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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 2 • Issue 8 • Page 1RhyDin - September 2007

The Man In Red Is Back!


One of my sources claims that the speedy one is still among us folks and doing what he does best! It seems that the man in the Crimson suit was spotted at the scene when the Ibis Mortuary caught fire. Now the Mortuary didn't burn completely down, instead was pretty badly damaged from what I was told and the owner, who the person I talked to called

"Ibis" was just treated for some smoke inhalation. I'm thinking this guy was pretty lucky that the Super Hero was around!

My source said even the bodies and the owner's dog were saved from the flames by the speedy one. The way the fire started my source was not able to tell me for certain although they were able to tell me that arson seems the most likely pick of all even though motive and accelerant haven't been found.

New Cult in Town


I was on my way to get my morning café mocha from that little shop I frequent when to my surprise I saw a person sporting pink robes standing on a corner. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with anything but I am about to tell you since this person smiled all friendly like to me and wanted to hand me a flier. I must tell you right now that if I was not a Reporter I would have not accepted this pink piece of paper with red ink writing on it but I am and so I did take it.

I have never heard of this Cult of Slaanesh which this flier talks about. Their Priest is Davrian Haegan and the flier talked about hardship, loss, and heroes that fail us. It goes on to even mention promises not being kept and says this Cult isn't promising to protect anyone but they are offering their love and that they are dedicated to the Lord of Peace.

Now I'm not so sure but I sense a bit of the carnal side in this flier more than the Godly side but that is just my opinion here as a humble reporter as it does mention communing with intellectual conversations

and they have a healthcare scheme too but now right after they mention being able to fulfill ones deepest desires and them loving arms they have waiting for anyone who would like to come to their Temple. They go on to talk about having no membership fees and free food, wine, and this is a direct quote here "whatever may tickle your fancy."

Of course they did offer to train anyone that did want to become a member in their religion and held forth a possible chance to meet the highest of their order for those that become members. There were directions at the bottom of the flier and I found this very interesting that below the signature of the Priest was the words "What is your pleasure?"

I did a little checking and found out that there weren't all that many people in pink robes around town handing out the fliers and that they seemed to be from old to young and both sexes. It is hard to tell from just a flier if this Cult and Temple are truly offering just a respite from the rigors of RhyDin or if they are something a bit more than what can be seen on the outside looking in.

Dockside Killer Going to Trial


Courts are moving ahead in the trial of one Horaetio Renne Arc'err, the alleged 'Dockside Killer'. Earlier reported in the Dockside News Report, Arc'err turned himself in at the Port South Holding House after the murders of six victims and numerous animals.

According to public records, Arc'err is currently seeing Dr. Chryrie Nightstar and has had several visitors since his imprisonment began. There has been no statement released from the courts as to when his arraignment is to be set, but documents state that the law firm of Dewey, Cheetum and Howe are to be representing the defendant as a court-appointed defense counsel.

Court appointed prosecutor Harold Lowe had no comment on the case itself or what charges would be filed officially, and

only stated that he was in the very preliminary stages and intended to find out more before he moved the case ahead.

Six victims are said to have fallen to the Dockside Killer, including: Jack Sidwell, Jayne Barnsby, Bruce McLennan, Rongar al Hamid, Saeinella Inoyet and Brandon Patrick Hayes. The cause of death was listed in reports as unspecified homicide, and the eyes of all of the victims were removed after death.

Card Shark

Gavilean Starfare

The 2007 Word Series of Poker championship when to a newcomer named Rocky. Opponents were complaining, "He's really difficult to read. We've never seen a more straight face at a poker table."

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Contributing Staff:
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Jewell Ravenlock, Gavilean Starfare,
Lyndra, Tera Starfare Wyheree Black

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