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Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Page 6RhyDin - February 2008

Overlord Defends Title
Against Damien



I wuzz thurr for it! I WUZZ THURR!!!

If you weren't, well, why not?! Well, I ain't telling you what happened. So there.

Fine, fine, I'll tell you, but you owe me! Hear me?! You owe me!!

See, Damien said something incomprehensible but that vaguely resembled a challenge. Roland said ok. So over the river and through the woods, off to the Arena they go.

The Overlord's second was Sartan. His Lady of Honor was Apryl Salsinger. He dueled under the colors of Crimson and White.

Damien's Lord of Honor, I mean, Second was Cletus. His lady of honor was this sweet chick named Maggie. I don't think he knew who Maggie was.

So they are about to get in the ring when the Overlord proposes to Damien… no, no, not that type of proposal, he had Sartan test him. So Sartan gets in there and Cletus says he's going in for Damien, but then G says "No! I am renegade and senior and better looking and I'm the one that's gonna step in for Damien!" After half hour of arguing over artificial turf G said he'll let Cletus do it. So Cletus and Sartan get in the ring, but then Xeric says "No! I want to be in that ring because I'm renegade and was not invited to this party!" After half hour of arguing against artificial turf, Xeric steps in the ring with Sartan and we finally begin the challenge. Kinda.

So the intercession duel starts and Xeric quickly scores three points by round four! Things ain't looking good for Sartan. Then the clouds parted and a choir of angels sang and Sartan scored a point! The world rejoiced! And you know what? Xeric didn't score any more after the fourth round, because Sartan opened a can of whoop ass and checked him out of the ring in 14 rounds.

Sometime during the duel, the Baron of Marketplace petitions to be a Loyal Baron.

Then Damien steps in the ring to meet Sartan, and these two went at it real quick! Either one scored on each of the seven rounds that this duel lasted. Just by the third round the score was already 2 all! All but round four when nothing happened and we all booed and hissed. Then Damien went and scored one-two-three, or should I say tree-four-five. So Damien gave Sartan his walking papers and waited there for Roland.

And finally, the duel everyone was waiting for. On one corner you have the Overlord all nice and sober. On the other you have Damien, how does the guy stand? It's a mystery! Roland gets the first point by dancing around the ring. Then Damien ties it by dancing too. Then Roland goes to dance again and Damien whacks him to make him stop. Then Roland tries to whack Damien but he ducks down. Then Damien disses the Roland but he says "Don't you go dissing me!" and whacks him! So by round four Damien leads 3-2.

Roland and Damien whack each other and things don't look so good for Roland as now Damien needs only one point to win. Just when Roland thought everything was lost, he defends against Damien's attack and ties the score 4 all. And then it comes: The final round. People are sitting at the edge of their seats. Traffic stops. Women weep and children cry for food! I demand to be fed, but my demands fall on deaf ears. As in slow motion, Damien lunges forward with a thrust, which Roland avoids by stepping aside and while flailing his arms hits Damien for the full point and the win!

After ten rounds, Roland defeats Damien and remains Overlord of the Duel of Swords!!

All Hail Roland!!!

As witnessed by the Imp-comparable! Imp-olicious! The one and only Imp!

Available for challenges, tournaments, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and bachelorette parties!

Cargo Hauling, cheeeeeeap!
Courier for hire, I can take anything anywhere you want it to go. Contact box in the Red Dragon Inn, room five. Fees negotiable.

Contact Misty at Fur'za Flyin' MD Courier Services

Scathachian Sanctuary
Negotiation- irradication services for victims of injustice. For consultation interview (including fees), one may contact the Sanctuary directly, or Isuelt DeRomiano at the Red Dragon Inn.

Panther's Claw Tournament!

January 14, 2008

What an awesome spectacle this was folks! If you weren't at this Tournament did you ever miss something! Of course there was quite the crowd of notables that did attend to cheer their favorites on so perhaps you were among them. If not you best keep watch for when the next Duel of Fists shindig is gonna take place!

Matt and me, me would be Tera "Des" Starfare, got to call this grand and glorious fist fighting extravaganza that had no less than TWELVE hopefuls entered. They were in order of seeding: Miranda, Napoleon, Erin, Soerl, Alyson, Miriya, Jewell, Gabriel, Lydia, Dakota, Dark Yuki, Teagan. Now before things got started Dark Yuki got snatched and Summer arrived wanting to get beat on some so she entered and was given Dark Yuki's spot in the line up.

