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Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Page 7RhyDin - February 2008

Diamond Quest 52


January 20th, Diamond Quest 52! Ten people showed up to compete in the DQ. Sartan takes the title after the Round Robin THEN single elimination tournament!

On Sunday, January 20th, ten of the Outback's best came together for Diamond Quest 52! And what a night it was!

With the number of participants so high, the format for this Quest was different than in years past; instead of a standard Round Robin or Double Elimination event, this Quest had 6 Round Robin rounds with the top 4 competitors advancing to Single Elimination winner-take-all rounds. The path to those SE bouts was anything but easy.

Round Robin

Round 1:

Paired off by seeding, the five pairs opened things up with a great deal of gusto and energy. Harris's match against Cassius was the first to end with Harris pitching a 6 round shutout. Soon after, Matt downed Xerzes as Sartan, in his very first DQ, took a win over Kheldar who'd won of 2 of the last 3 Quests. In the longest bout of the round and the night at fourteen, Koyliak and Bran kept things at a Sudden Death stalemate for six straight rounds with Koy finally breaking the cycle and taking the win.

Round 2:

The fighters kept up the pace in the second round with Matt squeaking past Kheldar and Ria pounding on Bran. Koy bested Art in an easier and shorter fashion than her first round fight, Harris handed Sartan his first loss, and Cassius dispatched Xerzes to the 0-2 group.

Round 3:

Things didn't get much easier for anyone with the third set of pairings. Sartan, after his hot start, lost his second straight to Koy while Kheldar found himself winless as Bran netted his first victory of the night. Xerzes took his first win and beat up on Art while Cas, in a very close match with Ria, put himself at 2-1 on the night. Matt and Harris fought it out for twelve rounds with Matt securing the win which placed both Simons at 3-0.

Round 4:

In a battle of the undefeated, Matt and Koy squared off with the female Simon handily dispatching her husband. Kheldar put a notch in the win column by beating up on Xerzes while Bran and Art only allowed their opponents, Harris and Cassius, one point apiece. Sartan, despite his penchance for not beating up on women, still took down Ria handily.

Round 5:

With everyone tiring, the Quest surged forward. Harris, wanting to avenge his prior 5-1 loss, knocked Koy from her undefeated spot while Kheldar kept himself on the right track with a win over Cassius. Sartan gave Matt his second straight loss and Bran kept up his torrid

pace in beating Art, having allowed only three points in his last two fights. Xerzes knocked Ria around in the shortest bout of the night and scored five straight, beating her in 5 rounds.

Round 6:

This was the last of the Round Robin match ups, with the top 4 advancing to the Single Eliminations. Seven of the ten duelers still had a legitimate shot at making the SE's (Koy was locked in; Ria and Cas had fallen out of contention), and everyone remained on their game despite increasing fatigue. Matt secured his spot in the SE's with a win over Art while Sartan did the same in besting Xerzes. Kheldar gave himself a great shot by winning his third straight over Harris and had to wait for the outcome of the Cassius-Bran fight to see if he'd make it. Though Cassius won, Bran scored enough to tie Kheldar in points and advance to the SE's by virtue of his earlier head-to-head victory over the Outback's second in command.

Single Eliminations

Koy, by virtue of having already bested the other three, took top seed while Bran, having the lowest points total coming out of the Round Robin, had the lowest seed. The pair squared off again while Matt and Sartan settled in for a rematch. Despite the nail biter fight which started the night, Bran worked his way into the finals with a relatively easy victory and Sartan knocked Matt out of the running in similar fashion. Interestingly, both of the Simons lost 5-2.

The Finals

Sartan and Bran squared off in their eighth and final fight of the night. Sartan jumped out to an early lead but Bran quickly tied things up. The two traded shots and kept each other close over the next several rounds much to the delight of the crowd, with Bran taking the lead twice and Sartan retaliating the following round. In the end, despite it being his first DQ and taking on a field of extremely tough competitors, Sartan knocked Bran down and out to take home his very first DQ victory!


