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Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Page 8RhyDin - February 2008

Ravensheart Academy


Briarius Ravensheart, Headmaster at Ravensheart Academy, recently took some time to speak with The Oracle about his school.

Ravensheart Academy was deeded to Briarius as a gift upon his return to RhyDin a few years ago. After discovering that the intent of this "gifting" was malicious in nature, the school's faculty put an end to that particular nefarious plot. After that, Headmaster Ravensheart explains, "I chose to keep the academy to do some good in RhyDin."

The institution was originally called Ravensheart School for the Gifted and was touted as "an independent and self-governing fellowship of scholars, selected for distinction and achievement in one or more branches of the academic disciplines that make up the studies of magick." The Headmaster later obtained a charter from Governor Kitty Onxyfire Helston to broaden the scope of the school's curriculum and the school was renamed to Ravensheart Academy. Acknowledging that Rhydin is rife with magick, Ravensheart continues to offers tutelage in various disciplines of magick as well as a balanced education.

Headmaster Ravensheart confirmed that his academy is accepting new students. Students at Ravensheart Academy come from all walks of life in RhyDin. Some choose to live on the campus, located in the western section of RhyDin's old town district, while others reside with their guardians. Given privacy issues, the Headmaster was understandably reluctant to discuss any individual star pupils.

We asked Briarius if there was any competition between Ravensheart Academy and Arcanum Academy. He answered, "Actually, I respect Headmaster Kurgen and all that he has over at Arcanum. We have recently discussed creating an intramural league between the

schools. We plan on forming a partnership between our academies so that we may serve RhyDin better."

Briarus singles out his Assistant Headmaster, Lady Sha'uri Tymaralis (Woodshadow-Arrowny) Adaron, as the most noteworthy member of the academy's faculty. Sha'uri is in charge of ecclesiastical studies and has been with Ravensheart since the school's original founding.

Although he has very capable teaching staff, the Headmaster makes a point to instruct students on his own. "I feel that I must be in touch with the entire learning process to suitably do my job as Headmaster," explained Briarius.

Outside of his work, the man comes across as a rather modest and private individual. When asked about a typical day, Briarius demurred with, "Oh, we don't want to bore your readers with that." Where hobbies are concerned, he enjoys the pursuit of learning on a vast number of subjects. And, for the ladies who are curious, he is unmarried, but has no romantic interests at this time.


Pirate captain Georg Aurdon of the Blood Falcon and his lavender hued lady pirate Nicole Piave are engaged. Due to set sail soon, with their wedding happening at sea.

Badsider Wil

Gavilean Starfare

Koy's Fashion Week has sent another fine man into working a second job to pay for his lady's clothes. Seems Wil Savage is now modeling to handle Eless' astronomical clothes bills.

Humanitarian Takes Ill

January 17, 2008

A well known fixture of the city has taken ill according to one source. Many know him best for his association with the RhyDin Orphanage over the years but he also was affiliated with the Less Crowded Inn if memory serves correctly. Of Norse heritage Zonker has reportedly suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to the RhyDin Medical Center where he spent several hours being cared for before he was transfered to the Fayalki Medical Center where he remains in stable but critical condition, comatose.

Esme, his nanny/housekeeper, currently refuses to give any further information although his condition is grave at this time so it is unknown if any event or circumstance caused this terrible occurrence.

Men Hold Onto Your Coin Pouches!

January 31, 2008

Each year there is a week that many women hold sacred. They wait with baited breath and coin in hand to see what the latest trends will be. It is advisable to stay out of the way of any woman you may see wearing high heels with a look of determination upon their deceptively delicate features because during this week even the meekest of women turn into tigresses in their quest to be dressed in the latest fashions first.

The ages old questions of will hems be short or long? Necklines low or high? Satins or silks? Pants or skirts? Belts or scarves? Diamonds or pearls? All burning questions that every woman has a need to know in order to stay current and not be frowned upon will find their answers in the windows and along the runways of all the upscale fashion houses in RhyDin over the week of the 1st through the 8th of February.

We here at Starfare Wedding Boutique offer several different plans to make that once in a lifetime occasion something that you and the love of your life can look back on with fond memories as your paths become one forevermore.

For more information contact Gavilean or Tera Starfare either at their home or their mail boxes at the Red Dragon Inn.

RhyDin Cemetery

Gavilean Starfare

There's recently been some activity at Rosie O'Del's grave site in the RhyDin Cemetery as people try to reach out and touch her. We can see why.

No Confidence!!!


Currently our city is embroiled within the flames of a impassioned, and sometimes bitter campaign for the position of Governor. How ridiculous is this to ask us, the citizens, the backbone of this city to elect, to choose for ourselves a ruler of any type. It is of common knowledge that government, of any type harm far more people then it would help even when it would throw away the hard earned money of its collective peoples at any given hotspot problem of the hour. How can any sane, and rationale man ask another to subject himself to the government of slaves, which is in and of itself corrupt, and unjust as a system. What of the candidates? Would they be honorable men or women? I answer that no none of them are at all honorable or they would never in the first place seek out such a corruptible position.

There is a saying that any man who would want a position in government is not a man fit to hold a position in the government. I believe this to be very evident with our candidates. Who then

should I cast my vote for? Who should I point to and say this is a man for the job? No Confidence my friends!!!! I petition for a slot on the ballot where we all can say that we have No Confidence in any type of elected official. Let us look to ourselves, you and I and find it within ourselves to govern ourselves. We can not continue to sit on our hands and wait for any better chance to vote for justice. We must now take this golden chance to vote out the greatest of all injustices.

The thoughts of a person's conscience is not any less worthwhile to the decisions of a governing body, and so it is not desirable to develop respect for the law, so much as what is right. The only thing that I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right. Laws have never made anyone right; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-intentioned are the agents of injustice. In closing I would remind all of you that, you serve your city poorly if you do so by putting away your conscience in favor of the law — your country needs consciences more than it needs conscienceless robots.

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