible links you see to the victims?

Eyewitness: Complete random, Ma'am.

Huchinson: You said you followed the killer, did you not?

Eyewitness: Aye, followed it right ta this ol' building. Place looked abandoned but withou' dust or signs of bein' empty for a good while.

Huchinson: Did you see anything peculiar?

Eyewitness: Didn't go in, Ma'am, but I watched th' critter. Did this strange little ritual wit' a spyglass, some book and a lot o' papers. Then it run off to what I guess is anoth'r floor.

Huchinson: That's when you left?

Eyewitness: Aye. Couldn't stick around after the awful noise.

Huchinson: Noise?

Eyewitness: Sounded like a wailin', Ma'am. Bloody heart-wrenchin' it was.

Huchinson: Thank you.

Eyewitness: Anytime, Ma'am.

Since then, the eyewitness has claimed to continue tracking and observing the creature. While thus far there seem to be no links between the victims, some of the victims' close acquaintances have had speculations.

One Sahib al Abdullah stated:

"It was strange. Rongar was slain without a single mark on his body except that his eyes were gone. I found him after he walked away from me. We had a fight, big fight and we said things I wish to take back. I heard him cry out, then I ran and found him dead with the creature sitting on top 'his chest."

Similar explanations have been put forth by three other witnesses who wish to remain anonymous at this current time.

The creature has so far been tracked to a three-story building located close to the docks and has been observed to inhabit this building. The tracking eyewitness has agreed to release further information as soon as it is obtained.

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Sky Url'kran Innocent!


Evidence has just come to light that Sky Url'kran, wanted for Attempted Assassination and Attempted Kidnapping of Dragons is innocent. During the afternoon, on July the fifth, a demon going by the name of Sarjon approached Sky and three bounty-hunters that were about to apprehend him. During the battle, the bounty hunters learned that Sky was innocent, and was under the control of Sarjon Url'kran, his father. Also, a young black dragon was also kidnapped during the fight. Later in the day, Sarjon returned and attempted to capture one Icer Shimmerscale, failing but dealing mortal wounds to those invovled. It is hoped that this demon can be stopped before he kills anyone.

In light of the recent revelations, the City Guard have undergone an investigation of Darin Eriseth, the guard member who put up the wanted posters for Sky. He has mysteriously disappeared. anyone with information is urged to report to the City Guard immediately.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!


Because of the continuing crisis in the West End an even more potentially dangerous crisis has been overlooked throughout the city: missing bodies. Over the last month, dead bodies have gone missing throughout the city, which has lately escalated into the kidnapping and

eventual murder of living citizens. These bodies (both dead and alive) were supposedly being exchanged for money by whoever could deliver them.

Captain Bently of the RhyDin Watch has been leading the force behind this case but was reluctant to comment extensively on what exactly is going on. All we have been informed of is that the bodies were ending up at the new school, dedicated for training doctors, in RhyDin where they were possibly used for dissection and research, perhaps even experimentation.

The good Captain refused to give The Oracle details on the connection of Captain Stephen Kidd — recently married to Jewell Raven lock — to the case. However, there is an undeniable connection of his being wanted for questioning regarding the murder of Cass Goodman and the bodies that have gone missing all over the city.

An Unusual Rain


In the early hours of July 24th, metal scraps, miscellaneous food rations, screws, and other debris rained on various parts of the city and country of RhyDin. Some citizens originally from other realms tentitavely identified some of the metal as possibly being from a flying ship, though that has not yet been confirmed. No injuries were reported as a result of the metal falling from the sky.

From The Governor's Desk

August 2007

Hello my good folks! This month is brimming with exciting news! As an attempt to help the city I have began two projects.

The first project is a Medical Clinic. We purchased some land down by the dockside and are drawing up the plans for it as we speak. You can credit this idea to my brother, Luse. So far we have received donations from the Dockside News Report from their recent raffle. Elly has also declared that proceeds from the Annual Harvest Festival Auction will also go towards this clinic.

