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Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Page 1RhyDin - February 2008

2008 Election Primaries


The booths were set up in locations all over RhyDin on a chilly but clear Friday, January 11, 2008 for the Primary voting to begin. The lines were quite long in places in the city but Security had been hired to take care of any rowdiness and attempts to sneak back in to circumvent the one vote allowance per citizen. One Security Guard I spoke with said, "There were some fraudulent votes but we promise security will be tighter for the February Elections."

There were eight hopefuls on the ballot for citizens to pick from to move on to the actual Election in February. Of those eight the top four will be on the ballot when the Polls open for voting next. The voting was open for three days and when all was said and done the tally was in alphabetical order:


Anastas Iskandorj - 4

Corlanthis - 7

G - 18

Matt Simon - 14

Jade Rogue - 8

Karen Wilder - 16

Mischief - 10

ShadowOrk - 2

Theron - 3

Wolvinator - 39


There were a couple of extremely interesting developments during the Primaries folks. One being a death of one of the Candidates this year. Well I say death but in actuality he was apparently murdered according to a statement The Metahuman Nation of RhyDin sent to this paper.

One Khaine Levaque, A.K.A. ShadowOrk, had been running for Governor and was I believe found brutally murdered. At the time of this printing it is still unclear if the murder was politically motivated. A certain serial killer has claimed responsibility for this here crime but I ain't giving them the satisfaction of saying which one. Interested parties may inquire at The Oracle offices for more information.

Another little bit of excitement occurred when, from what I heard, strolling into the main polling place as bold as you please carrying a can of paint and a paint brush came one of the Candidates. Now I'm not certain what kept the polling place Security Guards from taking him into custody but I did hear tell Cor had a somewhat forbidding expression on his face which is a mite unusual for him.

When all was said and done and Cor took his leave of the polling place right there on the largest board that named off all eight Candidates in bright red paint with letters three foot high he had written, "CORLANTHIS?! - WITHDRAWN!" Things like this do lead a body to wonder just what has happened to cause a normally happy-go-lucky tea drinker to take up brush and can of paint to deface public property in the middle of an election.

Other than these things folks the Primaries went off like clockwork and all is in place for the big Election coming up. The Oracle Staff would like to remind everyone to get out there and vote for your choice of Governor from the four Candidates that are left. They are in alphabetical order: G, Matt, Karen, and Wolvinator.

Throw Off the Shackles


On January 9th, Captain Stephen Kidd-brother to supposed gubernatorial candidate Robert Kidd and husband to Jewell Ravenlock Kidd-got together what seemed like an impromptu rally in the Dockside area. "That government is best which governs not at all"; so quoting from Henry David Thoreau's, a writer from the Terran realm, Civil Disobedience, Captain Kidd was inciting the crowd of dock workers to anarchy. Captain Kidd was supported by a majority of the crowd and was heard saying: "We do nae show up… we do nae vote, an' we send a message tae these 'onorable men that we dun need nor consent EVER!!! tae any rule but our own!!!!"

To further his position, posters began to appear that very day around town bearing the messages of, "No Vote!" and "Say No to government in RhyDin!" Again, Kidd relied on Thoreau to express his ideals for him:

We must affect our country as our parents,
And if at any time we alienate
Our love or industry from doing it honor,
We must respect effects and teach the soul
Matter of conscience and religion,
And not desire or rule or Benefit.


Although it is possible that Captain Kidd did convince many of his fellow dock workers to refrain from voting in order to make their desire to rule themselves clear, he did not stop there. On January 23rd, a large group of people gathered at Kidd's pub, the Powder Keg, where a petition was drawn up and signed to add a "No Confidence" option on the ballot for the upcoming election for governor.

Many citizens chose to sign the petition that day while others have signed the copies that have appeared around the city in the following days. Despite many signatures being added to the petition, it remains to be seen whether an option for "No Confidence" will be added to the ballot or not.

Violence on the Rise!


With the elections fast approaching, I've noticed that the rate of violent crime in RhyDin is increasing — almost taunting whoever the new Governor will be. And it's not just your everyday run-of-the-mill muggings and robberies and whatnot — I'm talking major stuff, like girls getting grabbed outside a crowded nightclub, rampages where bloodless bodies were scattered in the alleyways, and huge fights between super-powered beings leaving environmental devastation all throughout the Glen. I mean, when will it all end? I know I sure don't want to end up flayed alive or left for dead in the gutter somewhere — it's so a girl can't even walk the streets without a bodyguard — or a big huge stick.

Is the rise in violent crime a backlash against the upcoming elections? I hope whoever gets the job has a good plan for making the city streets safe again — at least during the day so I can get some serious shopping done without having to keep a hand free for a weapon!

Green Hair

Gavilean Starfare

How do our ladies with the green hair get to look so beautiful? Evidently, it takes some work. The desire to look beautiful with green hair has led some residents to ingest antifreeze and other toxic substances. Your hair will turn green but there might be some side effects — like hair loss, the desire to pluck your eyes out, and even death.

Recent Lottery Winners

Sera - 7120
Ehzoterik - 7410
Maria Copperfield - 23310
Storm Divine - 12860

There's a lottery drawing every Friday. Buy your tickets early. You might be next!

Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Almiriel, Darren Drazen,
Gavilean Starfare,
Lyndra, Tera Starfare

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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