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The Divining Shoreline

In the northern area of Dockside, close to where the ocean meets the river's mouth, one can find the Divining Shoreline. They say the sand of this small stretch of beach has magical properties. In order to make use of the Divining Shoreline, all one needs is a question. After a gentle wave has rolled in from the ocean and retracted back into the sea, you simply write your question in the sand, step back and watch. The next wave will roll in, flow over top of your query, regress back into the sea, and reveal an answer written in the sand. No one knows how or why this particular portion of the shoreline is enchanted, but you will most always find locals and tourists here, amusing themselves with questions for the Divining Shoreline.

"Will I marry someday?"

"Will I ever become wealthy and famous?"

"Where should I travel to next?"

All are questions the Shoreline has answered and a thousand more. Take heed: the answers may not always come true and may not always be correct. Some believe the Divining Shoreline is nothing but nonsense and hogwash. Others, however, believe that it holds the true answers to life's most burning questions. What will you ask and, more importantly, what will you believe?

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