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Three Year Anniversary of the WHAM! 101.1FM Request Line
Radios around Rhy'Din tuned to 101.1FM would hear the frequent radio advertisement: Hey, this is DJ Zazzy Yas for WHAM! 101.1FM and I'm here to celebrate the kickoff of the Countdown three years ago! Well, I guess this isn't a Countdown. What is t...
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Astronomers Track Asteroid
A mysterious, new asteroid was discovered by astronomers recently. Passing a few million kilometers from our world, the asteroid was only detected as an unusual glimmer of light in the night sky. Telescopes trained onto the object revealed its nature...
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Let it Snow! Shar taking over RDI bar Friday 12/14 @ 8pm RST
Okay, so maybe the marketplace is a little singed at the moment. Why not come in out of the cold, have a few drinks on Shar? There will be winter themed cocktails (or at least her interpretation of them), cookies, and gift bags for all! Startin...
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Looting and Fire at the Holiday Market
It was all the town could talk about, a fire at the holiday market. Thieves looted and killed two guards, they destroyed the donation bin with toys for the orphanage children and burned down some of the tents. "This is terrible." A woman ...
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Oops, Re-Save the Date...
The Governor's Ball will be held in January to avoid scheduling conflicts, insanity, and also, I'd like for the cold to really set in before unleashing the Tropics on you snowbunnies. ;D
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