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Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Page 3RhyDin - February 2008

2008 Post Primary Addresses By Remaining Gubernatorial Candidates


The four Candidates that you have chosen to advance to the actual Election each gave a public address after the Primary poll concluded. They restated platforms and gave thanks for the support to their campaigns. The Oracle presents those addresses for our readers to help all citizens make their determination on who to vote for in the upcoming Election!

In no certain order.


My fellow citizens, today I stand before you as one of those who have been fortunate enough to advance in the general election. The people turned out on Election Day, and voted for the candidate they support. Voting is the most powerful tool the people have, and collectively the people spoke in regards to whom they felt could best lead the city. For that, I thank each and every one of you for your time and effort spent on Election Day, and I thank you for selecting me as one of the chosen few to advance into the primaries.

"Secondly, I would like to congratulate my fellow candidates that advanced into the primaries as well. I wish you all the best of luck in the coming weeks, and it is an honor to have the opportunity to be part of an election with such gifted and talented individuals as my esteemed opposition.

"My resolve is unwavering, and my plans for change remain steadfast. I have personally spoken with many citizens in regards to issues that plague them, and ideas that they feel would assist in the overall betterment of the city. This has assisted me in rounding out what need to be taken care of in the city, as well as the changes and concerns that effect everyone in their day to day lives. For your input, I am forever grateful.

"I will continue to act as the ears, the eyes and the voice of the people.

"The ears, that listen to each and every one of you has to say, and to comprehend the actions that need to be taken.

"The eyes, to see what the people need, and what the people want. To look ahead to the future, but never forgetting about the past so that history does not repeat itself.

"The voice, that speaks for the people, the voice of change, the voice of reason and the voice of hope.

"There are rough times ahead. Things cannot be done overnight, as many of you have heard the phrase "Rome was not built in a day". Yet with each step towards change, with each stride towards a better tomorrow, those small accomplishments and goals will pave the path for a prosperous and enlightening future.

"I would like to thank you once again for this honorable advancement into the general elections. I look forward to working with you, and for you, to provide a fruitful and flourishing society.


My Fellow Rhydinians.

I am certain a great deal of you know me. Many more have heard of me via reputation. And more still have at the very least seen me at some point in their lives.

I've currently been embroiled in a scandal with my campaign manager. I will only respond to that to say simply, it is not true. If it were, I would most likely admit to it. It would be nothing for me to be ashamed of, and am only disappointed because it is a slander campaign designed to affect my running for Governor.

On to my next order of business. Why you should vote for me over any of my other candidates.

Over Wolvinator. Frankly, I'm the better candidate than he is. I don't come with all this destructive behavior or baggage that seems to be included in his campaign. Not to mention the fan girls that seem to be pining for him.

I am more sociable. I am the better figurehead. I am better diplomatically refined. I don't need to convince you I'm unbreakable. I just am.

Over Matt Simon. He's got more than enough to handle with running the Outback and with his commitment to his travel amongst the stars. Good man, just distracted. You'll need someone in office who can arrange the time to dedicate himself to trying to improve Rhydin. Plus, as he's always saying, he's old. He could die any time of old age. Might not make it to next year. Do you want to vote a dying Governor into office? I think not.

Over Karen Wilder. She walks with a limp, has a thick and hard to comprehend accent, has an armed force already patrolling the city, and has religious backing. This is a dangerous combination. Besides, if she's already patrolling our streets, do we need to vote her into the office anyway?

In closing. I'm a man of the people looking to serve the people. Not my own self interests, not as something else to do, and not to justify what I do. I genuinely want to ensure the safety of our citizens. To see to it that the middle class get a wage increase and tax break. I want to govern for you, not for me.

Make the right choice. Make Rhydin's choice.

Vote G'nort.


Citizens of Rhydin,

The Primary Elections are behind us, and it is with the utmost gratitude that I thank you for your votes and your support. My campaign, and those of the other candidates, are heating up and running strong, leaving you with some difficult choices in the coming days.

I've read the recent press-statement from G'nort Talanador's campaign, and I do believe he speaks the truth in regard to his relationship with his campaign manager. The brewing scandal in his campaign should not detract from his stance on the numerous issues facing this city and you, its population. I would encourage all of you to remain focused upon the issues and not what the gossip magazines and papers would have you believe.