ShadoWeaver, the black opal, having been vacant since Vanion's forfeit in non-response to challenge by Dizzy Flores, was 2nd prize in the Quest. With Matt already holding PathFinder, there was no need for he and Koy to duel again to determine 3rd and 4th place. As Bran, the second place finisher, already held MoonBeryl, ShadoWeaver was awarded to Koyliak VanDuran-Simon.

The Outback staff wishes to congratulate Sartan on a job well done and an extremely well fought tournament as well as Koyliak for becoming the 22nd individual to hold ShadoWeaver! Thanks also goes to Rena and Erin for officiating the event and to the crowd for their support of the participants. We're looking forward to seeing you at Diamond Quest Fifty-Three!

Pathfinder Challenge


January 7th, Pathfinder Challenge! Cassius challenges Matt for the green Opal. They fought while everyone watched Des call. Seventeen hours later Matt finishes Cassius off after three bouts!

I was most honored to officiate the Challenge between Matt Simon and Cassius Gaius Maximius on the 7th of January for the green Opal known as PathFinder. This did happen in The Outback before quite a large crowd of onlookers and fellow Duelists. Cass did have something to say before the Match began and here is what that something was — "I've spoken with Ms. Howard. If she has no issue, neither do I. But since I want to duel one of the best in the Outback, and don't want to have to deal with an obnoxious blue-haired man's antics or have a demon from Aegyptus try to kill me, this challenge will proceed."

Then it was time to get down to business! The first match opened with jabs by both then they rested and came out both swinging again then rested. Cass then got up and over a kick by Matt and followed up by nicely dodging a chop by him, both for full points, bringing the score to 4-2 Cass' favor in the 6 th round. It wasn't until the 8th round that Matt caught Cass and got himself a point and in 9 blocked him for another full points to bring us right on up to SUDDEN DEATH just that quickly folks!!! In round 10 Matt completed his comeback in this duel by faking out Cass for the win 5-4!

The next duel both started out with some defense instead of the offense of the first and neither gained by it. Cass then attempted a straight in punch but found Matt waiting and Matt was on the board first. Matt got in the number two before Cass could land an uppercut and the score was 2-0 Matt in round 3. Cass pulled out the number one though and was on the board in round 4. They both attempted feint jump kicks though so we had a null

round next. Matt turned around though and gained some ground in 6 and brought the score to 3-1 his favor. Cass wasn't having it go unanswered though and at the end of 7 we were 3-2 Matt.

By 9 Cass took Matt downtown to tie the Match at 3-All. 10 saw Cass gain another point but in 11 so did Matt taking us right back to another SUDDEN DEATH folks!!! This time around both were not taking it lying down though and jabbed straight in on round 12 taking us into another SUDDEN DEATH round!!!! Matt went for the number two in round 13 and Cass for a kick that landed giving Cass the win here with a score of 6-5 and we were headed for a third and final duel to determine the holder of PathFinder!!

This third and final duel began like the second with more defense and no opening score by either. Rounds 2 and 3 had Cass jumping out to an early lead but 4 saw Matt doing his spinning backhand thing that had does for a full point bringing the score to 2-1 Cass. 5 was Cass' round and 6 was Matt's and the score was 3-2 Cass. 7 was no one's, 8 was Cass and 9 belonged to Matt and our score inched up to 4-3 Cass. 10 they couldn't score off of each other, 11 Matt gained an advantage, and 12 Matt finished up his comeback, from Cass' early lead, bringing us to the third SUDDEN DEATH in the third Challenge Match duel tonight!!!!

Things were tense as both had already each one a sudden death match once tonight and both are experienced duelists. It was anyone's match that is for sure and certain folks! The fightin' had been fierce up to now and exhausting. They had been going at it for well over three and a half hours in the rings! In the end there could be only one holder of PathFinder and tonight it was to be Matt that found the strength for another jab that connected before Cass' snapkick could land to enable him to retain his hold on the Opal with a score of 5-4!

