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Volume 2 • Issue 9 • Page 1RhyDin - October 2007

Zombies in RhyDin?


By the evening of September 18th, the city was under siege.

One of my sources came to my home on the 18th faithful readers with the wildest tale that I have heard in quite some time I must confess. And I have heard some tall tales in my day. This scared spitless looking individual claims that they saw a group of approximately six individuals stumbling and bumbling along together down by the docks. That this same group looked a bit decayed around the edges and bits of their flesh was falling off and none of them seemed to notice. Not even when one of them had a hand fall off right there on the street!

At this point I did lean a bit closer to do a breath test on my source as I was convinced the lad had been by the Red Dragon for a few drinks and just wanted the usual fee I give my sources. But nope they were stone cold sober amazingly enough. And went on to tell me about a couple of citizens that had come rising up out of the dark with spears to attack this group. He said they stabbed them in the heart and they each fell down twitching until the other one than ran up and stabbed them in the eye.

Not only this but he told me he had seen another group of people out with long red gloves on sticking their hands in the mouths of these shambling groups and other people apparently herding them with cattle prods. In another part of town he said these undead were being burned and it raised an awful stench in the air as they flopped around catching buildings and everything else on fire as the flamed couldn't kill what was already dead.

Another report on the 20th had the Governor, Kitty Helston, turning loose Grail's Stew by tossing it out one of the window's of the Red Dragon Inn into the middle of a horde of these Zombie's and I did hear that bets were being taken on which would win. The man-eating Stew that does have a life of it's own or the man-eating Zombies that do have a life of their own even though they are dead. I didn't get word on which won what was surely a battle to be seen between the two.

It seems that the witch Elly has come up with a vaccination against this all and is free although first dibs on it is those at highest risk for infection so you'll want to be sure and claim to live down by the docks since that is where the infection appeared first folks. And don't forget to request a clean needle if it is injected as we all know what horrid things can happen here abouts. Why you may even be cross infected with the Zombie virus itself if you don't!

The cleanup is well underway in most all of the districts of town with the places damaged by fire being under construction and such as I'm writing this. You can ask at the Red Dragon to see who to speak with if you'd like to help out or donate as it is going to be very costly and time consuming since many didn't realize the Zombie's couldn't be killed by fire, only by shooting them in the head or smashing their brains out.

Citizens should continue to be careful for a few weeks more from what I understand as some may have escaped but since they can't run and can only shamble you should have time to bash their brains in with no trouble before they can bite you and turn you into a Zombie too.



By the evening of September 18th, the city was under siege.

The cause of this was an infection that turned the living into the walking dead; travelling via bites, it quickly spread with nearly every encounter for those unprepared for such things. Before long, what started as, apparently, a very limited situation became a full-blown epidemic.

It started in the dockside area, though no one was left alive to give the exact cause of what had happened. Sources say that the zombies started proliferating in

A photo found in the wallet of one of the victims of the outbreak. To claim it, contact the Oracle offices.

the afternoon, and quickly had the entire district overrun. By nightfall, the entire city was under attack. Some of the hardest areas hit outside of the dockside was the WestEnd and the Marketplace, and several zombies were seen in the Red Dragon Inn.

Some citizens took to the streets in order to combat the outbreak, while others barricaded themselves in safe areas, and still others fell to the undead. An confirmed report found troops being sent from the Obsidian Embassy in the early hours of morning of the 19th, and in a move that their commander admits was not wise, setting zombies on fire in an attempt to kill them.

With fires spreading now throughout the city, more citizens mobilized in an effort to get things back under control. The tide only began turning, however, on the 20th of September. The dockside was the first district to be brought under control, and was followed by the Marketplace and the WestEnd. Numerous citizen volunteers took turns patrolling, fire fighting and zombie-hunting until most zombies were eliminated. The few that remained, trapped in buildings, were eradicated as the days wore on.

The scars from the outbreak can still be seen throughout the city, especially in the regions hit hardest, but relief and aid have been sent and the rebuilding has begun. The death toll remains untallied, though one source on the docks said that they had burned nearly a hundred bodies just in one night. The financial devastation likewise remains unknown.

There are tentative plans for a memorial to the fallen, both those who lost their lives to the infection, and those who lost their lives in an attempt to save the city.

String Of Robberies City-Wide
The Watch Is baffled


Starting on September 4th, robberies have picked up in the city. The first ended up with three victims, who were beaten unconscious and robbed of anything of value. According to the Watch, over five thousand silver was taken and the victims (Gereard Henston, Jake Daniels and Timothy Yenterman) were unable to identify their attacker or attackers afterwards.

The second robbery occurred at a warehouse at the WestEnd on September 6th. Strangely, only one thing was stolen, and though officials are hesitant to name what, they are advising all citizens to bring forth any information they know about this robbery as soon as possible.

The last robbery took place during the zombie outbreak, as the First National Bank of RhyDin had been robbed.

Authorities who were busy with the outbreak at the time did not find the scene until well after the robbery was completed, and any chance of collecting evidence was lost. Estimates of the silver taken is in the six-figure range.

The Watch is strongly advising everyone to keep a lookout and to report anything that sounds as though it's connected to this crime.

Long Island Iced Tea

Gavilean Starfare

Making a Long Island Iced Tea without a glass need not be a problem. In the RDI, if there's a will, there's a way!

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