Despite G'nort's hypothesis regarding my 'elderly' status, let me make it absolutely clear that I'm in no immediate danger of dying from old age. I've been part of this great city for over a decade, yes, but I believe that length of time only strengthens my knowledge of how to best

guide things over the next year, should you choose to elect me. G'nort also mentioned my charge over The Outback, one of our dueling venues. My duties there will not detract from those I would have as Governor; I have a strong support staff and, if anything, dealing with the various personalities, events, and troubles during my time as The Outback's owner-operator has only prepared me that much more for similar circumstances I am sure I will face as Governor.

G'nort's final concern was my time spent off-planet, away from the city. Let me assure you that should you elect me, my primary focus and role will be here, as it is now.

All three of my fellow candidates will do as I am doing: attempt to convince you that they are the right person for the job and the best qualified and prepared to lead the city, the citizens, and the government. Each of us brings our own unique experiences, our own strengths, and yes, even our own weaknesses to the position, for none of the four of us are perfect.

I hope that soon, each of us can come together in a public debate to answer the questions that are most forefront in your minds. I believe that Karen Wilder will hold a press conference today in order to address some of those questions, and I plan on doing the same tomorrow. I promise to answer you as honestly and forthrightly as I am able, for you deserve nothing less.

I again thank you for your support and encourage each of you to participate in helping choose the path you and this city will take over the next year. I look forward to seeing and meeting some of you in person tomorrow.

Karen — This Candidate held a press conference where any and all could ask questions so I've simply transcribed her answers here to various questions that were asked.

I wish tae renew me call tae me fellow candidates thet this remain a campaign based on issues, nae on negativity.

I call upon th' citizens o' this great city tae ask th' hard questions o' m'self an' all the candidates. Learn about all o' us, so ye kin choose th' candidate thet best suits ye.

There've been many sayin' it's better tae vote fer noone... tae 'ave no governor… But will they be th' ones who stop th' murders? Will they be th' ones tae fight invaders?

In th' recent past, th' city 'as been invaded by Zombies an' attacked from within by th' followers of Myr'Kul. Other attacks upon th' city 'ave come from across th' seas an' through th' Nexus. There's no reason tae believe thet such attacks will ne'er occur again.

E'en so, th' waters o' politics 'ave ne'er run smooth an' anythin' worth havin' is worth fightin' for... especially safety an' security. As fer me 'vast resources'… th' Templars still continue tae help patrol th' streets, we continue tae train new recruits an' we continue tae provide aid an' support where we can. All good leaders know 'ow an' when tae delegate, an' I be blessed with competant assistants an' volunteers both inside th' Templars an' among th' populus.

Many o' Ser Wolvinator's stances on th' issues mirror me own… yet thet should come as nae surprise, since all th' remainin' candidates hold similar stances. Th' differences come in how we intend tae provide solutions. Ifin yer askin' me tae speak on his moral character, I will nae. My personal feelin's are jest thet, personal… an' how I feel 'bout th' other candidates should nae have any bearin' on how ye or anyone else votes. It's nae my place tae convince ye not tae vote fer someone... I'm here tae convince ye tae vote for me.

While I personally hate th' practice o' slavery, I do understand thet there are countries where th' practice is legal. However… simply put, th' takin' of slaves in the Free City o' RhyDin is a crime. A crime thet far tae many o' our 'finer' citizens 'ave ignored or e'en sanctioned.

Th' cornerstone o' my campaign is thet all are equal under th' Law. From th' richest merchant tae th' slaves brought in from other lands. From th' greatest warrior tae th' regular farmer.

Anyone caught takin' slaves within th' City shall be jailed an' their goods confiscated. Those goods will be divided among th' people taken an' any other former slaves thet person claimed. Tae aid in enforcin' this, a standin' reward o' fifty crowns shall be given tae those citizens who aid in th' findin' or capture of active slavers.

I 'ave fought slavers in th' past… an' will continue tae do so in th' future. By bolstering th' Watch with aid from existin' militias, e'eryone will 'ave greater security. An' by offerin' rewards fer th' capture o' criminals… rewards thet will come from th' goods an' property o' th' criminals, an' nae from taxes… e'eryone will 'ave a stake in upholdin' th' Law.

I'll be th' first tae admt no one kin really stop all crime… anybody thet says they're gonna end crime is lyin'. But any criminal thet says they're uncatchable is nae only lyin' tae th' public, they're lyin' tae themselves.

As I already mentioned, by recruiting existin' militias an' offerin' rewards for those thet aid in th' capture o' slavers, there'll be fewer an' fewer places fer slavers tae hide. I dinnae intend tae go after slave owners… but slave-takers. But, when Slaves 'ave' th' same protections under th' law as e'eryone else, e'en the slave owners will 'ave tae watch their step. There be some other ideas in th' plannin' stages thet I cannae comment on at this time. Suffice it tae say, I's nae gonna reveal me plans tae capture slavers to th' slavers themselves.

