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All Seeing. All Knowing. All News.
Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Page 2RhyDin - February 2008

2008 Post Primary Responses


The Post Primary Responses by those hopefuls that did not garner enough votes to move on to the Election this month were quite civilized and we here at The Oracle feel it only fitting they too be set down for posterity as the campaign trail is often hard and who knows but what perhaps next year those hopefuls from this year may decide to take up the torch again.

SUPR — Anastas Iskandorj: Official:

While the SUPR is disappointed in the results of the election, it does not choose to contest them and holds fast to the doctrine that the people cannot be forced by an elite to act in their own best interests.

As such, for the time being the SUPR suspends its political activities. Chairman Iskandorj has used this opportunity to resign from his position, leaving the leadership of the Party in the hands of Vikram Ambani.

M.N.R. — Khaine Levaque (deceased): I managed to get a copy of a letter that was sent to the four remaining Candidates and nope I won't be saying how I got it folks but lets not forget that I do work at The Outback.

To the presepective canidate, in light of the tragic death of Khaine Levaque,

who as we understand had only about 2 votes, which is just sad, as he had a good vision for this city. A vision of Equality for all Races, and Unity for all, that he did not die in vain. Nor does his vision.

We hope that whoever wins this election, will fight for Equal rights for all races, as we of the M.N.R. still find this to be our highest goal. And whoever does win, we would like to work with that person, to ensure that Equal rights is achieved. But this can only be done through hard work and determination. We hope that the next Governor well be a reasonible and compassionate person.


Signed, Koruush DragonClaw, First Founder of the MetaHuman Nation of Rhydin

"When you need more than skin, Hellballs Leather Goods. After all, it's your hide you are protecting."

To place your order or for more information contact Woody Sprite. You can leave a message for him at the Red Dragon Inn.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold


Rumor has it that the RhyDin Museum will soon play host to a fantastic precious gems display, a recently discovered very large blue sapphire being the true center for all the media buzz. Word got out earlier this week that this blue sapphire was supposedly found near RhyDin.

Oracle correspondents have been keeping their ears open, but little has been found out about this newly discovered precious gem and the circumstances around its founding. There has been word that the site of the founding of this sapphire is a new mining site in the desert area to the east of RhyDin near a box canyon; further details on the location could not be obtained. It seems that the excavation team are purposefully keeping the location under wraps until appropriate permits and security are in place to protect their finding from trespassers.

Although the details on the location, and even on the team of explorers that found the sapphire, are scarce, there was a hint from several different informants that the sapphire may not be the true find at this location. The facts are muddled, but there have been reports that the explorers may have stumbled upon something much more valuable than a blue sapphire. There have been whisperings naming a rare mineral that may have been discovered, something along the lines of a rare form of platinum.

Several well-known scientists, members of the Unique Gems and Jewels Foundation of RhyDin, were consulted regarding this rumor. They verified that if, indeed, this supposed rare mineral that has been found is a form of platinum, it would not be surprising that a blue sapphire had also been found since both sapphires and corundum are often found along with platinum deposits.

Dr. Anju Patel shed some light on the subject for us: "If the explorers have managed to find a rare form of platinum, it would be a very great find indeed. I would say it is entirely possible for them to be using the finding of this blue sapphire as a cover up for what they have really found and are merely directing attention elsewhere as they scramble to get permits for and rights for the deposits they found; in a place like RhyDin, that can take a long while, the more time they buy themselves, the better. I'm sure that soon we will hear conclusive studies about exactly what it is they have found."

Drinking Water
Does Lead To Pregnancy


A new study conducted by the Journal for Rhydinian Population Growth recently established a positive correlation between the amount of RhyDin water a person drinks and their chances of getting pregnant, regardless of gender.