Archmage Tournament


January 7th, Archmage Tournament! People showed up to cast spells! Vinny's the last one standing and gets to challenge Will for the title. Rena watched the whole thing and then reported this:

At 9:10PM on Monday night, January 7, 2008, four of the mages of Twilight Isle gathered to fling spells to see who would face Will Wulfson for the title of Celestial Keeper. A round robin format was picked with the number of duelers. The four mages were Topaz Datrazanov, Vincent VM Smith, Lem DeAngelo and Tasslehofl Momus.

Round one saw Vinny going against Lem and Tass squaring off against Topaz. Vinny and Lem treaded spells to start off then Vinny took the next round and never gave up the lead, taking his duel in 9 rounds with a score of 5.5-3.

Tass took a slight lead in his then Topaz tied it up in the next round. Tass kept pulling away, never giving up his lead until round 16 when Topaz ties it. That was it for Tass as Topaz scored in the next two rounds to take this duel 6.5-5 in what turned out to be the longest duel of the night, 18 rounds.

Round two had Vinny facing Tass and Topaz going head to head with Lem. The guys started off slow then Vinny pulled away but allowed Tass to catch up in round 5, tying it in the next round. Tass took the lead in the eighth before Vinny tied it up in the ninth, taking the lead in the tenth. Vinny kept the lead until round 14 when Tass tied it before Vinny too the win in the fifteenth, with a mind whip getting though the ghostly Tass for a score of 5-4. Topaz though had no problem keeping the lead in her duel even though Lem scored first. She took the lead in the second and never gave it up, winning in eight with a score of 5.5-2.5.

Lem departed the Isle since he had no chance of winning and Tass took a seat as Topaz and Vinny battled to see who would face Will. Vinny took a slight lead, holding it for a couple of rounds before Topaz tied it in round three. She built a good lead until Vinny started coming back, tying it in round seven, then he pulled away, winning the match in 11 rounds.

Vincent and William will battle it out Tuesday night at 9PM to see who claims the title of Celestial Keeper.

Archmage Challenge


January 8th, Archmage Challenge! Vinny and Will step into a ring to fight it out for the Archmage title over on the Isle. Vinny wins in two duels. Rena said… this!

January 8, 2008 at the stroke of 9PM, a battle ensued on Twilight Isle between the current Celestial Keeper, William Wulfson and the winner of the Arch Mage tournament, Vincent Smith. A small but enthusiastic crowd came to witness the match which happened to the third time these spell casters have battled for the title in less than a year. Research shows it was Will who took the key from Vincent last March.

The first battle was short, by most standards even through the combatants both guaranteed a long one. Vinny started of by blocking Will's mind whip then they both got touchy feely in the next round. Round three saw both copying again, smelling up the place which Azjah didn't enjoy one bit. Vincent doubled his lead, throwing up a big mirror to reflect back Will's whip then got touchy feely again to extend his lead. Both turned pale the next

round then copied each other for the fourth time by giving the crowd a slice and dice display with dual blades to give Vincent the win, 5-2.5 in seven rounds.

The second battle was twice as long. Vincent took the first lead, again the Azjah's dismay. Will showed off his own fancy mirror, reflecting back Vincent's whip. The challenger didn't like being touched by the Keeper in the next round, throwing up a shield to block the hand. Round four saw a trade then Vincent pulled ahead in round five with a wall of fire then stalled. This allowed Will to catch up then tie the duel in round seven before they both stalled for the next two rounds. Will took his first lead in round ten, breaking Vincent's mirror with his fancy gun. Vincent moved in the next round then retook the lead by freezing the ring up with an arctic chill. Will tied it up in the thirteenth by turning pale before Vincent called down the hot rocks to demolish Will's armor, taking the second duel 6-5 in 14 rounds.

Congratulations to Vincent who begins his third reign as Celestial Keeper and to Will who gave it a good battle.

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