An' I think thet answers th' first part o' yer question, miss. As fer payin' fer it… th' money is already there. By shiftin' th' revenue towards th' Watch an' courts, as well as th' other projects I's outlined, we should see a rapid decline in crime. By reducin' crime, we increase th' confidence an' security o' th' populous… as well as foreign merchants… an' this stimulates th' economy. And, o' course, a more robust economy generates more taxes.

Th' current arrangements between th' Watch an' th' Templars will remain as they are. Th' Knights Templar currently patrol th' city to suppliment th' Watch. As Governor, I would 'ave th' official position an' authority tae arrange fer better trainiin' an' organization.

Th' Knights Templar 'ave a long history o' working wit' existing governments and militias. In none o' those situations did th' Templars absorb th' existin' forces, an' it would nae this time. As fer me position wit' th' Templars, I's already trained others to take o'er th' job I do so I will be able tae focus me attention on me duties as Governor.

While I support th' Red Dragon Inn… an' th' other Inns an' Taverns in th' city… I don' think thet Free Ale Nights are a good use o' City Funds. I will, 'owever, support any private efforts towards such goals an' arrange fer members o' th' Watch tae provide security fer drunken party-goers.

New Questions Posed to Candidates


A concerned citizen took the time to have three pertinent questions posed to each of the four remaining candidates for Governor of our fair city. A public response has been issued by each of them in reply and here they are folks in no certain order.

Matt Simon:

I am unaware of a large-scale inequality between humans and non-humans, but that's not to say that it doesn't exist and the issue is important regardless of how widespread it is. I don't believe the government can forcibly change someone's views of a human or meta-human, everyone brings their own beliefs and prejudices to such a debate. However, education, especially amongst the youth, can help curb the differences between the many species that frequent and live within the city. I often see children of varying species playing together, interacting, and sharing, and I believe our various Academies and schools do a good job in keeping everyone on equal footing and I would encourage them to continue doing so.

In regard to security, I, along with the other candidates, have spoken (or written) at length of our thoughts on the Watch and how to potentially improve the city's safety. I know of numerous out of work pilots and Marines with a great deal of experience who are interested in joining and/or training the Guard regardless of whether or not I am elected Governor. My desire to help improve security does not hinge on whether you choose to elect me. I live and work in this city much like the rest of you and I want to see a vast reduction in the amount of crime that has been occurring of late. I believe bolstering the ranks and additional training of the Guard will go a long way toward helping accomplish that goal.

As to the issue of slavers, I re-iterate my statements to Ms. Nozee of The Oracle. In some cultures, slavery is quite accepted and a way of life. Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the cultural practice, I cannot order them to cease and desist. However, there is a vast difference between cultural practice and those who enslave for simple profit and power. My efforts would be focused on stopping people of such nature. Again, with additional training and manpower, the Watch can certainly become a stronger presence and deterrent. Will slavery of young women and young men stop entirely? I cannot say for certain, but the effort should be made to impede those who would profit from the suffering of another simply because it puts coin in their purse and perhaps bolsters a reputation.


I believe that there is actually a good amount of equality that already exists in our fair city. We have a variety of species, spanning countless planets, origins, colors, shapes and sizes; and despite many small problems, most everyone seems to carry out their day-to-day lives quite well. That doesn't mean that I am completely blind to the issue at hand, of course. There are those that treat others wish scorn or malice based on a purely prejudicial fear of the unknown or unfamiliar.

I have learned that racism can be overcome through the rational and open-minded exchange of cultural ideas, through discussion and honest debate, and through simple knowledge of one another. I would be delighted to hold annual cultural festivals, craft fairs, and other events that could promote the chance for all of our diverse cultures to learn about one another.

Schooling and education is the natural evolution of that same idea. By teaching our children and young leaders of tomorrow the importance of racial equality, we will help pave the way towards a more enlightening future. Rome was not built in a day, yet by teaching and raising our children to not judge anyone by the color of their skin, but the content of our character, we can ensure that today's mistakes will not be repeated tomorrow.

To resolve our security issues, I have quite a few initiatives that I would like to enact, if the people were to see fit. I am firstly looking to increase the level of community involvement in the security of the city. There are a myriad of individuals in RhyDin with exemplary gifts, whether it be magic, extraordinary powers, or other unique skills and abilities that can compliment the already stalwart efforts of the Watch. I wish to reach out to these people, and offer them the opportunity to step up and help make their city a better place.