We are currently accepting applications for Doctors, Nurses, and Healers. You may submit them to Dr Chryrie Nightstar, or send them to my office where they will be forwarded to her.

The second project is a town park and playground. Our very own Storm has offered up some land for this project and several individuals have offered to make donations for the renovations and building. Please feel free to ask your children what they would like to see in the playground and forward those ideas to my office. But please, keep those ideas realistic, if possible.

I have noticed a spike in crime in our fair city. To the ones committing these vile acts, I have only one thing to say to you. Go back to wherever it is you came from now, while you still can.

I have declared that from now on, anyone caught committing acts of murder, rape, or kidnapping shall be dealt with and treated in the same manner as their victims. And for those who think the dead can't speak, I have a number of necromancers and priests who would beg to differ. And don't think having flunkies do the dirty work for you will help you any.

With that, I hope you all have a glorious month and remember to treat others as you would like them to treat you. The Governor's Office thanks everyone for their support and cooperation.

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DoD's — A Big Distraction

Gavilean Starfare

Head Chef Artie Fois Gras unexpectedly added extra protein to a salad he was preparing when PJ and Charlie walked into the restaurant for a light lunch. We caught up with Artie at his hospital bed where he described the incident, "I should never have looked up to watch those two women bend over at the salad bar. I was slicing up to my third knuckle before I realized what I was doing. Those knives are pretty damn sharp!" He grinned and added, "But it was worth the look."

Crab Trap Dispute


In the early morning hours, two residents of the dockside area were seen shouting at one another. Apparently the dispute was over the ownership of crab traps. One man, Mr. Ray Dodge of the Fantastic Crabtastic Company, claimed the traps were his; the other man, Mr. Sam Boxer of the Crabtacular Spectacular Company, likewise claimed the traps. The argument by the two men lasted for over an hour, beginning with the crab traps and ending with them accusing one another of stealing company secrets.

Residents of the dockside, long since used to the arguments between the men, continued about their business.

The Shipping News for July 2007


AFTICA in port, waiting for officers and crew.

Al Na'ir under Captain Maia Cyrene d'Thalia, at sea.

Arisugawa under Commodore Gustavus (G'nort) Talanador in port.

Bonny Anne under Captain Mary Read in port.

Dauntless under Captain Gordon Howe in port.

Fiddler's Green under Captain Robert Kidd in port.

L'Orient under Commodore Gustavus (G'nort) Talanador in port.

Marietta under Captain Leif Hawke at sea.

Pride and Fury under Captain Stephen Kidd in port.

Seawolf under Captain James Black at sea.

SpellJammer under Commodore Gustavus (G'nort) Talanador in port.

Suave Holly under Captain Sean Donovan at sea.

Traveler Joshua under Captain Az'myth Donne at sea.

Rabid Squirrels

Gavilean Starfare

As if things weren't bad enough, the infamous Rabid Squirrel Gang is at it again, this time with newly acquired light sabers obtained at a West End space port gift shop. Citizens are warned to keep a safe distance from any squirrel impersonating a Jedi.

For All Things Magical

G's P.O.V.


Ahh, another edition of the most popular article you read. G's P.O.V.. I know it's the most popular article because, well, I say it is. Ergo, my word is law, ergo it's the most popular. But enough about me.

You're probably wondering why I didn't have an article in the July edition, well, the reason was because I didn't write one. I was somewhat occupied and details beyond that will remain sketchy, but let's just say they involve rope, warm oil, a sailing vessel and my wife. Anything beyond that would be censored by the censors. But now I am here with another Gnorticle for you to read because I know how much you love me.

In the last edition of P.O.V. I ended it by saying I'd discuss my views on which is better, Modern technology or the Old Ways. Well here's the views on this.