In the report, submitted earlier this month, Dr. Kramar Lootinhaul explains the results of his team's findings: "After years of research and study, we have concluded that there is a direct connection between people drinking RhyDin's water and getting pregnant. Just because there is a correlation between these two, however, does not mean that drinking the water is necessarily what causes a person to become pregnant. Finding such a correlation just proves that the more water a person drinks, the more likely they are to become pregnant for whatever reason. It could very well be that drinking the water is what causes the pregnancies, but that is not what our study has proven. It would take additional years of research to prove such a thing."

Dr. Lootinhaul and his team conducted several closed experiments to find these results over a number of years. They followed two hundred men and women, monitoring how much water they took in on a daily basis as well as how often they became pregnant. They also conducted

several case studies with people in RhyDin who seem to never get pregnant and those who are continually popping out babies, including one woman who just delivered her twentieth kid in ten years earlier this week.

The findings of this experiment will be published in February's edition of the Journal for RhyDinian Population Growth; the Doctor will also be presenting the results at a conference later this month.

Sky Kill

Gavilean Starfare

Thousands of our RyhDin children never received their presents this year. Your Oracle reporter discovered the grim reason behind the untouched milk and cookies.

Filet Mignon


There are signs that a new vigilante is on the loose in RhyDin, and she is taking the work of bringing justice to the neighborhood to the next level.

On January 9th, the RhyDin Watch found a new "victim" of this vigilante after being called in by the neighbor of the victim who had heard screaming nearby. "I know, I know, you're probably thinking what's so unusual about that in the WestEnd? But when you hear it coming from just next door to you, and with all these murders going on, of course I'm going to report it. I don't want to be next," explained Ms. Zercownawitz, a neighbor to the victim for several weeks now.

Like several other men recently, the victim — a young woman — was found skinned of all epidermal and subcutaneous fat layers in a rented room, in the WestEnd. Still alive when the Watch arrived on the scene, she was being kept alive via intravenous fluids and antibiotics. Although still breathing, the girl was unable to speak to members of the Watch or investigators; however, she had managed to write in her own blood, before their arrival, "Beware, she will come for you, too."

Why would a vigilante go after this young woman? Investigators, looking into the matter, discovered that she was a known thief, con artist, and had been questioned previously in the "accidental death" of her own child. Both Ms. Zercownawitz and the woman who rented out the room to the victim were surprised by this news, claiming they did not know she was involved in such nefarious activities.

The Watch has been unable to discover any additional information regarding the perpetrator of this event. One member did state, however, that, "[This] was a crime. These people think they're helping to clean up the streets of RhyDin when all they're really doing is perpetuating the violence. It's disgusting." His captain added that if and when this vigilante is found, she will be held accountable legally for her actions.

Weird Weather


With the onset of winter, RhyDin has been buried under some serious snow. However, towards the end of January something seemed a bit amiss with the usual wintery precipitation.

All across RhyDin, many people remarked that it seemed like the light was gone from the ice, and the glitter and sparkle from the snow. Children playing outside and making snow faeries noticed that instead of shining in the sunlight, the drifts and mounds of snow sat like wet heaps. Icicles hung limply off the eaves and branches, the glisten and shimmer lost. One little girl commented, after viewing the snow in her own front yard, that it seemed like all the snow was in mourning.

It is rumored that this odd change in weather was somehow connected to the disappearance of Wyheree Ravenlock Black, reported missing on January 17th. No correlation has been proven yet.

R2D2 Tryouts

Gavilean Starfare

Who would have guessed that the tryouts for Tatooine Idol would have attracted such interest. "R2D2, you're going to Hollywood!"

G's P.O.V.


Hello my adoring fans, both of you, and welcome to yet another edition of What Really Grinds my Gears. A Gnorticle. G'nort Talk. This is a Two for One Edition as I touch on a pair of subjects that are grinding my gears.

The Month is February, a fine time of year. Snow is melting, Spring is on it's way. Duel of Swords Madness is right around the corner. And then, you realize. "Oh no! Valentines day is right around the corner!" Yes, that day of days. The day that if you don't celebrate it, you obviously don't love your significant other. So, you say to yourself— "Gee willickers. I'd best be off to the store to buy some flowers, candy, and some expensive bauble she may or may not have so she knows I love her. Because if I don't, I'm going to be given the evil eye and sleeping on the couch for weeks after!"