Oh! I still ain't told ya what we were all there for. The Panther's Claw was up for grabs folks! Rena had it for the last couple of months and the benefit of holding it is one more fancy or feint above your current rank on the standings that you normally have. Due to their being so many desiring the prize this here night I decided to make this a one shot deal. Single elimination was the name of the game tonight. Winner take all each and every round and boy howdy did these here folks ever put up fights!

In the first round of fights it went a little something like this. Miranda sat down Teagan 5-2 in 5 rounds. Napolean did the same to Summer 5-2 in 7 rounds. Miriya defeated Jewell in 7 rounds as they both jabbed to a final score of 5-3. Lydia chopped her way to victory against Soerl 5-3 in 12 rounds and Dakota had the faster kick in round 11 after sudden death against Erin.

Round two matches had Dakota's foot again bringing him a win this time over Miranda at 5-2 in 7 rounds while Napoleon's rat fist finished off Lydia also with a score of 5-2 only their was in 8 rounds. Gabriel jabbed Miriya for a final score of 5-1 in 6 rounds to advance.

Round three was over rather quickly as Gabriel defaulted to Dakota and we quickly moved on to the fourth and final round that saw Dakota facing Napoleon for all the GLORY!!!

Dakota got on the board first but Napoleon used his rat fist in the second round and was on the board too! Round 3 neither scored but in 4 Napoleon scurried really fast! In 5 Dakota used that foot that seemed to work well tonight to bring the

scored tied up at 2 All but in 6 the PiRATe pulled ahead again as the rat army entered to cheer him on!!!

I must admit at this point things got a bit frightening for those gathered to watch as there was quite a large number of rats in the rat army and they were not quiet about their cheering. I saw one patron of The Outback grab a shoe, it was not their shoe I might add but they had a shoe ready to hurl if need be, and others well let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Round 7 the rat was blocked and in 8 he got chopped! I was thinking Napoleon at this point was wishing he was back behind the bar again sniffing out crusty pieces of stale bread or being fed cookies again by I think it was Hodge. Not that the PiRATe was being spoiled between duels. I have to wonder if that was what gave him the ability to flip Dakota in round 9 bringing the score to 4-3 rat's favor. I had never seen anything like that in all my born days.

Then they were at SUDDEN DEATH as Dakota got revenge for that! It was the 12th round and both were cautious so I just waited for the next with breath held as the rat army continued to look on and cheer. Dakota wasn't just waiting though he was gaining position in 13. But in 14 Napoleon took him downtown for the win and the Panther's Claw!!!!

Drachen Walde Industries, owned by the Marquess and Marchioness von Triberg specializes in weapons manufacturing.

Custom orders, or off the shelf weaponry available to those with proper ID and resources.

Please see Azjah or Klinton Caer for details and pricing.

Tournament Of Champions


January 13th, Tournament of Champions! Overlord Roland hosted a Tournament of Champions with the sole prize being the Overlord Grant challenge. Imp came in to watch, luckily Roland kept any drool from getting on his tournament report. Out of Eight champions, Teagan beat former Overlord Cletus in the finals to claim the challenge prize! This is from Roland himself.

Ladies and gentlemen… we have a winner!

Eight Champions came out to support their title holders, but only one walked away with the Grant.

Those that witnessed the event saw an evening filled with talent, honor, and some exciting moments.

Round One saw Teagan facing off against Rena in what would be the night's only shut out, a perfect one at that! Jake Thrash came out swinging, pulling out a victory over former Talon Jewell. Matthew Simon almost pulled out a comeback victory against Four Time Overlord Cletus. In what would be the longest duel of the night, Cassius pulled out a close one against Erin.

Round Two pitted Jake Thrash off against Teagan and Cassius off against Cletus insuring that the final match would be fought by a Loyal Champion and a Renegade Champion. Teagan pulled off an impressive win over an impressive foe and Cletus put his skill on display once more by pulling out a win over Cass.

The Final Match… The Overlord Champion's Teagan Rielea took on Renegade Baron Damien Mortis' Champion Cletus Ganderfald in a match for the ages! In the end, Teagan came out on top and claimed victory in ANOTHER tournament earning herself the Overlord Grant and the respect of us all.

Congrats Teagan, Grant Champion!!

A massive thanks goes out to everyone's favorite… IMP! Without his help this tournament would lack the color and excitement that it did. A large donation was made in his name to a local RhyDin charity.

For All Things Magical

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