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Come Celebrate the Dawn - Ostara Festival (3/20-3/23)
Spring is nearly upon us!
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The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...
Ondine 18th February to 9th March 2019 ((Complete info can be found here.))
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Lonely Hearts Club- Rumor Has It Fri 2/15 9pm RST
Rumor Has It is doing it again with another Inn take over night!
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The Shanachie Theater presents ...
The Woman In Black The Perfect Winter Ghost Story 4th to 16th February, 2019 She never forgives. She never forgets. She never left. Come to the Shanachie and enjoy a classic ghost story, filled with fun and frights and guaranteed to shake even th...
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Blood in the Snow
News spread throughout the city of a murderous raid on a ship's crew in the harbor. Eleven total brutally killed. Witnesses described the raiders as barbarians and the attack was only halted by the crew of another ship arriving with firearms. With ...
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