Do I sound bitter or disheartening about Valentines day? Why yes, I do. There's a reason. I don't believe that there is a need for a specific day to show we love someone. If you're in love, you should be able to show it whenever you want. And guys *AND* Gals should do something. But the way V-D is run, well, let me run it down for you.

1. Guy forgets V-D and is punished by woman, believing that he doesn't care enough about her to celebrate it day. And if she says she doesn't care about V-D, she's lying, because when she sees others getting things, and you didn't, she's going to hurt a little inside regardless and feel just a bit jealous. There's only one target to take it out on, and that's you, fellas.

2. Guy remembers V-D, but got something cheap and thoughtless. Woman won't appreciate the effort, but will likely say that it shows how much he loves her by getting such crap. Obviously he doesn't rate the woman very highly on his priorities or he would have gotten her something nice.

3. Guy remembers V-D, and got things she absolutely loves and adores. Woman thinks that because he got these things, he obviously does love her. What this really does is set a standard for other men to follow, as well as the Guy now being fairly strapped for cash. So, he has to spend a lot in order to make the Woman happy, yet risks the ire of fellow men.

With 1 and 2, he's not getting laid. With #3, he's still not guaranteed getting laid, but his chances are improved a little. To continue.

4. Guy doesn't get anything for woman, and tells her it's cause he doesn't believe in V-D. Woman does, and is hurt that he wouldn't go along with her beliefs over something so trivial.

5. Guy and Gal are single, not in love with anyone, but it's not for a lack of effort. Guy and Gal see other couples fawning over themselves extra because it's V-D and feel a lonely ache inside. Why doesn't anyone love them? Are they not good enough? Is there something wrong with them? Is there no one for them ever?

They feel sad, lonely and depressed. It is basically thrown in their face "Ha ha, you're single and I'm not! I've got a boy/girlfriend and you don't! Now you must watch us kiss and know that you're not good enough to be in a relationship you worthless slob!"

6. Woman doesn't get anything for Guy. Guy doesn't care. He genuinely is not hurt over this because he's, well, a guy. So, woman feels that if he doesn't show a painful emotion over her forgetting him, then he obviously doesn't care that much about the relationship, and maybe she should rethink her life with him.

7. Guy gets woman nice gift. Woman is happy. Woman gets guy a little something. Guy says it wasn't necessary but it's appreciated. They kiss and go about their business. This one is the ideal situation that is ultimately rare, despite what's said behind the eyes.

8. Everyone spends money to prove their love for their S/O and the commercialist make out like bandits.

So, if you want to celebrate V-D, whatever. I think it's a stupid holiday because I sure as hell don't need any foul companies dictating to me that I need one specific day of the year to prove to my wife that I love her. I prove I love her every day, be it by some action, word, or thought. Screw conformity.

Now, onto the Election which is coming up. Well, it seems that a bunch of you folks are ready to vote None of the Above. That's fine. I guess the idea of having a Rhydinian figurehead is something you just can't decide you like. Doesn't matter if you don't vote for me anymore. But I'd rather you didn't vote for Wolvinator. He's not Governor material and I'm not buying his letters, campaigning or speeches. If you don't vote for myself, Matt or Karen, then please, vote None of the Above. I know we're not wanted as governors now, and that you all apparently don't want a governor, so then vote None of the Above. Kitty can be the only ever Rhydin Governor and we'll leave it at that. Deal? I just wish you cared more about Rhydin that you'd like to see someone in an office who'd try to improve quality of life rather than just let it continue as is. At least if you vote None of the Above, instead of me, Matt or Karen, it won't get any worse!

Thank you and good night. Or day. Whichever time you are reading this. Next month, I'll take on the evil Easter Bunny and encourage you all to participate in the March Duel of Swords Madness! Be there or be Octagonal.

Common Goods
At Uncommon Prices

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