Both are okay. Modern technology certainly has its uses, however, it seems to lull all you people into a false sense of security. It makes you lazy. And most of all it's loud and annoying. Every time I hear one of these "Motorcycles" or "Automobilies" screech to the front of the inn or Arena, I cringe because it's kicking up dirt and stones and pumping pollution into our once clean air. People don't believe in riding Horses anymore? Or walking? No wonder the RhyDin community is beginning to climb in the ranks of the obese.

On the flip side, of course, those annoying vehicles are faster. Not to mention the communication devices are rather handy. I once had a "cellular phone" when my ex-whale was on some sort of plan and gave me one. It was rather interesting except for the fact that after five minutes of talking it began to burn my ear. And I hear stories about how they send your brain cells into the damaged zone. It would explain a bunch of stupidity I've seen from the modern group of RhyDinians we have.

Now, I'm fortunate, I think. Back on Urnst, where I am King(long story) we are under the effects of Mordrahan's Belt. You all know what that is, the belt that prevents levels of technology from working in one area while disallowing magic to work in others. Well, Urnst has the No Tech side and all experiments performed prove that as high in technology as we can get is the use of steam power. Anything beyond that simply fails to work. Well, that makes me plenty used to the old ways.

I find the ways I'm used to be better because of the low impact on the environment. Because it's simpler and costs less to repair or build. And it's slower so gives a person the opportunity to appreciate the nature around him. Not to mention when you pass a lovely lady going the opposite direction, it allows you the opportunity to appreciate her beauty instead of "Oh check her out, was she cute, I didn't get a good look as she passed…"

I think you all are sacrificing comfort and appreciation for speed. Those of you in the modern world, that is. Sure, some may argue about life spans lasting longer, or health and hygiene being better, but that's the beauty of it. Medicines aren't technological, so, we import medicine.

Soaps, toothpaste, conditioners, body sprays and body washes aren't technological, so it's simple enough to either make them or import them as well. So, one never has to worry about the smell of a person on Urnst, cause for the most part, we're clean and well groomed.

Electricity. My lands may be archaic in technology. Sure, we're based on wind and water as our source of power generation. But that's cleaner. Fuels that produce smoke, generators and what have you. Nuclear, if I have the word right, a dangerous sort of power. I'll stick with wind currents and water, thank you very much. We don't need so much electricity that we have to build dangerous towers or risk the health of the surrounding land. Powering lights for night, maybe a few other things, it doesn't require a lot of power. You modern people might learn something about moderation if you were to cut back on your use of technological wonders.

Of course, this isn't to say that all modern technology is bad. Touching on the medicines issue, we wouldn't be able to import medicine required to improve health and life spans of those in my country if the technology didn't exist elsewhere to discover them, or create them. So, there's a positive reason for technology. Or water purification, speed of transporting goods, etc. There's definitely a good use for your modern styles of technology. It helps promote a more comfortable way of life.

However, as I've stated, that comfort level causes laziness in most. So it can also be considered a danger. You're just sitting in your recliner watching your view screens when you go for that water and find that it's been tainted with some unknown substance that'll kill you because it got past your filters since it was a designed microscopic parasite made through your modern technology to avoid detection and thus has no cure. Or what happens when your power plant has a meltdown. Those that survive will be forced into the middle ages and aren't going to know how to forage for food, let alone survive in the wilderness.

Of course, you could always hope for help from those of us, such as Urnst, who know well how to work in these types of conditions. We'll be prepared. Will you?

As to which is better, I'm biased. So I'll let you decide for yourselves. I welcome feedback, you know, I'll answer your letters if you want to dispute anything I say. Feel free to contact me.

Let's see, next week, maybe I'll discuss the recent trend of hookups and breakups. Of course I might leave that up to our resident Gossip monger.

"When you need more than skin, Hellballs Leather Goods. After all, it's your hide you are protecting."

To place your order or for more information contact Woody Sprite. You can leave a message for him at the Red Dragon Inn.

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