Secondly, I wish to have recruitment drives for those willing to join the city Watch. These functions will serve not only as a tool for recruitment, but to empower our local citizens with tips and tricks on staying safe, avoiding confrontation, fire safety, basic medical assistance and how to recognize potential city-wide threats. I completely believe that knowledge is power, and by training all of our citizens on "the basics" at the very least, it will aid in making our city a safer and much more enjoyable place to live.

Lastly, the men, women, and let's say 'others' that serve and protect our great city will be much more effective at preventing threats by attending updated training seminars featuring the latest in

non-lethal combat resolution, outfitting them with the newest gear available, and ensuring that they are ready to face off against real world scenarios. I personally believe that all of these elements together will secure a peaceful and fruitful society that all individuals will feel safe living in.

Funding will, for the most part, be obtained from the current budget. I would work to slowly recede funding from non-essential and over budgeted city systems, and funnel that into the City's security and protection. If need be I would also offer reasonable tax breaks and incentives to those who wish to donate money, time, or resources towards citywide security. Other monetary allotments can be attained from local events, festivals, and fund drives if necessary.

I intend to work with the slavers in a diplomatic fashion. I am fully against slavery, but then again I completely understand that it cannot be fully abolished overnight. I would like to work with the slavers to begin a voluntary release program. Slaves are people who are deprived of personal freedoms and civil liberties. I believe all sentient beings; no matter what species, race, gender or color, have certain inalienable rights. The rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness being chief among these. As cliche as that may sound, that is what every person deserves. No one should blithely tolerate the total subjugation of another person against their will, and while I won't be tolerating it, I will accept that the transition cannot be made instantly.

I would like to come to a peaceful and diplomatic resolution with the individuals that are indulged in this business. I don't believe that walking into known slavery-rings with guns blazing is the answer, but I'm also aware that diplomatic discussion alone is not likely to resolve the issue. I do plan to institute a policy to have these captors work to have these "business" talents be used in a more useful, productive, and socially accepted fashion.

The second part of the question, in regards to the security of the mostly young female population, will also be a part of my current security initiative. However, I am quite open to suggestions from current Police and Detective officials as well. I plan on using all the resources I have available to me, to listen and trust in those that are the masters of their field, to guide our city into further prosperity.


I am unaware of there being any inequality amongst humans and meta humans. I've seen that everyone is treated relatively the same. If someone is a complete jerk, they're treated like a complete jerk regardless of human/non-human/non-living/Meta/alternate race. If someone is popular, they're treated as a popular person is treated. So, if everyone is considered equal already, what need is there to promote it? I'm not going to pay out the wazoo to make someone feel good about something they already have. It's like spending a great deal of funds on campaigning to make someone feel good about a Ship they've already bought. It's a waste of taxpayer money.

This question always seems to come up despite it having been answered numerous times previous. It's simple. More guards, improved training, contracting independent security firms to ensure that it takes place, and regular personal inspections to be doubly sure. Raise taxes on the rich after giving a break to middle class citizens who have to work for a living. The rich have more to lose to crime, they should pay to be safe too, just like middle and lower class citizens.

I've given the issue of slavery a great deal of thought lately. And the conclusion I've come up with is that Slavery is a figment of imagination. I don't believe slavery exists in RhyDin. People who are called "Slavers" and "Slaves" are simply two consenting adults. The "Slave" can always say "no" if they choose. And if they decide not to, well then, the "slaver" makes claims that he or she "enslaved" them. Granted, those claiming to be "slavers" are always egotistical, pretentious, pompous asses, this goes without saying. However, the case is that those they claim to enslave are doing so under their own free will. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.

What two consenting adults do is their business. Simple as that. There's nothing to act on.

Addendum to G'nort's by Erin:

Gnort Dragoon-Talanador, while believing that some slavers and slaves are dealing with consensual behavior, knows that some women are taken by force and against their will. To the Talanador Party, this is kidnapping and torture, not slaver, and will be dealt with as such by the guard and the administration. Of course, given the sensitivity around those situations, there is never one clear answer, though the victim, family or friends should approach the head of the guard on order to deal with the problem. I, myself, have been a victim of this kidnapping and can tell you that Mr. Dragoon-Talanador does not take it lightly, nor blame me. He just takes every situation as it comes, and many slaver situations in RhyDin and around the realm are consensual.

Thank you for allowing clarification.

Karen Wilder:

Refer to Post Primary Address Article for this Candidate's Statement.

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